Algarve surprise.A voice suddenly woke me from my snooze on the veranda where I had been reading my book. “Well brother, it looks like you’re nice and relaxed”.”Jeez”, I said “I didn’t hear you pull up!”I stood and shook my brother Neil by the hand (we never were much of a family for hugging). “Good trip?””Yeah, not too bad. The girls are pretty whacked but a shower and a couple of beers should revive me” he laughed.Neil, his new American wife Barbara and her daughter Jaq had flown over from Denver to spend three weeks with me in my farmhouse in the Algarve area of Portugal. I’d quit the UK rat race with my wife 3 years ago and moved here where I could carry on my work as a book indexer via the internet.Although the farm was only about 40 minutes from the beaches and nightlife, my wife decided that shopping and a social life was more important to her than a life with me. So she is now my ex-wife. The farm is set in a valley with g**** vines growing up the hill on one side and a woodland of eucalyptus and cork oak on the other side. The house is at the northern end of the valley with about 40 acres of citrus orchard running southwards from the house to the river.The farm had been owned by a retired English couple who had worked hard to restore the house and were about to start work on the land when they were forced to return to the UK to help their daughter look after their grandson who was disabled. I had met them by chance at a friends BBQ in Surrey, where one thing led to another and we ended up buying the place. I had restored the orchard, thinned the woodland and aimed to start on the vines in the autumn. But now it was August and too bloody hot to work on a hillside in the full sun.I walked around the house to help with the bags. I had only met Barbara and Jaq (short for Jacqueline) once before – at the wedding in Denver two years ago. Barbara was as I remembered her – pleasant enough, but a bit dull and somewhat old-fashioned. Neil thought the world of her so that was good enough for me.Jaq on the other hand was a revelation. At the wedding she had looked like a 15 year old trying to look 25. Far too much makeup and a lousy dress choice. Now she was a fresh faced, perky 17 year old, with a stunning body and flowing brown hair. The glasses had gone in favour of contact lenses which seemed to highlight the green in her piercing eyes.They had flown on the overnight from Denver, then a terminal transfer at Heathrow followed by another flight into Faro where Neil had picked up the hire car. It was now late afternoon, so I suggested that I just give them a quick tour, then they can choose what they want to do – shower, sleep, food, whatever. Barbara wanted a shower then sleep, Neil wanted a beer then a shower and Jaq just wanted to jump in the pool. The farmhouse has two bedrooms plus there is another bedroom/lounge with bathroom in a converted barn next to the house, which I grandly call The Guest House. Jaq quickly decided that the barn would be hers.After the tour Neil and I settled onto a bench with our beers in the shade of a Mimosa tree. The house faced south down the valley and was built on a slope. Immediately in front of the house was a stone terrace partly covered by a terracotta tiled roof, with the remainder shaded by various plants and trees. At the front of the veranda was a stone wall about 4 feet high which protected a 6 foot drop down onto the next terrace where the pool was located.Whilst we caught up on our news, Jaq emerged from the house in a bikini that didn’t leave a great deal to the imagination. I guess it was new as I could see lines in her otherwise perfect tan. “bloody hell Jaq!” said Neil, “does your mother know you’ve got that?””She told me I could buy myself a new swim suit” she pouted.”Has she actually seen it?” asked Neil.”Not exactly. She’s seen it in the box”.”Oh Christ, I can see a row coming on” muttered Neil as he took another swig from his beer bottle.The row between Jaq and her mother erupted the next morning, with Barbara saying she looked like slut and Jaq calling her mother a prude. Neil avoided it all by staying in bed. I admired Jaq’s tactics. She told her mother that she wanted to get an all-over tan. Barbara drew the line at that, but conceded that she could wear the bikini at the house but not to the beach. When Jaq walked away I noticed she had a little smile. Not stupid that girl.Over the next four or five days things settled into a sort of routine. I rose at my usual time of about 6am to do work around the farm while it was cool-ish, with the others emerging around 10am. They would usually go off in the car sight seeing or shopping and return late afternoon when we would have a BBQ and watch the sunset with a few beers and local wine. Jaq kept nagging her mother about an all-over tan but Barbara wouldn’t budge.One evening, Barbara and Neil had gone for a walk down to the river which left Jaq and I alone on the terrace for a while. I said to her “You know that by 6.30am the sun is up and it’s quite warm don’t you?””What do you mean?” she asked.”Well, your mother doesn’t get up until around 10, the pool is down on the lower terrace and can’t be seen from the house. That gives you about 3 hours of tanning time. If you hear me whistle, it means she’s got up early.”She grinned impishly and gave me a peck on the cheek “thanks Greg, I owe you one”.So that’s how we carried on. She would skip through the kitchen at 6.30am, grab a coffee, blow me a kiss and disappear down to the pool. I was very well behaved and resisted having a peek.The days went by until the Friday of the third week – the day before they were due to fly home. It was late afternoon and Neil and Barbara were sunning themselves on loungers down by the pool. I was stood on the upper terrace, leaning on the wall chatting to Neil below. Jaq was sitting at a table behind me busy on her iPad. I guess her friends back home were now awake and she was chatting to them. I heard her chair move and then she was suddenly sitting by my feet with her back against the wall. I looked down and she was holding her iPad screen for me to see. It said “Remember that I owe you one?”Puzzled, I looked back down towards Neil who was talking about the flight back. Suddenly I felt a hand going up the front of my swimming shorts. WTF? The next thing I knew, the hand was squeezing my cock.Jaq shuffled closer to me and nuzzled against the rapidly expanding bulge. With her lips and teeth she traced the outline of my erection through the fabric. I knew that I should pull away or tell her to stop, but Christ it felt good.Without warning she pulled my shorts down freeing my hard-on. I felt the breeze on my hairless cock and balls – since moving to the Algarve I shave every other day. I just find it more comfortable in the Mediterranean heat. One hand cupped my balls, rolling them around in her fingers, whilst the other hand stroked up and down the shaft, pausing to brush over the bulbous head. My breathing was now getting a little rapid and I was having trouble concentrating on the conversation below. Luckily, Neil and Barbara were facing south into the sun so I was sure we were safe from being seen.Now Jaq’s tongue was delicately licking my balls, rubbing a finger along the slit in the end of my cock at the same time, lubricated by my pre-come. I reached down and pulled on the bows at each side of her bikini top. The top fell away revealing the most beautiful pair of tanned tits I had ever seen. The size of karşıyaka escort small oranges, they were pert and firm with slightly upturned red nipples. They were absolutely gorgeous and I nearly came just looking at them.”What do you think?” she whispered.”Perfect” was all I could manage.She then lifted herself up onto her knees and rubbed her nipples against my crotch. Slowly she raised and lowered her body causing my cock to slide up and down her tits. She then lowered her head and flicked her tongue across the head each time my cock slid up. It was probably the sexiest sight I have ever seen. She looked up and gave me a cheeky grin whilst locking those green eyes on me.After a minute or so, she sank back down and returned to stroking my cock. Then without any warning, she leaned forward and sucked my tight, red head into her mouth. At the same time I could feel her tongue rolling around it.She released me from her mouth, looked up and said “Favour returned?””Almost” I groaned.”OK” she smiled. She slid her lips back over the head, but this time didn’t stop. Inch by inch she took my entire shaft into her mouth. At one point she gagged as it touched her throat, but otherwise she sucked it perfectly, pausing occasionally to run her tongue around the head. My balls and her hand were now coated in her saliva. Gradually she slipped her hand further between my legs. In response I parted them slightly to be rewarded with the feeling of her slippery finger rubbing against my ass hole. I was vaguely aware of Barbara saying something about the return of the hire car, but was too distracted by the sensation in my balls telling me that I was about to come.”I’m gonna come!” I whispered to Jaq, but she just nodded, grasped my shaft with her hand and licked the head. She sensed my cock starting to spasm so took the head into her mouth and sucked. The fist jet of come seemed to last 5 or 6 seconds followed quickly by at least another ten shots. I hadn’t come like that in years. She swallowed as fast as she could but some still managed to leak out the sides of her mouth.She released my cock, wiped the spillage with her fingers and sucked them clean. Then, without another word, she got up and walked back to the table. Fortunately, we were just in time as Neil and Barbara were getting off their loungers gathering their things. After pulling my shorts up, I headed back into the house but Jaq stopped me “You’ve come, now it’s my turn. Skinny dip, pool, midnight.”All I could manage was a nod.My three guests spent the early evening packing, then we all went out for a final meal at a small restaurant in the next village. Back at the house, we had a good laugh talking about their stay, whilst rounded off the evening with coffee, local port and cheese. Around 10.30 John and Barbara headed for bed as everyone would be up at 5am to get ready to leave. Jaq did the same without a glance at me. Was she teasing or had she forgotten?I squeezed some fresh orange juice, added ice and settled into a chair on the veranda with my laptop to catch up on emails. I could see that the lights were off in John and Barbara’s room but Jaq’s was still on. Then her light went out. My watch said 11.05. Oh well, I don’t blame her, she has a very long day tomorrow.I became engrossed with my laptop so it was gone midnight when I next looked at the barn – lights still out. After a few more minutes I closed the laptop, finished my drink and rested my head back, gazing at the stars. It was then that I heard a gentle splashing from the pool. I walked back to the house and flicked the switch that turned on the pool lighting. Looking over the veranda wall, I saw Jaq on the far side of the pool, resting her back on the infinity edge. Her arms were stretched out either side, resting on the pool edge, with her legs out in front gently kicking. She was totally naked with an all over tan and between her legs I could see a patch of soft brown hair. Locking her those eyes on to me and with a beautiful smile she said “I thought you were going to spend all night on that laptop”.I glanced back to the house – no sign of life, and then walked around the end of the wall and down the steps to the pool veranda. As I approached the pool “clothes!” called Jaq. I pulled my T-shirt over my head and then slid my shorts down. Entering a pool naked is one of the great feelings of life. The sensation of the water on unrestricted genitals is fantastic. Unless I have visitors, I always swim naked.Jaq swam across and met me in the middle of the pool. She wrapped her arms around my neck, her legs around my waist and stuck her tongue in my mouth. Unfortunately, at 5’10” tall and in 7′ of water, it was always going to be a struggle to keep us both afloat. Although I kicked my legs hard, we still slowly sank towards the bottom. Jaq released me and swam off leaving me to struggle to the surface spluttering. By the time I had shaken the water from my eyes and face, Jaq had reached the edge of the pool. She effortlessly lifted herself out walked around to the shallow end and sat on the edge with her legs in the water.”Well this is a bit of a reversal” she said.I swam across “how do you mean?””Usually it’s the guy with the hair and the girl who’s shaved”.”Have you ever tried it?” I asked.”A couple of times, but I came out in a rash. I must have sensitive skin down there”.”It looks beautiful as it is” I said.”Do you think so?” she replied as she opened her legs.I was now looking at the cutest pink vagina surrounded by downy brown hair which was dripping with water. I rested my arms on the edge, between her legs and gazed in awe. She swung her legs onto my shoulders so I reached under her thighs, grasped her buttocks and pulled her towards me. Suddenly, my face was buried in what was probably the sexiest pussy I had ever seen. There was no aroma due to the pool water, but as I began to lick and suck I was suddenly struck by that fantastic scent of a woman becoming aroused. Pushing my tongue deep inside her, I was rewarded with the delicious sweet taste of her pussy juice.Her clitoris was quite small, but I could see it’s little head starting to peek out. I worked my tongue around it – left, right, above and below, but never actually on it. She was squirming, wriggling and pushing her pussy hard against my face. Between pants, long moans came from her. Still I avoided her clit, working around the edges. I slid back to her pussy to taste more of her nectar, then back to the area around her clit. As she leaned back on her elbows, I reached up and grasped both of her perfect tits whilst rolling her hard nipples between my fingers.Suddenly she grabbed my head, pulled it up, stared into my eyes and growled “suck my fucking clit you bastard!”.She pushed me back down and pressed her clit against my mouth. For a few seconds, just to tease her I continued my avoidance. Then I flicked the tip of my tongue across it’s little head.”Oh fuck yes!” she cried as she bucked against me.I slid two fingers into her amazingly tight and soaking pussy, which she gripped with incredibly strong vaginal muscles. I pressed the flat of my tongue against her clit and moved left and right.”Oh God, yes, yessss, fuck, fuuck, fuuuuuuck!” she groaned as her muscles clamped my fingers and her thighs began to shake. Suddenly, a massive orgasm swept over her as her whole body went into spasm. Her body arched and she let out a long high pitched scream.Slowly she came back down karşıyaka escort bayan and laid flat on her back, panting heavily. “Oh fuck, that was good” she moaned. “I never thought it would be that good”.”Has no-one ever gone down on you before?” I asked.She rolled slowly around so that she was laid alongside the pool resting on one elbow. “I’ve let guys touch me down there but that’s all”.”You were pretty good with your mouth earlier”.”I’ve sucked a few off and given some hand jobs so learned a bit. Most of it came from watching porn though”.”Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it”.”Enjoyed it? It was amazing. I had no idea it would feel like that. I lost track of what you were doing. You seemed to have fingers, lips and mouth everywhere. And when I came! I thought I was dying. It was incredible, just incredible. Do you think I woke mom up?””Probably. You set the dogs off on the next farm”.”Wow!”.”But she wouldn’t have known what the noise was even if it did wake her. She would probably think it was some weird Portuguese coyote. Drink?””Mmmm, any of that punch left from earlier, and maybe a towel?I climbed out of the pool and walked back up to the house. When I returned she was laid on one of the loungers.She looked up at the stars “I wish it was this warm at night in Denver.””It can get nippy in winter, but yes, it’s a fantastic climate”.She sipped her punch “I’m a virgin”.Just like that. No preamble or warning. Just looking me straight at me with those stunning eyes.”Er… I…er, wasn’t sure. You did feel very tight, you know, ah, down there”.”Have I embarrassed you, after what we’ve done?” she chuckled.”Well, you just sort of came out with it”.”I borrowed a friends dildo for a while which was fun. Then on a trip to New York I plucked enough courage to go into a ‘ladies erotic boutique’ or that’s what they called it. It was actually very nice. Run by three ladies and very up market. I bought a pink G spot dildo which is just A..mazing. Not as good as you but damn close. So my hymen is long gone………..well?””Well what” I stumbled.”Are you gonna stick that fat cock in my virgin pussy?””Look Jaq, what we’ve done has been mind blowing, but to go the whole way? I don’t know. Of course I want to. Any man would want to. But I don’t know where we stand legally. I don’t know the age of consent here, or in the US”.”I checked earlier on the internet. It’s 14 here and 17 in Colorado” she said, very matter of fact.”What about protection? I wasn’t expecting anything like this. There’s nothing in the house”.”I’m on the pill”.”How?… What?… your mother…..” I started to ask.”There was an attempted **** on a girl at school when I was 16. Mom took me to the doctor the next day”.Without another word she slid a hand up my leg and squeezed my balls.”Fuck!” I jumped.She laughed, stood up, threw the cushions from the loungers onto the floor, then ran to the pool and dived in. I threw a couple of floats in and soon we were lazily floating up and down the pool with our arms and heads on the floats.”Are you going to visit us in Denver?” she asked.”Maybe next year. I’d like to visit in winter. We don’t get much snow in England and definitely none in the Algarve. I’ve never been anywhere with guaranteed snow”.”Well, there’ll be a warm pussy waiting for you”.”You can’t say that” I said. “You’ll have a boy friend, be off at university, maybe married”.”I suppose” she said. “Best make the most of it now then”. She kicked her way to the edge, threw the float up and climbed out. “Come on then” she said over her shoulder.I followed her out and we both dried off with the towels. Suddenly she burst out laughing. “What the fuck do you call that?” she giggled pointing at my cock which had shrivelled to the size of my little finger.”The water was cold” was my pathetic answer.”Ah, poor little thing, lets warm him up”.She knelt in front of me and took my shrivelled cock in her mouth. She didn’t slide it in and out – there wasn’t much to slide, just held it in her warm sensuous mouth. Slowly I could feel life returning and I started to swell. Jaq’s lips were against the root of my cock and she just let it get bigger inside her. I could feel her tongue rolling around the head as I continued to grow. Only when the swollen head began to touch against her throat did she slide me out.”Perhaps by next year I’ll have learnt to deep throat” she said without looking up. She grasped my shaft with both hands and sucked on the end.”Steady girl” I moaned.We both laid down on the cushions and kissed passionately. My hands could not resist her boobs and those rock hard nipples. I kissed her neck and slowly moved down so that I could suck her left nipple. It must have been nearly an inch long. She moaned and grasped my hair as I switched nipples and flicked my tongue forwards and backwards across it. She arched her back as I gently bit onto it.”Harder” she panted.Happy to oblige, I bit down hard on each nipple in turn, causing her to grind her hips together.My fingers slid gently through her bush as she wrapped her fingers around my hard cock, running her thumb over the head. I ran a finger lightly along her pussy lips, coating my fingers in the juices that had oozed out. I pushed the tip of my finger against her tight little opening and moved it gently without entering her more than half an inch. Her pussy contracted around the tip of my finger while she raised herself up to try and force more of my finger inside her. I made her wait as a second finger joined the first, just teasingly lingering at the entrance.I finally released her nipple, slid up her body and slipped my tongue between her lips. As she returned the favour, I pushed both fingers deep inside her. Her mouth opened even wider and a long moan came from her. The hand on my cock was now working hard and I was in danger of coming too soon.I pulled her hand off and rolled onto my back, pulling her on top of me. Without a moments hesitation, she straddled me and guided the head of my cock to her pussy. I looked down and could see her honey juice dripping onto it. Slowly, very slowly, with her head back and eyes closed, she lowered herself to envelope my shaft. Fuck me, was she tight. As she was a virgin, I let her proceed at her pace. For about a minute she didn’t move. Just stayed there with my cock fully inside her, eyes shut, gripping and relaxing her vaginal muscles.Eventually, she looked down at me and opened her eyes. Her mouth was slightly open. She stared at me for a while, then a sexy smile spread across her face. She leaned forward, gave me a deep lingering kiss and began to slowly rise and lower herself. She would let my cock slip out just far enough for my head to slip past her lips, then slide the head back in. She was so tight that there was noticeable resistance each time my head popped back inside. Slowly she increased her pace, now moving the full length of my cock in and out.I reached around and took both of her tight buttocks in my hands. As she rode me I slipped my left hand into her crack and brushed my fingertips across her ass hole. This prompted her to speed up and throw her arms around my neck. With my other hand I took one of her tits and clasped my mouth over it. “Oh, oh, nnnnnnn, I’m gonna come” she panted.I thrust my hips up to meet her as she ground her hips back and forth.Just as when I went down on her, her whole body began to shake and then went rigid as the orgasmic waves swept through her. She let out the same long cry escort karşıyaka as I pumped jet after jet of hot sperm into her.Panting in deep gasps, she collapsed on top of me, her damp hair across my face. We laid there for a couple of minutes, totally spent. I could feel my spunk dripping out of her onto my crotch. Eventually, she rolled off onto her back and started laughing.”What’s so funny” I asked.”I was just thinking about mom. Asleep up there thinking that her innocent little girl is curled up in bed”.”Talking of which, it must be gone 2, you ought to get at least a few hours sleep”.”I’ll sleep on the plane. Anyway, there’s one more thing I want to do”. She jumped up and walked towards the guest house.When she returned I was under the pool shower washing the sweat off my body and semen off my cock. She put something on the poolside table and joined me. Slowly we washed each other, pausing for the occasional kiss. I stood behind her and lingered as I soaped her boobs. Her response was to push her buttocks back against me, rubbing my cock between her cheeks. I was quite amazed to feel my cock starting to grow again. I didn’t think I had it left in me.”Oooh good” she whispered, “I thought you might have gone off me”.We turned the shower off and dried ourselves with the towels. “Time for a last swim” she called as she headed back down to the pool. We again used the floats to gently make our way from one end to the other. At the shallow end, Jaq pulled herself part way up the slope then stopped on her hands and knees with her butt towards me. “Lick me” she called over her shoulder.As she didn’t specify where she wanted to be licked, I headed for her perfectly round pink asshole. As I ran the tip of my tongue across it she giggled and squirmed. My thumb slid into her pussy while I stroked her clit with two fingers. When I pushed my tongue against her hole she pushed back and then started to gyrate her hips and ass causing my tongue to slide up her crack and then back to her asshole. With one hand she reached behind her and pushed my head hard against her butt. “Oh fuck, ….. don’t you dare stop” she panted. With my spare hand I worked on my cock which had again shrivelled in the water. Before long I was hard again, so I knelt behind her and stroked my bulging head along her pussy lips.”Oh Christ yes….. fuck me…now, now…”.My cock eased her lips open and soon I was engulfed in her that gorgeous tunnel. She had lost none of her tightness. In fact she was as tight as some assholes that I’ve fucked.So there I was, a warm night, fucking a beautiful 17 year old doggy fashion, whilst her mum slept not far away. Life couldn’t get any better, ….. or so I thought. I had assumed that this was the ‘one more thing she wanted to do’, but no.My hard cock was pumping in and out of her as she reached for something on the edge of the pool. It must have been whatever she had put on the table. As she passed a small bottle of lube back to me she said “I want you to fuck my ass”.”What!!” I grunted.”Fuck…… my……nnnn… ass”.The very thought made my cock go even harder, but I said “You’ve got to be k**ding”.”I’m gonna do it ……. one day….. nnnnn…… I want it to be……… fuck ………with someone I trust”.”Sure?””Yesssssss…”.There was no way my cock was going to fit in there, so I decided to just lube a finger. Perhaps she’d be happy with that. I didn’t want to hurt her. I put more lube along her crack and ran my finger along it’s length. When I reached her hole I stopped and applied very gentle pressure. I didn’t want to force anything. I wanted her to be in control. Her response was to push back, forcing my lubed finger to slip a little way in. She pushed again and I felt myself go past her tight sphincter muscle.For I few minutes I drove in and out of her, at the same time finger fucking her rectum.”Now ……. your thumb”.This girl knew what she wanted, so who was I to argue. I lubed my thumb and pushed it straight in without warning. “Arghhh… fuck….” she cried as she rocked back and forth riding both my cock and thumb.Five or six times I pulled my thumb right out and then re-inserted it, adding more lube each time. Her asshole was definitely a little slacker.It’s now I never I thought. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and squirted a jet of lube onto it. I put the head of my fat cock against her impossibly small asshole and paused.”Last chance to say no” I saidShe just nodded quickly and pushed back. I gripped my cock in my fist and held it steady. There was no way this was going to work. “Nnnnnnnnnn aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa” she cried as to my amazement my head began to disappear inside her. I wasn’t moving at all, she was in full control. I definitely felt, and am pretty sure I heard, a ‘pop’ as my bell end passed her ring of muscle. She paused for a moment, breathing heavily. Then held her breath and pushed again, forcing another inch to enter her. Her hand moved between her legs and began to rub her clit. Again, she took five or six breathes before holding it and pushing back. Another inch. Then another. I pulled back until I was almost out and drizzled some more lube onto her ass and my cock. Gently, I pushed about three inches back inside her, and stopped. I wanted her to be back in control.She moved her hand from her clit and reached further between her legs. Suddenly she grasped by balls and yanked them forward. Holy shit!. As a result my entire shaft drove into her to the hilt. She let go of my balls and returned to her clit, rubbing it frantically. “Oh fuck…. fuck….. fuck” she gasped as she worked my cock in and out of her ass. “I’m coming…… now….. oh God…. yes”.The muscles in her rectum pulsed as they gripped my shaft and her body went into it’s now familiar spasms. I drove into her as far as I could and stayed deep inside her as I emptied any seed I had left. We collapsed onto the edge of the pool as we regained our composure and my cock began to wilt. When it was half soft, she squeezed her anal muscles ejecting me from her ass, with a giggle.Ten minutes later I crawled into bed and set my alarm for 5am – two hours time. What seemed like ten minutes later, the alarm went off. I crawled out of bed, threw on shorts and a T shirt and headed for the kitchen to make coffee. After a couple of minutes Neil appeared and we settled on the veranda with our coffees. “Thanks for a great three weeks Greg, it’s been fantastic” he said.”My pleasure” I replied “I’ve enjoyed your company”.”Especially Jaq?”.”She’s very nice”.”So, did you fuck her?” he asked, looking me in the eye.I spluttered my coffee, “what do you mean?”.”I live in the same house as her. I know the sound she makes when she orgasms in her room”.”Fuck” I replied.He laughed “She came on to me a couple of months ago and was a bit pissed off when I turned her down. Not that I didn’t want to, but Babs and I have a great relationship that I didn’t want to jeopardise. I know you probably think she is a bit cold, but she’s a different woman in bed. There’s nothing she won’t try. Jaq said she didn’t want to lose her virginity to some drunken slob at a frat house party who would probably come in 30 seconds. She wanted it to be with some experienced and who she trusted. So I suggested you. I saw her watching you a couple of times. You’ve kept yourself in good shape – better then me. I guessed she’d wait until the end of the holiday to have time to suss you out.””Fuck”.Now, time has passed. In three weeks I’m off to Denver for a two week winter holiday. Will I hook up with Jaq again? No. She’s at the University of Arizona in Tucson and with a steady boyfriend. Me, I’ve now got a lovely partner, Leija from Finland, a widow two years younger than me who has moved in and will be coming with me to Denver. If Babs is so adventurous in bed, I wonder if she will fancy a foursome?



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