I can’t think, breathe or look in any general direction without seeing her face. She’s completely occupied my mind and I feel lost without her touch. I’ve driven myself so crazy I think I’ve really started to lose my mind.

The phone only had one chance to ring before I grabbed it and pressed it to my ear.


A low chuckle emanated from the other end, and instantly I knew it was her. “A little eager, are we?”

I blushed, laying down on the couch with the phone still pressed to my ear. “Sorry. I just …”

“I want to see you again,” she admitted quietly, as if it were a secret just between the two of us. ” … I need to see you again, Allison.”

The way she says my name always sends chills through me.

“I want to see you too,” I smiled with a fluttering in my stomach. It thrived there. I loved what she did to my sanity. With that thought, my hand found its way over my stomach, resting on the jittery sensation inside.

She took a moment before responding. “Slip your hand down further.”

I stopped immediately, my breath caught in my throat. “… H-how did you-“

“I can hear it in your breath,” she said softly, breathing heavily now herself.

“This is so bad,” I giggled, unwilling to deny it to myself as I slid my hand down into my pants. I breathed out heavily as I spoke again, admitting my feelings honestly. For some reason, I felt as if she knew my thoughts before I even said them aloud. “… I think I’m addicted to you.”

There was a pause in the conversation and I began to get nervous, but that couldn’t stop my fingers from finding their way down to my clit.

“You feel it too?”

The combination of touch and her response shot a tingle straight through me, and I smiled to myself, holding the phone with my shoulder as I squirmed around, smoothing my fingers between my legs. It felt so good with Megan on the other end of the phone. It made me feel so close to her, almost as if she was watching me.

“How are you touching yourself?” she asked calmly, as if it were any usual question. The only noticeable difference was the drop in her tone – that silky, sexy voice that drove me wild. That made me smile again.

First she heard my breath I’m sure, and then my voice. “I’m rubbing my clit … and teasing myself … I want it to be you.”

“Push them in,” she answered, her breathing much like mine. “Do it like I would – and lick them first.”

I whimpered, bringing one hand up to my mouth as I ran my tongue over my index and middle fingers. I could taste myself and that got me even more excited. I felt like it was getting Megan off just to know I was licking them. Even speaking with her over the phone was making me so excited I could barely control my own actions. My tongue slid lazily over the digits, closing my eyes, and for a moment, she was there. She was sitting at my side, watching me intently under that gaze I always enjoyed.

“I want you right now … those eyes piercing into me,” she moaned, “Begging me to take you …” I smiled, not realizing until she said it that I cut right through her like she did to me.

I started panting, in no state to control my breathing. I just let my body do as it pleased – what it wanted – just like I did when I was with Megan. Nobody did it like she did. I couldn’t touch myself the way she did. Not even close.

“I would beg you,” I whispered admittedly, slowly fucking myself while she listened in. It took some bravery to ask what I wanted, and I knew she could sense my nervous voice. “Are you touching yourself too?”

“Yes,” she moaned, her voice scratchy. “I’m pretending it’s those delicate little fingers of yours, moving inside me … doing what I tell you …”

“Uhhh fuck,” I moaned, writhing strongly on the couch, one leg strewn off the side of it. “I want to touch you. Please. I’ll touch you for days if you would let me …”

“Oh god yes,” she moaned, “I want to pull your face to me, right between my legs, and to feel your tongue again. I can’t get enough of it. I want it.”

“I’ll do anything you want,” I whimpered, feeling myself reach my climax. Our words spanned between the moments of silence, and interrupted the hoarse gasps and moaning. “I … I’m getting close.”

“Think of my fingers inside of you, controlling your body and taking you. Think …. of me …”

I nodded, not realizing for a moment that she couldn’t see it. It seemed like she was right next to me, or better yet – on top of me.

“I feed off the way you give yourself to me,” she whispered in that husky voice of hers, making me wild with desire. My eyes opened wide with the pending orgasm, feeling the surges deep inside, threatening to take over my body.

“Megan … take me,” I whispered, right on the verge of climax, and I couldn’t help but utter a word I loved to ask of her. “Please?”

“Now,” she growled, letting out a ragged, loud moan of her own as I held my breath subconsciously. I could tell she was close, but I just couldn’t hold it, and now mobilbahis güvenilir mi that she had permitted it, I just let it wash over me. My body was paralyzed, and I rode out the feeling happily. It felt so good I nearly forgot she was on the phone, as I had been sure she was in the same room.

“Meeeeggggggan!” I shouted, trying to scream up instead of directly into the phone. My abdomen tightened as my head lifted with the pleasure jolting through me. “Ahhh …”

Just as I settled my neck back onto the armrest of the couch, I heard her climax, and it was nothing short of extraordinary. I loved hearing her low glutteral moans and the way her voice shook. She seemed so confident, even in that moment, but I could see just how vulnerable she could be. My screams must have pushed her over the edge.

“Be at ‘La Fontaine’ at eleven Friday night,” she panted, still obviously out of breath. I smiled at her instruction in such a weakened state.

“I can’t wait,” I whispered, “I want to see you.”

“Wear a dress … a short one,” she smirked. I could tell by her voice that her lips were curling into that evil grin.

“Yes Ma’am,” I smiled, turning my head to the side, completely exhausted.

“I will touch you whenever I want, do you understand?”

I felt tingles all over, just trying to contain my excitement at that insinuation. “Yes.”

“Don’t touch yourself again,” she insisted boldly, “I want you desperate to cum when you see me.”

I licked my lips. “I will be … I already am.”

“That’s my girl,” she chuckled, “See you in a few days.”

“Bye,” I beamed, hearing a simple click before I put the phone down and jumped up. The giddy feeling was bursting out of me, and I began jumping up and down in my living room, giggling to myself. A schoolgirl’s excitement, it would seem.

It seemed to take an eternity for Friday night to roll around, but when it finally did, I found myself standing in front of a mirror in my favorite little black dress, assessing my choices. I smiled when I thought of the look on Megan’s face. I knew this outfit would get her off. That and the sex hair I had going on – not that I touched myself. I was good, although for fuck’s sake that was difficult. I still pride myself on those few days I kept from doing it.

I made my way into the club with little difficulty although there was a line. I suppose it was that little sparkle in my eye – the extreme excitement I had for the night to come.

Once I was inside, I looked around, standing on tip toe for a moment while my eyes scanned the room. When I realized it would take a while to find her, I stood back on my feet and looked around, realizing that I was being gawked at. Suddenly I felt vulnerable and afraid. Being there alone – in that dress – it actually scared me. Not that I would have admitted it out loud, but I knew that’s how it made me feel. The club was obviously a lesbian place, and I smiled at that. She knew how shy I was about our relationship, and she had picked a smaller, private place to bring me. It was sweet, in her own mischievous way. With that sentiment, I walked around looking for her. I knew she wasn’t the sort to show up late, so I looked around for where she might be. If anything, I was a few minutes late.

“Where are you?” I mumbled to myself, keeping my eyes down for the most part. Seeing all those women looking at me as a predator looks at its prey … it was a little intimidating to say the least. “Come on,” I continued to myself, finally standing still with my hands clasped in front of myself. I didn’t know where to look. She could be anywhere, and I wasn’t familiar with the place. Best to keep in one spot, I decided.

“Just how did you happen to stumble into this place?” a woman asked, coming up from behind me, but quickly walking in front. She looked to be about my age, but with a very different look. Deep red hair, wearing a leather shirt. I didn’t dare look over the rest of her body or she might have thought I was interested. Instead I was confused, and to make matters worse, I felt defenseless in this dress. It was so small it almost felt like I shouldn’t move or I would show a glimpse of skin somewhere, only spurring further problems. “Hmm?”

I really didn’t know how to answer her questions. I could guess why she figured I was new, though. I’ve been told that I have a look of naivity in nearly every situation. I just cleared my throat and moved my hands together in a nervous gesture.

“You know, I could show you a few things,” the woman smirked, licking her lips as she leaned in toward my ear, but I pulled away, scared of what she was thinking. This woman was really scaring me. “Don’t be scared.”

I backed away from her with widened eyes, trying not to show my fear. Where was Megan? I began looking for her again. Maybe staying in one spot wasn’t such a genius idea after all. After I had been approached by a number of women, I finally heard something that soothed all of my worries away.


Oh mobilbahis thank goodness! I turned and collapsed into her arms all in one gesture. I knew who it was from her beautiful voice. I’m sure I looked silly holding her so worriedly, but I found great comfort in her arms. I finally let out my nervous breath and stood up to look her in the eyes.

She was intoxicatingly beautiful, as usual. “Hi,” I smiled, greeting her quietly.

“Well that was quite the hello,” she chuckled, taking my hand in hers as we walked to the bar. “Do you want something?”

I looked up to her and a slight smile touched my lips. I was in awe of her commanding presence.

“She’ll have a purple haze, and I’ll have a scotch on the rocks, thanks.”

I smiled at her choice for me. I liked that drink. Then I tried to think back, wondering if she had seen me with one before, or if she was just amazing at predicting someone’s alcohol preferences.

“Sorry you waited,” she smiled, snapping out of my thoughts as I locked eyes with her once again. I can’t even properly describe the feeling of knowing her power over me, and accepting it. Being with her, even just next to her, is the most amazing experience. I belong to her and I love that.

“It’s alright,” I said, this time a bit louder. I didn’t want her to see me as timid. “I just missed you.”

“Well, I must admit I was a bit worried when I finally came to find you,” she laughed, taking our drinks from the bartender and putting the money onto the countertop. “Thanks, keep the change,” she smiled, looking back to me quickly as she handed me my colorful drink. I looked to hers for a moment, knowing it was probably really strong.

“I doubt you’d like it,” she laughed again, drawing a smile from my lips. “And I was just talking with some old friends before, but I meant to escape before our meeting time. I wanted to meet you at the door, especially with you dressed in that. Mmm … turn for a minute. I haven’t had a chance to fully appreciate this yet.”

I turned happily for her, looking to her over my shoulder as she gestured for me to face her again.

“You look fucking incredible,” she smiled, kissing me on the cheek, right next to my ear, before bringing her lips to the glass of scotch.

“Thank you,” I breathed, excited by the way she looked at me. With these other women, I was afraid, but with her, she would protect me – never truly hurt me – and I knew that.

“I’m so glad we could meet up tonight, because I missed you since-“

“Meggo,” a woman rudely interrupted, appearing from behind her. “Mmm looks like you have a new friend.”

I looked to Megan immediately, and saw the annoyance on her face, directed boldly to the woman who had approached. Not a word needed to be said – her expression was clear – but the woman continued on.

“She’s a cute one,” the woman grinned, looking me up and down.

“No,” Megan answered, and I could tell that she wasn’t answering the question, but telling the woman to back off. I could sense it in her voice, and I’m sure that woman did too, but she continued with false ignorance.

“I’m gonna bring the girls around to meet her,” she chuckled, disappearing before Megan could say no. She vanished into the crowd.

Megan looked upset.

“Are you okay?” I asked, frightened by the look on her face. “Who was she?”

“I used to be friends with some of the girls in here, and some women here are into some things … and they like sharing,” she said to me, placing one hand firmly on my arm. She walked with me over to one of the corners with little sofas for lounging and we sat. I let myself drop right beside her, getting a mixed feeling in my stomach. I just wanted to be as close to her as I could be. “And Allison, I never … I would never-“

Before she could finish, a small group of women approached our somewhat private setting, sitting around us. I immediately looked to Megan, watching her cold expression.

“So … found a girl you like, hmm?” a woman asked, leaning in to let herself be seen. It was the same woman with red hair who had approached me earlier – as I would later hear was Sarlisse. “She looks scared. I like that.” Then she winked at me.

“Probably because you scare everyone,” Megan snapped, putting her arm around me protectively. I wanted to thank her, but now was not the time. I always felt so safe next to her. “Stop looking at her.”

Sarlisse turned to a girl at her side, licking her lips. The girl quickly opened her mouth and they began kissing, almost in a sloppy manner.

I watched with confusion, feeling aroused when I noticed that two women on the other couch were engaging in a kiss of their own. They were so open about their affection, and something about that was intriguing me.

As I was witnessing these women make out with each other, I felt Megan pull my hair back, placing her lips onto my neck. “Tell me if you don’t want this, Allison,” she whispered softly to me.

I closed my eyes at mobilbahis giriş the sensation of her lips on my body. It seemed like forever since she had touched me, and even since I was able to climax. She had said I needed to wait for her, and I obeyed. I think she knew that, even without having to ask. Her tongue slowly trailed out onto my skin, making me tremble with anticipation for later. The jazz music that was playing was helping to put me under her spell, leaning my head back slightly. Yes, this was fantastic. She had known I would enjoy this.

‘More’ I pleaded inwardly, still too shy to voice my wishes in front of a crowd.

“Come on Megan,” a woman started, sitting next to us, “Don’t you want to let her entertain us?”

That insinuation scared me. I was Megan’s, wasn’t I? I turned to her quickly, always able to read her looks. She spoke before I even had the time to do so.

“No,” she answered automatically, taking another sip of her scotch, bringing her eyes along my body. I was immediately comforted by her answer. And the way she looked at me – I could tell she was excited – and oh my, was I ever ready. With one look from her, I was gone. I leaned in and gently pressed my lips onto hers. I wanted to please her, and I wanted her to take me. Do what she wanted with me. The kiss seemed to last forever. The music slowed in my ears and the laughter and moans around me were faded. All I could hear was her breath as it escaped from her nose onto my cheek.

While we were kissing, I began to lose it, squirming as I turned slightly towards her. Kissing her was incredible. It seemed as though she was trying to control herself, because her lips were the only thing touching me, but then I was confused when her hand travelled up the back of my thigh, slowly moving up my ass. I moaned into the kiss, moving up a bit in the seat to give her more access to my wet, aching pussy. I was so ready for her to finger me again.

Suddenly, Megan broke from the kiss completely, and she looked homicidal. In confusion, I followed her line of sight, moving quickly into her protective arms when I saw what she had seen. She was holding Sarlisse’s hand in anger, and I realized that it had been the red-haired woman who had been touching my thigh. I couldn’t believe she had done that.

“You’re lucky I don’t kill you right here,” Megan gritted, her grip tightening on the woman’s wrist.

“Calm down,” Sarlisse said, obviously taken aback by Megan’s reaction. “It was just one touch. Why are you freaking out?”

“Where did she touch you?” Megan asked in anger, still looking straight ahead, but I knew she had meant it softly to me.

“My thigh,” I answered quietly, getting so close to Megan it almost felt like I was in her lap.

“You’re lucky that’s as far as you got,” Megan spat out to the mischievous woman, “We’re leaving now.”

As she helped me up and made her way from the lounging area, I saw another woman coming up to us, making her way from what appeared to be a spectator’s spot in a different area. I watched as she came up toward us, noticing a calm, collected air about her.

“Megan?” she asked. “Leaving so early?”

“Yes,” she answered softer this time, looking back to the crowd of aggressive women. “I wanted to have fun with Allison – not share her – and you have Sarlisse to blame for my early exit.”

“I’m so sorry,” the woman smiled, looking angrily to the red-haired woman as we left.

I didn’t know what to do or say, but I was so glad Megan had seen what was happening before it went any further. We walked over to the exit, and before leaving, Megan took my face in her hands.

“If I knew you would be in any danger, I wouldn’t have brought you here,” she started, placing a soft kiss on my neck before continuing. “It’s been ages since I’ve been here last.”

I looked to the ground before responding, feeling overwhelmed.

“Are you okay?” she asked, turning me so that her chest was pressed to my back. I let out my breath at how comforting that was. I knew I was safe in that club with her. Her presence seemed to dominate every room she entered. And I knew that if I had been in that mad whirl of women alone, they would have taken me, no permission required.

“Yes,” I answered quietly, “I just feel bad. I just … I felt really excited …”

“Did you wish it was my hand after you saw who was doing it?” Megan smiled, kissing my neck slowly again, and letting her tongue slip out. “Did you want me to touch you in front of all those other women lusting after you?”

“Yes,” I answered reluctantly, closing my eyes at my honest reply.

“Well, I did bring you here for something along those lines,” she smirked in that low whisper of hers, moving her hands up over my breasts, and back down to my legs, “Before we got so rudely interrupted … and the room’s upstairs, Allison.”

The way she says my name is haunting, and I love it. I need her, everything about her.

“A room?” I asked, my eyes wandering the wall trapping me in place as she pressed into me harder. “For …”

“Others to watch me take you,” she whispered again, “And we’re all friends … no one will lay a finger on you unless I ask it.” The hunger in her voice was getting to me, and her next words really did me in. “And I won’t ask it.”



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