As a couple we were now somewhat outsiders to our social group. Some were dating but most were just horny eighteen and nineteen-year-olds on the make. We went to the usual parties on Fridays and Saturdays and had a good time but usually left fairly early.

Susan became, somewhat to her discomfort and surprise, a confidant for some of her classmates. I was always amazed at the stupid situations that some girls get themselves into. And how naïve eighteen and nineteen-year-old girls are about boys (I conveniently forgot how unbelievably naïve I was about girls just last year).

She tried to provide a bit of guidance but suspected anything she said would be of little help. One girl, for example, was seeking advice on how to get her boyfriend back after he jumped ship for some girl who would fuck him. She was a virgin and had intended to stay that way but now was ready to fuck him. Susan advised that he was just after pussy and she would be disappointed if she expected more.

Another wanted to know if she shaved her pussy would that get her boyfriend to eat her. Susan responded that smooth pussies were very popular and might make a difference and worth a try. Another girl said her boyfriend wanted to share her with his friends. She was afraid if she said no he would leave. That one was pretty close to home. Susan told her he was just using her as a sexual trophy and to find another boyfriend.

“Bobby, the other day a girl was bemoaning that her guy frequently comes way too quickly, leaving her high and dry. I sure am lucky that I never have that problem! But it sure seems many girls my age are not satisfied. I was asked for my opinion.

“I said I thought it’s mostly a problem with inexperienced guys. ‘Suck his cock and the second time he should last longer,’ I suggested. That started a whole conversation about sucking cock. Two girls said they tried it and never again. ‘God, no way I’ll ever again take that filthy thing in my mouth. No way,’ was a response. So I asked if they liked their guys to eat pussy. I was surprised that only one girl had ever had it done. The others said they asked and were turned down as being dirty.

“‘Well, there’s a solution, girls,’ I said. ‘Take a shower together first. Get his cock all nice and clean, have him wash your pussy. Play with each other, maybe even do a little fucking in the shower. And then have him eat you. Do that first since he might lose interest after you suck him.’ I felt like a sexual Dear Abby.

“”I think some of the girls are hoping I’ll talk about you and me. One girl said you were so handsome and had such a nice smile. Here I have this big beautiful cock that fits so nicely inside me. I can’t brag about it or tell anyone how good you are at eating my pussy. And certainly no demonstrations. Sure would be nice to be totally anonymous for a change.”

“Well, we could go to a nude beach somewhere, how about that? Show off a little, stroll hand in hand, your sexy body on display, my cock swinging as we walk. Two sexy teenagers in love.”

“Yeah, that would be a hoot, wouldn’t it? But I would just die if we meet someone we knew.”

“Spring break is coming up in a few weeks, how about we do some research? I’d like to show off your sexy body. But I’m not real interested in a bunch of old guys ogling you.”

It was a silly idea but fun to do some investigating. We ruled out anything in the US and checked out Europe and South America. There were some interesting possibilities in Eastern Europe. “Oh, Susan, look at this place,” as I brought up a page on my laptop. “Praia Do Pinho.”

“Where’s that?”

“In Brazil. Boy, this looks like the perfect place. Look at these pictures. Great scenery.”

“You mean the beaches or the girls,” she poked me in the ribs.

“Both. I mean no old farts, no kids. Oh, it says nudity is mandatory on the beach. And no single guys! I guess I can’t go down there to check out the place for you.”

“You would be missing a very important appendage!”

“Yeah, this place is perfect.”

“Come on, Bobby, get real. First of all, we don’t have the money to even get there, much less the resort cost. And spring break isn’t long enough to get there and back and have more than three or four days there.”

“Yeah, I know, but maybe someday? So now that we’re talking about spring break, what are we going to do?”

“I want to go someplace, just the two of us. Everyone else is going to party. Lots of booze, lots of sex I would expect.”

“Yeah, I’d hate to get distracted,” and got poked in the ribs again. “Maybe we could just spend the week here, nude. Our own private nude resort and maybe have sex out on the balcony?”

“I want to do something different, Bobby. Look at us, you are sitting there without any clothes, I’m just in panties. So how would our ‘nude week’ be much different?”

“Guess you’re right. Maybe we could start wearing clothes more?” I joked.

“Funny. Well, we have, what, six weeks until spring break? Let’s give it some thought. All this talk about nude beaches is making me horny,” she acıbadem escort leaned over and kissed my neck while grabbing my cock. “Interested?”

“Later. I need to do some more internet searching.”

“Bastard!” as she squeezed my cock hard. “Come on,” and pulled me to our apartment balcony. “It’s dark enough outside, let’s fuck.”


“Bobby, I was talking with Janice, you know the good looking brunette in my biology class? Anyway I told her we were trying to decide what to do for spring break. She said she and Jim, her boyfriend, were thinking about going to a resort in Phoenix. Her sister and her husband stayed there a couple of years ago.”


“Her sister said it wasn’t popular with the spring-break crowds so Janice said they might do it. She wondered if we would like to join them to split the cost?”

“I thought you wanted to go someplace, just the two of us? Double-dating doesn’t fit that scenario. And they want to share a room with us? Sounds like they have a different kind of sharing in mind.”

“I wondered the same thing. But Janice said the suites have two bedrooms and plenty of privacy. But there is only one hot tub,” she added.


Very classy, definitely upper scale, and thank goodness for off-season rates. Our suite was spacious, common area, two nice bedrooms, a little patio, and a hot tub plenty big enough. We quickly got unpacked and headed to a local steakhouse for dinner. Jim brought some pre-mixed margaritas. One each and Susan and I were done for the day, tired from our five-hour drive. We saved just enough energy to make love.

The sun was up and Susan was sucking my cock. Everything was right with the world and minutes later she was taking a fresh load of cum. I moved between her spread legs and nudged her pussy lips apart with my tongue.

“Make me cum, honey. Fuck me with your fabulous tongue. God, I’m a lucky girl.”

As her excitement gradually rose I inserted two fingers into her dripping pussy. Now I was rapidly finger-fucking as I diddled her clitoris with my tongue. I knew from our other times that she would explode soon. I pulled away and quickly thrust my hard cock into her hot tunnel. Moments later her pussy pulsed as she climaxed. I increased my tempo, thrusting hard.

“Oh, honey, oh baby, oh feels so good. Oh, I coming again.”

Having already come once, I wasn’t close to coming and my cock was rock hard as I pounded away. “Oh …. Oh,” she murmured. I was now a machine, thrusting deep, feeling a firmness against the tip of my cock. “Oh ….. “

She grabbed my hips, holding me deep inside her, as she had a huge orgasm. As she slumped down I withdrew my still hard cock. There would be plenty of time for me. This time was for her. It was almost another hour before we were up and dressed. Susan’s friend, Janice, and her boyfriend had apparently been up for a while.

“Morning,” Janice greeted us. “Morning,” I responded. Susan and I felt a bit sheepish since it was clear her friends must have known why we were delayed.

‘In case you’re wondering,” Janice said, “we woke up early and had sex. Then we heard you guys going at it and so we did it again. That’s what this trip is about, relaxing and enjoying each other. So Susan, now that we have worn out the guys, what do we do until they’re ready again?”

First a big breakfast, then a stroll around the resort. Lunch at a little bistro near town. A nap and sex. Dinner at a Cajun restaurant. Back to our suite and more sex, a wonderfully full day. The only thing we didn’t get around to was the hot tub. Susan and I agreed, swim wear would be required.

We spent a delightful four days at the resort. Nothing untoward happened but it was quite exciting to have sex within hearing of another couple. Susan said Jim hinted of his interest in her, and that Janice thought I was very handsome.

“She did look good in that tiny bikini, didn’t she?”

“I didn’t notice.”

“Sure you didn’t, don’t give me that bull. It’s ok to look. And Jim’s a good looking guy. I told you he hinted about doing some things together. Just as we suspected, there was more to their invitation than just sharing the cost. Janet finally admitted that they invited us on the trip with the hopes of having sex with us. I told her we were engaged to be married, loved each other very much, and thanks anyway. That ok with you?”

“Sure. And when we get back I’m sure they will spread the word of our “engagement”. Are we engaged?”

I guess we better tell our parents.


“Did you have fun? What did you like best?” Susan asked about our spring break trip.

“Yeah, I had a good time. I liked all the fucking we did, knowing your friends could hear everything.”

“Yeah, that was a turn-on for me too. I suppose it was our way to safely show off. You know, Bobby, we probably spent twice as much time in bed as they did. If I were Janice, I would encourage her boyfriend to up his game.”

“Don’t give away any of our secrets!”

“Nope. Speaking ataşehir escort of sex, I’m horny. How about you do that thing where you alternate fucking and eating my pussy.”

“Sure. Now?”

“Why not? And this time I want you to eat me again after you cum. Come on, let’s take a shower.”

Susan washed my cock, then I did her. I put two soapy fingers in her pussy and slid a finger into her ass. After finger-fucking her I pushed my cock between her legs from behind, sliding between her pussy lips. Soon my cock had found the spot and I pushed. We fucked for several minutes before disengaging and rinsing off.

I stood by the bed, admiring her sexy body, so perfect. I kissed her lips, then earlobes, then her neck as my hands caressed her breasts. Her perky B-cups were perfect on her slender body. As I licked one tit and then the other her nipples became erect. I sucked like a baby would suck, drawing each nipple in, gently nibbling and sucking.

I kissed my way down her taut tummy, tonguing her belly button. As I got closer to her honeypot she spread her legs, opening her already slightly stretched pussy for me. She reached down and spread her lips so I could go deeper. Several minutes later I raised up and positioned my cock at her opening. Several slow pushes and I was hitting bottom. Once I felt the firmness of her cervix I held steady and pulsed my cock by clenching my buttock muscles.

“Oh, that’s a new feeling! Neat!”

I pulled out, leaving just the head in her pussy, then in one motion slowly pushed until I was again nudging her cervix. A few pulses of my cock and then back out. Another minute and then I fully withdrew and replaced my cock with my tongue. I licked up and down between her lips, touching her clitoris. I decided to try something new since we had just showered, and continued lower, reaching her anus.

“Bobby! You shouldn’t do that.”

I continued, sensing her body didn’t want me to stop. Now back up between her lips to her clitoris, then back down, tonguing her anus. A few more licks up and down and I raised up, positioning my cock back at her vagina. Her pussy was now gushing and I easily sunk my full length. Then back out, this time completely. I used my left hand to keep my cock in alignment with her now gaping pussy and thrust hard and deep. Then out, followed by another deep thrust.

“Bobby, I’m coming. Speed up.”

I doubled my pace, my cock starting to tingle. I was close too. “Here I come, baby,” I shouted. She humped against each thrust.

“Almost there, honey. Keep going. Oh, feels to good! I just love what you do to me. Almost there…. Oh, damn, oh …”

I remained motionless inside her as we both came down from our high. Damn, that was the best yet! The glow continued for several minutes as we lay next to each other.

“Well, that was so exciting. Whatever you were doing to make your cock expand, that was awesome. I wasn’t so sure about you tonguing my anus. Sure felt good, though.

“At first I was just going up and down between your lips and one time got pretty close to your anus. Remember in the shower when I stuck a soapy finger up your butt? I figured you were clean and anyway I was really turned on and decided to try it.”


“Hardly anyone’s back from spring break, not until tomorrow. What do you want to do today?” Susan asked.

“I have it all planned out. Want to hear?” She nodded, a big smile on her face. She knew me and figured sex would be part of the plan.

“First we take a shower and play like we did yesterday. Then we do a repeat in bed. Sound good so far?”

“Of course. Will you do everything again?”

“Sure, if you want me to.”

We soaped each other. My fingers penetrated her pussy as my other hand rubbed her ass. Slipping between her cheeks, I pushed my index finger into her butt. I was fucking her front and back.

“If you keep that up I’m going to come.” I did and she did.

“Oh, that was nice. Now your turn,” as she stroked my cock and fondled my balls. Then, to my surprise, she pushed a finger into my ass. I jumped.

“Hey, you did it to me. Turnabout is fair. How’s this feel?”

“Weird but OK.”

“Did you and Bill ever think about fucking each other?”

“No, of course not.”

“Never? Maybe I should invite him over so you guys could play. You know, suck cock, fuck each other.”

“Come on, Susan, quit teasing me. You know we were just horny guys with no girls around. That’s long over and done. And besides, he didn’t suck me as well as you do,” I added my own tease and laughed.

Minutes later I was between her wide-spread legs, running my tongue between her pussy lips.

“You going to do my butt again, honey?”

I teased her clitoris with the tip of my tongue, then licked up and down near her pussy hole, and then down further. Her little rosebud winked at me as my tongue slid past, then back up, this time dipping into her vagina. Susan used her fingers to spread her lips, giving me deep access. Now back up to her clitoris içerenköy escort and down to her anus.

Her pussy was gushing and she was making those little whimpering sounds of approaching orgasm. “Do you want me to continue or do you want my cock?”

“Keep going, honey, please,” she said between gasps. I placed my mouth on her vagina and pushed my tongue deep. She grabbed the back of my head and mashed my face to her crotch. I tasted a burst of pussy juice.

“Oh, that was the best yet! You have a magic tongue. Thank you!” She rolled onto her tummy and spread her legs. “Now fuck me with that big cock.”

We climaxed almost simultaneously. Then she turned on her back, my invitation to eat her creampie, which I did with enthusiasm.

“Not bad, honey. You got me going three times. I never came more than once with Roger. And he thought he was such hot stuff. Too bad I can’t brag to anyone about how good we are in bed. They would be so jealous of that big cock of yours and that talented tongue. OK, you ready for a big breakfast, eggs, bacon, hash browns, the works? I need to get some energy into you so your cock will be ready to go again!”

“Sure thing! I was thinking we could take a walk in the park. I expect it will be almost empty. We sit on a bench and watch stuff, birds, squirrels, that sort of thing. It’s a really nice day. On the way back I want to stop at that adult store and buy a dildo, one that looks like my cock.”

“What on earth for?”

“I think it would be fun to use when my cock’s not ready. Keep you hot and bothered.”

“Well, maybe, but I would be mortified to go into that place. There’s a bookstore nearby and I’ll rummage around there while you do your shopping. You really going to buy a dildo?”

Fortunately, I was the only person in the store. It had a big collection, small ones, big ones, black ones, rubbery ones, all kind. I asked the clerk, a cute girl my age. She said the type called jelly were most popular since it felt realistic. “How’s it going to be used, pussy or anal?” she asked.

“Pussy. My girlfriend.”

“Lucky girl. OK, here are the available sizes. What are you looking for?”

I didn’t want to say my size so merely responded, “pretty big”.

“Well, here’s our most popular one, seven inches. The shaft is not really that long, however. You would have to get, probably, a nine-inch size to equal a real seven-inch cock.”

“How about that one?” pointing to one marked ten inches.

“Yeah, that’s popular with some girls since it’s like the eight inch cocks all the porn actors supposedly have. Then they get it home and realize it won’t fit. We don’t take returns.”

“That’s ok. She’s used to that size.”

“Oh, I see.” The girl gave me an ‘I’m interested’ look and glanced at my crotch. “She is a lucky girl!” I smiled and thanked her for her advice.

“Any trouble?” Susan asked as I joined her in the bookstore, a discrete package in my hand.

“Nope, the girl was very helpful,” I responded with a guilty smile.

“I’ll bet.”

We grabbed a sandwich and then headed back home.

“OK, let me see it. Yeah, it does seem about your size. Let me play with your cock and then compare.”

I stood before her, nude, my cock already expanding. Susan knelt and took my cock into her mouth. A minute later I was full size. She used a fabric measuring tape.

“Let’s see. 8 5/8″ long. And …. about 6 ½” in the middle. It’s a little less at the head and a little more at the base. Not bad, honey. I think I’ll keep it. Now let’s measure the dildo. Oh, almost perfect. About 8″ to where the fake balls start. That’s all you would be able to get into me. And the same 6 ½” around, just like you. Good choice.

“You know, I’m glad now you bought this. Whenever you poop out or are not around I can exercise my pussy muscles! How about we try it out now?”

We stretched out on the bed, head to foot. Susan took my cock in her mouth and I rubbed the dildo between her lips. Hand lotion made it slippery. Gradually I worked it in until all but the fake balls were inside. It fit just like my cock. It must have felt good as she became more energetic in sucking me.

Her mouth full, she moaned.

“I’m getting close. How you doing?”

She took me out of her mouth for a moment, “Go faster, Bobby. Fuck me hard. God, I like two cocks!”

I couldn’t wait and pumped three spurts into her mouth and momentarily stopped moving the dildo.

“Don’t stop. Almost there. Oh, it feels so much like your cock, Bobby. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

Afterwards we decided the purchase was worthwhile. It was only two in the afternoon and we both had already cum three times today. Now what to do for a few hours? We decided a nap would be rejuvenating. I woke up with Susan playing with my cock. “You going to sleep all day? We have to keep on schedule.”

When you are eighteen and a very sexy girl is playing with your cock, it responds. Susan straddled me. She liked being on top and I liked it when she faced away so I could watch my cock slide in and out. I was a little limber when we started but quickly stiffened up.

Afterward we went over to Ernie’s for a beer and something to eat. We didn’t shower and probably smelled like sex. Susan said her pussy was leaking in her panties. Several students we knew were back early from spring break.



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