An Evening Quickee – after the TheaterIt was still rather early to return home from an evening of fun and frolic at the adult theater. Cheryl used the damp washcloth we kept a baggie in the car to clean the cum from her face.“No, leave the cum on your tits and blouse, I have an idea,” I commented as I ran my right hand up the inside of her left thigh, above the hose tops and into the glaze of semen on her thighs and bald pussy.“What naughty idea do you have, and I know it has to be a bit nasty,” she replied as I turned into the parking lot of one of the malls, slowly driving past the still open fast food joints.“Well, I am still horny, and I’ve only shot one load into you this evening, so, my dirty mind says we should get a beverage like you mentioned earlier,” I began, then Cheryl interrupted.“And, you want me to lean over in your lap and give you a blow job as we pull up to the window,” pendik escort she added quickly.“And, if all works out according to my plan, you are smearing my load on your face, and raise up showing your facial prize for the evening,” I smiled in that Cheshire Cat grain.“You can be so fucking naughty, but it definitely sounds like fun, and I get one final load of cum on my face for my evening glaze,” my wife commented crudely as she wiped her lips with her tongue in a naughty fashion.I found the fast food place a I wanted, one with a young male at the drive-up window, and that I knew sold sodas. I parked in the rear of the building, not in the drive-up lane, but a little further back, so we would not be as visible.“Okay, lean over and start sucking my cock, sweetie,” I directed Cheryl, and I watched as she adjusted her blouse so more of her lovely kartal escort tits were visible as she leaned over into my lap. She sucked on my cock, got me nice and hard then, as she continued sucking, she would let my cock exit her mouth and talk dirty for a moment, then back to sucking.After five or so minutes of her ministrations I was getting ready to blow my load, and there were no cars in the drive-up lane, so I drove over to the order box, and ordered two sodas. I waited another minute or so, then pulled on around to the service window, while my lovely wife was servicing me.I rolled down the window as I pulled up to the service window. The guy looks over, almost drops the two drinks, but sets them on the counter. He is wide-eyed looking at my cock-sucking wife as her head and shoulders are moving up and down. She also makes no effort to maltepe escort keep her sucking quiet, as you can clearly hear her slurping and sucking sounds. I hear him yell something, but not at me, I notice movement and there is another, slightly older guy standing in the window with the first guy his eye also glued to my wife as she now gets me over the edge. She raises her head slightly and I feel her rubbing my cock around, smearing my shooting load on her soft skin.“Mmm, your cum feels so good on my face,” Cheryl comments as she now raises her head from my lap, her tits very visible in the glare of the lights from the restaurant.“Well, hi,” she said calmly as she looked at the two men staring at her cum glazed face, and her bare tits, outlined by her blouse.The younger of the two started to ask for the three dollars or so for the sodas, but his older friend interrupted, “those are on the house for such a hot show this evening, thank you guys, stop by again sometime,” he finished, smiling broadly.“Oh, we will be by again,” Cheryl said gleefully as she took her right index finger, scooped a bit of the cum from her face onto her tongue, and swallowed, as we pulled away.



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