An Asian Slave’s Sexual Fantasy of being owneThis is my genuine fantasy and if you are offended, then please do not read it. PART I1. The master that I want to serve and worship must be (A) pure bred Caucasian of European descent, (B) have blond hair and blue eyes, and (C) is over six feet tall. I don’t care if he’s old, obese or unappreciative of and perhaps even racist toward Asian women, as long as he satisfies the above three criteria, I will eagerly offer myself to be his obedient Asian slave. 2. Preferably he is also very well educated, having advanced degrees from ivy league schools such as Harvard, Princeton, or any of the world-elite non-Ivy schools such as MIT, Cambridge, or McGill.3. Also he should have military experience, not just as an officer, but as an active duty combat veteran who knows how to interrogate/torture/maim bad guys, extracting confessions from them, breaking their will and turning them from tough, evil terrorists into docile, submissive, good collaborators who will do anything just to avoid being punished.4. He has been been or is currently still married to illegal bahis a pure-bred white woman. He is romantically and emotionally attached to her. This way I will only remain as his little Asian slave, and has no hope of ever becoming his girlfriend or wife. At best, I will become his Asian concubine, and perhaps he will have many Asian concubines whether he obtained them from Asia or he currently lives in Asia like a pampered emperor being surrounded by many many Asian concubines. By Asia I strictly mean East Asia, China, Japan, and Korea.PART II5. In order to be initiated, to become his slave, I will have to be gangbanged by all of my white Master’s military friends. However, my hard limit is that I refuse to be defiled by non-white males. No black or Asian or hispanic men is allowed to use me. Only pure-bred white men of European descent.6. After my gangbang, my pussy lips will be pierced with silver rings and a little padded lock will be used to permanently lock up the entrance to my Asian pussy. I will no longer be allowed to fuck anyone anymore without my white master’s permission, illegal bahis siteleri who alone holds the key.7. In addition to the dog collar around my neck, I will be either tattooed or branded with a hot branding iron to signify, in some exquisite small symbols or letters, that I belong to my owner. It would the initial of his name, or something even ore degrading, according to the whim of my white master.8. Day and night I will worship and obey my white master, not just sexually. I will not just suck his cock, let him fuck me in every hole, swallow his precious white sperm, I will not just lick his feet and kneel by his side and serve as his asian maid servant, but I will also be tortured, humiliated, beaten, punished and made to suffer all the creative torture methods that my sadistic white master can dream up. I will become his guinea pig to test out all the exquisite new torture techniques which he would use on battle fields to defeat evil enemies of America. 9. I will follow strict protocols. I will always kneel and bowtow whenever my white master enters the room, canlı bahis siteleri and I will never be allowed to stand up in the presence of my white master without permission. My white master is my god.10. When not in use, I will locked away in a cage. 11. My white master will reserve the right to determine whether or not I will be bred or sterilized. In the former case, if I ever have the honor of being bred and made to carry his babies, then my c***dren, since they will be half white and half asian, will also serve my white master as slaves, and they will serve any white c***dren of my master as slaves, and my c***dren’s c***dren will also serve as my white master’s c***dren’s c***dren as slave, until the last trace of asian bloodline has been eliminated. On the other hand, if my white master choose not to breed me, and instead have my uterus surgically removed, so that I can become the most complete sexual object for use and abuse, that I will be gangbanged by all his white military buddies day and night, and I will be whored out to any white man who wants to use me, until I exhaust my last breathe from the orgasmic pleasure of being a white man’s little obedient Asian slave, and I will be happily waiting for my white master in the next life, where I will continue to serve him as his obedient asian slave, until eternity.



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