You put the kid to bed in his own room at a reasonable hour tonight. He’s not great at bedtime yet, but he’s learning.

I’ve been making drinks – margaritas with a heavy pour of tequila – and we’re cuddled up in our bed taking liberal gulps. It’s good to be able to enjoy the warm buzz together, and the playfulness is starting to show.

I run my hand down your thigh and your fingers find mine. Our hands embrace and interlock, and you move us towards the inside of your beautiful legs as we creep back up to the lush warmth of your vulva.

I turn to kiss you and our lips meet, intertwining like our hands but with greater passion. Your soft lips press into mine with such longing that I cannot help but strain my pelvis against your leg with craving. Your hips buck against mine and my hand reaches the soaking barrier of lace between your thighs.

As I rub my hand along the thin lines of your cotton thong, I feel your hand snake towards my own wetness – precum pooling around the head my aching erection until you swirl it up on your finger and rub it into my frenulum. Again, I strain for greater contact, and I press my hand against your sex with fervency. My forefinger finds your anus and my thumb sweeps your clitoris.

At this point, the options before us are manifold.

Your heavy breasts tempt me to drown myself in them or spatter them with sticky cum. You haven’t been painted with seed since our son began breastfeeding, and I long to see you return as my sexual canvas.

Your incredible arousal draws me to your vulva and its fragrant bouquet. I wish to taste you, to feel you shudder beneath my tongue, and then fill you with my tumescent prick until we are both satisfied once more.

Your puckered anus fills me with carnal lust. I should put you on your knees and tease you with fingers and toys and lubricant. My considerable girth will stretch and delight you until you can stand it no more.

But your own wandering fingers remind me that you have already decided our course for this evening. You press upon the plug inside me, and more casino siteleri fluid streams from my penis like a fountain. You collect it with a finger and bring it to my mouth. I suck it clean, as I must for this game. You have set the terms of engagement and I will gladly obey.

We reposition ourselves, drinks forgotten on the nightstand. Your barely contained vulva arches towards me as I sit on my hands and knees. I rub my nose against your slit before removing and discarding your underwear.

Now I am fully in your presence and I spare no time in getting down to business. Your fingers weave into my hair and hold me back. I am overeager, and you will not let me rush through the intimate moments that must come before lust crashes over everything.

You’re eager too, so you don’t keep me back for long. You gasp and sigh as I pay full tribute to the beauty of your sex. It has a function that has brought us both great joy, joy now sleeping in the other room, but its primary purpose does not diminish the other joy that we share when your vulva is called to task.

I mire myself in your folds, my hands wrapped around your buttocks as I seek to bring you full to orgasm with my mouth alone. Penetration has been reserved for the other phallus in the room tonight, and you will not wear it until your own pleasure has been thoroughly seen to. Perhaps that explains my urgency, though I require few pretexts to drink in your nectar.

Soon, you are bucking against my face, fucking my tongue as you press down on my head. Your cheeks clench with meaning as your ass comes off the bed, both hands grinding me up against you, and your ragged breath catches as your body spasms with release. I can feel the tremors with my tongue, and I smile as I continue with my ministrations. You ride the waves all the way out to the sandy shore, each pulse calling like an echo of the one before, ever smaller but audible above the surf.

Your hands release me and I grin as I bring you a sloppy kiss. You relish it, free hands running down my back to my naked ass. You squeeze my own cheeks slot oyna with promising vigor, and I move to prepare the next phase in our evening.

When I return from the bathroom, you’ve assembled the necessary items and cleared a space for the towel I have brought. I lay it down and take my place on the bed, legs spread in the air and ass emptied of its plug.

You smile, then correct me. I have forgotten a step again. My impatience is becoming unruly.

I slide off the bed and trade places with you. You don’t put your legs in the air as I did, but lift them just enough for me to help you into your necessary equipment. The panties slide up over your hips and I help you adjust them so your lengthy protrusion is properly positioned.

It is a large dildo, as long and thick as my own cock. It is an ambiguous phallus, purple and slick rather than something realistic in color and anatomy, but it is perfect on you. Just the sight of it on you makes me tremble with delight.

You waggle it suggestively, and I chide myself for skipping ahead. I take your cock in my hand and give it a tender kiss. You always enjoy this part of the ritual, even though you cannot enjoy the sensations I would be bringing your cock. I slurp and suck your pretend penis with the same fervor I showed to your vulva, and we both find it to be a transgressive thrill.

After a few more moments of entertainment, you pull me away from your cock and return me to the bed. I am so worked up, I can barely keep from touching my aching member, but I don’t wish to cum early. I hold onto my thighs as you add greater lubrication to your cock.

You gently squeeze my balls as you apply lubricant to my already prepared anus, making sure I experience minimal pain as you guide your sizeable cock towards my entrance. Your clean hand grips my leg as you press yourself into me, lubed hand leading cock to the meeting.

I gasp with entry, and you pause as I adjust. You wring my cock out and produce more seminal fluid. You feed this to me, a component of oral sex that your cock cannot simulate. It makes canlı casino siteleri me excited to break the rules like this; I enjoy both sucking and being fucked by your cock and I wish that I could make you cum in this way.

By the time you bottom out in me, I am ready to go. You look so beautiful standing above me with your cock buried in my ass. You bite your lip as you look down at me and your hips rock forward. I moan with excitement.

Each thrust of your cock brings fresh waves of intense sensation as it hits my prostate. I can’t help but sigh and moan, a sort of performance, but one that lets you know how much I appreciate your attentions. You cannot feel my ass gripping your cock as it slides in and out of me, so I have to bring you pleasure with my performance. I only hope you’ll ask to see it again.

When my erection becomes unbearable, I beg you to take it and bring me to orgasm. You touch it teasingly, giving me hard thrusts with your cock to drive me wild. It’s too much to handle, and I beg you again to let me cum.

This is still part of the game though. I want to cum, but I want to be teased. You ask me what I’ll do if you let me cum. Will I lick it off your hand when I’m finished? Will I agree to be your bitch forever? Will I suck a big, hard cock for you and let you watch? Will I let another man cum on my face or pound my ass?

It’s up to your imagination. I want to cum, and I’ll agree to anything. I might even enjoy trying some of those things at a later date, but for now, I just want to cum.

You thrust me one last time, then drop down to your knees. The abrupt release sends me right to the edge of my orgasm, and I sit up quickly. You grin as hot jets of pearlescent sperm cover your chest and neck. I shudder through it all, and when I’m finished, you stand up and pull my face towards your breast. I dutifully clean up my mess, the final part of our compact for this evening. It tastes as strange and as good as it always does, and I share it with you in an open mouthed kiss.

We take our toys to the bathroom and scour them in the sink. Once everything is taken care of, we return to the bed and cuddle up under our comforter.

You say I love you. I say I know, and we both laugh. I want to do this with you for the rest of my life.



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