It was the second week into our basic training in the Army Base and we all were physically exhausted, even I was, after hiking, trekking and learning how to strip down a gun in less than a minute, not to mention parade, marching and learning how to be a good soldier.

As one of the few female recruits in the unit I had a lot to prove but I was not afraid to get my hands dirty and I was ready to kick ass and cuss with the rest of my unit if the need arose.

On this particular day we had done so well our drill Sergeant Nial Guthrie had let us have an early night and everyone had gone to bed and totally zonked out, except myself and Private Kevin Duggan.

I had got up to go for a piss when I saw Kevin slip out of his dormitory; he didn’t see me because I was in the shadows, I made a habit of walking quietly even in my leather army boots. However at that moment I was just clad in my light combat trousers and regulation army t-shirt that I slept in and my feet were encased in pair of soft sole shoes.

Now I of all people knew that once lights were out, that meant lights out and a spec check could be done at any time and if someone was not in their bed we would all pay the price but on this occasion as I was to find out there was little chance of a any spec check because the Drill Sergeant who could do the spec check had a clandestine meeting of his own, in the bushes with Kevin so to speak.

I followed Kevin silently instinct telling me it was a good idea; I had already clocked Kevin as an arrogant piece of shit who liked to make people’s lives miserable, he was a bully and was forever showing off his well muscled body and boasting that he was the best and no one could better him, not to mention he was the leader of men and all that crap.

He was good looking, I have to admit that, and his body was lean, mean and tanned, with bulging pecks, a lunchbox to be proud of if you know what I mean, and a handsome smooth round face with grey blue eyes, white blonde hair and sensual red lips.

As I followed him I wondered where he was going to, there was something about Kevin that did not quite ring true, but I couldn’t put my finger on it right at that moment, however I was soon to make the connection and a lot of things made sense after that.

Like him I kept to the shadows, ducking and diving among the long wooden buildings that we lived, worked, slept and shat in.

I have to admit I was somewhat surprised when I saw Drill Sergeant Guthrie appear in an area were all the jeeps and trucks were stored on the other side of the base. It was dark, the lighting in this area minimal, but by sheer luck the two men were under a shallow light in which I could everything.

I positioned myself to watch what was going on in the shadows alongside a large army truck, I think I was beginning to guess what was going to happen next but I wanted to see for myself to see if I was right.

Kevin greeted Guthrie almost like an old friend but Guthrie had other things on his mind and he wasn’t overly pleased with Kevin.

“You’re late,” he snapped at Kevin who squirmed and I am sure he blushed though in the low yellow light I couldn’t be sure and then Guthrie’s hand shot out and he grabbed Kevin’s crotch and squeezed hard.

I sucked in my breath, shocked and fascinated at the same time.

Kevin didn’t even squeal though his eyes went big and he seemed to grow taller. Guthrie’s hand was like a vice I was sure then I saw it was moving over the bulge in Kevin’s trousers.

“You bahis firmaları like that, don’t you dolly boy?” Guthrie said with a hard laugh and Kevin let out a groan, he obviously did like it, like very much in fact.

Guthrie pushed Kevin to his knees, hard, I heard Kevin wince but he didn’t protest, I saw eager hands reach for the front of Guthrie’s pants, I heard the zip go and Guthrie’s voice say in an almost pleasant voice.

“You better be kissing my balls in tens seconds you slag, or I’ll be ramming my cock up your arse so hard your eyes will pop out of your pansy head!”

“Yes Drill Sergeant,” Kevin said and his mouth opened side and he set to work on the order he had been given.

It didn’t take Kevin long to make Guthrie’s flaccid cock card, his mouth, his lips and tongue worked frantically on the steadily welling rod that was Drill Sergeant Guthrie’s cock, the older man smiled blissfully, he was much older than Kevin who was 21, he was about 40 to 45 years old, his hair was silver already, his skin creased by the Iraqi sun but he was still in top physical position.

He was married with three children I had been told but it was obvious he liked his bread buttered both ways.

Guthrie gripped Kevin’s shoulders for a moment or too, and then he grabbed Kevin’s both ears, making the young soldier squeak in pain, he twisted them hard and Kevin gurgled on the cock he was sucking and shuddered under the pressure.

“Suck harder you slut, you’re one lazy bastard aren’t you?” Guthrie snarled, “I can’t hear any kissing!”

Seconds later I heard the sound of rapid kissing, smacking loud kissing but it obviously wasn’t enough for Guthrie who dragged Kevin’s sucking kissing mouth off his cock, lifting the now rock hard and pulsating rod up under the light and he snarled at Kevin.

“Wash my balls and tell me how much you want my cock up your fairy ass!”

Kevin whimpered but obeyed instantly, I was fascinated by such a change in the loud mouthed, arrogant soldier who made himself out to be such a womaniser but was in fact as queer as they came not that it bothered me, people’s sexuality is their own business, and we all have the right to love who we want and sleep with who we want, or so say I, society does not say that, and that was why Guthrie and Kevin were meeting among the jeeps and trucks at night in secret, it was a place they could indulge their mutual sexual predilection with little chance of being caught.

Kevin was washing Guthrie’s balls vigorously with his tongue, his head was buried in the standing man’s crotch and every time he came up for air, he told Guthrie he wanted his huge cock up his tight little fairy ass.

Guthrie made Kevin sweat and work, making him beg and plead like a pitiful child deprived of a favourite toy.

Eventually Guthrie told Kevin to take off his pants and get on all fours which Kevin did as fast as he could because it was obvious he was so excited.

“Make it hurt!” Kevin gasped to the Drill Sergeant, “I want it to hurt!”

Guthrie obliged, he rammed his cock up Kevin’s ass without even bothering with any foreplay at that end, Kevin’s eyes practically went out on two stalks, breath exploded from his body, I’m amazed that he didn’t scream in pain but it was obvious he had a well used and elasticised bum hole but it must have hurt because

I saw tears flood Kevin’s eyes but he was smiling as he gasped out over and over again.

“Oh yes please, oh yes please!”

Guthrie pushed kaçak iddaa Kevin’s face down into the ground and forced his ass up in the air and then he began to pump his body forward and his cock obviously hit some anal “G” spot because Kevin’s contorted body began to shudder.

Guthrie leaned hard into Kevin’s body and grabbed the young man’s cock and began to pull on it.

This went on for some time I think, the humping and jacking off, they were obviously pretty good at it but eventually Guthrie had to blow out his spunk and he pounded harder and harder between Kevin’s butt cheeks telling him to beg him to fill him up and because Kevin was such a lazy fucker he could jack his own cock which Kevin took over with one hand, obeying Guthrie like an obedient dog.

Guthrie eventually came with a grunt of pleasure; his balls were pounded Kevin’s ass so hard I was sure the young soldier would have bruises the next day.

“Fill me up Drill Sergeant,” Kevin gurgled over and over again, “Fill me up with your lovely spunk!”

Guthrie did just that and boy did he have a lot of spunk to fill Kevin up with. He was a veritable spunk machine, and Kevin’s ass couldn’t take it all, but Guthrie just let it run down the youth’s butt cheeks in a back flow, until his balls were well and truly empty.

It was fascinating to watch, especially when Guthrie made Kevin thank him for coming inside his ass and Kevin’s thanks were reverent as he jacked off his own cock but to his disappointment he didn’t come just then.

“Thank you Drill Sergeant!” he gasped, “Thank you very much!”

Guthrie stopped him from jacking himself off and made him crawl after him to a worn leather jeep seat that had been pulled out of a jeep, it was in need of repair and Guthrie had zipped up his pants after wiping his cock on Kevin’s bare rump and then sat down on the seat.

I’m sure I heard Guthrie’s spunk slosh around inside of Kevin’s ass but then it could have just been my vivid imagination.

I watched as Guthrie made Kevin remove his boots and socks and Guthrie said in a throaty voice.

“A bitch licks its master’s feet; you’re my bitch Kevin, so behave like one”

With his eyes closed Kevin blissfully began to lick Guthrie’s feet, he did it lovingly, his tongue moving in and out between Guthrie’s toes, then he gripped the Drill Sergeant’s foot with both hands and lapped at the sole of the man’s feet.

The enjoyment was real on Kevin’s part, real and heartfelt and Guthrie was now smiling.

Kevin finally came himself, but only when Guthrie let him suck his cock again and Kevin had to jack himself off to an orgasm, and whilst he was doing that Guthrie leaned over and began to slap Kevin’s bare and sticky rump. Really hard slaps that made Kevin jerk on his cock, the young soldier, gagged momentarily but then got his rhythm back and he looked up lovingly at Guthrie as he sucked the man’s cock right up to his balls, eagerly looking for appreciation.

However all he got was sharp orders to kiss and suck which he did with gusto. Guthrie eventually came again, this time in Kevin’s mouth, and like before he came with a vengeance.

Kevin’s cheeks were bulging with spunk; it was gushing out of the side of his mouth and running down his chin and to my amazement, Guthrie pulled his cock out of Kevin’s mouth and completely drenched the young man’s face with even more cum.

It ran down Kevin’s face and Guthrie laughed and pulled up Kevin’s ‘t-shirt and smeared the creaming spunk over kaçak bahis his chest and then made him lick his fingers clean one by one.

Kevin then swallowed and lapped some more until Guthrie’s cock and balls were spunk free and even after that was over Guthrie forced him to kiss and wash his balls with his tongue and tell him how much he loved being a spunk boy and a slut. He then made Kevin put back on his boots and socks which the young solider did happily.

Finally it was almost over, Kevin got up off the ground unsteadily, he was leaking from all ends and I watched as Guthrie picked up Kevin’s pants and boxer shorts together and toss them at the young soldier’s feet.

“Fuck off back to the barracks you pansy ass fucked little spunk queen,” he said and when Kevin bent over to pick up his clothes, his bare rump in Guthrie’s direct the Drill Sergeant booted him up the backside, sending him sprawling forward.

“What do you say?” Guthrie growled and Kevin’s eyes were now full of tears and his sticky face had crumpled but he quickly choked out.

“Thank you for fucking me up my ass Drill Sergeant and coming over my face.”

“Not grateful enough,” Guthrie said and he walked over to Kevin who was half up on his knees and grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and forced his face into his crotch whilst forcing Kevin against the leather jeep seat.

Kevin instantly became excited again, his tears dried in with the spunk still on his face but he was only allowed to kiss Guthrie’s covered crotch, I saw Kevin’s hands grab Guthrie’s buttocks and Guthrie rubbed himself against Kevin’s very willing face.

Kevin was gasping things out like, “I worship your cock and balls, I love it when you treat me like this, I can’t get enough of it, you are so wonderful, you are so good to me, please don’t stop, please, please, please, please don’t stop.”

Guthrie laughed at him and called him a spunked up fairy and then told him to get on all fours as he needed a good piss.

Kevin quickly obeyed and Guthrie proceeded to piss all over Kevin’s back and buttocks and then afterward Kevin once again washed Guthrie’s cock again with his mouth, thanked him profusely for such a wonderful time, and in turn was told to fuck off as Guthrie was now bored with him but if he was good, then perhaps in a couple of days he could come back and try harder, something he obviously hadn’t done this time around.

“I’ll do better next time,” Kevin promised Guthrie reverently and the Drill Sergeant smiled nastily at him.

“You better,” he said, “There will be two of us next time and we are going to fuck your ass and mouth until your brains are leaking from your cock.”

Kevin’s expression was one of someone who had just been given a birthday present because he gasped out.

“Thank you Drill Sergeant, I can’t wait!”

And then he scampered off obediently, clutching his pants and boxers to him smelling of piss and spunk and I have to say I never seen anyone in my life look so incredibly happy and sated as he did at that very moment in time. It was incredible and I knew that next week I would be hiding in the shadows again, watching all the action because I couldn’t wait to see Kevin get it two ways from Guthrie and his companion, and I’d probably jack myself off on the quiet too, and why not, it’s not as if men don’t get off watching two women together, why not one woman watching three men go at it like hammer and tongues?

I stayed in the shadows until Guthrie had left and then I slowly made my way back to the dormitory, anticipating next week’s exciting instalment of Kevin getting his brains fucked out by Guthrie and another man and I smiled at the sheer wickedness of my own sexual desires….



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