For several days after my sister accidently pissed on my, I find sleep to be very difficult to come by. The events keep running through my mind and I am overcome by the desire for more than just feeling my sister’s pissed through panties on my face and jerking myself into them. I try over and over again to push those thoughts out of my mind, but they are being very stubborn and refusing to leave.

I can’t exactly talk to my friends about such things, since there is no way they would understand any of this. No one I trust has ever expressed any interest in anything like this and I am not planning on being the butt of the joke for years to come from my closest friends. I don’t have a girlfriend, so there is no female companion for me to confide in with the attempt of making something happen. I even try to watch porn involving piss to try to get it out of my system, but it only drives my desires further.

My sister is my only viable option, which I find to be a little unsettling. Jacking off into her panties on one occasion after getting overcome by pure desire is one thing, but to actually plan on doing something with her is crossing one hell of a line. Maybe it would be different if I found her body to be closer to what I desire in a woman, but even that would be pushing things. I like larger tits and hers are far too small for me. I haven’t actually seen them, but I have seen her bras and know she is a B cup. Her ass is also a problem, because I like a little more cushion than she has. I have felt her scrawny ass on my legs far too often for me not to know and never had any interest in finding out any other way.

The most disturbing thing about this whole nightmare is she looks a lot like me. We are the same height, have the same blond hair and the same blue eyes. We have been mistaken for twins on numerous occasions and there is no way I could even start to pretend I am dealing with someone not related to me. At least we are both over the legal age, since she just turned 18 a few months ago. So at least I’m not dealing with the kind of problem that can get me arrested.

The very idea of broaching the subject with Brandy is not something I find pleasant in the least, but it is far better than the alternative of dealing with something internally and finding myself driven into madness. She continues to visit as often as before, but neither of us has mentioned anything about what happened that day. My guess is that she is very embarrassed and probably a little angry with me for causing it to happen.

I need to be direct with her, since anything else could result in abject failure and that will cost me far more than anything I can think of. I can’t lose anymore sleep over this than I already have and need to find a release to make it go away. It is difficult to truly prepare for her responses, since I have never brought up anything like what I am about to discuss with her. I have no way of knowing how she will react and have little hope she will accept my request easily.

Brandy arrives at her usual time and I say, “Before we turn on the TV, I need to talk to you.”

She has a worried look on her face as her blue eyes, my blue eyes, peak out from behind her blond bangs. She asks, “Talk about what, Max?”

My hands are shaking a little and there is no hiding it from her, which adds to her concern. I say, “Sit down, Brandy. This will be easier if you sit.”

Her worried look increases and she says, “OK, Max.” She sits on the couch and asks, “What’s wrong? You’re starting to scare me a little. Are you OK?” The concern in her voice increases with every word.

I don’t join casino şirketleri her on the couch as I am too nervous to sit. I take a deep breath and say, “I’m OK, well sort of…”

She cuts me off and asks, “What’s wrong, Max? What does sort of mean?” The concern in her voice is matched by the look on her face.

I say, “Damn this is hard. Brandy, ever since you peed on me…”

She cuts me off again, and says, “That was your fault. I told you I had to pee, piss head.” There is a little anger in her voice.

I say, “I know and I’m sorry. Now let me get this out.” My hands continue to shake.

She says, “Fine. Go ahead and tell me. No, let me guess, you want to make fun of me.” The anger is getting stronger.

I quickly shake my head and say, “No. I don’t want to make fun of you. Now let me finish, please.”

The anger is still there, but it is subsiding. “OK, Max. Just tell me what it is.” The worry is starting to return to her face as the anger subsides.

The shaking in my hands gets a little stronger as I say, “When you peed on me I liked it.”

She has a shocked look on her face as she says, “That is really gross.”

I ignore the interruption and continue. “I didn’t just like it. I can’t sleep because I can’t get the thought out of my mind. It just keeps going, over and over and over again. Damn thing won’t stop.”

She still looks shocked, but also a little confused. “What thing, Max? Damn it, just tell me.”

I say, “Being pissed on by you.”

There is a mixture of shock and revulsion that crosses her face. She says, “That’s really gross, Max. If you think I’m going to piss my pants again, forget it. It’s not going to happen.”

I say, “I’m not talking about feeling you piss on me through your clothes. I want to feel your piss on my skin. Now you know.”

She shakes her head and is clearly repulsed by the idea. She says, “Listen, piss head, that’s not going to happen. I don’t care if you can’t sleep. That’s disgusting.”

I quickly respond by saying, “I covered for you a lot with mom and dad. You owe me.”

She shakes her head and says, “Not that much, you sicko.”

I am a little relieved that I was at least able to prepare for something like this. I say, “Look, Brandy, I did more than just cover for you. I took the blame for you breaking into the liquor cabinet and it got me kicked out. I’ll tell mom and dad the truth.”

She shakes her head again and says, “You wouldn’t dare.” The revulsion is still there, but I see a hint of fear in her blue eyes.

I say, “I will. Look, Brandy, all I want you to do is piss on me. I’m not asking for anything else.”

The hint of fear is starting to get stronger in her eyes. She says, “That’s disgusting. Do you even know how wrong this is?”

My hands are still shaking, but it is starting to subside. I say, “I know, that’s why I didn’t bring it up sooner. I have tried everything to get it out of my mind, but nothing works. This is all I have left.”

She remains quiet for a few moments as she considers the possibility that I will tell our parents on her. She breaks the silence as she asks, “How about I sit in your lap and piss my pants again?”

I hide the smile that is trying to cross my lips and know there is only one way this will end. She is willing to negotiate, which means I have her right where I want her. There is no way she is taking any chances with mom and dad finding out it was her. If they were willing to kick me out over it, then there is no reason to believe she will be treated any differently.

I say, “I thought about it, but know casino firmaları it won’t be good enough. I have to feel your piss on my skin.”

She says, “Neither of us are getting naked. How about we get down to our underwear and I pee on you that way?” She is desperate to make some kind of deal to make the threat go away.

I say, “I only need to take off my shirt and lay down on my bed. You can keep your shirt on and pee on my chest. That way neither of us is completely naked.”

She says, “This is really sick. I’m your sister. You shouldn’t want me to do anything like this.” She is clearly trying to find some means of making this whole thing go away.

I am having a much more difficult time holding my smile back. I say, “I know you’re my sister, but I also know I’m desperate. It’s either pee on me or I tell. Your choice.”

She gets an angry look on her as she spits out, “Some choice. Fine, you fucking sicko. I’ll do it. Now get in the bedroom so I can get this over with.”

I walk to my bedroom and can hear her steps behind me. I quickly take off my shirt and lay down on my back. She is at the edge of the bed, but still has her pants on.

She is still trying to find some way to get out of this ordeal. She asks, “Isn’t there anything else I can do? Please don’t make me do this. This is wrong in so many ways.”

I shake my head and say, “There’s nothing else.”

She has a defeated look on her face and says, “Fine, damn you. Lets get this over with.”

I watch her as she quickly removes her pants and panties, which reveals a full blond bush. Like so much of my sister’s body, it’s not what I want to see when I look at a naked woman. I have always preferred a trimmed or shaved pubic area over what I see before me. She makes no attempt to cover up, but she works to ensure I don’t see anything else.

My arms are under my head and she says, “Put your arms down. There’s no way I’m taking any chances. You aren’t going to touch me anywhere, you fucking sicko.”

I put my arms down and she carefully places one leg on either side to ensure they are properly pinned. Then says, “Here it comes, you sicko.” Her voice has a lot of anger in it.

I look at her bush and see just the top of her lips, then say, “If you piss while standing like that, all it will is run down your legs. Kind of defeats the purpose. You need to squat down, Brandy.”

She lets out a sound of disgust and says, “Fine. But only because I don’t want to go through this again.”

She squats down and I see her lips slowly spread and I find myself getting very excited. Sure, there’s the excitement of seeing her pussy and clit that was just barely visible, but also due to being so close to finally ending this damn torture. She continues to squat and I lose visibility of most of her pussy.

She spits out, “That’s as close as I’m getting, you sick fuck.”

I say, “That’s plenty close.”

She angrily says, “Good. Here it comes.”

I stare down at the space between her pussy and my chest and see the yellow fluid leave rapidly. The feeling of her hot piss on my chest is every bit as wonderful as I had imagined, but know she has no interest in a controlled stream of any kind. She wants this over with quickly and is doing everything she can to empty her bladder. I feel her piss rolling down my sides and starting to soak into the sheet and find that almost as enjoyable as what is on my chest.

The rapid flow starts to turn into a slow drip as my sister says, “There you go, you sick fuck. Now I never want to hear another word about this.”

She starts to get up, which güvenilir casino frees my hands enough to do something that never even crossed my mind before this moment. I reach up with my hands and quickly start to force her pussy in the direction of my face. Before she can react, my mouth is very close to her still dripping pussy.

She quickly comes to her senses and immediately reaches out for my hair. She pulls hard as she yells, “Stop. What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

I maintain my grip on her body and ignore the pain. The first drop reaches my tongue and I find myself liking the salty taste. A few more drops escape and I like it even more. She continues to pull my hair hard, but the pain is a worthy sacrifice for me as each drop brings added intoxication.

She yells again, “Let me go, you fucker.”

She starts to dig her nails into my scalp as I realize there are no drops left. I work my tongue between her lips and find a nice reward as there is more of her hidden. It only lasts a short while, then there is no more to be found, but my tongue does not stop. I continue to ignore the pain and decide to work on her clit. If I can’t get more piss, then I will get something else from her. As I work my tongue, I get a piece of pubic hair in my mouth. Normally I would stop to remove it, but I ignored the sensation of the hair and continued to work her clit as masterfully as I can.

Her grip starts to loosen and she lets out a soft moan. She yells out, “Stop that, you fucking sicko.” The sound of her voice was a mix of anger and pleasure.

My tongue continues to do its job well and I feel her starting to drip onto my chin. The grip changes from one of anger to one of pleasure as she starts to moan louder and with more frequency. The increased dripping drives me onward and I work my tongue harder than it ever has before and I feel her hands start to caress my hair.

She moans out, “Don’t stop, Max. It feels so good. Don’t stop.”

I have every intention of doing as she asks and continue to work her clit and feel far more escape onto my chin. I pull her down a little and start to suck on her clit while continuing to work it with my tongue. She moans all the louder as a result.

She lets out a loud moan and says, “I’m going to…”

The words are cut off she pulls my head and screams out. I move my mouth and feel her explode with pleasure. She forces my head up to move my face into her drenched pussy and fills my mouth with so many wonderful flavors. I love everything about what is in my mouth and quickly swallow what I can. Just as quickly as I can empty my mouth, I find it is full again. My sister is full of wonderful surprises today and I have no problem being greedy with what she gives me.

Her orgasm subsides and she collapses onto the bed. She looks at my face, which is completely covered by what was released from her, and says, “That was incredible, Max.”

I smile and say, “I’m glad you enjoyed it, Brandy.”

She takes a deep breath and says, “That was…” Her voice trails off, then asks, “How the hell could you do that to me?” The anger has returned and completely replaced the ecstasy she had felt just a moment ago.

I get a confused look on my face and ask, “What’s wrong?”

She says, “That was never part of the deal. I peed on you, you sick fuck. That was the only thing I agreed to. You had no right to do what you did.”

I’m at a loss for words as she gets out of bed and puts her panties and pants back on. She storms out of the room and then leaves the apartment. By the sound of the door slamming, I know she is very angry about what just happened. I know I can’t blame her and I am sorry for what I did. There was nothing planned about it, but I can’t go back and change anything. I inhale deeply and enjoy the aroma and allow my hands to touch her piss on my chest.



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