He didn’t know if he really should follow his partner into the ‘girls’ locker room . Doing “it” in the unit on the way back from a call was risky, but sort of ‘safe’. They had been basically alone in the back. Here at the station, anyone could walk in on them. The ‘girl’s’ shower was on the other side of a tile wall at the back of the ‘boy’s’ locker rooms.

Changing into a pair of gym shorts, he slipped out the side door and made his way to the girl’s locker room. As he cracked open the door, he heard the water start running. Entering quickly, he closed the door behind himself quietly. Her uniform lay on the bench in a pile. Silently he rounded the corner of the tile wall, and gazed at her total nakedness.

He slipped off the gym shorts and silently padded towards her. Her hair was plastered to her wet back, the water cascaded down her back and across her butt. The soap left a trail down her muscular thighs, it almost looked like she was peeing. His cock had taken notice, and gained it’s full length. Her hands were above her shoulders as he stepped beside her under the hot stream of water.

She felt his presence before she felt his hands circle her trim waist, so she wasn’t startled as his hand caressed her belly and mound. “I wondered how long it would take you to get in here, with me.” she said.

“I didn’t know if you meant it.” he replied.

“Oh, yes! I definitely meant it. I’ve wanted you to ‘do me’ for a long time, and was about to start something, myself!”

“Why didn’t you just say something?” he asked.

“I wasn’t sure you wanted me.” she said softly, looking down at his throbbing erection. “But I can see that’s obviously a wrong thought.” She reached out and tried to ataköy escort wrap her hand around the large penis. “God, this thing is huge! I can’t believe it fit inside me!”

“Would you like to try it, again?”

His fingers had moved lower, cupping her swollen mound. The longest was pressing against her opening. She bent slightly backwards, leaning on his chest, and spread her thighs. The probing finger slipped into the hot, moist slit with ease.

“OOOhhhhhh!” she moaned. “Yesssss. I want….ugh….to try it again.” she stammered as he thrust the finger deeper. “AAAHHH, that feels so good!”

He rubbed her clit with his palm as the finger plunged deep into her hot little box, repeatedly.

“Mmmmm, ohhhh, you’re gonna make me cummmmm…OOOhhh!” Her hips bucked, and her knees started to fail. He held her waist tight with his other arm as she trembled against his body.

“Yeah. Then I’m gonna put my cock in you, deep! Okay?”

“Mmmm, ..Make me.. Cummm! I want to feel that hard cock in my pussy!!! Make me cum quick… oh yeah.. That’s it …… rub it harder!!”

She shook and bumped against his hard flesh as she got closer to cumming. She started to sink towards the tile floor slowly, bringing him down with her. On her knees, now, he moved his hand to enter her from behind. She thrust her body back at him, driving his fingers deeper, her own fingers a blur on her engorged clit.

“AHHHH….There….it..issssssssss!” she hissed as she arched her back and pushed her pussy against his hand.

“Put your cock in there! Fuck me with that monster cock! NOW!!” she yelled.

“Okay, Here I come, ready or not!”

“I’m ready!!!! ataşehir escort Been ready….Now.. FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!” as she thrust her body towards his.

He slid across the cool tile floor and kneeled behind her upturned ass. Her hungry pussy blossomed its welcome, the distended lips blushed deep red around her fuckhole. As his cock touched the engorged flesh, she rocked back to try to capture the hot, hard penis for more than a quick sample.

He pressed his throbbing erection against her swollen kitty. Her back arched and pushed back towards him, letting the opening of her sex take in the purple crown. He thrust into her, impaling her in one smooth stroke. Her cry was lost in the running shower, as she felt him touch the entrance of her womb deep inside her body.

“Ohmigod!!” she exclaimed. “So fucking big! . OHHH! It feels so full!”

“You’re just so tight!” he answered.

“You are in me so deep. Oh, god. Fuck me! Fuck me, now!”

He pulled back slowly, watching her pussy clamp around his thick, eight-inch cock. Just as slowly he pushed back in, causing her to moan again. Full strokes, from the crown to the base, he filled her again and again. Her body reacted by pushing back to meet every thrust. Their bodies splashing the water as his belly met her butt.

She gasped in surprise when he pulled all the way out. She spun her head around just as he bent down and replaced his cock with his tongue. He licked her from clit to asshole, then straightened up and pushed his erection back into her fuckhole.

“Ahhhh ..DAMN . Oh jeeezz.” She moaned.

He repeated that several times. Each time she went crazy with lust, to get him avcılar escort back inside her hot, wet hole. Then, he would just pull out, wait a second and drive back in. Each time, he would watch her open sex pulse before he filled it again.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out. “Make it cum! Keep it in there and make my pussy cum!”

He did keep it in, and reach around her belly to rub her clit at the same time. “Yessss.. Oh yes! That’s it touch it there!”

Her hips started to buck and hump. She was getting close to her release.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Ohgodyessss. Cum in meee . I’m gonna cummm!”

She was gasping and breathing hard as she felt the massive cock in her pussy swell even larger.

“OH. Yes Here it comes I’m gonna fill your cunt with it!!!” he groaned.

“DO IT!!!!.. omigod cum innnn meeeeee!! ohshittt..I’m cummming!!!!” she screamed over the loud spray of hot water. Her body went wild; shaking and shuddering as her orgasm took over. Her cunt clamped tighter around the invading flesh, causing him to lose control. He slammed her butt hard, and grabbed her hips. He pulled her knees off the tile floor when he arched his back and began his own release.

“AHH Ahh Ahhhhh!” was all she could manage as pulse after pulse of his thick, hot cream splashed the walls of her womb. Their bodies convulsed through the last of their release, and they collapsed in a panting heap on the shower floor.

She rolled to the side, dislodging the semi-hard penis from the soft, warm hole. She pulled him to her breasts, and kissed him hot. “Oh jeeze. That was something else!” she breathed. “Why did we wait so long to try this?” she asked.

“I don’t know.” He replied. “The question is, where do we go from here?”

“What do you say to finishing this shower, first. We’re off duty in twenty minutes for the next two days.”

“Okay, then what?”

“Let’s start at my place. Good for you?”

He grinned from ear to ear, “Real good!” he answered while they soaped each other down.



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