The first part of this story was written solely for my girl… Minnie. I wanted her to feel how much I care for her and how much she means to me. This part is for you, the reader and for me so that I will never forget one single solitary moment of “that night” … which I already know I cannot for it is burned into my memories, which will last for always.

The best/worst part of this story is the very beginning for, though we have talked about it, neither one of us remember exactly how we got “started” … we only remember that we did and our own personal inside joke is this “I didn’t do anything!” …

All I truly remember was laying down in bed, settling down to watch a movie and the last thing I remember is kissing her goodnight after about seven straight hours of making love and falling asleep in her arms.

We had settled in for the night to watch a movie together… we have decided now that movies and us do not mix well together…. not if we really want to see the movie anyway (haha) I curled up in her arms and lay my head upon her breast and she caressed my back… she said it was not a sexual act but knowing her as well as I do now, it’s all sexual with my min….haha.

I revelled in being where I was and placed my hand gently on her leg and began to let my hand slide up and down with a steady rhythm up the inside of her thigh… this lasted for what seemed like hours and eventually, after I thought I would never take the chance I let my hand slide up to the hot center of her pajama bottoms to find the heat I had felt only once before through clothes, in a theater… a quiet moan of pleasure escaped through her beautiful lips and I thought to myself… yes this is okay.

Rubbing slowly and gently at first, yet gaining speed and intesity with every stroke, I soon had her groaning quite frequently, careful not to awake her girlfriends sleeping in the next room, three girls that do not know the side of Minne that I know…. (I Hope anyway haha) I looked into her eyes and then slid my hand down inside of her pants. She squirmed in anticipation canlı bahis şirketleri as my hand slid down inside of them and found the spot she wanted me to. I had begun to feel feelings and thoughts I had never experienced before and all I wanted was to make her cum… to hear her moan my name like she had done so many times on the phone before.

It didn’t take long. I had her writhing on my finger within a few minutes and I heard her squeal with delight as the first rushes of orgasm washed over her and felt her release around my fingers. Somehow I had managed to get her out of those bottoms and my hand was working swiftly, helping her soar to new horizons both mentally and physically. I felt her release wash over her as she increased her grip around my shoulders and tightened her muscles around my fingers and the warmth rush down wet and hot until I could take no more… I loved seeing the look of total desire wash over her face as her shuddering body settled into the “afterglow”

After this we shared the most passionate kiss known to mankind… for the first time ever I felt her lips melt against mine and her tongue dart in and out with skill and ease, her hands now roaming more freely over my body … touching spots I had forgotten were there and the pleasures they could deliver me. Snuggling up and cuddling was now far from my mind. reaching up under her shirt, I found her breasts, nipples erecting to my touch and her body once again responding to my touches… She was near nude now and I wanted to see more of her… I put my head up underneath and began suckling at her nipples… taking one and then the other into my wet lips, my tongue darting out and around her peaked nipples.

Once again, my hand reached for the spot she craved me… she was still hot and wet from her first orgasm and I could feel her hot cum swishing around my fingertips. She reached down to help me out of my nightgown and undid the first few buttons… she straddled me like a pony and huskily said ” I have been waiting to see these for so long ” and as my breasts became canlı kaçak iddaa exposed, I held my breath….. not being very well endowed in this area, I was waiting for her expression. As she lowered her head to suck on them, the doubt washed away and I reached for her again … pulling her lips down and on me… then reaching for a kiss… she groaned in pleasure and responded as I had hoped she would…

We rolled around again and again marvelling in each other’s caresses…

I am not sure how it happened but I remember orgasm number two for her was not far behind the first… she shook uncontrollably for it… her back arching as I slid my fingers in and out of her wetness, staring into her eyes as the throes of passion washed over her again.

After what seemed like hours of kissing we dressed one another again and I fell asleep… just a breather in her arms…. she settled back down to continue watching her movie while I dreamed of the moment we shared and wished it woudl go on forever.

It was not long before I was awake again. Snuggling in to her I told her in my “barely awake but frisky” voice, Baby my only regret was that there was one thing we hadnt’ done yet…. she looked into my eyes, hers barely open from exhaustion and said ” baby I can’t ” …. I reached up and kissed her and told her “yes you can” and she proceeded to show me that she could. She took over at this point momentarily and reached up into my already wet underwear and fingered me so hard and fast but yet so gently at the same time… It was not long before I came all over her fingers which were pulsating in and out of me, with her lips pressed to mine so that my noises did not wake anyone, I rode the lightning on her ….. then as I rolled her over and thought again ” the one thing I hadn’t done yet” was to taste her wetness… to feel it on my tongue…

She laid back on the bed with her legs wide open , my fingers stroking her erected clit I could tell that it would not take much now…. I reached up for one more kiss and told her that I wanted to taste her now. canlı kaçak bahis My words alone evoked such a noise I knew I could not turn back now… I slid down the length of her beautiful body and aimed my lips to the center of her womanhood… as my face approached, the musky smell of her crotch was driving me wild and I could feel myself salivating… I slowed the rhythm of myfingers sliding in and out of her and let my tongue take over… darting over and across her hard clit.

I lapped at her until I could taste her through my whole mouth and when I thought she couldnt’ take much more I aimed my fingers back to their original destination. The combination of my tongue and fingers drove her crazy and I watched as my tongue slid up and down over her clit and could feel her puss tighten around my fingers and then the release… She groaned and moaned like I had never seen or heard before and she pulled her pillow up to smother it… She bit into that pillow and then the juices started to flow… I could smell it, taste it and feel it… it was so hot and wet… this was her third orgasm and by far the best…

Collapsing from sheer exhaustion we fell asleep rather spent…. I had spent the last five hours making love to the most beautiful woman in the world and here I was now curled up into her arms … revelling in the smells that wafted up from under the covers.

We slept for a few hours and woke up wanting more and more…

As it was early in the morning, now, and her roommates were up getting ready for work that day, we kept things simple but she orgasmed once again for me… then we spend the next hour kissin and holding one another.

I Knew I had to leave soon and come home but have pointed out to her lately that that was one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had… and will hope to have again.

I left there that next morning with a grin that would not quit. I have a date to spend two more days with this lovely girl in the not so distant future and I know that our experiences to come that day will never compare to what we shared that FIRST night… but I know without a doubt, that it will be one of the happiest days of my life.

Baby, when you read this… know that I love you and am looking forward to adding another chapter to this story… if you know what I mean



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