We arrived back home, and Amy went up to bed. Pam and I talked for a while, then we went upstairs as well. I looked across at Pam as she undressed. She caught my gaze, and said, “I’d really like to make love, but it was a tough couple of days, and I’m pretty tired – can we leave it for tonight?”

“Sure, no problem,” I said. And I drifted off to sleep remembering highlights of what had turned out to be a very eventful day.

The next day I was back at work, but the Christmas break was approaching so it would only be another week or so before I was on holiday again. I made sure that all the planning for routine work over the holiday period was done, and finished a little early, to get home for at least a chat with Amy before Pam arrived back from work. Caroline and Donald had decided to go on holiday over Christmas – it was the only time Donald had been able to get away from work all year – so Amy would be staying with us between terms.

Amy’s Mini was in the garage when I parked the car, and when I walked in she was sitting at her desk in the dining room with her books spread around.

I walked over to her and kissed her on the lips. “Mmm,” she said, “you smell of work.”

“That’s a funny way to put it,” I said, “What does work smell like?”

“Well, your aftershave, and I guess your suit smells a little different, and there’s just a hint of tobacco smoke.”

“Yes, the smoking area is by the car park,” I said. “Does it bother you?”

“No,” she said, “it adds to the effect. I like it – it’s you. It makes me look forward to when I’m on placement.”

“I’m looking forward to it too,” I said.

“I saw Laura today,” Amy went on. “We chatted, and she asked me if perhaps she could come and stay over Christmas instead of going home? I don’t think she gets on well with her parents, and she could bring her art stuff and work on her show.”

I remembered the picture that Laura was hoping would form a key part of her show. “That’d be great,” I said. “She could share your room, and we could shift things around a little at this end of the room so she could have some space to paint – the light’s good in here.”

“I hope Pam won’t mind the canvas Laura’s working on,” said Amy.

“But it’s ‘art’,” I said. “I’ve taken Pam to a couple of exhibitions with works more shocking than Laura’s painting.”

Amy grinned. “I’ll tell her yes, then. I’m looking forward to swimming and sauna with her again.”

Just then Pam arrived, and I gave her a welcome-home hug and kiss. “Amy was just wondering if Laura could come to stay for a few days at Christmas,” I said. “Apparently things are a little uncomfortable at home, and she did so much enjoy her day with Amy.”

“Of course,” said Pam. “It’ll be nice to have someone to talk to about art – you business types are a bit dull.” She winked at Amy, who grinned back.

The last day of term came, and Amy pulled her Mini into the garage with Laura in the passenger seat. A large square shape covered in a cloth occupied the back seat, and the first task was to get the canvas inside, still covered, and set it on its easel in the dining room.

“Can we look?” said Pam. “Absolutely not,” grinned Laura, “it’s nowhere near finished.”

“Ok,” I said, “we’ll just have to control our anticipation a little longer.”

After a couple of days it felt like Laura had always been there, and I came home on Christmas Eve to find her helping Pam and Amy to decorate the tree.

“Hope you’ve all been good,” I said, “or Santa won’t stop on his way past.”

We had supper, then watched television for a while. I yawned. “I could do with an early night,” I said. “No doubt you two will be rampaging about the house first thing, eager to open your presents.”

I headed up the stairs, and Pam joined me after a little while. “I’m really enjoying this,” she said. “Makes me wonder if we should have had kids.”

I snorted. “We’re seeing only the upside,” I said, “two well-behaved, practically grown-up young women who we can spoil rotten.”

“Hmmm, point taken,” she said. She kissed me, and said, “Hope there are a few surprises in Santa’s sack for us.” Then she turned over and was soon asleep.

When I was certain she was sleeping, I slipped out of bed and back down the stairs to retrieve a few last minute presents from my briefcase and put them under the tree. As I went back up the stairs, I encountered Amy tiptoeing down.

“So, you’re Miss Santa, are you?” I teased. She put her tongue out at me, then leaned over to kiss me.

“Just a couple of last minute things,” she said. “You did get something for Laura as well, didn’t you.”

“I don’t think either of you will be disappointed,” I chuckled. She kissed me again, then slipped past. I went back to bed, and thought I just caught Amy’s footsteps as she came back up, then a faint giggle from Laura as their bedroom door closed.

Christmas morning dawned, and I opened the curtains to a carpet of white. “Wow, Pam,” I said, “it’s perfect.”

She joined me at the casino siteleri window and we stood for a while, arms round each other, looking out at the garden.

“Now for the carnage,” she grinned. We went downstairs, and found Amy and Laura kneeling by the tree picking up gifts and looking at the labels.

“We didn’t start opening them without you,” said Laura anxiously.

“It’s OK,” I said. “Go ahead.”

Soon the floor was covered in paper and scraps of sticky tape, as we all took it in turns opening our presents. The girls ooh’ed and aah’ed at the necklace I’d got for Pam – I’d seen her admiring it in the window of the jeweller’s in town.

I got a sweater from Pam – “Don’t worry,” she whispered in my ear, “I got something more exciting for you, but it’s for your eyes only.” I grinned, and kissed her, prompting gentle teasing from Amy and Laura.

The girls had bought me some expensive aftershave between them, and some novelty socks. “Thanks, girls,” I said, and they each deigned to accept a kiss on the cheek, doing a brilliant job of pretending that kisses from Uncle Tim were a bit embarrassing.

Last of all Amy and Laura opened their presents from me. Laura said, “Gosh, Tim, you’re very generous – thank you.” I’d got them both shopping vouchers, and I knew they’d want to go out looking as soon as the sales started.

“Well, that’s it,” said Pam. “Lunch won’t be long.”

We sat down at the dining table, and I looked at Amy’s book-covered desk and Laura’s easel, reflecting how much had changed since only a year ago.

The rest of Christmas Day was spent watching television – Laura and Amy hadn’t seen a few of the old films before, and they pretended to be horrified when Pam and I sang along to bits of the Sound of Music.

When the last film worth watching was over, we all went upstairs to bed, the girls clutching their loot.

Pam turned to me as I closed the door and said, “So, you ready for your surprise?”

I nodded. She turned round and said, “Unzip me?”

I pulled the zip of her dress down to her waist, and she let the garment slip to the floor. Underneath she wore a gorgeous white bustier and French knickers. “Mmm,” I said as I started to unhook the fastenings, “this is a lovely surprise. But I don’t think it’s quite unwrapped yet.”

She turned in my arms and her mouth was eager on mine. “Then finish unwrapping it,” she said, her body trembling eagerly.

I carefully undid the rest of the fasteners and laid the garment aside, then looked at her face for confirmation. She nodded, and I slid the French knickers down so she could step out of them. I moved back, and once more admired her body with its womanly curves. “Shall we?” I said. She moved over to the bed and lay down, and we made love as intensely as we ever had…

Afterwards she pillowed her head on my chest and said, “Thanks, darling. This is a really great Christmas.”

The next day the girls begged me to accompany them to the sales. “This seems to be my fate on Boxing Day,” I said to Pam.

“Your fault for giving them something to spend,” she teased. “Go! If you get fed up, you can go and look in the bookshop or sit and have coffee – they can keep each other company.”

I drove us down to the town, and we walked from the car park, Amy one side of me, Laura the other, their arms linked through mine.

“Where first?” I asked. “Everywhere!” Amy said.

“Clothes, of course,” said Laura. We went into Amy’s favourite fashion shop, and they found me a chair just outside the changing area. Then they commandeered a sales assistant – she looked almost relieved to have two customers who had a clear idea what they wanted – and toured the clothing racks, picking something to try on from almost every one.

Then they disappeared into a cubicle and all I heard was giggling. Every few minutes one or other of them would pop out with, “What do you think of this, Tim?” as they tried on a dazzling selection of different styles. I did my best to give an opinion, sometimes evoking a roll of the eyes, sometimes a shy smile.

Some of the outfits were truly stunning, and at one point when Amy appeared in an off the shoulder evening gown, I said, “Amy?” She paused. “Get that one – really.”

She grinned and said, “I’d pretty much decided to – but seeing your face when I came out made my mind up for definite.”

At length they decided that they had seen and tried on everything worth trying, and went to pay for the things they’d settled on.

“Now,” said Amy when they returned with the bags, “let’s drop this stuff off at the car and you can buy us lunch at that little Italian place. You’ll love it, Laura – I can’t pronounce anything on the menu, but Tim can, and the food is to die for. You’ll get us a bottle of wine as well, won’t you, Tim?”

“Slow down!” I protested. “Of course I will.” We walked back to the car and filled the boot, it seemed, with bags. Then we walked back down to the little restaurant, and I grinned as my friend Mario the owner raised his slot oyna eyebrows at me.

“Two gorgeous signorinas this year,” he said to me in his native tongue. “What can I say,” I replied likewise, “I must be doing something right.”

“What are you saying?” asked Laura.

“He thinks you are very beautiful and that I am a very lucky man,” I paraphrased. This set the girls off giggling, and they had only just managed to retrieve their composure when Mario returned with our food. He poured wine for us all, then left us to enjoy our meal.

“This is heavenly,” said Laura with her mouth full. “I could get used to being spoilt.”

“Get used to it,” grinned Amy. “Tim can’t help himself.”

I rolled my eyes. “Who could refuse the two of you anything?”

They exchanged glances, but managed not to dissolve into laughter this time. We finished our meal, and I said, “Where next? We have all afternoon.”

“Actually,” said Amy, “could you take us up to the campus? There’s something Laura needs.”

“Ok,” I said, puzzled. I thought Laura had brought everything with her she needed for Christmas – perhaps she’d remembered something she particularly wanted to wear, though I thought she’d be more excited to put on some of the new things they’d bought in the morning.

We pulled up outside Laura’s hall of residence, and she said, “This time, please do come up.” The three of us squeezed into the lift and rode to the top floor.

“Come in,” Laura said, opening the door of a spacious study bedroom with a double bed. The walls were covered with sketches and other pieces of Laura’s art work.

“Gosh,” I said, “this takes me back a bit. I got up to a few escapades in places like this.”

“And likely to again,” said Amy. “I think it’s time, Laura.”

I turned round, wondering what she meant, and stopped, stunned, as I saw Laura begin to undo the buttons of her blouse.

“Wha–,” I began.

Laura said in a voice simultaneously full of amusement, promise and anticipation, “Amy told me about a particular night you’d had with two of your girlfriends, but she said you’d been a little drunk to remember what really happened, which seemed a shame. We thought we’d give you the chance to do something you would remember.”

Amy spoke up. “This is our other Christmas present to you,” she said. “We thought we’d better give it to you somewhere else than at home.” Then she too started to undo buttons.

I sat down on the bed. “I’m… delighted. Flattered. Pleased. Amazed.”

“Just as long as you’re turned on,” teased Laura, now standing in front of me in only her underwear.

“Oh, I think you can guarantee that,” said Amy, slipping out of her jeans. “Tim’s got good taste.”

She started to undo my shirt, while Laura deftly loosened my belt and pulled down my jeans. “Oops, the boxer shorts came too, Amy,” she said, “Sorry.”

Amy looked up from what she was doing. “Not a problem,” she said. “Saves time later.” She finished removing my shirt and I lay back on the bed.

“Now, where to start,” Laura mused.

“Let me kiss you, Laura,” I said. “We haven’t had a proper kiss yet.” She leaned over me and kissed me, her mouth feeling just a little different from Amy’s. I couldn’t help myself, and put my hands up to cup her breasts through the lacy fabric of her bra. She intensified the kiss, her tongue exploring my mouth. Her breasts suddenly filled my hands, and I realised with a shock of pleasure that Amy had unfastened Laura’s bra from behind and laid it aside.

“Mmm,” said Laura, “that’s good.” I broke off kissing her and moved my mouth down to her breasts, starting to gently tongue and suckle her nipples. Then she gasped, and I saw Amy carefully pulling Laura’s panties from her, then sliding her hand between Laura’s legs to caress her. Laura shifted position so her legs were further apart, and Amy intensified her touch.

“Ohh,” said Laura, “I’m….” She didn’t even manage to say the word, when her body shook uncontrollably as I pleasured her nipples with my mouth and Amy touched her, moving her hand as she knew she would want to be touched herself.

When her climax had subsided, she lay down beside me on the bed.

“So did you get what you needed?” Amy asked Laura, grinning.

“Sure did,” said Laura, still breathless.

“Now, Tim,” said Amy. “I’m sure you’ll have no difficulty coming up with something that’ll please me, given the practice we’ve had.”

I nodded, and said, “But there’s one thing – you’re the only one in the room still with any clothes on.”

“Oops, sorry,” she laughed, quickly removing her remaining garments.

I pulled her down, and she knelt over me, her already-wet opening against my erection. She shifted her hips slightly.

“Ah, not yet,” I said lightly. “Come up here.” She obeyed, shifting so that her wetness was against my mouth. Laura watched from the side of the bed, her eyes taking in everything we were doing.

I began to tongue Amy, and use my palms on her breasts and hard nipples, and soon canlı casino siteleri she was gasping and shuddering as she climaxed against my mouth.

“Well,” I said, “I hope I gave satisfaction, you two.”

“Only one thing left,” said Amy, “or maybe two.” She nodded at Laura, who rolled over so her head was by my chest. Amy took up a position on the other side of me, and both girls simultaneously began to tongue and kiss the nipple nearest them.

“Ohh, this is heavenly,” I said, gasping. I put one arm around each of the girls and caressed them.

After only a short while I said, “Gosh, I could let you do this for hours, but I think I really need to release.”

Amy looked across my chest at Laura and said almost wistfully, “Well, I did promise, didn’t I?”

“There’ll be another time,” said Laura. Amy nodded, and Laura got up, moving across and taking up the position with her hips over me that Amy had occupied a few minutes before. Amy knelt above my head, and leaned over to begin again to kiss and suckle both my nipples; I took the offered opportunity to lightly touch her breasts again with my tongue.

“Goodness,” said Amy, “I think I could go again.”

“Hold that thought,” said Laura, and Amy watched as Laura guided my erect penis inside her. Then Laura started to slowly flex her hips, and Amy resumed her attentions to my chest. Before very long I was gasping with pleasure, and almost reluctantly I managed to say, “I’m there,” as I spent myself inside Laura. She sighed with delight as she felt me come, and then lowered her hips so that I was still penetrating her deeply.

“Phew,” said Amy, “that was hot. Now, Tim, you think you’re up to helping me again?”

Before I could answer, Laura said, “Don’t worry, Tim, you look like you need a rest. I’ll help, Amy.”

After the afternoon’s turn of events I hadn’t thought anything could possibly surprise Amy, but her face was a picture. Obviously this wasn’t something she and Laura had discussed. I waited to see how she’d deal with this.

“I’m not…” she began.

“Me neither,” Laura answered her implied meaning. “But when there’s the three of us, it seems so obvious. Anyway, you already helped me most of the way the first time.”

Amy grinned. “Heck, why not?” she said. “Tim’s good, but I bet it’ll be different with you – you’ll know exactly how it ought to feel.”

She stretched out on the bed, and it was my turn to shift to the side as Laura bent her head between Amy’s legs, darting her pink tongue out to Amy’s most sensitive spot. After only a few moments, Amy’s body arched and she cried out with pleasure. I hoped everyone on Laura’s corridor was away for the vacation.

Then Laura moved up and held Amy as her breathing once more slowed; I rolled over and put my arm round both of them.

We lay like that for a few minutes, then Amy said, “Think it’s time we got ourselves back together and made for home – the shops will be closing soon.”

I lay on the bed and watched as both girls dressed, then pulled on my own clothes.

As Laura was going to open the door, I said, “Girls? Thanks so much for an amazing Christmas present.”

They both grinned, and we squeezed back into the elevator for the trip back to the ground floor.

When we arrived home, Pam was making dinner. “Good trip to the shops?” she said. “Yes, thanks,” chorused Amy and Laura. “We’ll show you some of our things after dinner,” said Amy.

“That’d be nice,” said Pam.

The rest of the day went more or less normally – Pam admired the clothes that Laura and Amy showed her – and we all went to bed fairly early.

The next day we sat at breakfast and discussed what we would do with the day.

“I need to work on my canvas,” said Laura, “so could I have the dining room to myself?”

“Sure,” said Pam. “Amy, I guess you’re not allowed to watch either, so what would you like to do?”

“I know this sounds boring,” she said, “but I think I’d like to do some preparation with Tim for my placement. We’ll have to find somewhere else to work, though.”

“You could use the table in the extension,” Pam suggested. “I’d planned to pop over and see Sally and John sometime over the break, so I can do that today and you can get on.”

I helped Amy carry her books from the dining room into the extension, then Laura said firmly, “No peeking,” and closed the dining room door.

Pam left for Sally’s shortly after, and Amy grinned at me. “Alone again, finally,” she said.

“Laura’s still around,” I reminded her.

“I’d be surprised if she even remembered to come out for lunch once she’s in the zone,” Amy grinned. “I’ll leave a note outside the door reminding her where the fridge is!”

We went through to the extension and I said, “So, you want me to start filling you in on the business?”

Amy grinned. “Well,” she said, “maybe later. Right now there’s something else I’d like that sounds a bit like it.”

“Naughty!” I pretended to scold her. She stuck her tongue out at me and before she pulled it back in I managed to kiss it on the tip.

“Mmm, that’s different,” she said. “Now, I hope Laura and I haven’t spoilt you – I won’t be able to manage everything she and I did for you, by myself.”



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