A Young Wife’s JourneyA Young Wife’s JourneyCally was very inexperienced when it came to sex or dealing with people. She met a boy named Tom in high school and married very young. Tom was very strange when it came to sex and always wanted the lights off when they had sex. He didn’t ask her to suck his cock and didn’t eat her pussy. In fact he wouldn’t let her see him naked. His religious beliefs were that sex was only for procreation, not enjoyment. Cally loved him very much and didn’t really know there was more to sex than a man getting on top of a woman and putting his penis in her and moving his hips. When she tried to move in bed he would reprimand her to lay still. She received little satisfaction except fullfilling her wifely duties.Tom tried to support them but they were having such a hard time making ends meet, Cally decided to find a job. Cally was a beautiful 18 year old woman, about 5′ 5″, weighing 130 lbs with brown hair and blue eyes. Her tits were superb. They were so firm and stood out so prominantly that she attracted attention anywhere she went. Her ass was full and round, with a little jiggle when she walked. Needless to say if she walked past construction workers, she got whistled at many times. Cally was always so embarrassed and tried to dress conservatively. But some things are hard to hide.After sending out many job applications in her small hometown, she finally got an interview at the local Farm Bureau. Cally was so excited. She wore her best dress and shoes and even put on just a little makeup on to add color to her face. She didn’t want to send the wrong message.Cally arrived early for the interview and sat nervously in the waiting room. Mr. Weber was manager of the Farm Bureau and finally called her into his office. He was a balding man in his early 50’s. He was alittle heavy but had a nice smile so she was at ease. They discussed her qualifications and benefits and then he offered her the job. She gratiously accepted and would start the next week. Cally was so happy as she returned home to tell her husband the good news. However, deep inside she had an strange feeling. It seemed that Mr. Weber was staring at her at times. She couldn’t be sure but it seemed he was staring at her breasts. She knew she couldn’t tell her husband and decided she was just a little paranoid.The job went well and the weeks flew by. Cally was so happy. She and Tom went out and bought all new furniture since she had money coming in. After several months Mr. Weber told Cally she would have to start working late on Friday nights. They published a small newletter and needed extra time to work on it together. Cally talked to Tom about it and he was fine with it. Maybe she would get overtime pay. The first few weeks were fine. Cally would get home about 10 pm and Tom would already be in bed. It wasn’t unusual for Cally to be working in Mr. Weber’s office on these nights. But this night it seemed different. Mr. Weber had a bottle of wine sitting on his desk with two glasses. Cally had never tasted wine or even drank alcohol of any kind. Mr. Weber poured the two glasses full of wine and offered one to Cally.Cally said, “Oh Mr. Weber, I don’t drink, I never have, but thank you anyway.”Mr. Weber smiled and said, “Now Cally, you are not going to make me drink this bottle of wine by myself, are you?””I’m sorry Mr. Weber, but my religious beliefs do not allow me to drink alcohol.” Cally replied.”Well Cally, no one will ever know and I would like you to just taste it. It is wonderful.” Mr. Weber said.Cally hesitated and then reached for the glass. She took a sip and put the glass down. Mr. Weber continued working and would smile occasionally and point to her glass. She took a drink. It did taste good so she drank more. It did seem to relax her. Surprisingly her glass was soon empty and Mr. Weber poured her another glass. They were soon laughing about silly stuff. Cally was enjoying herself. Mr. Weber emptied the bottle into Cally’s glass and she drank it all. They were both enjoying the moment when Mr. Weber sat down next to her and hugged her. He held her, rubbing her back and shoulders. Cally felt different and somewhat scared. Mr. Weber is so nice, he won’t do anything wrong she thought.Mr. Weber’s hand touched her breast. She drew in her breath. What buca escort was happening, she couldn’t think straight. His hand then began to caress her breast and after finding her nipple erect, began to pinch it.Cally tried to stand up as she shouted, “No Mr. Weber, I am married! Don’t touch me like that! “Mr. Weber held her tight and whispered in her ear, “Cally you are so beautiful, I just want to touch you, please don’t deprive me of this pleasure.” Cally’s mind was whirling from the wine, she didn’t want to make him mad. She didn’t want to lose her job. She just sat still and stopped resisting. His hand moved to the other breast and he started unbuttoning her blouse.”Cally, I just have to see your breasts, they are so firm and perfect,” Mr Weber whispered. Cally whimpered, “No,” but did nothing to stop him. Soon her blouse was off and he unhooked her bra.Something changed in Mr. Weber, he became rougher and soon was sucking on her nipples. HIs hand went under her dress working its way up to her panties.Cally wanted him to stop but something inside her found this so exciting. She had never been touched or treated this way. Her breathing became rapid. Mr. Weber started kissing her on the lips, thrusting his tongue inside her mouth. She had never been kissed like this but her emotions overwhelmed her. She started kissing him back in a way she had never kissed Tom. Mr. Weber’s hand touched her pussy and she jumped, unable to stop what was happening. Mr. Weber stood her up and pulled her panties down. He lifted her onto his desk and moved between her legs. His mouth was on her pussy. HIs lips pulling on her pussy lips, his tongue finding her clit. These were feelings she had never experienced. No one had ever done this to her, she didn’t know men even did this to women. Her pussy was so wet and juicy. Mr. Weber was gasping and moaning in his enjoyment of her pussy. She felt sensations she had never experienced. She loved it. Her hands were holding his head forcing his mouth onto her pussy. She didn’t want him to stop.Suddenly Mr. Weber stopped and took his pants down. When she saw his cock she gasped. It looked so big. She had never seen a cock, not even Tom’s. This cock frightened her, what was he going to do. Should she let him fuck her? She couldn’t, she was married and she loved Tom. Before she could do anything he shoved his cock in her pussy. It was so much bigger than Tom’s. The sensations pulsed in her pussy. Soon he had it all the way in and was pounding her pussy as hard as he could. He sucked her titties until they were so hard. He kissed her over and over, their tongues dancing together. All the time he continued to thrust into her pussy. She felt an explosion building in her body, it was like nothing she ever felt before. When it happened she didn’t want it to stop.Cally screamed. “Don’t stop, please fuck me harder, oh God don’t stop!” Those words brought Mr. Weber to his orgasm as he pumped a big load of cum into Cally’s pussy.Mr. Weber was exhausted. He pulled out of Cally’s pussy and sat down. Cally started realizing what had just happened. What had she done, she had betrayed her husband. She looked at Mr. Weber sitting in the chair, sweating and wanted to yell at him for what he had done. But a sexual awakening was stirring inside her body. She wanted him to do it again. She got up and got dressed, and was starting to leave the room when he looked at her with a smile.”See you next Friday night?” he asked. She nodded her head yes and left the room.Part TwoCally was so depressed. She had betrayed her marriage vows. Her husband would divorce her if he found out and she would be shunned by friends and family. She had acted like a whore, a slut. She actually enjoyed Mr. Weber fucking her pussy with his big cock. Never had she felt a climax like she had with Mr. Weber. She wanted it again. After she got home she quickly showered and went to bed pretending she had a headache. As she replayed what had happened in her mind, she realized that Mr. Weber intended to fuck her the whole time. He got her tipsy with wine and took advantage of her fear. Tomorrow she would confront him and tell him it can never happen again.The next morning Cally walked into Mr. Weber’s office, closed the door, and said, “I think we need buca escort bayan to talk.”Mr. Weber said, “Of course Cally, what is on your mind?”Cally said, “You know, what you did to me last night.””Why Cally, whatever are you talking about?” he asked. “I believe you thoroughly enjoyed last night. Am I mistaken? Maybe we should listen to this tape I made,” he said with a smile.He turned on a small cassette tape and she heard her voice begging him not to stop and to fuck her harder. Cally slumped down in the chair. Her eyes filled with tears.She looked at Mr. Weber and sobbed, “What are you going to do with that?”Mr. Weber said, “Well that is up to you Cally. As long as you join me to work late on Friday, I don’t plan to do anything.”Cally sobbed, “Please Mr. Weber, don’t make me do it again.””Why Cally, I am not going to make you. You can do what you want, but the tape may end up being sent to your husband if you miss a Friday night.” he said.Cally didn’t say anything and got out of the chair. Mr. Weber also stood up and started unzipping his pants.”Before you go, I need to know what you are going to do. Why don’t you show me what you have decided?” he said with a smile.Cally froze. She didn’t know what to do. Yet she knew what she had to do. There was nothing else she could do. She approached Mr. Weber and reached inside his pants. HIs cock was already starting to get hard. As she pulled it from his pants, she bent over and started stroking his cock. He grabbed her head with both hands and forced it to his cock. “Suck it” he said. She had never sucked a cock, didn’t even know how or want to learn. But he was forcing it to her lips. She tried to say no but he kept rubbing it on her mouth. Even as she resisted her body started stirring. It may have been the musky smell of his cock or the taste from her lips. She opened her mouth and let him put it in. She tried to suck it but he kept pushing it farther and farther into her mouth. Soon her body took over her mind and she was sucking his cock, running her tongue all around it. She was squeezing her tits She wanted to be fucked. Suddenly she stood up and turned around, pulling her dress up, showing her full round ass. Just as quickly she pulled her panties down and shouted, ” Fuck me!” Mr. Weber shoved his cock into her tight pussy and started pumping it harder and faster. Cally screamed, “Oh God, please don’t stop.” Her climax was building and she needed to cum. She pushed back hard each time he slammed his cock into her pussy. Suddenly she felt his hot cum fill her pussy and she screamed as her orgasm released her juices over his cock. When they had recovered, Cally tried to clean her self up and put her panties back on. Mr. Weber zipped up his pants and sat down. With a smile, he said, “See you next Friday after work?”Cally turned and smiled, “I will be there.”Part ThreeThe rest of the week past slowly. Cally was justifing her actions by telling herself she didn’t want to hurt her husband and if he found out it would crush his world. No one would ever know if she just fucked Mr. Weber every Friday evening. After all she did really enjoy it and he was talking about getting her a raise from the Farm Bureau Board. That Friday morning she trimmed up her pussy and put on the sexiest panties she owned. She put on perfume and makeup, something she never did. She felt very special that Mr. Weber enjoyed her pussy so much. During the day she smiled and winked at Mr. Weber. Teasing and flirting was something she had never done but it made her feel good. Mr. Weber was so nice to her and complemented everything she did. She knew he liked her very much. She just couldn’t wait to be fucked by him again.At the end of the day, everyone left and it was just Cally and Mr. Weber. Cally was so excited. Mr. Weber was in his office and had opened some wine. Cally came in and closed the door. She took a glass of wine from his desk and drank it all. Mr. Weber filled it again and told Cally she was so sexy. She just giggled and drank some more wine. Then Mr. Weber stood up and pulled Cally to her feet. He began squeezing her tits and ass. She loved what his hands were doing. He unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. Her lucious tits, so full and firm stood out proudly. He began escort buca sucking on her large erect nipples. Her breathing became rapid as her body was stirring with lust. His hands pulled down her pants, leaving her little panties on. Her panties barely contained her full round ass cheeks.Cally wanted Mr. Weber’s cock and soon had pulled it from his pants. It was already hard and so big, she wanted it in her pussy. He pushed her down and she knew what he wanted. She knelt down and took it into her mouth and started sucking it. He told her to lick his balls so she did it without hesitation. Suddenly she felt a hand on each of her tits, squeezing them. She turned and a flash went off. Her eyes were blinded but the hands continued to fondle her tits. When she could finally see, she looked up and saw two of the board members. “What’s happening Mr. Weber?” Cally screamed.Mr. Weber said, ” Well Cally, I know you wanted a raise so I asked these board members about it. They wanted to know what you did to deserve a raise, so I told them you had a tight pussy and loved to fuck. They want to join our party.”Cally shouted,”No Mr. Weber, No! I can’t have sex with them, I am married and I only agreed to fuck you.””I understand Cally but they have pictures of you sucking my cock so unless you want your husband to see the pictures, lets get this party started.” said Mr. Weber.Cally turned to look at the board members she knew as Bud and Gary. They were both naked and rubbing their cocks. Mr. Weber took off his clothes and started rubbing Cally’s pussy. Again, Cally body started stirring. She looked at the cocks and knew that she wanted to be fucked by all of them. Bud and Gary walked up to her and she knelt down. Soon she was going from one cock to the other sucking and licking. She was loving it. Mr. Weber pulled her up on the desk and told her to lay down on the desk with her head hanging over. Gary stuck his cock in her mouth and she started sucking. Bud spread her legs and started licking her pussy. He kept rubbing his goatee over her pussy, exciting her even more. His tongue went deep into her pussy and over her asshole. No one had ever touched her asshole. She loved it. Suddenly Bud shoved his cock deep into her pussy. He wasn’t as long but was much thicker than Mr. Weber. He pounded her pussy harder and harder. His cock had her pussy so open and stretched. Suddenly he pulled out and changed places with Gary. Gary’s cock was not as thick or long but bigger than her husbands. He pounded her pussy while she sucked Bud’s cock. When Bud couldn’t hold back anymore he filled Cally’s mouth and throat with his cum. She tried not to choke so she started swallowing it. HIs load was spilling out of her mouth. She tried to keep it in but it was too much.Mr. Weber was sitting on the couch with his cock sticking straight up. He said, “Cally come over here and sit on my cock now and let me fuck you for awhile.” Cally was more than happy to take his big cock in her pussy. She wanted her climax that only he could give her. She climbed on him and his big cock slid into her wet pussy. He raised and lowered her on his cock faster and faster. She was losing control, it felt so good. Suddenly Mr. Weber pulled her close to his chest holding her tight. Then Cally felt a cock rubbing up and down her ass crack. She turned and it was Gary.”What are you doing Gary?” she shouted. He smiled and said,” I am going to fuck you in the ass.” Cally cried and tried to get free but couldn’t. Mr. Weber held her tight. Gary pushed his cock farther and farther into her asshole. It hurt so bad. Finally he stopped and waited. After a while her asshole didn’t hurt so bad. Gary slowly started pulling it out and pushing it in. Mr. Weber started pumping his cock into her pussy. Her body was on fire. She had never felt this way before, even with Mr. Weber. They continued fucking her ass and her pussy for what seem a long time. She was wet with sweat, her body heat and the pounding she was receiving turned her into a sexual a****l.She shouted, “Fuck my ass, fuck my pussy, harder, harder give me all you got, I love being fucked, I want more cock, oh fuck me please, please,” With that her climax came. It was tremendous, her body shook, her eyes rolled back in her head. She pasted out for a moment only to wake up to the continual pounding her pussy and ass was taking. Finally they both shot their cum into her pussy and ass. They all collapsed. When they all had recovered and could talk, Mr. Weber said,” Well gentlemen, does she deserve a raise?” They all shouted, “Hell Yes!”



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