It was hot; Allie sat before the computer screen with sweat dripping down between her breasts. They had said the high was supposed to be in the upper nineties, it felt like more. She stared at the computer and hit a button or two and then got up to go to the printer.

“Damn” she swore softly. She pulled her chair over and stepped onto it, looking at the shelves above, she searched for the paper she needed. The place it was supposed to be was empty, now she’d have to go get more.

“Allie?” a voice said behind her, she startled and faltered. She turned around and saw her manager, Sean, standing behind her. She flashed him a smile, “Want to help me bring up some paper for the printer? We’re all out.”

“No problem, Allie, if you come down from the chair.” He laughed

Allie stepped down from the chair and they begin to walk towards the door. The stockroom was in an out of the way place; it would take a few minutes to get there.

Allie lifted her hair off her neck, “It doesn’t even feel like the air is on.” She complained. She turned to look at Sean, and couldn’t help but notice how nice his pants fit over his ass. “Must be the heat,” she thought. She let her gaze travel over his body, starting to feel a little breathless. They reached the storeroom and he unlocked the door, they went inside and the door closed behind them. The dim light filled the room and they began to look for the paper. Allie poked around and found it underneath the small window.

“It’s over here, Sean.” She said

He crossed the room towards her and looked up to where she was pointing. It was high above their heads; they’d need something to stand on. She leaned down to grab a box and he couldn’t help but notice the curve of her breast through the lapels of her shirt. He picked up another box and stacked it on top of the other. She reached out a hand and put it on his shoulder to steady herself and climbed on top of the boxes. She tiptoed and leaned in to reach the packages, just then the lights went out, she faltered atalar escort bayan and started to fall to the floor. Sean caught her on the way down and put his arms around her to steady her. She looked into his eyes and caught her breath. She backed away, and moved towards the door, there was only a small sliver of light coming through the tiny window. She found the door and pulled on the knob, which came off in her hand.

“Oh, noo.” She wailed

She turned around to Sean, and held up the doorknob for him to see. “Oopps.”

“Well, I suppose we had better find something to get this door open with.” He said

They began to poke around the room, but the only they could find were office supplies. An idea formed in Allie’s mind, “What if we opened the window and yelled out, someone’s, bound to hear us.” She suggested

She climbed back atop the boxes and tried to reach the window, she could almost reach it and was stretching to reach it when he said, “Allie, don’t you think you should stay down from there?” She turned to flash him a grin and lost her balance, she fell hard and landed fully on top of him. She was breathing hard; she could feel his body pressed against hers. “We got to stop meeting like this she” she said breathlessly. Her bare leg was in between his and her breasts were pressed against his chest. Her skirt had ridden high onto her thighs, giving him a view of her smooth flesh.

Allie struggled to sit up, and moved off of him. He looked a little dazed, she was afraid he’d hit his head on the hard floor. With am arm on either side of him, she leaned down to peer into his face. He looked into her dark eyes and met her gaze; his eyes traveled slowly down and swept her from head to toe. Her long hair was hanging over her shoulder, her blouse open enough for him to see her breasts swelling above her lacy bra, his gaze raked her legs, and came back to rest on her face.

He sat up and reached out to cup her face with his hands, ataşehir escort bayan and leaned in to brush her lips with his own. It was a gentle kiss and he pulled away and looked at her with a question in his eyes. Her eyes met his and she took a deep breath and leaned towards him, they lips met in a fiery clash, their tongues began to dance, intertwining and seeking. Their hands were all over each other, his in her hair, and rubbing up and down her back, hers were pressed against his chest and moving around him.

Their bodies pressed against one another, the heat of passion swept them away. His broke they kiss and hungrily moved to her neck, licking and sucking and nibbling on her with his teeth. Allie trembled as a wave of intense desire washed over her. He reclaimed her lips and she matched him, her mouth demanding, pleading. His hands reached for her blouse and undid the buttons with rapid speed. He pushed it over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

He gazed hungrily at her full breasts, over the top of her bra, he leaned down and claimed one with his mouth, pulling it free of her bra and sucking greedily on a taunt nipple. A low moan escaped from her lips, her hand trailed down to rub against his hardness. His teeth grazed her nipple and bit it lightly. She moved her hand and let it unbutton his jeans; she slowly undid the zipper and reached for his hard cock.

His hand was trailing slowly across her thigh and under her skirt. She felt his hand moving between her legs until it reached her shaven pussy. He eyes widened as he discovered she had on no panties and his hand touched the bare flesh of her pussy.

His cock jumped in her hands, and he began to stroke her clit.

“Ummm” she moaned.

They played with one another and Allie became impatient, she moved and let her tongue graze his stiff hard cock. He drew in a breath as her lips closed over to him, a low primitive growl stole past his lips. She sucked him avcılar escort with an urgency, her head moving up and down faster and faster, she drew him almost completely out of her mouth and teased him by only sucking on the head. His hands found her pussy again and his finger circled her hot throbbing clit. He moved his hand and his finger found her hot tight hole; he slid first one, then two slowly inside.

She stopped and looked up at him with hunger in her eyes. She got slowly to her feet and leaned over a stack of boxes. She turned to look at him over her shoulder, inviting him with her eyes. He pushed her skirt further up her thighs and nudged her legs apart. He stepped closer and slides his hard cock fully into her. He began to pump his hips hard against her; he could feel his balls slamming against her. His hands reached out to stroke her round ass.

“Oh, Sean, mmm, Harder, fuck me harder.” She breathed

He obliged her and fucked her hard as the heat and excitement swept over him, he felt her pussy contract and then a flood of wetness washed over him. He slowed his pace and teased her with his cock. Her orgasm started to subside and he increased his pace yet again and let one hand trail down to play with her throbbing clit. She pushed back against him, trying to get him further inside. He pumped harder, making her feel him everywhere. She felt it coming again, the magic of his hands playing with her clit, his cock sliding masterfully in and out of her. She cried out in pleasure, as another orgasm washed over her. He tensed and she felt his hot cum, exploding inside her. He slowed and then stopped and they stood there, their juices running down her leg. He slowly withdrew, and stepped away from her.


Allie laughed, a low throaty laugh, and said, “Umm, that was amazing, Sean.”

She pulled down her skirt and buttoned her blouse; she saw a rag on the floor and wiped her legs off. Sean did up his pants and came over and kissed her lips.

They heard a sound at the door, and it opened, they sprang apart as a beam of light swept over the room. A voice said, “You guys ok in here? Wow, it sure got hot in here.”

Allie and Sean smothered their laughs, and he replied, “About time someone found us.”

Allie walked towards the door and looked back to Sean and gave him a saucy smile and a little wink, “You want to grab that paper, now?”



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