About JuliaA story of temptation and opportunityIf Stevie Nolan had been born a hundred and fifty years ago, he’d have been one of those lone drifters roaming aimlessly across the wide open spaces. While it would now be impossible, he still managed to live a relatively similar lifestyle. As a representative for a large global company specialising in electronic process control systems, he spent three weeks out of four on the road. Stevie started career his as an engineer and drifted into sales, he however just couldn’t keep his hands off his tools which he still carried in his late model company vehicle. More than a few years ago, he just fell into the mode of calling on his valued customers and repairing anything thing that was suspect while vying for new sales opportunities. He knew his product and his customer applications so well, that there wasn’t much he couldn’t do. His customers appreciated his abilities and attitude, and his visits were always appreciated. As for his employer, well they just knew that Stevie was one of a kind and made sure that the undemanding and likeable character was looked after.Stevie enjoyed the long days on the road, he’d become a widower many years since and his c***dren had long since deserted the roost. He enjoyed his own company and liked nothing better than cruising the lonely roads with only the air-conditioning and a full CD player to keep him company. He always wore the same clothes while on the road, faded jeans topped with a denim shirt sporting his company logo, not quite the corporate image that some thought he should aspire to, but he didn’t care. At forty six years of age, Stevie was in good shape. He was tall and wide shouldered, but he would be the first to admit that the love handles were starting to appear. His dark hair was thick and wavy, his jaw was long and strong, his eyes a silvery grey. He had an easy going manner which seemed to put people at ease. The opposite sex found him desirable but soon realised he could never be tamed, whether this was an attraction or a turnoff depended on the individual. As for Stevie, he didn’t really care what people thought of him, he was his own man and loved the life he lived.It was a Friday in late September that things went pear shaped for Stevie as he prepared for his next trip leaving on Monday morning. A text message summoned him into head office and he cursed the inconvenience. An hour later, Stevie sauntered into the Area Managers office after harassing his secretary, an old habit he just couldn’t resist. He should’ve known by the amused and knowing look on her face that something was up. Larry had been Stevie’s boss and good friend for many years. He more or less gave Stevie free rein on most things, so long as the sales figures were on target and the customers were happy.Stevie knocked on the door and entered Larry’s office; he was surprised to find a young lady sitting in one of the spare chairs. Stevie shot Larry a ‘What’s she doing here?’ look. Larry smiled and waved him in.”Stevie, this is Julia Gilmore. Julia’s a management graduate majoring in marketing, and she’s just joined us.”Julia stood and muttered a greeting as she offered her hand to Stevie, he hesitated a second before responding and shaking it.”Pleased to meet you Julia.””You’ll be pleased to know that Julia will be accompanying you on your trip. You’ll be able to show her the ropes; you know, applications and so on. It’ll also be a good opportunity for her to meet some of our major customers.”Stevie’s eyes bored into Larry’s as he took in the implications, he noticed Larry was struggling not to smile.”Nope. Sorry, I travel alone as always.” Stevie replied.Larry smiled at the unexpected polite reply. “Sorry Stevie, but you’ve got no choice on this one, it comes from the top.”Stevie turned to Julia, “Would you mind waiting outside, you might not wanna be around to hear this.”She grinned and left the room leaving the two men staring at each other over the table. The battle raged for many minutes but in the end, Stevie accepted defeat, Julia was going with him but only for a week or so instead of the whole three. The secretary took great delight in providing Stevie with new accommodation for two separate rooms at his favourite hotels and motels. He cursed even louder as she cheekily informed Julia not to worry and that his bark was worse than his bite.The rest of the weekend, Stevie moped around almost depressed at the thought of his solitude being destroyed, the thought of some jabbering female sitting next to him for a week was almost too much to swallow.So, on the Monday morning, Stevie rolled up to head office where his nemesis awaited him. Before he could get out of the car, Julia opened the back door and placed a large travel case on the back seat before getting into the passenger seat. Stevie stared up at Larry’s window and could make him out gleefully watching their departure. Sticking his hand out the window where Julia couldn’t see, Stevie flicked him the bird as he eased the vehicle away from the kerb.It was a few minutes before Julia broke the silence.”Sorry about this, it wasn’t my idea.”Stevie just shrugged his shoulders as he settled back to concentrate on the road in front of him.Not getting an answer, Julia continued, “Look, I’ll try not to be a pain in the arse. If I am, just tell me to shut up. If I don’t, you can kick me in the shins; that’s if you can catch me.” she addedStevie turned to her and grinned, “Don’t push your luck?””Ahh, he smiles. So, where are we going today, who are we seeing and why?”Stevie sighed and began to talk; he spoke of the customers they were going to visit, the strength and value of their accounts and what their history was. He told her about applications of their product, their competition in the market and about the people he liaised with on a regular basis. Julia sat back, listened and took it all in. Stevie stayed on the road for four hours before stopping. After gassing up, they purchased cold drinks and sat at an outdoor but shaded table watching the traffic passing.It was the first opportunity that Stevie had of taking Julia in, he snatched passing glances as she sipped her drink. She was around average height, her dark brunette hair hung in tight curls to her shoulders. Her face was pretty but not beautiful; her large eyes were a pale green, high cheek bones gave her face an angular look. Her perfect teeth were hidden by full lips highlighted in a pastel lipstick. Small breasts pointed out of a tight burgundy top. Her black trousers tapered into a narrow waist before flaring outward over full hips and then hugged her shapely thighs downwards. Red painted toe nails were plainly visible through black open shoes. Not a figure to kill for, Stevie thought to himself, but nice enough to run his eyes over. But at twenty or so years his junior, he was bright enough to realise that looking was all he was good for. The last thing he wanted was a sexual harassment case against him and he had every intention of keeping this trip on the straight and level.The next two days passed without incident and Stevie began to enjoy Julia’s company. She showed professionalism beyond her years when in the company of customers and saved all of her questions until they were alone. By then the sassy side of her came to the fore. She made him laugh with her black sense of humour, and then argued fearlessly when she disagreed with him. She would listen quietly as he told her about his personal life and then made him laugh when she recited hers. They ate together at restaurants and talked at the bar afterwards before retiring to their own accommodation. Julia was an observant person and took in the familiarity and the casual flirting of the females at both of the motels they stopped at, they obviously liked Stevie. His casual charm seemed to stretch far and wide.It was hard to know when the sex thing started, it was probably on the third day when Julia was thumbing through a magazine she’d purchased at their last stop. She’d stopped at a series of pictures of catwalk models and glared down at the page.”Bitches.” she murmured loud enough to cause Stevie to glance across at the page.”You wouldn’t like look like that would you?” he asked while turning his eyes towards the road.She laughed, “I’d kill to have a figure like that.””Dunno why, they’re too skinny. They hold no appeal for me. I reckon most men like to have a bit of meat on their women.””You mean they’ve got have big tits to be appealing?”Stevie laughed, “Nah, I mean curvy all over, tits legs and bums.””Like me, but with tits?” she suggested cheekily.”Dunno really. Wanting to avoid any exposure to a sexual harassment charge, I haven’t taken the time to visually explore your likely womanly figure.”Julia threw her head back and laughed, “Nice try but it won’t work. I’ve noticed the odd furtive glance.”He grinned, “Yeah, but being aged and with poor eyesight, it doesn’t count for anything.””See, you’ve lost the plot just like every other man I know. You just don’t get it. Women like men looking at them. I don’t dress nicely and put makeup on every day just to get ignored.””I thought that was for your husband.””Nah, he sees the real me every day. Can’t fool him, he’s used to the flabby bits. So, what about you, I know you’ve got k**s, what happened to the wife?””Lost her some years back in an accident.” he said.Her face dropped, “Oh shit, sorry. I was looking for some sort of mucky divorce or something.””That’s okay. It was just one of those edirne escort things I guess.””So, no one new in your life?””Not really; there’s been one or two serious ones but nothing came out of it, now its just casual relationships.”Julia smiled, “Somehow I think you’re just being a little coy.””What makes you say that?””Just women’s intuition. Observing the way you act around the opposite sex and how they interact with you, you’ve got a way about you that women like. There’s plenty of time to meet someone and settle down again. And maybe a few more k**s.” she added.He pulled a disapproving face, “Too late for the k**s, I’ve been neutered and got the scar to prove it.”She laughed. “Too much information I think.”They chatted aimlessly as they ate up the miles, after a lunch stop, Julia immersed herself in her magazine in a comfortable silence. Then she put the magazine down and gazed out the window.”Do you mind if I ask a personal question?” she asked.”How personal?””Well pretty personal requiring a truthful answer. Have you slept with many women?”He looked around at smiling face and turned his attention to the winding road without answering.”Well, answer the question.””You don’t wanna know.””Yes I do, and for a good reason. It’ll become clear, I promise.”He hesitated before answering, “More than a few.””Is that more than five, ten or twenty?””Lets say twenty.””Okay, here’s the next question. “How many would you say enjoyed sex?”Stevie laughed, “Most of them I hope.””No, seriously, how many?””All of them were consensual. But I reckon they all did, maybe some more than others. What’s this about anyway?””I was just reading in this about how important good sex is for a woman, both the emotional and physical side; and all of the other goodies like how to reach orgasm and all that sort of thing.”She continued when he didn’t answer. “This may seem strange to you, but I don’t really enjoy sex. It’s sort of okay and I let my husband have free rein when he wants to. But my sex life doesn’t seem to measure up to what I hear and read about.””Seems a little strange to me.” was all Stevie could think to say.”My husband Phillip and I were brought up in a sort of religious commune. The sex thing was a taboo, our parents never talked about it. We’ve been friends since we were k**s and it was expected that we’d get married and I’d become a baby making factory. Getting married was the okay part even though we were both only eighteen, but we both wanted to spread our wings. The expectation was that I’d be pregnant shortly after we got hitched, but we managed to obtain condoms and hide them from prying eyes. In the end, we escaped on the pretext of getting an education much to the anger of the extended religious family. Once we escaped and met the real world, we both agreed we were never going back. As far as the babies go, it’s not on my agenda although Phillip is keen. We’ve both graduated and now I wanna enjoy myself and see a bit of the world.”Stevie listened with interest; the commune thing was a scenario that seemed out of touch with modern life.”Phillip’s the only man I’ve been intimate with, or even seen without clothes on. I suppose I’m curious about sex, it just seems that everyone is enjoying it but me.””Do you love him?” Stevie asked.Julia thought about the question, “I suppose I do most times like any wife. I’m not tempted to run of and leave him or anything. I’m just not sure about the sex thing, it’s like I’m missing out on something.”Stevie sat back and pondered her comments; the last thing he wanted is to get mixed up in some marital problem. Julia looked over and grinned. She’d realised that she’d unwittingly placed Stevie in an awkward position, but he was the first person she’d felt comfortable enough to explore her sexuality with him. Turning attention back to the magazine article, she skimmed a few paragraphs to find what she was looking for.”Okay, it says here that oral sex for both parties is a normal part of sexual activities, do you agree or not?” she asked.Where the hell was this going he asked himself?”C’mon, answer the question.” she demanded with false impatience.He gave in, “Yes.””Okay, next question, how about anal sex?” she asked with a hint of disdain.”No, not really. There might be a percentage that indulge, but most women would shy away from it.””Have you indulged in it?”He refrained from answering that question, but paid the penalty for his silence.”I’ll take that as a yes.” she commented while scanning the page of the magazine.”How about group sex then?””What about it?”‘Well, is it common, and have you done it?”He sighed, “Yes, it happens and yes I’ve done it.”Julia turned sideways in her seat and looked at him, “How many people?””Do you really wanna know?””Yep, spit it out.”A couple of threesomes. Then a foursome one night but we didn’t swap partners or anything.””But you watched the other couple doing it, sounds disgusting.” she added after he grinned.”It’s the best fun I’ve ever had, and don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. And just for your information, it was the women that instigated the whole thing.””Mmmm, I’ll take your word for it.” she replied.”Anyway, what happens between consenting adults is okay as far as I’m concerned. Anymore questions?””Not at the moment.””Okay, it’s my turn. Do you enjoy oral sex?”If he’d looked at Julia, he would’ve noticed her blush.”Only tried it once, Phillip didn’t enjoy it and that was that.” she replied sheepishly now the boot was on the other foot.”Anal?” he asked.”Nope.””Orgies?””What do you think?” she asked.”Probably not. Seriously, have you ever thought about seeing a sex ther****t?” he asked.”I have, but Philip won’t. He doesn’t think that sex is something you discuss with a stranger. Do you think it would help?”Stevie shrugged his shoulders, “You need to do something; life is too short to be unhappy or unsure. And sex is good fun.”Julia turned in her seat and gazed out of the window. Stevie had only confirmed her own beliefs that she was missing something. She vowed to herself to do something about it, with or without Phillip. She thought back to Stevie being uncomfortable with her questions and grinned, he was a stand-up caring sort of a guy and she had warmed to him like no one else had before. Even though up to a few minutes before, he’d acted like a perfect gentleman to her without a hint of anything untoward. For the next hour or so, they sat quietly; each content in their own thoughtsAround four pm, Stevie pulled into the Lakeside Motel. It was one of his favourite stays with a magnificent view over a horizon-less fresh water lake. As a regular visitor to the complex, Stevie was awarded his usual unit located at the far end and away from the noisy activities of fellow travellers. After dining in the restaurant, Stevie excused himself from Julia’s company and retired to his room with the excuse of being tired. Minutes later, he lowered his weary body into the hot spa and took a sip of the chilled beer extracted from the mini bar. He closed his eyes and drifted into a light slumber as the bubbles gently massaged his body. It was almost heaven he thought to himself.”So that’s where you are.” came a familiar voice.Stevie reluctantly opened one eye over the empty door leading to his unit.”Over here.”He turned his head to the high wall separating his unit from the next; Julia’s smiling face appeared from behind it at one corner.”Too tired for my company, but not a spa. It was the steam off the water that gave you away. ” she commented sarcastically. “Where’s my spa anyway? There’s not one in here that I can see.””This unit’s reserved for executive and valued guests, it’s not for the plebs.” he replied with more than a little sarcastic disdain.”Seeing as it’s our company paying for these amenities, it would only seem fair that you’d share some of the luxuries with your esteemed fellow traveller.” she suggested.”I’ll take your request under deliberation; I should be in a position to give you a decision in the morning.””Nope, how about you being a real gentleman and letting me in. I could do with a spa.””Sorry, no can do. I’m inappropriately attired to let you in if you get my drift.””C’mon Stevie, don’t be pain in the arse. I promise not to look at your magnificent attributes, what ever they might be.”He laughed, “There’s no need to be sarcastic.””Okay, just let me in.””Sorry.”Julia glared over the fence at his smug face grinning back at her from the spa. Not prepared to let him win, she simply raised herself carefully on the arm of the deck chair she was standing on and eased her body onto and over the top of the fence. Stevie’s face dropped as Julia’s bare feet hit the ground and advanced towards him.”Aw c’mon Julia, give a man a break.”She stepped to the edge of the pool and looked down at him, “You should know by now that I don’t give up easily.” she replied as her fingers began to undo the buttons on her blouse.It came off leaving only a grey bra, Stevie watched in amazement as the skirt was unzipped and slipped down to the wooden decking before being placed on a nearby chair. Her arms reached behind her pale chest to undo her bra which was then discarded. His eyes feasted upon her small breasts and hardening pale nipples as the cool air took its toll. His eyes slipped down past her narrow waist to her grey panties, her thighs were large but firm with a small gap visible at the top at the v of the grey material. He watched as her thumbs slipped inside the sides of her panties and eased them downwards, escort edirne but didn’t get his first glimpse of her pussy until she removed the garment from her ankles. He would never forget as she stood proudly in front of him, his eyes firmly upon the mass of curly dark hair between her thighs. So thick was it; that it hid the splendours that lay hidden beneath. His eyes then lifted to her smiling face.”Had a good enough look yet, or can I get in before I freeze to death?” she asked cheekily.Without waiting for an answer, Julia tested the temperature of the water with her big toe before lowering her body slowly into the spa.”Oooohhhh, its hot.” she whispered as her breasts slipped under the water.It took a few seconds before she settled into the seat to his left, slipping her hand over the cool beer can she raised it to her lips and took a sip.”You don’t really mind me being in here do you?””Nah, but wait until the other guys hear about it. They’ll all wanna come next time.”She grinned, “They’d never believe you in a million years.”He had to admit that she was right as they sat quietly for a few seconds taking in the view in front of them.”That quite spectacular.” she commented.”That why I like it out here, I always sit in here for hours until I cook.”Julia stretched out and let her body float to the surface, her nipples and the top her thighs rose just above the water line.”So, do you still like my big flabby thighs more than those catwalk models?””Sure, and they don’t look too bad to me.””What about my hairy pussy? I was gonna shave it for fun but Phillip wasn’t keen. How do you like them, natural or shaven?” she asked looking down at the thick curls protruding from the surface.”I like them all, I’ll take them any way they come, hairy, shaved or anywhere in between.”She chuckled, “Why aren’t I surprised. So, how about showing me your scar?””What scar?””Your vasectomy scar. You know; the one you show all the girls so that you don’t have to wear a condom.”He laughed, “I don’t think so.””C’mon, don’t be a spoil sport; you’ve seen all my goodies.””I don’t mind showing you the scar; it’s just that you’ve had a bit of an effect on me getting your gear off like that.”Julia chuckled mischievously, “Hah, so you’ve got a stiffy, I’d be pretty insulted if you didn’t. C’mon, give us look.”Resigned, Stevie raised his body slowly so that the head of his cock poked through the surface.”Not very big.” she flippantly commented.Rising to the challenge, Stevie raised his body giving Julia a glimpse of only the second erect cock she’d seen in her life. She stared at it with real interest as it was so different from her husbands. For a start, Phillips was uncircumcised and had an upward bend which laid flat on his stomach; this fine specimen was circumcised and stood proudly upwards. Unlike Phillips, the colour of the shaft was the same as the head. She noticed Stevie’s cock widened slightly at the base and she wondered how that my feel inside her, her heart fluttered in brief anticipation.”You’d better hurry up, it’ll get a chill.””Where’s the scar?””Right here.” he replied stretching the loose skin of his testicles and pointing to a small slightly discoloured piece of skin.”So you can’t make babies anymore?””Nope, those days are gone.” he replied slipping back under the welcoming warm water.He was surprised as Julia’s hand circled his cock and gave it a squeeze.He sighed with pleasure and mixed emotion, “Julia, do really wanna do this? You’re married and we work for the same company.”Without hesitation, she lifted her hands clear of the water and carefully removed both her wedding and engagement rings and placed them on the decking at the edge of the spa.Turning to Stevie, she looked him straight in the eye, “I’ve decided to be not married for one night. I want you to take me inside and make love to me.””Shit Julia, why me? Why not someone your own age?”Because I think you understand me, I know I can trust you and I can do it without a condom which is a first for me. I can’t go on the pill for medical reasons and Phillip has to wear them so I don’t get pregnant. But the main reason is that I think you’re one sexy man, for an oldie. So, Stevie, will you do this for me?”He looked hard at her, he should say no for all the right reasons but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.Sensing his uncertainty, Julia turned and lifted a leg over him; she sat on his lap kissed him gently on the lips. He felt her tongue probe his lips and he opened his mouth allowing her inside to find his. His cock lay pinned between their bodies, she moved upwards allowing her lips to slide up its length without penetrating her pussy. They stayed like that for many minutes until she broke the kiss.”Okay, Stevie what’s it to be?””You sure you wanna do this?””Absolutely.”He grinned, “Okay, let’s go inside.”Julia slipped off his lap and stood up in the chilled air, waiting for Stevie, they walked inside hand in hand. From the bathroom, he got two towels and they stood beside the bed quickly drying each others bodies before climbing in. They snuggled close side by side in the cool sheets; Julia reached down and guided his cock between her thighs so they could get closer. Stevie lowered his mouth to her breasts and suckled on one nipple, she rolled slowly onto her back to give access to both breasts. His hand slipped downwards through her curls and between her opening thighs. He explored her full lips, finding her clitoris; he tweaked it gently between thumb and fore finger. She whimpered and pushed back against him as his finger then slipped inside her. Her lifted his mouth to hers and kissed her passionately as his finger explored inside her wet tightness. Then, breaking his kiss, Stevie ran his tongue slowly downwards deviating only to tweak both nipples before continuing his journey.Moving his body downwards, he made himself comfortable between her thighs as his tongue found her forest of curls and then slipped between her wet lips. Julia jumped as his tongue slipped over her clitoris and downwards to her opening and explored her inner lips. Before the intense pleasure really began to register, he removed his tongue and explored her inner thighs. For the next few seconds, he teased her by licking and kissing everywhere but where she really wanted to be kissed. Then, parting her lips with his fingers, his mouth returned to her pussy, his tongue slipping inside her opening. Turning his mouth to the side, he began sucking on her lips in turn. Julia squirmed under the onslaught and pushed back at him as his tongue moved up to her clitoris, he sucked it gently into his mouth and tweaked the tip with his tongue and was rewarded with it hardening under his touch. He then began his work in earnest.Julia lay back in absolute bliss as the pleasure flowed through her; she’d never encountered anything like this before. She felt no guilt as she gave her body away to another man for the first time. She looked down between her thighs and found him looking up at her with the bottom half of his face buried in her curls.She grinned, “You’d look good with a beard.He responded by slipping a finger inside her and pushing up back towards her clitoris, and was rewarded as she raised her buttocks in ecstasy from the bed. Slipping into a rhythm, he began to work on her pussy with both mouth and fingers. Julia lay back with her mind in another world; she was embarking on a journey she hadn’t experienced before. She began to realise what a selfish lover her husband was, it was only his needs that were important. Here was a man who had never touched her before taking her to places she never knew existed. In the past, she could confess to masturbating a little bit but had always felt too uncomfortable to really explore all possibilities; to her it was something that her husband should do. As the seconds passed, Julia began to tremble uncontrollably as her pleasure continued to reach new heights. Then some uncertainty began to creep in, where was it going to end?”Oooh, Stevie. Please stop, please stop.” she urged.It did no good and he continued with the good work as the intensity inside Julia grew. Then all of a sudden a new feeling of overwhelming pleasure was forced upon her and she tried to fight it. What the hell was happening to her she asked herself, and then she lost all control as wave after wave of pleasure wracked her body?”Oooohhhhhh fuuuuuck.” she screamed loudly as a huge rush of warm liquid gushed from her.She wanted to panic, but the uncontrollable desire for pleasure still had hold of her. Down below, Stevie was just as surprised as Julia as the warm ejaculation of her orgasm washed over him. Undeterred, he continued working on her trembling body as it slowed down until she stopped. Then lifting his face from her pussy, he dried it as best he could on her curls before kneeling between her wide spread thighs. Looking down, he took in the pinkness of her pussy between her sodden curls, below, the stained sheet proved the ferocity of her orgasm. Grinning, he raised her legs over his shoulders and moved over her body. His cock needed no guidance in finding her pussy, and slipped slowly inwards to the hilt in a single stroke. Julia whimpered loudly as a different type of pleasure intruded on her already troubled mind. She allowed Stevie to thrust deeply inside her, the wet slapping of their bodies echoing around the bedroom. She then eased her legs from his shoulders and pulled him down on top of her. Her tongue slipped into edirne escort bayan his mouth as she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in tight. She could taste her sex on his tongue but felt no revulsion as he began to move inside her. His cock felt strong and hard, the absence of a condom only making it more pleasurable. She placed her arms around his neck and pulled him in tight to her.”Oh Stevie, what ever have you done to me?””Only good things I hope.”She chuckled, “What the hell happened back there?””A very wet orgasm I think.””That’s a first for me, I didn’t know what was gonna happen, couldn’t stop it if I wanted to.””Was it good?””Good? It was fucking fantastic.” she answered rolling him to one side and slipping out from under him.Kneeling beside him, Julia slipped a leg over him; taking his cock she guided it to her pussy and lowered herself onto it. She rotated herself on his cock to get a feel of it and looked down at Stevie. She ran her hands over the short curls of hair on his chest before moving to his nipples. Stevie responded by running his hands over her smooth silky thighs and then up to her breasts, reaching for her shoulders, he eased her downwards so that her left breast fell into his mouth. She sighed in pleasure, placing her weight on her arms on the bed; she began to move her pussy up and down on his rigid shaft.”Stevie Nolan, I think you’re a very bad man.””Why’s that?””You’ve just made me aware that my husbands a lousy lover.”Stevie didn’t know what to say, it was sort of an uncomfortable compliment in a funny way.She sensed his unease and lay down on his chest, “It’s just that he doesn’t care so long as he gets his own rocks off.”For the next few minutes, they lay quietly while Julia moved her pussy up and down on his cock. Stevie then rolled her onto her side and knelt beside her, she watched in amusement as he gathered all of the pillows into the middle of the bed. Reaching for her, he guided her into a kneeling position over the pillows and then eased her shoulders down towards the sheets leaving her buttocks high in the air. Moving behind her, he slipped his cock into her with a resulting groan as she pushed back at him.”Mmmm, that’s nice.” she whispered.As Stevie began to move inside her with long slow strokes, Julia made herself comfortable and then settled down to enjoy it. She liked the way his thick shaft placed pressure on the top of her pussy and smiled at the pleasure it brought her, however, time began to take its toll and Julia could feel her lubrication waning. She moved forward so that his cock slipped from her pussy. Turning around to face Stevie, she spread her thighs and smiled sweetly up at him.”I’m not gonna be able to do this for much longer, how about you have a turn on top and cum inside me. I wanna feel what its like.”Stevie grinned back at her, “Well, an old fella like me might not be up for that, not sure I could manage it.”Julia scoffed and slid a finger down to her pussy and rubbed provocatively between her lips, “I’m sure you’ll be able to if you put your mind to it.””Well, I guess it’d only be polite to try.” he replied looking down at his erect cock.Without warning, Julia reached forward, took a good hold of his cock and pulled it towards her, pushing her pussy up onto it, she pulled Stevie down and wrapped her legs around his buttocks.”Okay, now get on with it.” she ordered.Pushing the pillows out from under Julia, they settled down into the missionary position and arranged their arms and legs. For the first time, Stevie began to consider his own orgasm as he settled down into a rhythm. Julia took his head in her hands and guided their lips together. They again kissed long and passionately as he picked up speed, she wiped his sweaty brow with the sheet and egged him onwards.”It won’t be long now.” he grunted as his orgasm approached.Just before Stevie cum, he slowed his speed and looked into her eyes. She smiled up at him as his seed began to flow inside her, she could feel the warmth and the extra lubrication as he emptied himself into her. She looked up at his face straining in pleasure and thought back to her own orgasm, she wondered what she looked like at that moment. Seconds later, Stevie relaxed into her arms where she held him tightly. She could feel his cock withering inside her; she squeezed his cock with her pussy and felt his cum oozing out of her.”Ooops, I think I’m making another mess on your sheets.”He laughed as he rolled off her, “We’ll be the talking point of the motel with all your screaming and soiled sheets. My reputation will never be the same around here.”Julia snuggled into him and then lay quietly deep in thought, it was the most incredible sexual experience she’d ever had. Looking over at Stevie, she noticed that he was beginning to doze off. She reached over and tugged the hairs on his chest.”If I get us a beer, can I stay the night?””Talk about taking liberties, first you disturb my spa, then you lure me into bed, and now you wanna drink my beer.” he drawled with closed eyes.Julia laughed loudly, “If you say yes, I’ll let you fuck me in the morning.”He couldn’t stop himself from smiling, “Oh yeah, okay then.” he replied without enthusiasm.For the rest of the trip, Julia shared Stevie’s bed. She marvelled at the way he used her body and what he taught her about having fun. She learned the art of cock sucking with the help of assorted fruit and cream to make it more interesting. He introduced her to the world of adult toys which only added to her delights, and then the trip was over. On the last night she cried in his arms and made suggestions that weren’t feasible, he pointed out to her that he was too old for her. She didn’t believe him but in the end they parted good friends.Five Years Later.It was the turning down of a promotion that began to cause Stevie more than a little grief. He’d been shoulder tapped to move up to area manager, a position that had just been vacated. Agreeing to apply for the position to keep everyone off his back, he then failed to do so. Using caller ID for the next week, he avoided the barrage of phone calls from head office. He was then summoned to present himself to the National Manager who just happened to be in the same neck of the woods at the time. So, on a wet Wednesday morning, Stevie walked into head office ready for a confrontation. Directed to the conference room, he was met by the steely eyes of Edward Farnsworth, a man with a reputation of unwavering determination and arrogance beyond comprehension. Stevie sat opposite Farnsworth and they glared across the table at each other.”Before we start Nolan, I’m just waiting for my assistant who’ll sit in on this.”The next second the door opened and in walked Julia, shorter hair, immaculately dressed and prettier, but with still the same cheeky smile.”Hi Stevie, its good to see you again.” she commented shaking his hand and smiling at his surprise.”You too.””Okay guys, let’s cut to the chase.” ordered Farnsworth as they sat down.”Okay Nolan, what’s the problem with the promotion?””No problem, it’s just not for me.””Why not, you’re the most senior and successful guy on the road, our customers love you and you make good things happen. We need you in here, more to the point, we need to clone you.””Sorry, but you’re taking me away from something I enjoy, to a situation I’ll hate, cramped in a shitty little office and surrounded by imbeciles, present company excluded of course. I’m better with my own company. If you put me in here, I’ll hate it and just turn into a grumpy uncompromising bastard who’ll be no use to anyone.”Farnsworth glared over the table at Nolan and burst into laughter, “You mean just like me?”Stevie grinned.Farnsworth looked down at his large hands and then back up to Stevie, “You know Nolan, I was just like you once, but wished I’d had the guts to say no when they dragged me off the road and into an office.” He turned to Julia, “You were right all along, it ain’t gonna work. He’s all yours.”With that, Farnsworth grinned at Stevie and gave him a wink before leaving the room.Julia turned to Stevie and gave him a grin, “Told him he was wasting his time. So, Stevie, how are you?”He smiled, “Older and dumber. And you?”Her eyes sparkled, “Divorced and dangerous.”They sat eyes locked and in silence for a few seconds.”Seeing as I’m down this way, I thought I’d get some more field experience. I found it extremely educational last time. I understand that you’re off on another trip in a few days. I was gonna tag along again if it was okay with you, same arrangements as before of course.”He laughed, “I don’t know whether you could keep up with the demanding itinerary.”She smiled dangerously and leaned over the table towards him, “This is the new Julia, more experienced, finely tuned and very demanding. I might be giving you lessons this time.””God, how I love a challenge.”They never made it far on that Monday morning, three hours out of town found them parked on a desolate side road leading up to a remote cell phone tower. Stevie was kneeling between Julia’s spread thighs, his cock sliding easily into a smooth and well shaven pussy. She smiled at the warmth and pleasure of the hard shaft filled her insides.”Mmmm. You know, you’re not too bad at this for an old guy,” she commented.Stevie laughed, “I’d put experience over youth any day. By the way, did you ever find out what a real vasectomy scar looks like? The guys back at the office just couldn’t believe you fell that old line.”She chuckled, “Really? Well if I were you, I’d just concentrate on the job in hand. Cause when I’ve finished with you this trip, they’ll certainly believe you’ve been put through your paces. So c’mon old fella, get on with it, lets see you do your worst.



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