Tamara and Will were now an “official couple”. Within the weeks since they had hit it off at the house party, the oversized coupling had moved in together. Switching off every few nights between Tamara’s room and Will’s room, next door to one another; mainly when one room needed to air out because of their constant sex sprees. The two were inseparable.

They walked each other to class, ate every meal together, and were basically together all the time; with the exception of classes or clubs, as they didn’t share any. The two garnered the stares of every person, whenever they would enter a room or crowd: Something which became a common kink between them, knowing of their sexual prowess wherever the pair went.

This usually led to frequent turn on’s in public — something that when observed…was obvious of what was happening to the viewer. Because of this, another kink developed between them: exhibitionism. One or both of them would get noticeably aroused, and in turn, would set the other one off…the two were never seen out in public together for long, but were seen fucking in public together, frequently. They usually couldn’t make it to the dorm in time.

Tamara had resorted to not wearing panties at all anymore. She sold them all on some erotica website for a quick buck. Admittedly she said, being around Will’s huge penis and balls for too long, would get her too wet. There was no point to owning any as she had no intentions of leaving his side anytime soon. She did want to marry him after all. Because of this, when she was the first to crack in public…whatever she was wearing to cover her pussy, had no chance of hiding her arousal.

Will on the other hand, had given up on boxers weeks ago. His bulge was obscene now, as pants were a dwindling option, even when flaccid. Shorts were completely out of the question, but that didn’t stop him from wearing them. He continued to grow throughout the week from his final testosterone treatment as he had in weeks previously.

He was at the 2′ hard mark by the end of the week, and his visions of a yardstick dick were slowly but surely becoming a reality. Both Will, and Tamara, were loving every second of his growth. A shower, not a grower…his pendulous, while soft, almost apple-sized head was now almost hanging past his knees and still lengthening.

The growth was not limited to his penis, as his balls (and cumshots) grew at the same pace as his shaft. Tamara joked that his balls had to be the size of grapefruits, but even that probably short-ending their size. They added a lot of projection to his bulge, especially when he hadn’t had a cum in a few hours. When he hadn’t let off in a while, they swelled to the size of cantaloupes. His regularly-scheduled cumshots could cover Tamara from head to toe now, with plenty extra for her to slurp down, and catch with her pussy and body. But when he hadn’t cum in a while…

During midterms, after the two had an all day study session at the library…on the walk back to the dorm, Tamara could have sworn she heard the cum sloshing around in Will’s balls. His bulge ripped his pants during the walk due to the movement, and had to walk home pants-less. It didn’t take long at all for Tamara to get him to cum, and it was enough to cover her 3x over at least. Her entire room: floor, walls, ceiling — in addition to Tamara…was splattered with cum. Since then, Tamara learned that she needed be diligent about her lover’s orgasms, making him cum several times a day from that moment on. She went so far as to institute suck and masturbation study breaks inside the library, as to not detract from their schoolwork.

Tamara knew she was almost at the end of her line with taking any amount of Will inside of her mouth or pussy now. Something that she was a little upset about, but that wasn’t a bad thing in her eyes. She was a purest size queen and wanted to see just how big Will would get. Will wasn’t the only one who wanted to see him grow to be a yardstick down there…

Tamara would go on and on about how big it was, and how this was, is, and will always be the hottest sexual experience of her entire life. She thought about spiking his waters with the growth hormone and testosterone she stole from the lab, just to get Will to her desired size immediately…But he grew so much from his last trial shot, that she didn’t want to overdo it so quickly. Tamara wanted to enjoy the last bit of being able to take Will inside of her mouth and pussy.

Tamara did, however, resort to spiking her own drinks with the estrogen and progesterone that she also stole from the lab — while she accompanied Will to the exam room and stole them while the doctor wasn’t looking. Before she started taking it, Tamara was extremely busty. Her bras ranged from HH-K, but she bulged out of them all, knowing she was realistically somewhere around the L-N range. That was before this week…

Now, her breasts were pushing sizes that couldn’t be classified by letters. ataşehir escort And the numbers weren’t much more believable. Down to her last few pairs of shirts, Tamara’s oversized tits hung down almost to her belly button now, but were still perky and full…causing a scene to occur wherever she went, as the vast expanse of smooth brown cleavage commanded attention. It almost made people forget about her huge butt that trailed her, or her babydoll face.

Her clothing options, like Will, were also becoming limited. As each day she spiked herself with more hormones, she bulged more and more out of the remaining tops and bras that fit her. Tamara quickly became the “Cleavage Queen Of West Crest” as everyone dubbed her. But Tamara had bigger ambitions as she had it in her mind that she should be able to titfuck Will properly. She wanted to make his dick disappear between her tits. She also deduced, that this was the only way to stay sexually involved with Will, after his dick eventually gets too big for her pussy.

While she had grew a lot over this week, so had Will. A large amount of ground and cock to cover, if she had any chance…


It was Saturday. The day when Will’s weekly shot fizzled out. Tamara got the idea to take a double dose of her hormones, to try and close the gap on Will’s massive dick. She had been gaining about a cup size every two days since her regimine started last week. So logically, she’d gain a cup size over the course of the day…

Tamara started this morning like she had every day this week. By taking her breast growth hormones with a glass of water, and waking up before Will to eventually give him a titfuck. She had several reasons:

1. Wanted to check if Will’s dick and balls grew from the previous day

2. Checking how much ground her tits needed to make up in growth, to match Will

3. Checking for growth of her own

They slept naked now. Clothing was uncomfortable at the couple’s oversized proportions, and they only resorted to it in public. After throwing on her shirt and panties from last night, Tamara got a cup, applied her breast growth cocktail, and went down the hall to mix it with some water.

She returned to bed and curled back up next to Will, who was sleeping like a rock. Since they slept naked now, all Tamara had to do was pull back the covers to see her lover’s enormous unit; almost visualizing her eventual reward in front of her. It was her favorite part of the day. And it usually got her wet on the spot… seeing this 19 year old man with arguably the biggest cock and balls in America, laying beside her to start every morning from now on, hopefully, she thought.

Tamara however, was astonished at the scene this particular morning. When Will was flaccid, his head usually hung somewhere down around his knees; something that got Tamara going every time she saw, or even thought about it. And in the morning before his first cum is when Will usually looked the ‘smallest’ to her…But today, Will’s flaccid dick was beyond that usual ‘measurement’. *The last round of treatment must have got him extra thick and long, Tamara figured. * The end of Will’s fat tip, stopped at about the top of his shin bone.

After lightly touching herself to the scene, and cumming in no time flat with minimal effort, Tamara got up, got her ‘growth cup’, and dolled-out a second double-dose of her breast growth hormones. She was off to get more water…

Her boyfriend was a big boy. Tamara knew that fully. When she saw him naked for the first time, she knew she was a long way off from being able to titfuck him properly. But somehow, even after spiking herself with breast growth hormones this whole week, Will had outpaced her even further! She couldn’t believe how much extra cock she had to cover at this point!

Tamara’s bust was already enormous before this week; a sight to behold. They were her crowning features even though she was an all-around-beauty. They bulged out of everything she wore, and she had the biggest pair on campus by leaps and bounds without being fat. But seeing her boyfriend’s cock in that bed, made her sad that she didn’t cover any ground this week, and actually lost some. Being able to make Will’s dick disappear between her tits struck a deep chord in Tamara, ever since the day she noticed the boy next door’s bulge becoming more and more pronounced…

— Today, I need to go way more than my planned double-dose if I’m going to keep up with his monstercock. We’ll see what this does over the course of the day —

After downing now 4x her usual dosage without even thinking, Tamara climbed back into bed and pulled the covers away again. Will was still sleeping, and with a succubus-like-goal of trying to elicit a nocturnal emission, Tamara started caressing the flaccid beast, and over-inflated balls. She put a hand around as much of the midsection of Will’s dick as she could, while hoisting his cum-filled balls up and down, at the kadıköy escort same time. Each testicle was the size of a grapefruit, easily. After lightly stroking and caressing his shaft and sack…Tamara turned herself completely around on the bed, with her ass exposed, and lowered her mouth to between Will’s legs. She started suckling on the massive flaccid head, while keeping her stroke and ball-hoist going.

Now awake and fake sleeping, Will woke up to his favorite part of the day as he was quickly hardening. Tamara let go of his balls to start stroking him with both of her hands, while continuing to blow him.

Opening his eyes just enough to look like he was still sleeping…he saw Tamara passionately stroke and suck his cock as he started to harden. It was almost as if Tamara was French kissing the beast, all while her eyes were closed. Her technique of stroking and sucking him, had changed over the week as Will lengthened and thickened in size; something that didn’t go unnoticed from his point of view.

As Will’s cock continued to harden to full thickness, his precum now started to flow, and Tamara was lapping up every drop of it. Knowing Will was at full hardness, she thought it was a good time for tits-to-dick-check. Will could hardly keep his act going at the sensation.

Opening her eyes, and noticing Will’s being slightly open, Tamara lifted her enormous left breast, and dropped it with full force onto Will’s pelvic area. She wanted him up now. With a gasp from the sheer weight landing on him, he was surely up now.

“Morning handsome! I wanted to wake you up with a Saturday morning surprise. You look so sexy when you sleep, and plus you grew so huge this week, I just couldn’t resist. I thought maybe I could titfuck you? My breasts feel extra big today for some reason, do they look bigger to you? I must be hanging around you too much, big boy!” Tamara said sexily and slyly, with a wink.

“I could say the same thing about you babe. Maybe I’m growing because you clearly have been this week. I mean look at you T, damn.” Will replied as he reached out to squeeze and fondle his girlfriend’s huge breasts just hanging there, each one easily dwarfing his palms — themselves just big enough to cover her areolas.

“Damn baby, weird comment but your boobs feel really hot. Maybe because they look it.”

Tamara laughed, “Shut up, weirdo! Let me suck on you a little more before I put this cum cannon between my tits.”

After Tamara’s comment, groping her and her general oversexed presence, Will started churning out the precum now, like normal men’s orgasms…just continuously. Tamara’s smile was beaming from ear to ear from Will’s comment and squeezes, as she looked at the precum river that she caused, and took that as encouragement to keep going.

Will saw exactly what she did at the doctor’s office. And he didn’t mind one bit. How could he? There was the most beautiful woman in the whole school, in his bed, who wanted to keep up with his own growth. The thought of it all, continued to speed up his rush of precum down Tamara’s throat.

She continued sucking on the Will’s fat tip as her mouth filled up with pre in seconds. She gulped it all down and did this cycle for a few minutes. After orgasming without Will even touching her, again, Tamara finally had it in her to pull her lips away, and focused as hard as she could to titfuck Will to completion.

Knowing it was Saturday, and when he would be at his max size since the trial was over…but also not knowing Tamara doubled her double-dose before even waking up…Will made a request.

“Hey baby, my dick feels extra big today. Do you think you could put your bra on to titfuck? I would love if your hands could cover all the space your perfect tits can’t reach.”

Never being able to deny her lover, she obliged. Tamara knew that her too-small bras drove Will crazy whenever she wore them. She never bothered to update her sizes after her freshman year growth spurt, and she bulged out of all her existing bras because of it. Plus she had the additional growth this week which put the look over the top now. She had to admit herself, that the look was pretty sexy.

As Tamara strapped her tits into the cups, and clasped, she felt the straps dig viciously into her shoulders and tops of her breasts. Additionally her underwire was suffocating her areolas, only covering each of them partially. She tried to adjust the cups to cover them completely, but with no luck, she gave up completely.

— That’s weird, I didn’t expect these to kick in so fast —

When his busty lover turned around, even Will noticed the additional, ample amount of underboob and side boob that Tamara was displaying; as she bounced and wobbled heavily back toward him.

“Wow Tamara, it does look like your bust got way bigger this week. Bring those big tits to daddy” Will demanded.

As Tamara sat back down on the bed, the couple heard audible creaks come bostancı escort bayan from Tamara’s overworked straps and hooks, as her bust shifted wildly within the now wildly inadequate confines.

“Yeah, must be the case” Tamara said with some nervousness in her voice, hoping she wasn’t about to outgrow the room and that the growth would be big, but gradual.

She preferred what happened to her throughout the course of the week, opposed to this; where her breasts would grow gradually over the course of the day. This was different. Tamara’s breasts were a shade of red, and they felt hot and tender. Tamara could feel her bra succumbing to the pressure of her still-growing boobs. The hooks and straps started to get a progressively tighter, as the ‘little J Cup’ bra creaked with Tamara’s every movement. She could have sworn she heard some of the bra’s fabric tear, as the cups’ underwire started to additionally dig into her areolas which were gradually becoming wider. Her nipples started becoming more pronounced as well, as the burgeoning bust continue bulging outward from Tamara’s chest.

“Baby I don’t know how long I can keep this bra on, it’s seriously tight today. It must be that time of the month for me. I’ll go for a little but I have to get this off soon, okay? It’s starting to hurt a little bit.”

With a silent, mouth-agaped nod from Will who had an in-face view of this all happening, Tamara inserted his prong from the bottom, into the vast expanse of underboob cleavage that was becoming larger by the second it seemed. The extra mass of Will’s dick between her tits, was putting additional pressure on Tamara’s bra, and snapped the underwire of the left cup (her bigger boob) in the process. She then started to slide her precum-slicked chest downward on Will’s dick — slowly, seductively and deliberately. The extra boob combined with the tight bra, created a perfect seal of big firm tits around Will’s unit; and Tamara didn’t forget about the second part of her lover’s request, either.

Tamara worked her hands on Will’s upper-shaft, and her mouth on Will’s head, to get what her tits couldn’t cover; however her growing bust was gaining ground on the cock by the minute. The pressure on the bra continued to mount, as Tamara could practically see her boobs growing in front of her eyes. They both were astonished at the strength of her bra, as it continued to hold on for dear life. Will had guessed she was a present R Cup, or larger, in a J Cup bra. She had certified quad-boob, and lots of it at this point. The bra was so tight now, that Tamara figured she would either pop a blood vessel, or that the bra would break-apart from the pressure at this rate.

The latter ended up being the case, as the couple visibly saw Tamara’s breasts surge forward in a big spurt. The bra, and Tamara, both cried out in agony at the newly-added bust to her massive current size. The recent surge put both the lingerie, and Tamara at their breaking points, as the latter had her 3rd orgasm of the morning — and her most powerful by far as she started writhing and trembling as the bust continued to stuff her bra further.

After regaining her composure, Tamara tried to un-clasp her hooks, but the pressure was too tight and they wouldn’t budge. With a loud grunt of pain and pleasure as her bust surged forward again in growth, the bra finally sprang off of Tamara’s boobs. With sheer determination, and breast weight, she finally overwhelmed the cups. The center wiring keeping the two cups together, blew apart; sending Tamara’s now certifiably-gigantic breasts bouncing wildly in front of them both. It took Tamara what felt like hours to the couple, for her breasts to stop bouncing and jiggling.

After taking a minute to process what just happened, Will was the first to speak: “That was the hottest thing I ever have, and probably will ever see in my entire life. Your big tits literally broke your bra because they are just so big and perfect. I’m over the titfuck, I just want to fuck you like crazy while I watch those babies get even bigger for me!”

Through pants and continual pleasure moans “Okay, I’m in” Tamara replied. “But only if I could finish the job. I want to see how much more I have to grow for you baby.”

Will planted a long, passionate kiss on Tamara’s lips as he took the moment to feel just how heavy his girlfriend’s still-growing tits felt. They still felt very warm to the touch. As Will fondled and groped his girlfriend mid-kiss, he felt Tamara’s breasts pulsate, and get heavier in his hands. Will’s cock got to a full-erection again, after feeling some extra breast flesh overwhelm his hands and available space between his fingers. Tamara was in total ecstasy. She had never gotten so aroused from her breasts being touched before, but that was before today; as she let out a series of long, satisfied “oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh”s.

Will put a few fingers to Tamara’s pussy to test if she was ready which made her cum again. She was able to be set off by anything today. Will had never felt her this wet before, even after she had cum so much. And Will had seen her soak-through his mattress a few times over, through his sheets because of Tamara’s overactive pussy. Today was something else though.



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