After all these yearsIt was mid morning and I was lying on my bed naked, with one hand I am stroking my rock hard cock and the other holds a pair of large white cotton panties which I am pressing to my mouth. As I inhale the erotic scent of the gusset and run my tongue the length of them again, trying to get every last taste from the yellow stains, I let out a little moan and whisper,“Mum.”Yes there I was a middle aged married man wanking himself off using his 71 year old Mum’s knickers.It is sickening and deeply erotic in equal measures.However this was nothing compared to what would happen the next day.I was in this position because my Mum was having some work done on her house and so my wife and I had invited her to stay with us for a week.The problem is I am as horny now as I was when I was a teenager and just as then I couldn’t resist masturbating with the aid of my Mum’s knickers, nor can I now.Yes I have been happily married for 22 years, yes Kath, my wife, and I have a great sex life, but I still have a thing for my own Mum even after all this time and when the opportunity presented itself to get hold of her dirty panties I just couldn’t resist and so before long I am shooting long strings of spunk over my stomach and over the bed before cleaning myself up with my Mum’s panties.Fortunately I was at home alone, Kath was at work and my Mum had gone into town on the bus, so I could have my fun and then return my Mum’s panties to a small laundry basket she had in her room and no-one would be the wiser.Or so I thought!The next day I was working in my office at home when my Mum popped her head round the door and asked if I would like a cup of tea. I said yes and agreed to go through to the lounge in 5 minutes.When I got there my Mum was sitting in an easy chair with 2 cups of tea on the small table in front of her. I took another chair and picked up a cup to take a sip.“How are things between you and Kath?” she asked, just out of the blue.“Fine,” I said “Why do you ask? Are we acting as if there is a problem?”My Mum gave me a thin smile,“No, it is just well……”And she stopped.“Well what?” I asked taking another sip of tea.“Well do you mind if I get frank with you, Mother to son?”“Mum you know you can say anything. I’d rather there weren’t secrets in the family.”“Well I asked because, and this might be embarrassing, but I note that you have been a naughty boy again like you were 30 years ago.”Then from beside her tucked down the seat, my Mum produced the very panties I had been sniffing and licking yesterday.It felt like someone had simply turned a fire on inside my head, my cheeks burned and a hot sickly flush came over me.“Sorry,” she said, “I knew I would embarrass you but I couldn’t leave it.”“Look Mum, I’m sorry,” I managed to blurt.She smiled again and said,“No need to be sorry, I didn’t mind when you were young and I certainly don’t mind now. In fact it is very flattering that after all these years, you still liked to play with yourself thinking about me.”There was a short silence as I didn’t know what to say. But the facts were there, my Mum had always known about my masturbation sessions.“I am 71,” she said, “but I still get buca escort excited and it excites me that you did what you did.”“I won’t do it again,” I manage to say, “I can’t apologise enough, I…”She held up her hand,“I want you to do it again.”The words turned my stomach to mush.“I want you to play with yourself. I want you to use my knickers. I want to watch,” the words came out in an almighty rush.I managed to compose myself and took a deep breath.“Seriously?”She smiled and nodded.What happened next sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it, because my 71 year old mother produced a pair of pale blue cotton panties again from beside her and handed them across to me.“Yesterdays,” she said.I was literally shaking at this point as I took them.My mouth was dry and I can feel myself breathing so deeply as I glanced down at the crusty stains on the gusset of the panties.“Pretend I’m not here,” Mum said.I knew that was impossible but by now the lust was such a fire and my cock was so hard I was beyond caring.I stood up , unfastened my jeans and let them drop, they were followed by my boxers and for the first time in decades I was showing my Mum my cock, but this time for the first time it was hard and already leaking pre-cum.How my Mum reacted I don’t know, I was just caught up in the world of dirty panties. I sat down and lifted her knickers to my mouth and hungrily tucked in. My lips and tongue worked on the yellow stains as I tasted my Mum’s intimate excretions, all the time slowly running my hand up and down the length of my cock. I did this for about 3 or 4 minutes lost in lust, when I heard Mum say,“You’re a dirty little boy.”I looked up and was treated to a fabulous sight,My Mum had one leg d****d over the arm of the chair and so her legs were wide open and she had a hand inside her white panties and was rubbing her pussy. I could see her fingers moving in and out and I could hear the soft squelch each time they did so.“Oh Mum, that is good, you look so horny,” I said as I watched.“You love Mummy’s panties don’t you, you dirty little boy?” she said huskily, “you just love your Mummy’s wet little pussy don’t you?”“Yes, I love it.”I then watched as my Mum eased the gusset of her knickers to one side to show me her pink slit. It was surrounded by a thick mat of grey hair, but it still glistened like a teenage cunt.I watched as she opened it up with her fingers.“Come on then, don’t keep your old Mum waiting.”I didn’t need a second invitation. I got on my knees and buried my face into my own Mum’s pussy. The vagina that had brought me into the world 46 years previous, smelt and tasted just wonderful and as the passion rose in me, I came all over the chair she was sitting on and the carpet, but that didn’t sate my lust, in fact it just spurred me on. I ran my tongue up and down her pussy, licking her, tongue fucking her passage, flicking at her clit.My Mum gasped and groaned and moaned and kept on saying I was a dirty little boy, which just turned me on even more.I manage to pull her forward and get her panties down completely and with her butt hanging over the edge of the chair I could get everywhere I buca escort bayan wanted. Therefore soon I was running my tongue the length of her labia and continuing down and under to her lovely tight little arsehole. Like her cunt this was also surrounded in hair, but in all honesty there is nothing I like more than rimming a lovely tight butt hole. So soon I was virtually upside down pressing my tongue up my Mum’s 71 year old arse as far as it would go.“Oh you horny disgusting boy,” she said over and over.“Oh you love your Mummy’s tight bum. There’s a good boy, lick Mummy clean.”I manoeuvred my Mum forward so she was virtually squatting over me and just hanging on to the arms of the chair she was in and that let me lie on my back and tongue my Mum’s hairy arse whilst I played with my cock.“Yes baby, lick and wank, darling boy, lick and wank,” she groaned as I forced my tongue deeper into her.The smell of her arse was so erotic and the warmth of it was driving me wild and once more I ejaculated.She gasped and I could hear her breathing grow deeper.“Oh yes darling, cum for Mummy, spurt your cum baby boy,”And then as I continue to lick and rim her arse, I felt a warm trickle run down my chin and neck.My Mum was panting wildly and I realised she had cum herself. Her legs started to shake and she quickly pulled herself off me.“Oh God I need to pee,” she said.She started to make for the door, but I got up quick and said,“Quick in the kitchen,” and I steered her through the kitchen door.I then knelt down in front of her, looked up and said,“Pee here,”“You really are a dirty boy,” she said with a wicked grin and then with a hiss her hot yellow urine streamed into my lap and over my deflated cock.I rubbed it in to me as she wiggled her hips, splashing her piss onto my stomach and legs as well. I put my hand between her legs and when it was soaked I put it up to my lips and with my eyes locked on hers I licked my Mum’s piss off my hand.“You’re a filthy pervert, who likes his Mummy’s wee aren’t you.”I nodded and as her pee trailed off, I got a few more drops on my fingers and licked them clean.“You’ve always been a dirty little boy who likes his Mummy’s cunt haven’t you.”“Yes Mummy,” I say“And now you are going to be Mummy’s dirty little boy who is good and does what Mummy says aren’t you?”“Yes Mummy, anything you want.”“Anything?”“Mmmm anything.”She smiled and turned round slightly bending forward,“Lick my arse again.”I knelt up and thrust my face into her buttocks pulling them apart to get at that glorious little brown bud. It had a whole new taste now, the iron taste of her piss and bowels mixed together were even more erotic and the hair around it was wet, giving it a whole new tang.Eventually Mum had to move.“We have got a lot of cleaning up to do,” she said surveying the scene in the kitchen.However even though I had come twice and was sporting a limp dick I was still feeling horny.“Soon,” I said, “ Let’s just go to bed for a while.”“But darling your kitchen will stink of my pee.”“ I don’t care, Kath won’t be home for 5 hours we have plenty of time, please Mum, I want to take you to bed.”She looked at me with escort buca that wicked grin again,“Call me Mummy and I will.”“Please Mummy, I want a cuddle in bed.”I stripped off completely and got into my bed. My Mum unzipped her skirt and let it drop and then took off her blouse and finally her bra.My Mum had never been a big woman, medium size really but her tits had always been impressive and now even though they drooped considerably, they were still wonderful in my eyes. Her nipples were big and even at her age slightly stiff and I felt my loins stirring as she climbed into bed beside me.She gently stroked my semi erect cock and cooed as it slowly grew in front of her eyes.“I’ve always wanted to play with my little boys cock,” she said, “when you lived at home I used to love seeing it. I always wanted to see it hard like this. I loved finding my panties that you had been playing with.”“I didn’t know you knew,” I said.“Yes darling. I always knew from the first time you got a hard on you loved Mummy’s panties. And all those lovely stains you left behind, Mmmm just heavenly.”“Mummy you are so naughty.”My Mum bent towards my cock and from over her shoulder looked me in the eye,“I just wish I had done something 30 years ago, we could have had a great time.”I gasped as her wonderful mouth enveloped my cock,“We can now Mummy, we can now.” For the next 5 minutes my Mum explored my cock and balls with her lips, tongue and teeth until finally pushing me onto my side and exploring my arse with her tongue. The feel of her tongue against my arsehole was simply amazing , something I had never experienced before and as she was also wanking me off at the same time I was soon spurting my 3rd lot of cum in less than an hour.As I did so, my Mum continued to rim my arse and cover my cock and balls in my own cum as she caught much of it in her hand and then rubbed it back in.As my cock deflated yet again Mum came up for a kiss and a cuddle. The first kiss we’d had actually and it was so erotic, just feeling her tongue passing over my lips and teeth and into my mouth got me twitching again. I fondled her tits and the kiss got more passionate as she climbed on top of me and then she was moving up, forcing her heavy tits against my mouth.“Suck me baby, like you did so long ago, suck Mummy’s boobs.”I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked at it, letting her breast fill my mouth. I squeezed her arse as I did so and soon found my finger pressing against her arsehole. As she pushed down on me forcing more tit into my mouth I easily slipped a finger into her wet arse.“God you just love arse, don’t you. You just love your Mummy’s arse you dirty little sod.”As she wriggled about on top of me I felt my cock stiffen again.This time would be the last I was sure, so I gently pushed her away from me and onto her back and then I climbed on top.She looked at me with eyes full of lust,“Yes darling fuck Mummy, fuck Mummy hard.”And that is exactly what I did until she was exhausted and I was sated.Afterwards we lay in bed for a while in silence until my Mum said,“You will be naughty and dirty all the time with me now won’t you?”I kissed her forehead,“Yes of course.”“And you’ll do anything.”“Yes Mum.”“Good because I want to be really dirty with you. I want to take my little boy on a journey of depravity and I want you to enjoy it.”“I will Mummy.”“Mmmm I love that. Tomorrow when Kath’s at work we’ll go deeper into that journey.”“Can’t wait!”



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