Maddie realized two things when she woke up the day after graduating from high school. Firstly, she was no longer going to have the aura of an athlete lifting her up above the crowd; she had tried her best to earn an athletic scholarship, but there were no takers, save for a small school too far from civilization, where she feared irrelevance. Her ego did not take it well. The other realization was that she would no longer have that girly camaraderie of the locker room or the close competition with opposing players. More than anything, the competition gave her thoughts/fantasies at night, helping her fall asleep easier after a satisfying orgasm. Maddie secretly lusted over half of her teammates and could recall in perfect detail girls from other schools who had caught her eye.

“Mads, are you up,” her mother called from the first floor on her way to work, reminding Maddie not to be late for her job interview at the fashion store.

Maddie shook her head defiantly while yelling, “okay! I won’t.”

College would start soon enough. Why bother looking for a job, she thought. Her father, long divorced from her mother, gave her all she needed and more to make up for his absence. He was always away on work somewhere; Maddie had stopped keeping track of his schedule; the intrigue had faded.


After a quick shower and a sugary breakfast, Maddie stood naked in front of the full length mirror in her mom’s room. She turned to see how her 36 C boobs looked from the side, then she turned around to get a look at her butt: tight, full, and thong tanned. Maddie, lengthening her firm thighs, wanted to remember how she looked, now that her athletic career was over. She feared that the motivation to exercise was no longer there and that surely she was going to gain weight. She slapped her belly to see if her decline had begun: The stomach was still tight. As she left her mom’s room, she waved into the mirror, knowing the Maddie of all the yesterdays was gone. A job beckoned her and defiance to her stubborn mother would surely result in a losing struggle.


Choosing a pink outfit made her feel light on her feet. The top showed her belly button and the sleeves were wide. Why not be fashionable when interviewing at clothing store? She thought.

Maddie brushed her medium blonde hair and turned in the hallway mirror to get a look at her butt in the pink pants with wide bottoms. She decided right there that the real motivation to exercise, regardless of sports or not, was vanity. She wanted to look her best and to be her best at all times.

Once in her car, she did a quick look into the rear view mirror; blue eyes shone bright and prepared to face whatever the interviewer had in mind. She looked for and found her shades then put her sporty car into gear and sped away.


Carelessly, Maddie pulled into the strip mall, breaking quickly when a car was backing out of its parking spot. Maddie then pulled in her car; she was right in front of Amy’s Apparel. Maddie took a quick gulp from a bottle of water, checked her face in the rear view mirror and blew a kiss to herself.

Once inside the store, Maddie was immediately impressed with the displays of fall clothing. A black skirt caught her attention as well as some leather jackets draped over mannequins. There was a thin, platinum blonde haired woman with freckled skin, who was organizing some clothing labels.

“Excuse me, my name is Madison and I have an appointment with Ms. Roque,” Maddie said.

“Straight back and down the hall; second door on the right. She is expecting you,” the woman said without looking up from her labels.

Still confident, Maddie walked down the hall and stopped at Ms. Roque’s door. There was a different smell in this area of the store: Gentle perfume permeated the walls and the tight space outside the door. Maddie knocked hard, trying to assert a waning confidence. She needed the job to keep her mother off her back, to then ease into the transition of going away to college. The door opened slowly. Maddie knew that Ms. Roque was in charge of Amy’s Apparel. In fact, Ms. Roque was the owner, although her name was not Amy. The tall, thin, and elegantly dark haired woman of business who opened the door and waved Maddie in was named Robin.

“Please come in Madison. I know all about you from your mother. Congratulations on your high school graduation and in your choice of college. I also went to state,” Robin said.

“Hi,” Maddie said, looking confused.

“Your mother didn’t tell you that we know each other?” Robin asked, sensing Maddie’s confusion.


“Well, we met some time ago at the yoga studio near her job. We don’t go long without seeing each other there or occasionally getting together for drinks.”

Maddie canlı bahis şirketleri nodded her head. She thought that standing nearly 5’10” in heels was going to be an advantage during the interview, but Robin Roque, all 5’11” inches of her in bare feet negated that advantage. Maddie noticed a pair of thin designer heels with straps off to the side.

Robin patted the seat of a chair in the middle of the thickly carpeted room that, save for a desk and another chair, seemed empty. Robin moved around casually in black leggings, and a white, see through, oversize blouse; Maddie noticed that the boss was wearing a black bra that matched her leggings. Her boobs looked small, but the bra looked expensive, as did her whole ensemble.

“I really need someone more permanent,” Robin said. “I had a valued employee relocate because her boyfriend was reassigned somewhere in the Midwest. I know you are only here for the summer, and as a favor to Billie, your mother, I am entertaining the possibility of you as a short term hire. However, you need to convince me that is the right decision. “

Maddie tried to think quickly; she needed to get into a disingenuous space to make/plead her case. She centered herself and used her athletic focus that still vibrated in her. Her coaches had always relied on her to be a leader, and even if that sometimes seemed false to her, she was going to rely on that now.

“I,” Maddie started, wanting to stand up and be dominant, but was held to her seat by Robin’s intimidating gaze — a green-eyed stare that looked impenetrable. “I don’t see this as a temporary job because what I learn here, this being my first job, will surely stay with me and help me in future jobs.”

“Why haven’t you worked before?” Robin said, almost disapprovingly.

“Sports were a full-time thing for me. I played for my school and then travel leagues in the spring and summer,” Maddie stated.

“I see,” Robin said, pondering Maddie’s case.

“I wanted to work,” Maddie offered, “but was trying to put myself in position for a scholarship.”

“How did that go?”

“I got an offer from a small school in Ohio, but decided not to take it.”

“You’ll do fine at state ,” Robin said, lightening up some. “Just stay away from Baldwin’s Castle as long as you can.”

Maddie nodded and tried wondering just what went on at that place and what Robin had done there. Maddie tried to imagine what sport Robin had played — if she had played any at all.

“There is one thing that will allow you to make extra money,” Robin said, implying that Maddie was hired. “We have a sales catalog that features our clothing. To keep costs down, we use our own models and photographers. You look like you would work out well in our clothing. Your body has that athletic look, but you are not bulky.”

“Thank you,” Maddie said.

“How do you look in a bikini?” Robin said, looking closely for Maddie’s reaction.

Maddie thought of her recent trip to the beach. Her top had been pulled down by a female classmate and her butt, in a thong bottom, was slapped by another girl. Maddie, willingly engaged their playfulness and ran down the beach with two tops she had taken off her fellow graduates.

“I look okay,” Maddie said, humbly.

“We are doing a shoot soon and need at least one more girl,” Robin said with authority. “Are you interested?”

“Am I hired?”

“Yes. Regardless of whether you model for us.”

“I am interested in modeling,” Maddie said.

“Would you mind modeling a couple bikinis for me, Madison?”

Maddie felt so confident and sexy in the outfit she was wearing, she did not want to take it off, but felt that the boss would get her way eventually, so she said, “Sure. Now?”

“Yes, now,” Robin said, immediately calling the freckled blonde, saying, “Sam, bring me some bikinis we picked for the new catalog. I think they are in storage room one. Thanks.”

There was an awkward silence; a moment of nothing spoken or of any movements made. Robin was looking at Maddie as if the new hire was now property of the store. The overseer of Amy’s Apparel finally broke the silence and said, “you have great taste in clothes. That top fits you perfect.”

Maddie was about to thank her boss, but there was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” Robin said loudly.

Sam entered with a clear, plastic container full of colorful bikinis.

“Eights and tens,” Sam said, looking over to Maddie with a friendly smile before leaving the office and closing the door.

“How does she know the sizes I wear?” Maddie said.

“That’s what we do,” Robin said.

“Has she, Sam, been here long?”

“Oh, yes. Now, next room over is a dressing room. Pick a bikini out and then come and show me. Let me know if you need canlı kaçak iddaa anything.”


Maddie did not really want to model in a bikini for Robin; she was sure Robin was going to find something to critique. Her pink outfit, bra, panties, and heels lay on the floor in front of a mirror, discarded and useless now. Maddie chose a red bikini with a top that fit snug and showed plenty of side-boob; the bottoms were stringy and a bit cheeky. She turned sideways, bent down a little and faced the mirror anew. The bottoms gave away so much, but she was comfortable with her first choice — comfortable in the fact that she looked amazing.

Robin’s door was closed so Maddie knocked; there was no answer for a minute or so, then Robin entered the hallway with Sam. Maddie felt exposed and vulnerable. The eyes of the two woman had looked her over in mere seconds. Sam looked impressed, but Robin appeared covetous.

“Very nice,” Sam said. “I can’t believe she looks better in a bikini than Katie.”

“It’s definitely close,” Robin said, opening the door.

“I better check on those customers,” Sam said, walking back down the hall.

“Please, come in, so I can get a look at you in better lighting,” Robin said, letting Maddie into the room first.

Maddie wanted to cover her butt; Robin stared at it shrewdly.

“Who is Katie?” Maddie asked, wanting to distract Robin from inspecting her as long as possible.

“She is a local model who has been in our catalog a few times and on the cover at least twice,” Robin said.

That made Maddie feel proud, that she was judged by Sam to look better in a bikini than one of their models.

Robin closed the door and Maddie noticed that the lighting was indeed brighter. She fretted some that Robin was going to hone in on her flaws with a microscopic lens.

“Let’s get a better look at you,” Robin said. “I don’t mean to sound harsh, but even though flaws can be masked, beauty usually can’t be manufactured.”

Like a general looking over his or her troops, or like an art appraiser trying to find all the telltale signs of authenticity, Robin walked around the nervous teenager who was unaccustomed to such treatment. Maddie, without her heels, looked up to the still barefooted boss whose scent was primal. Their eyes locked into each for a quick and knowing moment. An instant in which Maddie realized that Robin liked girls around her age and probably feasted on them regularly.

A soft hand found its way to Maddie’s shoulder before traveling down the model’s back, resting on her hip. Robin tugged lightly on the string bikini bottom and whispered inaudible words close to Maddie’s ear. Was this really a first day at work, Maddie thought.

“It’s obvious that sports have kept you tight in all the susceptible places,” Robin said. “Do take care of yourself, Madison. I sense you might struggle with weight if you lack exercise. The freshman 15 are no joke.”

“I know. I mean to exercise often,” Maddie said, assuring Robin that she understood the demands of the catalog and of the bikinis in particular.

“This one looks good on you. It helps that you have minimal tan lines,” Robin said, slowly adjusting the top, feeling Maddie’s skin, grazing an erect nipple.

“It’s so revealing.”

“Yes, it is. Let’s see you in something blue, and cheekier.”

“Okay,” Maddie said.

Maddie left to do as Robin requested and noticed that Sam was standing with her arms folded in the center of the store. Maddie could feel Sam’s eyes following her down the hall.

The only blue bikini she found in the bin was one that fit her very tightly on top but perfect on her bottom. The incongruity made her feel she was not presenting herself ideally. Nonetheless, Maddie ventured out into the hall and saw that Sam was in the same spot, but looking away this time, seemingly disinterested.

Her knock on Robin’s door elicited the okay to enter. Maddie went in and saw that Robin was seated at her desk and was talking on the work phone. After closing the door, Maddie went to the middle of the room and awaited the discerning eye of Robin to look her over.

“Right, right,” Robin said into the phone. “That’s just asking for excess inventory.”

Motioning with her hand, Robin instructed Maddie to turn around. Maddie did it too quickly for Robin’s taste because she was asked to do it again. This time Maddie paused with her butt seeming offered to Robin. Motivated by a hint of the unknown made Maddie want to shake her ass for the boss, but she resisted.

Facing Robin again, Maddie noticed that her boss’s mood had changed. There was an air of propriety in Robin now, as she slithered over to Maddie. The bikini, so tightly gathered on top, exposed Maddie and at the same time exposed canlı kaçak bahis Robin for what was really going on.

“This top is a little too tight,” Robin said, magically waving her hands in front of Maddie’s titties. Magically because before she knew it, Maddie’s right boob was completely exposed for a few seconds. Robin’s unnaturally long fingers made adjustments, shifted straps, and caressed Maddie on her arm.

“I think you look amazing,” Robin said, getting very close to Maddie, sharing a warm space. Skin joining skin; touch reaching touch. The first kiss, surprising Maddie at first, was initiated by an experienced seductress. Maddie liked the intimacy with this woman, with this friend of her mother. Robin smelled hypnotic and her tongue felt polished and unstoppable.

Maddie gave a sound of acceptance when Robin’s hands freed her of the ill-fitting bikini top. Robin pulled from the kiss to get a look of Maddie’s flesh, Maddie’s upper assets. A smile came across the boss lady.

“Oh, you look better with and without a Bikini than Katie ever has,” Robin said.

Maddie felt joyful of the double victory over the once favored Katie. She was proud of her boobs, presenting them now to the always observant Robin. There they were, the rewards of her youth, serving as a treat to her boss, who gave them attentive regard. Robin devoured a mouthful of the left one, rejoicing in a new conquest that came in the form of a newly hired worker.

The empress of Amy’s Apparel undid the bikini bottoms and tossed them on her desk, where they joined the recently discarded top. The imposing figure of Robin dropped to her knees to acquaint herself with Maddie’s bratty, untamed, vagina. Robin smirked when she saw that Maddie had a medium-sized swath of hair shaped in a triangle. That aspect gave the ingenue a more sophisticated look.

The polished tongue that Ms. Robin Roque possessed was agile, trained, and single-minded. Maddie, savoring Robin’s advances, felt her strong thighs weaken; her calves could not support the former athlete. Maddie succumbed to Robin’s overtures on her girly interiors, sliding to the ground and giving better access to Robin.

The first probe with a finger was playful, an introductory meeting of two new friends. The vaginal walls of the teenager perspired and ached for firmer resolution. An ache that Robin met with long fingers pressing deep into Maddie.

“Oh, Madison, you’re beautiful and deserving of the catalog cover. Our new and best cover girl yet,” Robin said, opening up Maddie even more.

The longest finger, the middle one, stretched, flexed, then took the lead in working Maddie. The index and ring fingers acted in supporting roles, sliding in and out, playing dangerously with the mechanics of Maddie.

A finger that was not busy, but useful and ready to perform, found its way into Maddies ass. She gave out a gasp as the smallest digit on Robin’s hand anchored itself to her rear.

Maddie had never felt so subdued, so tame. The role, of young and available to older women, beckoned her fiercely. She felt so satisfied and at home under Robin”s artistry.

The first orgasm screamed freedom. Maddie moaned and opened her eyes to see Sam looking down at her with her shirt off and a hand inside her pants. Sam’s face did not acknowledge Maddie but stayed focused on the action, staring down as Robin gently licked, fingered, and kissed her friend’s daughter.

For the next orgasm, Sam joined them on the floor, desperately licking Robin’s wet fingers, before getting intimate with Maddie’s body from top to bottom to sides. All of Sam’s tactile capabilities, fingers and tongue, navigated the bikini model, invading the physical while alerting the psychological to pleasure. Parts of Maddie’s body twitched as orgasms were pulled from her. Her left foot convulsed repeatedly and her shoulder shrugged in ecstasy.

Soon, all three women were undressed. Robin and Sam, elegant and primal, lacked the curves of the cover girl, but Maddie found them appealing and found unity in sexual discovery with her boss and co-worker.

Maddie was overloaded. She had not expected Sam to be so aggressive, countering the deliberate moves of Robin. Sam filled holes one second, pinched skin another, and bit her way along the length of the teenager.

“I love your thighs,” Sam said, suddenly humping Maddie’s left leg. Robin, finding the visual enticing, landed on the right leg and started her own gyrations.

“I want to be the one to tell Katie we found a replacement for her,” Sam said, licking Maddie’s ear.

“I just squirted all over your thigh,” Robin said.

“Let me at that,” Sam said, shifting to the other leg and sampling Robin’s juices.

The joy was overwhelming for Maddie, as she found herself in the middle of a pale embrace; Robin in front, tender and watchful; Sam at the back, lustful and insatiable. Maddie’s only regret was that she waited so long for this fulfillment. She felt sad for the many missed opportunities from her days as an athlete.



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