Always caught outI some times wonder if we are exhibitionists or just unlucky when we decide to make love in the open air, we have at times been miles away from civilisation and five minutes after the clothes come off and we get down to serious lovemaking some guy appears out of nowhere and watches us. Not that we are too upset by being watched but where the hell do they come from, one one occasion we had been hiking in the Lake District in England and the weather closed in so we found a nice sheltered spot and to make the time pass we decided a bit of lovemaking was in order.Now prior to us finding the sheltered and secluded spot there was nobody in sight, two minutes after my cock penetrated Anne there was a guy no more than twenty feet away playing with his cock as he watched. Of course we didn’t stop but we chose to ignore him as he wasn’t really Anne’s type, after we had finished and the weather had cleared we went on our way I noticed looking round we were on our own again.A similar thing happened while hiking in the Forest of Dean we found a illegal bahis nice little clearing off the path in a clearing in a wooded area a very romantic spot, we set out a rug and had a picnic then decided a bit of lovemaking was in order. Once again we had seen few people in the area heard no one around, as soon as we were stripped out of the corner of my eye I see a shadow in the nearby trees as we get down to business I see not one but three guys watching one could have been no older than eighteen the other two in their fifties the young guy was jerking his cock in plain sight the other two a little more surreptitiously. The younger guy came close enough to touch and seeing as how we never told him to leave eventually reached out to touch Anne’s right nipple, encouraged by no rebuttal moved so that his cock was above her face so she could get a good view as he continued stroking himself. Unfortunately for the young guy he shot his load at that time otherwise he might have got a chance of fucking Anne as he was just her type young, around seven illegal bahis siteleri inches and quite good looking, after he came he walked back the way he had come the other two guys didn’t hang around either I imagine they had shot their loads as well.Even in Australia we had guys seemingly appear out of nowhere one evening near Lakes Entrance we found a quiet spot we’d had a picnic arriving back at the car we decided as dusk was falling to use the back seat of the car for a spot of lovemaking, no sooner had Anne removed her blouse than we had watchers. I don’t know if it was the local lovers lane or dogging spot but we had an audience of four or five they were in no way threatening so we weren’t too bothered having done this before in Adelaide. This time the guys were allowed to touch, I having opened the back door wide to allow better access for them. Anne was quite happy to let them play with her breasts and finger her in fact she orgasmed several times she chose one guy to fuck her, he was definitely the largest cock of the group. canlı bahis siteleri I along with the others watched as his thick cock penetrated in one stroke Anne being well lubricated by the earlier fondling, I watched from the other door as she was being fucked. After he came one of the others pushed forward and penetrated her as well Anne didn’t resist seems she was quite happy to have another cock, but after him she said no but agreed to let one guy clean her out, normally my job but I was okay with it the other guys just jerked themselves off as a consolation but I think they were satisfied in general. After being finished again by the tongue of the guy who cleaned her out we drove back to our motel where I got my chance to fuck Anne and end an enjoyable day. On the last on I think its an idea not to go dogging/parking in an expensive Merc or similar as the following day we got a couple of comments from guys who had either been there the previous night or knew about it, nothing insulting but suggestive.This sort of thing as happened a number of times while we were in the lifestyle but I still think it didn’t happen to other people the way it seemed to happen to us, even now I think if we went to the most isolated place on the planet and started to make love a guy would turn up to watch.



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