About meI should have used this story for my introduction about me.I was about 12 or 13 I guess when I started masturbating.I would use pictures of women in their bra and panties in advertisements in the newspapers and catalogs.That’s about all I had access to in the 60’s.I grew up in a big city in very close knit neighborhoods.Most of my relatives lived there too.I have a male cousin who is 2 years older than me and we hung out a lot.I slept over his house quite a bit.When I was 13 I was sleeping over when I felt something and was shocked to see my cousin Andy playing with my cock.I was scared so I didn’t move or make a sound.Next thing I know he is sucking my cock and I came in his mouth.I never moved and let him finish.This went on for almost a year.Then one night ,I was 14 now,my aunt woke me up and told me to come with her.My Aunt Lois was a single Mom with just Andy to raise.She was pretty and had a nice body which I saw very clearly for the first time because all she was wearing was a thin slip.Actually she is not my Aunt but a third cousin.I only called her Aunt as kadıköy escort a sign of respect because she was in her mid 30’s.When we got to her bedroom she told me to close the door and she sat on her bed.She told me she knew what Andy was doing to me and I thought I was in big trouble.I told her that I was scared to say anything to him so I just let him.Lois smiled “you don’t want to be a homo,do you?”” No” I said with my head down.”You want to have sex with young women not men,” she said ” that is a bad thing having sex with men.”Little did she know that I had already experimented with other young men.Then she said “I have seen your wiener and it is larger than most your age and it would be better to share it with women and I will teach you how to do that.OK?”I felt a stirring in my loins at the thought of how she would teach me.She told me to lock the door and come back.When I came back she pulled my pajama bottoms down.My cock was sticking straight out and she said “you are definitely üsküdar escort larger than most your age and you are still going.I would love to see you in a couple of years.”She stood and removed her slip “do you like what you see” she said. I just nodded.Her tits were round and firm.Her nipples were very dark and standing straight out hard.She had a big bush of dark pussy hair.She put her hand on my cock and it hardened immediately to her touch.She then told me to lay down next to her and she started to show me how to kiss her lips then her tits.Her nipples were so hard.She had me slide my hand down her leg to her hairy pussy instructing me the whole time.She told me how to slip my finger up inside her pussy.I slowly pushed my finger up as she sighed with pleasure.When I felt the wet smooth inside of her pussy I got so excited that I had an orgasm,squirting my cum on her belly.Lois said “did you just cum?””I’m sorry” I said “I couldn’t stop it.”She said ” that’s alright I’m sure you have plenty more where that came from.You young men are tuzla escort full of that stuff.”She told me to go in her night stand and get out a condom,we actually called them rubbers back then.She showed me how to put it on telling me “don’t ever have sex without using one of these.Do you understand me?Promise me.” I promised.She had me get on top of her guiding my still erect cock into her hole.Then she instructed me on how to move and after pumping my cock in and out for what seemed to be forever,Lois started to make weird noises,at least they were to me then.Her body stiffened as she climaxed intensely and I didn’t now what to do,so I just kept pumping.She held on to me digging her finger nails into my back.Muffling her mouth against my shoulder.When see was done she tried to compose herself telling me to keep going so I could cum.I filled the condom.She wanted to see how much I came then told me to flush it in the toilet.Lois tutored me in love making until I was 16 and got my first steady girlfriend.That is another story for later.This is the only time I have ever told this story and Lois took it to her grave.I didn’t get married until I was 30 years old and used everything Lois taught me to pursue women.I met my soul mate at 30 and we spent 20 incredible years together until she passed.About a year and a half after she passed I got back out there seducing any woman I can and am still on the prowl.



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