This story is a fantasy that I have formed over a number of conversations with other woman from this site. I hope you enjoy it!


I sat in the chair at her kitchen table, looking down at the smooth wood surface. I could hear her moving around the room but was too nervous to maintain a conversation. I had enjoyed our online relationship for so long that I thought I would be ready as soon as I walked through the door, and in fact I had felt confident right up to the moment I saw her beautiful face and shockingly attractive body. Suddenly all of my bluster from my online persona went out like a light. Would I be acceptable to her? Had I been too generous when describing myself? I certainly made sure any pictures that were sent were very flattering, would she be disappointed by the real thing?

She greeted me with a hug, she smelled like a combination of cinnamon and heaven. I tried to enjoy that moment but I was so nervous she would be disappointed by my barely existent chest as it pressed against her pert, firm, full B cups. She was in her mid-thirties, but had the chest of an athletic twenty year old.

At first I was disappointed to find out where this year’s conference was. I had been hoping for L.A. or Vegas, but as I made my travel plans it came to me. This was near my friend, could I actually meet her? We had never even discussed that and we had discussed a lot of things.

It took a week to build up the confidence to ask, and I was so relieved when the answer was a quick and excited yes. I barely paid attention to what I had packed for the conference but my outfit to meet her was selected with the same thought as most wedding dresses.

I had gone with a thin sun dress that sat high on my thighs since my long legs which had been toned with years on the track were one of my best attributes. I knew it was impossible to hide how small my breasts where in this type of dress, but I also wanted as little fabric between us as possible. I had changed into the smallest thong I could find just as I pulled up to her home hoping to make an impression when the dress came off.

All of that preparation had left me extra nervous now that the moment had arrived. I felt foolish wearing this thin dress now that I saw what a wonderful home she lived in. I had lived with five roommates and a stolen couch just two years ago, how was I going to measure up to someone so accomplished?

She could tell I was nervous and tried to calm me by offering something to drink. She had planned to offer water or lemonade since it was eleven in the morning, but when I asked for tequila she didn’t judge me. The second shot started to deliver the desired effect.

We had played this scenario out many times, and when she kissed my neck from behind I wanted to lean my head back to allow her more access to my skin, but instead I lowered my head towards my shoulder not ready to commit just yet.

Her hands slide around my waist, gently but firm enough to pull my dress up my legs causing goosebumps to cover my body. Her hands travel across my flat stomach, the one area on my body I feel confident in. That moment of ease helps, but only for a moment as her hands reach for my breasts, illegal bahis or the area of my chest where a real woman’s breasts would be. Her chest is pressed to my back, and she has the soft pillows I had been jealous of since my friends had started getting them along with all of the boy’s glances.

It still feels good. Her hands are calmer and slower than those of the guys I had been with, more confident that there was time to enjoy this part without it being at the expense of the main event. She finds my nipples and slowly rolls them between her fingers. This draws the first moan from my lips. She cups the modest flesh around my nipples that all the men I had been with always ignored. Her mouth finds its place back on my neck, and now I am ready. I lean my head back and run my hands through her shoulder length hair. She reaches between my legs but I stop her, I need to do my part first. I stand up and face her. I’m almost half a foot taller than she is, but I still feel like the child in the room.

I pull the dress over my head exposing myself to her, hoping not to be rejected. Her eyes run up and down my body, and the relief I feel as she bites her lower lip is overwhelming. We stumble to the couch in the living room and I try to undo the buttons on her shirt but my fingers are shaking too much. She cups my hands in hers, and begins removing her shirt. My mouth falls onto her breasts greedily sucking and eager to please. I know I’m moving too fast but I have never gone down on a woman before and after all this build up I want to perform well. I can feel the tiny piece of string ride up into my ass. I glance up at her as I kiss my way down her body. She is looking over my head. I glance back and see the mirror that proudly displays my rear.

I slide her pink cotton panties off of her, and wish I had the sense to wear something similar. The simplicity of them exudes a confidence that cannot be faked. My tacky thong reeks of inexperience and trying too hard.

She has a small strip of pubic hair leading to her clit. I look up into her hazel eyes, and she looks back into my blue ones. She gives me a kind smile and I lean in between her legs. I am tentative at first but her hands on my head encourage me to be more enthusiastic. It’s so different then giving a blow job. The way a cock invades your mouth makes it part performance, part figuring out how to breathe and part establishing a rhythm.

She tastes like nothing I have experienced before. She moans as I find her clit with my tongue, but I know I’m not working as smoothly as her other lovers. The details she has shared with me make it impossible to lie to myself about how I am doing. She moans, but I am afraid it is only for my benefit.

She cups my chin in her hands and raises my eyes to hers.

“Thank you” and with that she ends my flailing. I feel a drop of her juices drip down my face as she leans in and kisses me. I feel like a fool.

I know what comes next. I’m going to cum onto her mouth. I didn’t want her to make me cum after I had failed so miserably at trying to please her. Her lips were so soft as kissed me, the way her hands ran through my hair sent shivers down my body. She took her time working her way down me, it made me realize I had acted illegal bahis siteleri like all those selfish guys I had slept with who just rushed from my tits to my pussy. She kissed just below my ribs on both the left and right sides causing me to squirm, her hands just barely grazing the outside of my thighs.

The first full-fledged moan escaped my lips before she even touched my clit, just her breath on me made me light headed. Her fingers began exploring the folds of my vagina and my breath became short.

I have never tried heroin, but the first few moments of her tongue on me made me understand why people do the things they do for it. I wasn’t left with enough breath to moan, even though I wanted to scream. She knew my body better than I did, and she pleased it faster and with more intensity then I had even been able to.

Once my vision regained focus I lost all shame. I didn’t care I had failed at pleasing her, I didn’t care that apparently I had not even been fingering myself as well as I could have been all these years, I wanted to make the most of this moment.

I grabbed her hair with all my force. That got a groan, more from the unexpected pain than pleasure, but it was short lived as I pushed her face into my dripping cunt. I wrapped my right leg around her head to spread myself further, allowing her tongue and fingers to explore deeper into my hole. I know the last thing she has planned for me and this is my last chance to be the aggressor. I rubbed her face up and down, at one point her chin is rubbing against my clit. I fall forward off the couch and scramble to get myself back onto her mouth. My left knee is under her right shoulder while my right knee is on the side of her face as I straddle her and lower myself down. She probably can’t breathe well, and again I don’t care. I should be more compassionate to her; no one has ever driven me this mad. I put my hands down above her head and grind my womanhood into her face. She is trying so hard to please me. Looking back I don’t know why, she owed me nothing, but she did this for me anyways. I eventually lean back and pinch my nipples, the sharp pain contrasts with the intense pleasure she is providing me. I have lost track of how many times I have cum on her face, my nipples are raw.

Eventually I roll off of her and try to catch my breath on the floor. It felt like when you lay down too soon after a night of drinking, the room spun and I wanted to go to sleep. My chest heaved as I tried to catch my breath. My left leg had cramped due to the combination of pleasure and raw force I had pushed myself onto her face with.

“We can be done” she said as she wiped her face.

For a moment I considered it, could I really do more, did I have it in me?

“Go get it, I want it.” I know I will regret quitting now.

“Are you sure?” she asks, stroking my hair.


She leaves me alone on the floor for what seems like an eternity, but when she returns I still have not caught my breath so it must not have been that long.

The first thing I notice about the cock she is wearing is that it’s thick. It’s not super long, but I know my pussy is about to be stretched. It’s black and points up towards the ceiling just a bit canlı bahis siteleri at the end. It has a pronounced cockhead at the tip; it looks like it’s almost the size of an apple.

I mentally prepare myself for what is about to come, physically I could not be wetter so I stand and approach her. I reach down and take it in one of my hands, feeling the rubber that will be enveloped in me very shortly. With my other hand I reach behind her head and pull her towards me. We kiss and I taste myself on her. I am ready to begin.

There is an outman across the room and I lower myself onto it, presenting myself to her. I feel her knees settle behind my legs, the dick brushes against my ass as she positions herself. I spread my knees further and lower my face to the pillow. The head of the cock runs its way up and down my slit, gathering moisture, it feels almost as large as a baseball bat and I have no idea if I will be able to stretch enough to accommodate it. I trust that she won’t hurt me.

Her hands grip my hips and I feel pressure against my lips as she tries to enter me. I bite down on the pillow and lean back into her. I feel the head slide into me with a small pop. I have to control my breath as I wait for my body to adjust to this sudden change. She seems to know this and holds still.

When I feel ready I push back further, taking its length. Her hold on my hips tightens and I feel her body press up against mine. As it slowly slides back out of me I reach back and cover her hand with mine, I look back over my shoulder and into her eyes, they can best be described as hungry.

The next thrust is still gentle, but more definite. Her free hand moves up my back and intertwines with my hair. With the third thrust I sense the first bits of aggression as my head is pulled back as she uses my hair for leverage. Her movements become more forceful, her hips and thighs slap against me, and she shoves my hand away as she digs her nails into the flesh of my ass. I’m grunting audible at each thrust as I have never felt so full. I want to see her as she fucks me.

I turn around and lay on the floor. She takes my long right leg and puts it over her shoulder opening my hole wide to her. She grits her teeth as she plunges her cock into me, no patience or careful kindness this time. She rests her hands over my nipples, grabbing, and kneading, assaulting my body everywhere I want her to. I close my eyes and feel the warmth fill my body once more. She has made me cum more in the last 35 minutes then I had been able to in the last 35 days.

She eventually falls on top of me, the rubber cock pressed against our bodies. We kiss once more as the sweat of our bodies mixes with our other spent juices.

The afterglow traveled into the shower as I prepared myself to finish my travels. She stayed naked as she watched me dress, her eyes carefully scanning my body. I had regained my confidence now that I was moving on.

After the conference a striking young man was kind enough to buy me a few drinks, he was funny and handsome and we had an amazing evening together. He wasn’t even a bad dancer. He held me close and his body felt firm and strong against me. We kissed and he cupped my ass and I started to feel very good. I reached down and felt his manhood growing in my hand. Usually I love that, but that night I only could think that it wasn’t black or rubber or attached to her.

I spent the night alone, and then I had a lot to think about on the flight home the next day.



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