Almost CaughtPam and Ethan’s sexploits continue… Part 18, Pam and Ethan take a chance Ch 1Ethan stopped the GTO in front of Darien’s house and shut off the motor. The blinds in the big front window were open and the light from the television flickered on the wall. He let out a deep breath. He hated coming here.He walked up to the house and knocked on the screen door. The inside door was open and Darien’s father was on the couch in his undershirt with a can of beer in one hand and a bag of potato chips in the other. His glazed eyes stared at the television. Ethan knocked but he didn’t respond. He knocked again and finally Darien’s father turned to look.”What do you want?” he said, with slurred words.”I’m here to see Darien. I got some stuff to give him.””What stuff?””Hockey stuff?”Darien’s father looked puzzled, then said, “Oh yeah. He’s in his room.”Ethan opened the door and went in. Darien’s room was at the end of the hall. His father never moved or looked away from the television. Ethan went down the hall and knocked.”Yeah, what?” Darien said from inside.Ethan opened the door. Darien was sitting in the recliner in the corner, lighting a thin cigarette. In his bed was Iris, naked, covered only with a sheet and a light coating of perspiration.”Hey man, what’s going on?” Darien said.She waved with her fingers and smiled. “Hi Ethan.”For a moment he couldn’t speak. She was the last person he expected to see in Darien’s bed. But it was stupid of him not to see it. She was in the club, too. She was one of the girls they passed around.Darien inhaled deeply from the cigarette and held it up.”Eth, man, you want some of this?””No thanks.”Darien shrugged with a brief frown and passed it over to Iris. When she sat up to take it the sheet fell away from her large, round boobs.”So whattaya got?” Darien said, and plopped back into the recliner.Ethan handed him the envelope. “Just some release forms for the hockey team.””Is that it? Shit, I could have picked this up on Monday.””Coach Riley said he needs to turn it in on Monday, not later in the week whenever you get done with it.”Darien shook his head. “He is such a prick. If it wasn’t for that deal he got me with that junior team I wouldn’t even play on his fucking team.”He threw the envelope on his desk. Iris had the cigarette pinched by the end between her thumb and forefinger. She handed it back to him and let out her breath.”Sure you don’t want some of this? It’s the best shit I had in a long time.””That stuff’s not for me.””Whatever, man,” Darien said and inhaled deeply.Iris pulled back the sheet to reveal her naked body and spread her legs. Blobs of cum dripped from her moist pussy.”You wanna take me for a ride? I’m warm and wet,” she said, and licked the tip of her middle finger.”I can’t right now. I gotta get home.”She frowned. “Ok. Maybe next time?””Later, man. I’ll see you on Monday,” Darien said.Ethan hesitated. Were they done? Was he kicking him out? But he didn’t really want to stay anyway, and he was glad to leave.The house was empty when he got home. Mom must have been working late again. And where was Pam? She was almost never away from home, until she started hanging out with that Debbie chick.He started to make a roast beef sandwich, but only got halfway when someone knocked at the back door. On the back porch was Mrs. Thorn in a short white skirt and cropped top that dipped low and showed most of her cleavage. She smiled when he opened the door.”Ethan, dear. How are you?” she said.”Fine, Mrs. Thorn. Come on in.”She brushed past his front side on the way in.”I heard your car. I hope you don’t mind.””No, I don’t mind. Would you like something to eat?” he said, and went back to the counter to finish putting his sandwich together.She put one hand on the counter bar and one hand on her hip and thrust that hip out.”Is your mother here?””No. She must still be at work.””I see. Well, I thought I’d better let you know that I was talking with your mother last week and she mentioned how concerned she was about you.”Ethan raised the sandwich to his mouth to take a bite, but stopped.”Hows that?””Well, I guess she took you to see a ther****t about a condition you have? Is that right?””Yeah, that’s right.”She came closer and leaned against the dishwasher with her arms crossed, which squeezed her big canlı bahis boobs together like they were going to bust out of her low cut top.”She says she’s worried about you being sexually overactive. Now you must know that I had to pry this information out of her. She did not want to talk about you that way in front of me,” she said, and reached out to touch his arm. “Anyway, she also mentioned that you got your father’s … equipment, and then some, and she’s already found evidence that you have a strong desire to put that equipment to use, shall we say.”Her eyes glanced down at his crotch. He was certain he had something down there for her to look at. Just the sight of her on the back deck in her revealing clothes was arousing. By now he had a stiff, obvious lump hanging down the leg of his jeans. She smiled.”Well, of course I asked if there was anything I could do to help. She insisted she could take care of it, but when I offered to talk to you about it she was very grateful.””That’s very generous,” Ethan said.”I knew you would think so.””What do you wanna talk about?””Let’s talk about your equipment.””Sure. What about it?”She leaned closer and he could see down the front of her low top. This game was fun but he was anxious to get to the good part.”Well, your mother told me about the incident in the car when she bought condoms for you, and how she touched your equipment.” She glanced at his crotch again and licked her lips. “She was alarmed at your size and was afraid you might damage those nice young girls you see. Would you mind if I …” she said, and pointed at the front of his jeans.”No, go ahead.”She unzipped his jeans and slipped her hand in. Her warm fingers caressed the length of his shaft. She was standing in front of him, her face only inches from his. He spread his legs wider.”I think I understand what she was talking about. Have any of your girlfriends complained about your size?” she said. Her voice had become softer.”Not really. I try to be gentle with girls.””I bet you do. Frankly, I think your Mom is jealous of them. I think she wants you for herself.”He winced. “Are you nuts? You think my Mom wants to do it with me?”She nodded. “Is that so hard to believe?””But she’s seeing a guy.””Do you think he satisfies her? She needs something more. She needs what you have right here,” she said and squeezed his cock.He was too shocked to answer. He remembered the day his Mom rubbed his dick in the car. She made it feel really good, but to have sex with her? He never considered that.Mrs. Thorn unbuckled his jeans and pushed them down. His hard cock jumped out. She dropped to her knees in front of him, took it in one hand and pumped it slowly.”What about your sister? Pam’s body has filled out very nicely. Have you fucked that girl yet?” she said.”I wasn’t thinking about fucking her.””Well get with it, son. Haven’t you ever noticed the look in her eyes when she’s near you?”He didn’t answer right away. The answer seemed so obvious that he felt stupid.”I guess so.”She licked the side of his shaft. “Let me know when you get around to it. I’d like to ask her how she liked it.”She sucked the end of his cock deep to the back of her mouth, where it touched a soft area and made her gag. She squeezed her lips tight around the shaft and moved her head back and forth, smearing saliva along its most of its length. He watched the way her puffy lips stretched around his cock, and he watched the top of her head bob back and forth. He could even see down her top to her swelling cleavage. But his mind was on Pam.What if she was right? What if Pam wanted to have sex with him as badly as he wanted to have sex with her? She had grown up a lot in such a short time. For so long she was just a skinny little girl and now she had the hottest, tightest body of any girl he knew.He closed his eyes and pretended it was her in front of him with his cock in her mouth instead of Mrs. Thorn. Her mouth was smaller and would have to stretch even wider. Her jaw might not even open that wide. She would turn her eyes up to look into his while she moved her head back and forth. Would she be as good at giving a blowjob as Mrs. Thorn? No, she would be better.He would cup her soft, puffed out cheeks in his hands and lace his fingers behind her neck and pull her closer. bahis siteleri His cock would slide deeper into her mouth. She would gag, like Mrs. Thorn, but she wouldn’t stop there. He would squeeze her head tighter and pull harder, pushing with his hips at the same time. Pam would gag more and tears would run from her eyes until she swallowed, and his cock would slide down her throat an inch at a time. When her nose was in his pubic hair she would look up at him again with those big, beautiful eyes and try to smile around the thickness of his shaft.Ethan groaned and started to cum. Before he realized it was Mrs. Thorn blowing him and not Pam, he had dumped most of his load in her mouth. She yanked his cock out of her mouth and spit his sperm into a puddle on the floor.”Goddamnit Ethan. What have I told you about cumming in my mouth?” she said, and wiped her mouth with her hand.”Sorry. It was an accident.”She stood up and wiped the cum from her hands with a dish towel.”You were thinking about Pam, weren’t you?””Yeah.”She put her hand around his slick, hard cock.”I’ll forget about it as long as you got enough in here for one more fuck.””Sure, I can do that. Where do you want to go?””I want you to show me your room. I want you to fuck me there.”He took her hand and led her upstairs to his room. He stood by his bed and she looked around at the hockey items, the pictures of girls, the books on the shelves, and the DVDs and video games stacked by the television.”You have a nice room. How long have you played hockey?” she said.”Since I was about five.”She removed her top and laid it over the back of his chair. “I read about you once in a while in the newspaper. I hear you’re pretty good.””I just try to do my best.”She wiggled her hips out of her tight slacks and put them over the chair with her top. She reached around to unhook her bra and pulled it away. Her heavy, round boobs wobbled and bounced, and her pink nipples were hard points at the tips.”You’re modest. That’s so cute. You need to get those pants off, son.”Ethan pulled his t-shirt off over his head and threw it on the end of the bed. Mrs. Thorn pushed her tiny panties down her long legs and dropped them on the chair. He let his jeans fall to the floor. Her eyes stared at his cock and she licked her lips.”Have you ever fucked any of your girlfriends on this bed?” she said, and crawled on his bed on her hands and knees.”No, never.”She folded her arms and laid her head down, with her ass stuck way up.”I’m so happy that I get to be the first.””I’ll try to give you something to remember.”He climbed on the bed behind her and put his hand on her round ass. His hard cock bobbed and swung side to side, and she watched it over her shoulder with a smile on her lips. He rubbed the head along her moist slit and her back arched in, pushing her ass a little higher.”Don’t tease me, baby. I came here to get fucked, not teased,” she said. Her voice had the tone of a young schoolgirl.”I’ll tease you if I want. It gets you hot.””Come on, Ethan. You know I don’t like it when you-“He shoved his dick into her pussy and the rest of her words faded off into a soft moan. He squeezed the flesh of her hips and pulled her back tight against him.”What were you saying?” he said.”I don’t remember.”She was warm and tight around his cock. He held her that way for a while, with it buried deep inside her, and rocked back and forth. She pushed herself up on her hands and knees and tried to pull away, but he held her tight. She reached back and pushed against his belly, but still he did not let go. Eventually her strength gave out and her head dropped back to the mattress.”Does it hurt?” he said.”Yes.””Is this what you wanted when you came here to fuck me?”He shoved his hips forward. She squealed and nodded, biting her lower lip.”How do you know I wasn’t saving myself? How do you know I don’t have a date tonight and I was saving my cum for her?”She pushed herself up on her arms again and looked back at him over her shoulder. Her long hair had fallen over her face.”I don’t care about those bitches you call girlfriends. I just want you inside me.”He pumped hard with his hips. His heavy balls smacked against her pussy and it made wet slurping noises around his cock. She sunk slowly to the bed and he rode her all the way güvenilir bahis down. Her big tits were flattened on the mattress and bulged out at the sides. He lay across her back and rocked his hips against her round, soft ass. She purred and her ass pushed back.Outside the window a car door slammed and Ethan froze.”Oh shit,” he said.”What? What is it?”He climbed off of Mrs. Thorn and went to the window. Mom’s car was in the driveway, and she was at the sidewalk, talking to the old man from down the street who was walking his white dog.”My Mom’s home. You have to get out of here.”Mrs. Thorn groaned and got up to get her clothes.”We should have started this ten minutes sooner. I wanted your cum, at least.””I’ll give it to you next time.”She tucked her heavy boobs back into her bra. He wanted to watch her dress, but kept his eye on Mom. That old man could really talk when he got started, and he hoped he was in the middle of one of his long stories.”I can’t find my panties,” Mrs. Thorn said.”Forget about them. I’ll bring them over later.”He put his hands on her shoulders to rush her out, and she turned and stopped him.”Relax, hon. You stay here. I’ll go down and meet your Mom. I’ll tell her you let me in and I was waiting to talk to her about … something, I don’t know. I’ll make it up.”She stepped into her tight slacks, kissed him on the cheek, and went downstairs. He looked out the window again, standing to the side so no one could see him naked. They were just in time. Mom waved goodbye to the old man and headed for the front door.He fell backward on his bed and let out a deep breath. That was close. Mom would freak if he knew he was doing it with Mrs. Thorn. He just wished they had enough time to finish. Now he had an aching hard on, and there was no way to get rid of it unless he got himself off. He squeezed his cock in his fist and moved it up and down the shaft in long, slow strokes.Was there anyone he could call? Mandy was probably home. She might even want to help get him off. If only he hadn’t seen Iris again.”Ethan, would you do me a favor?” Pam said from the door.He sat up quickly and reached for his shorts, but they were on the floor by his desk. She had already come into his room. He stood up with his back to her, facing the window, and shuffled toward his shorts, hoping no one from the street could see him.”Would you tie my bikini?” she said, as if she didn’t even notice that he was completely naked.”Sure. Right now?””Yeah. Debbie’s here and we’re gonna work on our tans. What are you doing?””Nothing. Why?” He bent down and picked up the shorts and held them over his groin.”Because you’re naked.””Yeah, well, I can be naked in my room.””Turn around so I can see you.”He turned around slowly. His erection swayed heavily and his face felt warm. He lowered the shorts. Pam just smiled and pulled her t-shirt off over her head. Her pink nipples stood out at the tips of her boobs, but he saw them for only a second before she turned around and covered them with her bikini top. He leaned forward to tie the thin straps at her back, trying not to let his dick poke her in the ass.”Whose are those?” she said, and pointed the black, lacy panties on the floor by the chair.He cleared his throat. “Mrs. Thorn’s.””Why do you have Mrs. Thorn’s underwear in your room?””Uh … She left it here.””Oh.”He finished tieing the strap at her neck while she held her hair out of the way. She was quiet, but she didn’t have to say anything. He knew what she was thinking. She knew his secret, that he was banging Mrs. Thorn. She was also wondering if Mom knew about it.”All set,” he said.He stepped back and let his hands drop to cover his erection. When Pam turned around she had a small grin like she was keeping a secret.”Thanks,” she said, and leaned forward to give him a kiss on the cheek. Her hand pushed his hands out of the way and squeezed his dick. Her kiss on the cheek turned into a quick kiss on the lips, then she was gone, bouncing out of his room and down the stairs.He let out another deep breath. His mind spun so that he had trouble figuring out what was real. What was it he really wanted? Maybe what Mrs. Thorn said was true. Maybe Pam wanted him as bad as he wanted her. The possibility of sex with her made him burn with desire, and made his dick so hard it ached. He closed the door before Mom came up and saw it and also figured out that he was fucking Mrs. Thorn, or worse, assumed that he had just done it with Pam. With his hand on the door, he paused. Would that be so bad?



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