This story fits into a few categories. I chose first time, but it’s not romantic in the slightest. It’s coarse and rude, and downright filthy. It’s also May-December, a touch of non-consent/reluctance, and something surprising at the end. Once you get there, the last category reveal might offend you but I really don’t give a fuck. If you’ve come to this website just to be offended by the content, then you deserve everything you get.

Now, I’m horny as fuck from writing this one, so I’m going to go get myself off.


He knew she’d be late. He knew she’d be nervous and possibly trying to talk herself out of it altogether. In the end, he knew she’d show up. He’d seen it in her eyes when he’d handed her the card with the room number written on the back. He knew that look. It was lust, desire, desperation, all rolled into one.

That she was a virgin didn’t change what he knew.

She’d come. Oh, she’d come.

He got to the room first, of course, and paced around, checking it out. It was a nice suite, in the nicest hotel in the city, known for hosting politicians, foreign dignitaries, and celebrities. The entire staff was practiced in the art of minding their own damn business, so he had no concerns about being seen or reported.

Not that they were doing anything so very wrong.

Grinning to himself, he pulled his suit jacket off and slung it over the back of a chair in the sitting room. Then he loosened his tie but didn’t undo it altogether. He kicked his shoes off and wandered over to the bar. There was plenty to choose from, but he went with a classic, pulling out two little bottles of whiskey. He poured them into a glass and took a long swallow before slowing to sips as he continued to pace the room. He stopped by the windows, taking in the view and wondering if anyone could see in.

The door clicked behind him, the lock whirring as someone slid the key card into the slot. Then it opened and his dick went hard when he heard her soft intake of breath.

For a moment, neither of them moved. He downed the rest of his whiskey and turned, smiling when he saw her wide eyes and the way she stood in the open doorway, her hand on the doorknob. She looked as if she’d flee at any moment, her big brown eyes wide like an animal caught in a predator’s sights.

“Close the door, Kate.”

She swallowed but did as he instructed. His dick gave a hearty throb at the way she followed his order. It boded well for the rest of the afternoon.

“Lock it.”

He saw her hand shaking as she lifted it to snap the heavy bar into place over the deadbolt, which she also turned. Locking them into the room with a decisive thunk, she dropped her hand and faced him, her eyes still big and scared.

He walked across the room towards her, stopping a few feet from where she stood. “Take off your backpack.”

She shrugged the thick straps off her slender shoulders, letting it drop to the floor beside her. Her textbooks gave a loud thump, reminding him that she was still in school. God, yes, she was a virginal schoolgirl, never mind that she’d turned eighteen a few months ago. Her mother had held her back from starting as a child and she’d flunked one grade, putting her as a brand new virginal senior in high school now.

His dick really fucking loved that. Maybe it made him depraved and evil, but he and his dick didn’t give a shit.

“Take your jacket off.”

She did, her fingers trembling as she unzipped. He clenched his jaw as she revealed her school uniform. White button-down shirt under a body-hugging sweater-vest, and today she wore the plaid skirt, instead of the charcoal pants they were also allowed. She also had on the knee-high socks and black Mary Jane pumps that he wasn’t entirely sure were allowed by the school but must be since she had them on. They didn’t add more than three inches to her overall height, putting her forehead at a level with his mouth, but they did give her a posture that he enjoyed seeing.

As her jacket fell to join her backpack on the floor, he drank in the sight of her. From her long dark hair in its high, tight ponytail all the way down to those innocent shoes. As he stared at her little feet, her slender ankles in those white socks, he took another step closer. His cock twitched in response to the hitch in her breath as he moved.

“Take off the sweater.” He kept his eyes on her feet, thinking that maybe he’d make her leave them on.

At least for the first time.

She tugged the sweater up, pulling it over her head and leaving her with a flush in her pale cheeks.

“Now unbutton your shirt.” He lifted his gaze to her chest, to that perfect set of virginal tits that he was practically salivating over getting his first real glimpse of.

He licked his lips as her shaking fingers plucked one button after another, revealing a sensible bra and a soft, bare stomach.

Jesus, her tits were fucking perfect in that white bra. High, firm, rounding so nicely in the center where they just brushed against each ankara escort bayanlar other.

“Take the shirt off.”

She did as he watched her chest, rising and falling so fast now, her breath coming harder and faster. It had only been five minutes and already he knew she was panting for him. For this.

“Now the skirt. Drop it.”

She did, fumbling a bit as the zipper over her ass snagged on the fabric. Then it dropped to the floor along with whatever scraps of her dignity she’d brought with her.

“Fucking hell, Kate.”

Her breath caught as he stepped up into her space, his hands landing on her wide hips. She was all curves, all soft and luscious and blushing all the way down her neck to the swells at the top of her chest. Her thighs rubbed together and he grinned, rubbing his thumbs over her hip bones.

“Don’t fucking move.”

She froze, her eyes still so wide and intent on his face. He met them at last, taking in the helpless, unschooled lust in the wide expanse of her pupils.

“This is your last chance, gorgeous.”


His hands tightened and she lifted on to her toes, her hands coming down on his shoulders. “I’ll let you leave, right now, if you want. I’ll let you take your things and walk out of this room and we never have to talk about it again.”

She bit her bottom lip and he watched the movement. Watched the way she bit down tighter for a millisecond before letting go of that full edge of flesh. He pictured rubbing his cock over that lip and when her tongue slicked over the reddened line, he pictured coming on it.

“I want to stay.”

He didn’t give her a chance to second-guess herself. He let her go and stepped back. “Take off your bra and panties.”

She did, no hesitation in her movements. He groaned out loud at the sight of his naked virgin, revealed before him, all her full, soft, heavy lines begging to be touched, fondled, bit. Her tits, the round weight of them freed from the bra, hung a little lower but her nipples were dark and drawn into tight peaks that he wanted to pinch. Her belly was soft, a little rounded just below her belly button, and there had to be a god above. She was waxed completely bare. It had been his first order, the week before. And she’d been a good girl from that first moment.

When she would have bent to take the socks off, he grabbed her ponytail and yanked her upright. She gasped, her tits shaking with the motion.

“Leave them. And your shoes, they stay on.” Taking hold of her by the back of the neck with his other hand, he turned her towards the big king-sized bed at the far end of the room. It had a fancy velvet lined bench at the foot of it and the second he’d seen it there, he’d known exactly what he wanted.

“Go kneel on the bench and put your hands on the bed.”

She went to take a step, so eager to obey him. He jerked on her ponytail, making her whimper and come to a standstill.

“And don’t fucking move, Kate.”

He let her go, giving her a none-too-gentle shove in the direction of the bed. As he watched her totter away, her stride unsteady, he reached down and stroked himself over the fabric of his pants.

Fuck. Her ass. It was just as ripe and lush as the rest of her. He looked down at the big watch on his wrist and cursed under his breath. He wouldn’t have time to fuck her ass today. That would have to wait.

Lifting his hands, he undid his belt and watched her body shake as the sound of his buckle clinking echoed in the room. He unbuttoned and unzipped, and stepped out of his pants, dropping them over the back of the desk chair near the door. He had no boxers or boxer briefs on. Never did, and certainly hadn’t since the day he first laid eyes on Kate.

Kate. His little virgin, Kate. With her full lips that had haunted his dreams for weeks before he’d hugged her the first time and heard her breathless little moan in his ear. That had been a month ago, and he’d known then that she’d wanted this, probably more desperately than he did.

“Kate, you good, sweet, little girl.”

She moaned again, the sound strangled, as if she’d tried to stop herself.

He chuckled and crossed the room, stroking his bare cock with one hand. With his other hand, he unbuttoned his shirt at the neck, enough that he could tug the whole thing, tie as well, off over his head.

“You’ve done everything I’ve asked of you, haven’t you?”

“Yes, Damon.”

He liked the way she said his name, with such unbridled want and desire. He couldn’t wait to hear her scream it, sob it, beg for more from him.

“Coming here, undressing for me like you just did.” He stopped behind her, drinking in the sight of her bent over as he’d ordered. He grabbed hold of her ass, one full cheek in each hand and spread her apart.

She gasped and started under his hold, clearly shocked by the sudden move.

“And look at this bald fucking pussy.” He bent low, taking a deep breath and moaning deep in his throat at the sweet, musky scent of her virgin arousal. ankara esmer escortlar He moved his hands down, using his thumbs to spread her cunt wide, getting a nice look at her wet opening. “You’re fucking soaked, Kate.”

Another strangled moan and he chuckled, running one coarse thumb through the dampness between her lips.

“Maybe I was wrong.” Another stroke, another glorious moan from her mouth. “Maybe you aren’t such a good girl after all.”

“I am, Damon, I swear.”

“No good girl would be showing me their wet fucking cunt like this.”

He straightened and stopped rubbing her with his thumb. She made another noise and he saw her about to turn her head to look at him. Lifting one hand, he brought it down a second later on her ass, the sound shattering the heavy stillness of the room and making her cry out. In shock for certain, maybe in pain, and then he did it again, on the other cheek.


“Didn’t I tell you not to fucking move, Kate?”

She sobbed and nodded. “Yes, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

He smacked her a few more times, getting her ass nice and pink. Then he smoothed his left palm over her ass as he shoved his right hand up between her thighs. He found her juices coating her upper thighs this time, and her pussy absolutely drenched his fingers when he plunged them into her hole.

“You dirty fucking girl.”

He shoved his fingers in and out of her cunt a few times, letting the sound of her wet folds sucking him in fill the room. Her breath came in harsh gasps, interspersed with moans and sobs. He changed the angle of his hand and flicked her clit, hard, and she squealed, her pussy clenching down on him.

“Oh, Kate. My sweet, little Kate.” He lifted one knee to the bench, outside her bent leg. “You want me to make it better for you?”

“Yes!” She sobbed, her entire body shaking.

She was on the brink of splintering and he dragged it out, stroking her in and out with his thick fingers, teasing her clit with harsh flicks and pinches, then backing off. All the while, he smacked her ass, left cheek, then the right, then the left again. Over and over, while his cock leaked in eager anticipation.

“You want me to make you feel so good, Kate?”

“Yes, please!”

“Beg me, Kate. Beg me like a good little girl.” He withdrew his fingers from her sucking hole and stroked his cock, rubbing her plentiful juices all over the hard length. With his other hand, he smacked her ass, soothed it, then smacked it again.

She was shaking under him, her thighs trembling with the effort to keep her from collapsing. Her hair curled around her neck and ears, sweat making the air swirling around them humid and hot.

“Please, Damon. Please, I’m… I’m begging you.”

“Begging me for what?”

He leaned over her, siding his cock through the generous valley between her ass cheeks. Fuck, she was made for this, made for his cock, his hands, his demands. She was his, now and forever, and he was making her beg him for the privilege.

“Please, please…”

“Please what, Kate?” He smacked her hard, shifting his stance so his cock slid high between her thighs.

She moaned, long and low, her body shuddering as he rubbed his rigid dick between her swollen cunt lips. Her body was practically dragging him inside but he wanted his sweet little virgin to beg for his cock.

“Beg for my dick, Kate. Beg for it, tell me you’ve been gagging for it since the day we first met.” He stroked his cock back and forth between her soaking lips, driving himself half-mad with his own pounding lust. “Tell me you want me to rip you apart, Kate. Beg me for it.”

She did, her voice weak and broken with sobs. Her body shook all over, her ass burned from his spanking, and her pussy an inferno of juices that slicked all over his rod.

“D-Damon, please. I’m begging you, I want your c-cock.” She hung her head, her arms shaking hard, he could see. “I need it, Damon, please. Please r-rip me apart.”

Her stammers, her sobs, her shaking limbs, it was all almost too much. He jerked back and let his dick cool in the air between them, hands on her wide, fuckable ass. He held her open, staring at her tight pucker and the throbbing pink depths below.

As she continued to beg, broken sentences and whimpers filling the room, he took hold of his cock and did exactly what he’d wanted to since the day he’d met her.

She screamed, his name, God’s, a plethora of other pleas as he sluiced through her innocence, claiming her cunt for his own. And what a cunt it was. Tight, hot, so wet, holy fucking shit, so fucking tight.

He let out a bellow at the first full grip of her pussy around his dick. He fell forward on his hands, his chest rubbing against her back. She shook under him, his name falling from her lips like a plea.

“Are you telling me to stop?” He turned his head and bit her neck, beneath her ear.

“It… it hurts.” She sucked in a breath when he humped against her ass once. “Please, I can’t do sincan grup yapan escortlar this anymore.”

“You begged me for this, Kate.” He bit her again, sucking hard and leaving a mark. By the time this was done, he’d have her marked up all over. Bruises on her ass, hips, her nipples would be too tender to touch, her skin would be marked with his mouth and teeth, and she’d never be an innocent little schoolgirl again.

“You begged me to rip you apart.”

“No…” She moaned as he started to pull back. “I didn’t know…”

“That’s the point, my sweet little Kate.” He drew all the way out and growled in triumph when he looked down and saw the stain of her innocence on his cock. “Now you do, and you’ll still beg me for it, again and again.”

As he spoke, he shoved into her again, shoving a fresh sob from her throat. He thrust hard, rooting as deep as he could into her fresh, unused body. Her sobs mingled with moans and his name, over and over. He drank it in, watching the side of her face, tears staining what he could see of her flushed cheek. He humped against her big ass, letting all of his sweaty chest rub against her bare back.

He ignored her pleas to stop. As if he could. He lost the power of speech, even to hiss dirty things in her ear. He put his mouth to her neck, low where it met her shoulder, and fucked his little virgin. Fucked her virginity right out of her. Fucked her into his personal plaything. Fucked her until he was growling and rutting like an absolute beast.

He hadn’t been this untethered in his entire life. He pushed up off the bed and grasped her by the shoulders, shoving her facedown into the bed. She let out a startled cry and her arms flailed as she twisted her head to one side so she could breathe. He glared down at the side of her face, at the loll of her tongue as she moaned and whimpered under his onslaught.

It was perfect, just how he’d imagined fucking his perfect little schoolgirl. From the first day, her curves, all innocent and plump, had called to him. He’d known she’d been bullied in school, never caught anyone’s attention, but oh, how she’d caught his.

He’d hugged her, those plump high tits pressing to his chest. She’d let out a breathless sound against his neck and it had taken everything in him to let her go. But as he’d stepped back, her eyes had been all pupil, staring up at him, and she’d been his from that moment on.

The difference was, now, she knew it.

“You’re mine, Kate.” He didn’t even recognize his own voice. “You’re all fucking mine, do you hear me.”

The eye he could see closed for a brief moment before rolling back to take him in. He wondered what she saw, if it frightened her, and that spurred him on.

He humped harder, his abdomen smacking against the red slopes of her ass, his handprint still glaring up from her pale skin. He shifted back, holding her down with one hand and grabbed her ass on one side. He held her open and watched himself fucking her, watched his angry, hard cock splitting her apart. Ripping her apart, just as she’d begged him to do.

“Look as this fucking cunt.” He grunted as he smacked hard, one, two, three times, baring his teeth in triumph as her whimpers started to turn to desperate moans. “It’s mine too, you hear me?”


That might have been agreement or ascent, but he didn’t give a fuck. She was his, now and forever. Cunt, ass, tits, and mouth. Oh fuck, her fucking mouth. He tossed his head back, his mind flooded with a dozen images colliding all at once. His dick sinking into her cunt, ripping apart her ass, his come splattering her face, her tits, coating the inside of her mouth and running down her throat, all after she begged him for it, again and again.

“Mine!” He roared, climax jacking through him like lightning, come flooding out of his dick and filling her perfect, little, no-longer virgin cunt.

He kept pounding into her, dropping down to his hands on the bed again, every inch of her on fire where it came in contact with his own skin.

Gradually, he slowed, grunting and rolling his hips once more, one more time after that, and then he sucked in a deep breath. He eased back onto his knees on the bench and clutched her ass. Bending once, he bit her left ass cheek, leaving another mark there. She cried out at the sting and he smacked her other ass cheek. Then he leaned back and stared as he let his cock slither out of her gaping maw. He grinned as the blood-streaked come leaked out of the hole. He scooped his thumb through it, chuckling when she winced, her whole body shaking from what he’d done. He looked up at her face to find her watching him, her eyes wide, hair sticking to her cheek and forehead from the sweat on her skin. As he met her stunned and lust-addled gaze, he rubbed his thumb over the filthy pucker of her asshole.

She jerked under his hold and let out a protesting sound.

He laughed and continued to rub her hole with his thumb, smearing their mingled juices on another part of her that belonged to him.

“Not yet, my little fucktoy. But soon.”

Bending, he bit her right ass cheek and then stood up.

“You may move now.”


In all honesty, Kate was scared to move. She wasn’t entirely certain she’d be able to support her own weight on her legs after that.



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