All tied up and no where to goYour back is up against the headboard, legs spread apart, as you have me sit with my back to you, resting on your chest. My head resting on your left shoulder as you look forward into the mirror, gazing at your work.You have my forearms tapped to the sides of my body using the black bondage tape; the tape creating a corset for my lower torso. It extends from just about my pussy mound to just below my breasts. My hands are free but unable to do much but flinch. My breasts bulge out from my body as your rope is wrapped around them so tightly, blood engorging my skin. Another rope is tied to the D-ring in your collar on my throat. It snakes down between my tits, resting on my tape corset before sliding in through my slit, through my ass and up my back, pulled taut and attached to a hook in the head board above your right shoulder. You can feel the rope press on your chest and my back. My knees are bent, a black bar spreader latched between them. My feet flat next to your knees on the bed. My long hair pulled back tight into a high pony tail. You feel it tickle the side of your head and neck. You gaze at my body, at your toy, in the mirror as your hands wander around me; rubbing and flicking and pinching and smacking. Listening to my soft moans in your ear. You look over my shoulder and pinch and twist my nipple. They harden ever so much in your cool rough hands. You pick up the clamps that are resting on the comforter, along with your other instruments, for easy reach. You smack my breast before applying the clamp to each. My toes curl as you smack my pinched nipples slightly. You attach the chain and then pull it up and taught before connecting it to the D-ring in your collar. I turn my face to your ear and groan as I pull and twist my tits. Your hands rubbing my taped stomach. “I want to hear you moan Renee,” you tease as you start to pluck the rope that splits me like a violin cord. I gasp, “Yessss. Yes sirrr.”You place your left hand on my stomach and guide me in rocking on the rope, slowly. Your right hand rubs up and down my arm and then on my back. You grip the rope and pull back as you make me rock forward. I groan from the pressure of the rope. As you tug faster your hand push my hips to move faster. You watch my thighs twist and vibrate. My hot breath on your neck, as I moan into your ear.“Turn you head little one. I want you to watch as I make you cum.” I turn my head, my gümüşhane escort temple pressing on your cheek. Looking in the mirror, you smirk as you pull on the rope harder and faster. My head jerking with the tugs, your left hand no longer needed to guide me as my hips pump your rope. “Yes yes yes” I moan to the speed of your tugs. “God yes!”“Little more now” you encourage.“Please, sir…aahhhh please.”You stroke my head with your left hand “yes baby girl do it” as my chest heaves up and down. “Eyes open now” you warn me. I look into the mirror and watch my body succumb to my orgasm. Cum wetting the rope. I grit my teeth as you tug to my hip gyrations. “gggguuuuuhhh yessssssssssss.”You release the rope as you feel the tension in my body release. I feel your hands rubbing up and down my arms and thighs. Your hands wrap around my bulbous tits are gently massage, making sure to not hit the clamps or chain that is connected to my neck. I turn my head to yours and sigh into your cheek. My lips grazing your jaw. “thank you sir.” “You did very well, but you’re not done yet.” I nod into your shoulder. Just as I catch my breath and composure, I feel tension on the rope that slices me again. Only this time it’s from front. Your left arm is under my tits, hand gripping the rope, you start to pull up. Hard pressure once again applied to my clit. Your right hand grips the chain attached to your clamps, and you tug on it as you release the rope. My body always in state of tension. You start slow, letting my body feel the pain. Letting my nerves send shots to my brain. I feel your lips on my temple as you tug and pull. I start to pant.My thighs start to quiver once again, and I jerk under you. You pick up the speed of the tugs and pulls, still alternating. “Fuck the rope baby girl, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it” you chant as you force my body to move. I grunt and groan. My body bouncing on the rope as I cum to your command. My teeth on your jaw, biting. “Yes yes, little more, you can do it” you start pulling the rope and tugging the chain in unison now. “Keep it cumming, more toy more.” My orgasm jets though my skin, body twitching and shaking. You release the rope and chain and grip my tits as cum drips around the rope to the comforter. “Mmm you’re making it nice and moist down there” you nibble on my ear lobe, “but I want it soaking little one” you groan in my ear. Still trying to catch my breath, your right hand escort gümüşhane works its way down my torso, and pushes the rope aside. Your index and middle finger straddle and pinch my clit. I gasp and lean forward. Your left wraps around my chest, hand pulls my body back to you, holding me firm to you. “Unh uh, you stay right here.” Your fingers pinch and move up and down my clit. Nails digging into my flesh. I don’t even fully recover before my cum starts to trickle down my hole on to the comforter. “There you go, baby girl. Soak it.” I ride your hand as my cum creams out of me. As I finish, both your hands stroke my body. You raise them up to my tits and painfully pull on the clamps until they pop off. I groan and gasp as you assault my tits.Sweat building on my forehead, you brush away my matted hair, kissing my temple, my cheek, my jaw, and finally my lips. You rub my sore tits, as your lips massage mine. As you tenderly rub my body, I start rocking on the rope. My back arching off your chest. This time instead of pulling me back, you push me forward. You grab my ankles and flip me onto my face, ass in the air. You detach the rope from the head board, and pull it up and over me. You walk around me on the bed, pulling the rope up and then over. I feel the rope lie on my spine. “Continue” you request.Standing on the floor at the end of the bed, you hold the rope taut, as I fuck myself on it, ass in the air. I start pushing myself down the bed, so you grip my hair and hold my head in place. I have nowhere to go while I rock on your rope. My sore tender clit instantly reacts. I start to cum, my feet bucking, back arching and flexing. You snicker as you watch me wriggle under you. Once my body starts to slow, you release the rope. I feel your hand smack my ass so hard I fall to the side, knees up in the air. You grab the spreader and spin me around so my soaking pussy faces you. As I pant and gasp for air, you push the knee spreader up to my chest, feet dangling in the air. You take the rope that you had splitting me, and tie it to the spreader, keeping my legs up and holes wide open for you.You bend under the bed and bring up the longer leg spreader and attach my ankles to it. My body completely immobile now. You push the leg spreader up into the air and take a step forward, ducking your head. You let the bar fall behind your head, resting on your back just below your shoulders. This position gümüşhane escort bayan forcing you to arch over my body. I look up into your eyes and see nothing but lust and want. “You’ve made me hard little one. The only way to fix this is for me to work off the tension in my baby.” The head of your shaft resting at my drenched hole.I nod and smile. “Yes, yes sir.” I lick my lips; my eyes looking up with yearn for your cock. I feel your hand guide you into me, “Feel every inch baby, you’re going to fuck it for a while.” “Ggguuhhhh yes, yes uuh sir”Your cock tip spreads my lips, and as you press in the first few inches you start pulling at my pussy walls. Every inch making its way down my canal. I groan and shake as you press into me. “God yes” I groan. As you press the last inch in, you wrap your arms around my back, hold me tight, as your lips kiss my neck. You barely pull out, before I feel you thrust hard in me, I groan. Your lips feel the vibration. You pull your hips back, but don’t let your cock spill from my hole. You thrust deep again. “GGGGOOOOODDDDD” I scream. You do this over and over and over until I cum on your cock. “There you go. That’s my good girl.” Lips on my jaw kissing. “Now the real fucking begins.”As my orgasm completes I feel the assault you land on me. Your cock pumping and bouncing away in my hole. We make the bed creak as you fuck me. If my tits weren’t bound they would be bouncing with your pumps and thrusts. I grunt as you place one hand next to my head, the other smacking my breasts with every thrust. You grip, and pull and pinch my nipples as you fuck me. Your mouth on mine, your teeth biting my lower lip, pulling on it, as you jack-hammer my hole. “yes yes yes yes” you moan. You arch back, pushing on the leg spreader, pulling my hole closer, if even possible, to your body.“Cum sir, cum in me, please sir, fill me, cum sir please” I moan and beg as I watch your face scrunch up with exertion. You smack my face softly at first, and then harder and harder. At last you slam your mouth to mine as I feel your cock tense and release in my pussy. I clench my pussy around your dick, milking your shaft for your cum. I spread your lips with my tongue, as you smack my cheek once again. Your skin hot, and red, and wet as you pump my hole, empting your shaft. “Thank you sir, thank, thank you” I moan as you thrust in me a few last times. You rest your head between my tits. Your lips softly kissing my skin, as your cock softens in my pussy. You pull your cock out as you slide under the leg spreader, and lie next to me on the bed. Softly stroking my tummy and chest, you whisper “that’ll do Renee, that’ll do.” You then slide off the bed to start your day.



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