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It had been almost a whole week since the “incident”, that is how I was referring to it in my mind, and I still could not get the images out of my mind. After the initial shock wore off the lust I had felt was now making itself at home. I was even dreaming about it now. I would wake up soaking wet and horny as hell, my heart pounding and spend the rest of the day lost in dirty imagination.

I would try to not think about it or dwell on it too much. First of all it was wrong, plain wrong. And secondly, I was not meant to see that. That was their business, not mine. Yet here I was in a constant state of arousal.

In the shower as I ran my soapy hands through my hair and across my body I would think of him. Caressing my nipples to an aching hardness and teasing my clit until I was throbbing I would imagine myself on his lap, his experienced manhood thrusting into me. Within minutes I would come, clenching violently around my inadequate fingers.

Or I would think of him while I was alone in my bed, naked underneath my oversized tee shirt. I would imagine his thick, solid body next to me, whispering into my ear as he had done to Karina. His strong arms pulling me close to him, closer. My legs would spread wide yearning for his imaginary touch and again I would finger myself to a sweet, wild orgasm.

Like most normal teenagers masturbation was something I had been doing for a while. But this new fantasy was taking me to a totally different level of pleasure; this incestuous fantasy of my Uncle Kurt.

The fact that my father, Jack, looked just like him didn’t help the situation either. In fact it was complicating it even more. Before, seeing him walk out of the shower with towel clinging to his waist was normal, he was my dad, after all. But the other night the quick glimpse I had gotten of his damp body exiting the steamy bathroom had ignited a sweet tingle and warmth between my thighs that crept up into the pit of my belly and snaked up to my nipples.

I was starting to look at my father differently now, all thanks to Uncle Kurt. By the end of the week he had joined Uncle Kurt in my dreams. Without my consent the thoughts would just roll in and make camp in the young, fertile fields of my now very dirty mind.

I wanted to be fucked so badly, to be taken, to be held, made into a woman. As much as I tried not to admit it, the truth was I wanted somebody like my Uncle Kurt to do it, even somebody like my father. I was seriously messed up. That was putting it mildly. I tried to keep things to myself, but I guess I didn’t do a good job.

Saturday morning as we ate breakfast, my mother Emma asked, “Bree, is everything ok? You haven’t been yourself lately.”

My father chuckled into his coffee cup. “She’s always quiet, what do you casino oyna mean?” he asked without taking his eyes off of the IPOD he held in his free hand.

My mother glared in frustration at my father. “No, I mean you seem anxious about something.”

I must have been a little too slow with my response and now they were both looking at me. My mother looked intense and concerned while my father was amused and curious.

They made a handsome couple. My mother was beautiful and still had a cheery, youthful glow at 36. Her wavy brown hair was cut into a chic bob around her face and she rarely wore makeup. I guess you wouldn’t need to with skin like hers. Everyone always said we could pass as sisters but I didn’t agree. Yes, we had the same hazel eyes and hair color, even the petite body type but my mother was refined, elegant. It was as if she had been cut from a porcelain doll mold. Me,-I was pale skinned too but in a more pasty-, get-your-white-ass-some-sun kind of way.

My father was the spitting image of Uncle Kurt, his older brother by a year, down to his buzz cut. They both had the same strong jaw line, the thick, rough hands and the naturally tan skin tone. They only differed in eye color. Where Uncle Kurt’s eyes were a deep coffee brown, my fathers were hazel like mine. I could see part of why my mother had fallen for him.

She placed her cool hand on my forearm and asked, “Honey?”

“I’m ok. Sorry. End of senior year, you know. I guess I have a lot on my mind.”

“Ok, well if you need to talk your, father and I are both here for you.” She stood and began to clear the table.

I looked back across at my father. He leaned back in his chair and clasped his big hands behind his neck. That move was sexy I realized. I could feel my slit moistening ever so slightly and the red creeping up my neck.

“Baby girl, your Mom and I are going to drop the old ‘bird off at the shop on our way to the dealer. That starter needs replaced before you mess it up completely. You want to ride along? We might stop at the mall and eat at Basil’s.” His smile was genuine; a loving father talking to his loved daughter.

Baby girl. The pet name he had used on me for years made me melt inside. What the hell was wrong with me? Inwardly I kicked myself. He was my father! Come on, Bree! It’s bad enough to be thinking this way of Uncle Kurt but now I had a crush on my father?

“Dealer?” I asked confused.

“Yeah, your mom finally found the Audi she’s been wanting. It’ll be nice to have my truck back to myself.” My father reached for my mother and pulled her to him. I watched as she settled onto his lap and he pulled her face to his. His mouth pressed against hers, lingering for a bit.

“I’m so excited Bree, it’s a gorgeous color. Just wait until you see it!” My mother had broken out of the embrace and was beaming.

“No, I’m ok. I’ll just stay here if you don’t mind. I want to sort through all of my old school clothes.” There was no way I was driving three slot oyna hours each way to the Audi dealer out of town with my parents. With my hormones acting the way they were I couldn’t deal with sitting that close to my father.

“Suit yourself, Peanut.” His face changed from relaxed and inviting to stern and fatherly.

“No boys ok? You know how I feel about that. And if you leave the house I better get a call on my cell letting me know where you are, ok?” He stood but kept his eyes on me.

This was the standard warning every time I was left home alone. The few times I had dated throughout high school- few enough to count on one hand- had not gone well. The only two guys brave enough to ask me had come over to the house and pretty much did nothing while my father kept an eye on us.

The rare occasions we did go out Darren, my cousin, had to be with us. Neither of the guys liked that and after three or four dates had gone by they were done.

Since then boys pretty much stayed away from me. It had bothered me at first but I quickly got used to.

“Don’t worry, Daddy.”


An hour later my parents were gone and I had the house to myself. I showered and changed into a loose, casual sundress and my favorite wedge sandals. I let my hair air dry and put on some makeup. Meandering around the house I looked for something interesting to do, read or watch but found nothing. Not unusual for a Saturday morning, I guess.

After a few fruitless forages through the refrigerator for a snack, I decided to get on my laptop. Solitaire would hold my attention for a little while at least.

I was halfway through the game when again, I thought of Karina and Uncle Kurt.

I was curious. Not just sexually. I wanted information. I closed out the game and clicked on my Google Chrome icon. I typed the word “she male” into the search engine. I clicked on the link to the Wikipedia link and read the article.

I learned how ignorant I had been. “She male” was not the proper term for women like Karina and was actually considered derogatory by most transsexuals.

For the next fifteen minutes I lost myself in the information. I couldn’t quite grasp the concept of feeling trapped in a body of the wrong gender but I felt sad at the thought of someone having to deal with that.

I learned that some felt something was off as young children, while for others it took years to come to terms with the conflict inside. Hormone treatment, counseling and sometimes surgery were all part of the journey to get the two opposites to match. Some regretted it, others have never looked back. It was complicated in every way aside from all the controversy on the subject.

I was not sure of Karina’s situation, but she seemed so natural and comfortable with herself as a female I guessed she must have had very supportive family members, doctors and therapists. For anyone who had not seen what I had she was a young, gorgeous eighteen- year-old woman by every definition.

After canlı casino siteleri I had had enough research for a Saturday morning I shut off my laptop and took a bathroom break. Looking in the mirror while I washed my hands I felt a quiet gratitude for the harmony my physical body and inner self shared.

What did the opposite sex think of when they saw me. I wondered as I stared at my reflection. Not boys. I wanted to know what men, full-grown, mature men thought when they saw me. Men like Uncle Kurt. Men like my father. The question electrified me and I could the feel hungry buzz in my body.

I toyed with the straps of my dress and let them slip off my shoulders. Closing my eyes I pulled the neckline down over the cups of my full bra. I ran my fingers over the taut material and soft swells of my breasts.

Would they approve? Would they want to see more? Would they reach out and touch? The words swirled around inside me leaving a whirlwind of butterflies in my core.

An intense desire to be close to him, to them, was raging in me. Before I knew it my feet had carried me to my parents’ master bedroom and I stood in the doorway. The room was simple, even a little plain but it fit them just right. The drapes were sheer and matched the black and burgundy tones of the room. A single picture hung on the wall, Lady Godiva naked on her giant horse. The dark cherry wood bed faced the south wall of the room which housed my mother’s large wall-to-wall closet. The wide doors were mirrored and offered a crystal clear view from the bed.

Walking towards the foot of the bed I climbed onto the firm, plump mattress. Looking into the mirrored doors I realized how tiny I looked perched on the edge of the bed.

I wouldn’t look so lonely and small if he was in it with me.

The thought jolted my sex awake and I could feel my juices began to flow. Feeling daring, I pulled up the hem of dress, exposing my pale, pink panties. I pulled them aside, spreading my legs so I could get a better view in the mirror. Seeing my engorged lips, the damp, brown curls and the pink, moist gash peeking out through the folds I let out a sigh of sexual frustration.

Closing my eyes I pretended my father was behind me, his hands guiding my own to pleasure my dripping sex how he saw fit, his hardness bearing into the small of my back.

“Daddy…” I murmured to the empty room as my fingers brushed the damp curls above my clit.

I blinked and closed my eyes again and this time I could see myself writhing underneath Uncle Kurt as he pushed his way inside of me, slowly, gently, firmly. My legs spread wider in response to my fantasy. I needed to be filled, to be stretched to the limit.


The harsh ring of the doorbell ended my daydreaming like a bucket of cold water. I pulled my panties back into place and wiped my hands dry on the comforter. As I hurried down the flight of stairs I adjusted my dress, smoothing it against my chest and hooking the straps back over my shoulders.


“I’m coming!” I shouted as I reached the big oak door. I flung it open and had to take a step backwards when I saw Uncle Kurt standing there.




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