My name is Brenda. I’m 27 separated with a two year old son. My husband the prick moved out when I found out he had an affair with one of his old girlfriends. I don’t want him back for with me it was rare and with her it was nightly.

My biggest problem is after my son has gone to bed. The angel is a great sleeper and sleeps from 8 in the evening until 8 in the morning. That leaves me with too much time after all the cleaning is done and preparations are made for the next day.

I have found the long hot baths usually tire me out and help me sleep but it seems more and more lately that I am lying in my bed with my hand in my pussy. I am 5’6″ tall with good legs round bum nice sway back which accents my now (because of feeding) rounded breasts and dark brown hair.

My sons last feeding was at 8 just before he went to sleep but even after the bath my nipples are still extended and tingly. I find myself lying in bed rolling my nipples and licking the lactate off of them. My breasts are heavy in my hands and lying in this big bed my mind runs back to our lovemaking here, right where I am now lying.

He was such a big man that just his weight on me would have me panting and half way to orgasm. As I remember I place both hands over my breasts under the covers and give them a squeeze. I roll my breasts, squeeze my nipples and thoroughly begin to frustrate myself as the tingles run down into my belly. My belly is quite flat now and very sensitive after the birth. Letting go of my breasts I stroke down across my belly and onto the top of my thighs and back up to my illegal bahis breasts. As I stroll my hands back down my sides and thighs I know I am getting moist. I run my hands all around the top of my legs just barely touching the soft place where my pubic hair meets my thighs. My pussy is really bushy and I am constantly forgetting to trim it, but for who. I run my fingers of both hands into my mound and separate my lips. I can smell my musk even through the light blanket I have over me.

As I let my right finger caress the length of my clitoris I know I am going to need more than my fingers tonight. I get up and go into the kitchen for the bananas that I purchased yesterday. I pick the biggest one in the bunch and return to the bedroom. I have contraceptives in the drawer beside my bed and he hasn’t even asked what they are for if he has seen them. I open a package and roll the safe down over the banana. It was a good choice for this one stretches the safe as it goes on. I throw off my housecoat and lay down.

I am so excited tonight I just place the whole length of the banana on my pussy. Using the fingers of both hands I pull open my lips. The dam thing feels a bit cold but I don’t care, I know how to warm it up. I slowly nudge the nose of the banana into my cunt and back out. I run it in and out like this for a few minutes before pushing three inches into my moist cunt. It is very nice moving it around and around something my charger never could do. Straight in to the hilt was his way but this playing works well for me for my heart is beginning to race as I slide it illegal bahis siteleri in an inch more. I run four inches of the banana in and out for the next few minutes luxuriating in my ability to slowly build this orgasm.

I slide 6″ of banana into my cunny and I can now squeeze down on it forcing it out again. I push in and let my pussy force it out for the next few minutes. I push as much in as I can and hold it there while I turn over and press my heavy breasts into my pillow. I grab his pillow and push it between my legs and hump it. The pillow catches on the stick end of the banana and twitches the end high up by my cervix. I can now create a thrusting motion using my hips and the pillow to push my banana back into me. I rock back and forth on the pillows as my juices wash over the banana.

I go on and on running fantasies of coworkers, past lovers, my husband through my brain. I am starting to sweat from the exertion and I am craving more force in the thrusts so I turn over. I use his pillow to prop up my ass and reach down for a good grasp on the end of the banana. I use my pillow to prop me up so that I can see it going in and out of me. It’s been an hour now and I’m ready to go over the brink. My reading light makes the sweat on my body glisten. My arm creates a fulcrum on my hip as I pull all the way out and shove hard back in as far as it will go. My pace slowly increases as my fantasy collects into a favorite fuck.

I can’t stand it. I want to come but it slowly subsides and returns. I am frigging my self faster and faster with the banana, going canlı bahis siteleri in as far as my fingers will allow it without loosing it. My breasts are sweating and my legs keep opening and closing as if on their own in rhythm with my frigging. I can feel my juices running down the crack of my ass and I know I am going to come. I let my right hand continue the stroking as I use my left hand to frig my clitoris. I am rubbing back and forth right on top of my hard clitoris as I shove the banana in and out. I can hear myself moaning and feel my ass lifting off the pillow as I shove hard and fast to reach arghhh!! I’m sloshing, I’m coming. grunting into the fucking I am giving myself.

I keep going as the sloshing sound builds and builds and now I can press down harder on my clitoris as my fingers rush back and forth across it. I’m grunting and lifting my ass into my thrusting banana. I slow down and then build up the pace again. I have to trade hands as my right arm is getting sore but my left works just as well and my right fingers know my clitoris and how it likes to be stroked even more than my left. I push two fingers up into my cunt with the banana and am rewarded with more juices to assist them sliding over my clit. In and out I keep up a nice even pace until I can hear myself panting and wishing I could squirt something into my depth as I come.

That does it. Just thinking about a cock spurting deep into me sends my legs into a wild scissoring action and I can feel deep in my womb the rolling grasping moving onto my thrusting prick and I’m coming grunting, sweating flushing more juice as I pop the banana out and shove four fingers of my hand into my cunny to rub the roof of my vagina which causes me to flood my fingers in orgasmic juices as my ass bounces off the bed. OH FUCK OH FUCK I’M COMMINGG OOOHHHHHH!!



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