Adventure’s of HOT Anita – PART 1To find an apartment for rent for two young girls was difficult. I had lost count of number of houses that I and my friend Clarra had visited over the past days. Clarra was my closest friend since college. She was into sports and gymed regularly. She had a lean athletic body with perfect breasts and a cute round ass. Everyone would stare at her cute ass when she walked. When she was in the college gymnastics team the number of spectators increased just to get a closer look at her boobs bouncing and her ass swaying. Her cameltoe pussy would show clearly when she wore her tight track pants. We had just finished college and had found jobs in London. But the rent in the area was too high for either of us to afford. So we had to find a place elsewhere. After a lot of searching we started narrowing our search to an Indian suburb. The rent there was a lot cheaper and it would have to do for the time being.The mobile numbers of brokers filled up my contact list every time we explained the house owners that it is not a family but only two 22 year old unmarried ladies who are going to move in. They would slowly call the broker to one side of the room and start whispering in their language.We immediately knew that even this house is goner. White spinsters are considered whores who can rob old Indian married men from from their “perfect” housewives. That’s the rumour that the Indian house owners heard.We tried to politely explain that we have got a job here and we work for a well-known company. We will pay rent on time and cause no havoc in whatever little time we get to spend at home. But it fell in deaf ears.We were given 7 days of free accommodation in our company sponsored hotel and we were running out of time. Staying in hostel for women seemed to be our only hope. We did not like it one bit. Anita! Clarra called out loud. She was furiously searching for the apartments for rent online.She wanted me to check out this place which was in the Indian Suburb. It had 2 BHK, one open terrace and also 2 bathrooms. The rent quoted was also cheap. I immediately dialled the number just to get the broker on the other end.He told us that the place was already nearly booked by someone else but on hearing a female voice, he told us to meet him at a set location and check out the house. Me and Clarra got dressed and took a taxi to the location.The broker was scary looking dark man who stood over 6 feet tall and weighed close to 210 pounds. He was riding an old bike and his bottom engulfed the entire seat. We slowly walked behind him as he took us through a lane.We walked and walked till we reached dead-end. Clarra and I exchanged glances. “The last house, Madam”, said the asian grouch. An independent house with 2 floors with withering paint stared at us. “2 BHK ma’am, no pollution, no traffic no sound, the owner very good” the broker continued in his broken English. He rang the door bell, and a fat Indian lady wearing an Indian saree which displayed her fat belly opened the door. The fat landlady had a serious conversation with the crooked looking broker in their colloquial language. I felt the ground below me shake as her voice boomed over the word rent. Clarra was cool. She had already started walking around here and there as if she knew this house was ours for the taking.“No Boyfriends here”, the fat landlady’s voice pierced in my head. I was so scared that I nodded. The fact that she said boyfriends instead of just boyfriend gave me a feeling that she thought I was a slut, or will become one soon.Tell your friend also. I again nodded. She went inside and came back with a key and gave it to the broker who shouted “come, upstairs room”. Full ventilation, marble flooring Clarra looked excited. She liked isolated houses. I like buildings with a lot of people around me.When we climbed the outer staircase to our place, the front room was not that big. One bedroom was bigger than the other. The kitchen opened to a terrace where there was so much space there. “clothes hanging, you and owner family share” said the Indian broker. “Ok” !I understood that he wanted to tell me that this terrace will also be shared by the owner’s family to dry clothes. Clarra was flying around the house like a kindergarden k**. She seemed to like this place.Then the broker said “ house booked by another man, pay extra 300 and house yours”. Yes said Clarra immediately. I looked at her. She had bahis siteleri a pleading look on her face and I did not want to say NO. “and one month rent is my fees” the the broker spoke in broken English. I agreed as this is the process followed by everyone here. You can shift after you pay advance. Today also ok, the broker grinned. “So who stays downstairs?” I asked.“Decent family, Ma’am! Wife you saw before, husband gone to work, one k** gone to school.” Clarra looked scared, wondering how the other’s will be. I smiled. We wanted to move in tomorrow, we paid the advance, paid the broker.We did not have much of luggage. We had to buy everything from scratch. We moved in. The fat landlady smiled for the first time as I handed over the cheque to her. She must have really felt like a millionaire then. We never met her husband till date.It seems like he did not have veto powers in that house to decide the tenants. All was done by the dark ugly landlady. Clarra liked the terrace the best. She was a hardcore Pilates enthusiast and always woke up by 6 to do her acrobatics. She had a well maintained body and a flat stomach. Though not flat I had little flesh where it mattered and was too lazy to do pilates or exercise of any sort. The husband or the official house owner it seems was out of station for some days. The k** was nice, he was around 10 and resembled baby shrek.One morning while we were going to work, we climbed down the stairs to the gate, I saw a dark old man topless scratching the hair on his chest looking at the water meter. He seemed to be shocked to see us first. He then grinned at us. Clarra smiled back. “New tenants” he asked. Yes Clarra replied. Do you like the house? “Like it very much” replied Clarra. “Come sometime for coffee in our house when you are free” said the topless man, still rubbing his chest. He wore only a dhoti ( indian wrap-around for men ).He had a sacred thread around his body, which had some religious significance. His pot belly prevented him from seeing his toes when he looked down. We smiled and we ran off to work.The next morning there was a sound of laughter in the terrace. I was still in bed and as I tried to clear my mind. Was I just a dream or did I really hear it. I looked at the time it was 6:30 am. I got up and checked the other bedroom for Clarra. She was not there.She must be doing pilates. I heard another roar of laughter. When did she start laughter sessions like those laughter clubs?I looked out of the window and I saw Clarra was talking to the house owner. He was topless as usual, wearing just his dhoti around his waste.He had a small steel bowl in his hands. He did not look like he had come to perform his religious pooja. He chatting with Clarra. I could not hear what they were talking but from what it looked, The ugly Indian landlord was talking about his pot belly and his hands were rubbing his hairy belly.I did not like his intentions one bit. Clarra was in a t shirt and her track pants which took the shape of her tight arse. I opened the door and told Clarra to make tea. The house owner did not like it. He smiled at me and gave one of those pervy glares. He was around 55 years old.Clarra went inside with a dumb expressionless look on her face. She was not of suspicious nature by birth. She liked to talk to everyone, unlike me who suspected everyone. The house owner wanted to say something to me but he thought against it and smiled and climbed down the stairs.I did not want to scare Clarra by telling her about my doubts about him. Clarra told me that he does his morning prayers in the terrace and he was very funny. I nodded and refrained from asking anymore, to end that conversation. While we went down the stairs, the landlady turned up.She said she was leaving to her hometown for 2 weeks as it was summer vacation for her son. I was not happy to hear that. “Uncle will be here. Your duplicate keys will be with him”. I was sad on hearing this. 2 weeks of freedom for Old Geezer. Wondering what plans he had in his head. I was sure it involved Clarra for sure.Next day morning, I woke up and upon not finding Clarra, I peeped out of the window and I saw topless pot bellied “Uncle” and Clarra on the terrace. It seems he had made tea for her as the cup she was holding was of alien origin. The topic for today was also pot-belly as he still had his other hand run over his belly.I did not barge in this time. I wanted to see to canlı bahis extend he will go. Since it was the last house of the lane no one could see them on the terrace. I watched him as he outlined the shape of his belly with his hand. Innocent Clarra was listening to all his fake problems intently and staring at his belly. God, this blond girl was so naive.I wanted to slap her and of course him. I was about to go there when Clarra stretched her hand and touched his pot belly. He would have asked her to feel it. She was actually reluctant but he said something and she laughed. Her other hand was also on his belly.She was pressing it. I had no clue what the landlord was telling her. But it seemed to work for him. A young girl had her hands around his stomach. Ah! She must be telling him about different Pilates styles that he could do to reduce belly fat. The old fart could not care less, all that he should do is hog less.Before he could do anything more, I made a sound of door opening which caught him off guard. I walked in. Clarra was laughing and telling me to look at his pot belly. I did not smile. He wants to do Pilates to reduce the fat. I stared at him. He felt uncomfortable and asked me if I needed tea.I said No. He took the glass from Clarra and immediately rushed off. After he left, Clarra imitated the landlord by keeping a pillow inside her t-shirt. I told her if she was not careful, she won’t need a pillow to imitate him. She did not even understand the joke.This was becoming a routine now. The next day I woke up to see the topless landlord in loose cotton shorts this time. His hands and legs were thin like sticks. Clarra was lying on the floor and demonstrating some exercise. He was eying Clarra from head to toe.I peeked through the window slightly to hear what they were talking. She got up and told the fat “Uncle” to do the same. His master plan required him to do some hardwork. He had calculated this effort as he lay flat. I could see them clearly. He had purposely tied the string of his shorts loose.His butt-crack was visible. I felt that his shorts will slide down completely. After trying in vain to lift any of his body parts, he gave up. Clarra was laughing. She was always in a jolly mood. He got up after Clarra helped him to stand.He complained of pains everywhere. He pointed to a place on his back. Clarra immediately pressed that part to see if there was pain. He let out a whimper. What a Jerk! Oscar winning performance! and he was also rubbing his belly and Clarra was then massaging his belly cause he felt intense pain there.He sat on the stool nearby. Clarra was standing near him. He asked her if he went home and repeated this exercise which parts of his body would reduce fat. Clarra said that this was majorly to reduce belly. He face was on the same height as Clarra’s belly now. She was wearing a small tight t-shirt.“I want to get a belly like yours” said the old fart. I knew what he was getting at. Clarra was not getting it at all. She blushed actually. I think it must be flat and smooth” uncle continued. Clarra blushed uncontrollably. He again ran his hand around his belly and then looked at Clarra’s belly.“It can’t be this big” said the fat ladlord. Clarra laughed. “No ways it can be that big” Saying this she slowly lifted her t-shirt revealing her perfectly flat navel out in the open for Uncle to see. His eyes lit like 100 Watt bulb on seeing the bare skin of a 22 year old girl.Her belly button was hidden as her track pants covered it. She lifted it a bit and let Uncle get a good look at her belly. He immediately told her that she has a very beautiful stomach that he has ever seen which made Clarra beam with pride. Look at my belly button continued the Indian Uncle. It has gone under my belly now.Clarra looked down at her stomach. She saw that her belly button was invisible. Can I also see your belly button”? asked Uncle innocently . Yes, replied Clarra. But Clarra had held up her t shirt with both the hands. “Can I” asked Uncle.“Ok” nodded Clarra. He slowly brought his hands towards. This was the luckiest day of that Bastards life. He held her pants and slowly pulled it down bringing into view the most beautiful belly button that he will ever get to see in his lifetime.He pulled her pants dangerously down just above her panties. He now stared at her navel. He was at loss of words. He kept staring at her navel. Stupid dumbass Clarra was beaming güvenilir bahis with pride. “This is the most beautiful navel I have ever seen”, were the words that Uncle could manage to say. Then the old bastard suddenly pulled a bit lower and Clarra’s thin panties dragged down along until the start of her slit could be seen. Clarra was a bit shocked , but tried not to show it. That devil, he was taking advantage of her and I was not doing anything to stop him. I had to do something before he pounces on her there. I pushed a steel vessel and it made a loud noise. Clarra immediately pulled down her t-shirt and ran towards the sound.The old fart would have been disappointed. He immediately ran down. He would go and shag his dick out. I knew immediately that he was not going to stop till he pins Clarra. I was scared to leave Clarra alone even for a minute when he was there that day.The next day morning, I woke up early around 5 am. I saw Clarra had not woken up as it was Saturday. I looked out of the window and saw the obese Uncle lingering around here and there. I saw the landlord fiddling with his cell. He was calling Clarra. I heard the ring as Clarra picked up her mobile.She half-heartedly woke up and went to the terrace. She did not even brush. She was wearing a knee length flimsy skirt and a loose t-shirt. She was in no mood for any Pilates. Still the landlord did not give up hope. He told her to just stand there and instruct him.The wind was blowing in full strength and poor Clarra had a hard time holding on to her thin skirt from getting lifted. The short t-shirt that she was wearing was uncontrollable. It was not tucked to her skirt and it was flying around clearly showing bit of her navel here and there much to Uncle’s delight.Clarra was again focusing on the Pilates exercise, whereas Uncle deliberately did things wrong so as to make Clarra correct him by touching him. Clarra made him lie flat on the mat on his belly. It was a difficult thing for him. She wanted him to lift his head up and also simultaneously lift one leg up.The doti was not letting him lift his leg. Clarra was getting annoyed with it. “Uncle can you remove that dhoti and keep it in the side, it might help you better” suggested Clarra. This was exactly what he wanted to hear in a flash he removed his dhoti. Clarra was shocked so was I.He was wearing very small underwear barely covering his ass. Large parts of his ass were on display to Clarra. It was too late and would hurt him if she asked him to put it back on, so Clarra did not say anything. That was a green light for him.He was next to naked on the terrace. Clarra tried to ignore the ass staring at her face and made him lift his leg. He was too sloppy to lift. Uncle tilted and lay on his back now. This was a surprise as Clarra could make out a huge bulge in front of his underwear tracing his long pole inside.”Can you demonstrate it to me once please” said the old Indian landlord. Clarra was shocked to see Uncle like this. She had never thought the session would turn out to be like this. She asked him to shift. He stood up. Clarra then lay on the mat on her front. He knew which position to stand to get a good view.Clarra then told uncle that he should raise his neck and count till 5 and then slowly lift his left leg up and count till 5. She then slowly lifted her left leg. Her skirt was dancing in the wind and as soon as she lifted her leg. It rose up. Clarra immediately tried to pull it down.Uncle told her not to worry about the wind. Uncle was standing right in front of her so that he could get a clear view of her panty when she lifted her leg. Can I help u lift your leg” asked the uncle. Clarra refused. “No problem, I can help you” insisted the ugly landlord. He held her left leg and pulled it up.Her skirt was up all the way revealing her yellow panty. Her cute cameltoe was on clear display for the leech to see. I could see the bulge of his underwear expanding from where I was standing. He slowly helped her leg back and then he held her right leg and lifted it. The skirt was of a thin material and it raised up all the way displaying Clarra’s ass to him clearly.In the process of “helping” the petite girl the old man moved in closer, until his hard-on was lightly touching Clarra’s cameltoe mound. Uncle lifted both her legs higher and softly ground his bulge on her smooth panty. He looked up and closed his eye’s savoring the feeling of Clarra’s Hot Cameltoe. Clarra was completely helpless and let out a soft moan. ——————————————————to be continued …the story has been adapted from another .I will try to update regularly in Parts. Do comment



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