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This is a true story. I am now in the twilight of my years, but I can remember that summer as though it were yesterday. I realize that it is time that I put it down on paper; before those memories fade to nothing. That summer is why I am still alive today; its memory is that damned powerful. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think back to those days during that hot summer in west Texas in 1944.


It was still brutally hot, even though it was after midnight. The west Texas desert is like that in August; just damned hot until mid- to late-September.

It was 1944, and I was home again. I had been in the Marine Corps since just after Pearl Harbor; and had been wounded during the battle for Guadalcanal in the Pacific. The wound had been bad enough to secure my discharge and return home. Mother and I lived on a ranch, a few miles north of Big Bend National Park that she’d inherited from her family. I never knew my father. He was, as the story goes, some itinerant cowboy that had worked on the granddad’s ranch when mom was just 16 years old. Her folks and she had raised me; and then it had just been mom and me.

I had spent the last few months moving my way through various Navy hospitals until I was healthy enough to be discharged. Once back on the ranch, the day-to-day physical activity brought me back to pretty near perfect health sooner than any of us thought possible.

At night, mom and I read aloud to each other by lantern-light. We read classics, the latest fiction, and lots of poetry. We loved the poets of the Romantic and Victorian eras; especially Christina Rossetti; Emily Dickinson; Alfred, Lord Tennyson; and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Mom would cuddle up next to me in her thin nightdress on the settee and listen as I read aloud to her.

My mother was tall, just under six feet; with long-coal-black straight hair that she typically kept pulled back in a loose ponytail. She was not what some might say “a beautiful” woman, but she was striking with her long nose and prominent cheekbones and forehead, and dark, dark brown eyes. They were eyes that a man could just get lost inside of.

I was twenty and just over six feet tall, and was slim; long-legged, and had my mother’s black hair on top of my head and a thick pelt on my chest and belly. At night, because of the heat, I too was just in my boxer shorts.

We read for a couple of hours and then called it a night. I lay on my bed, on top of the sheets. The moon was up and was full, and the pale light streamed through the open windows in my room. There wasn’t much breeze; but what there was, was just plain hot. I could hear mother, in the room next to mine, tossing and turning too. After a few minutes, I had an idea.

I padded to the kitchen and grabbed a large metal pail, and went down to our cellar and opened up our small cooler room. I took an ice-pick and shaved off a bunch of ice chips into the pail. I filled the bucket with well water and grabbed a clean terrycloth hand towel. I quietly went back down the hall and entered mother’s bedroom. Like me, she had the lights out and the windows open. It looked like she was lightly dozing on the bed on top of her sheets.

I carefully set the bucket down and submerged the hand towel in the cool water. I wrung it out and gently began to sponge her face and forehead with the cool toweling. She started awake. I placed my hand on her shoulder and said softly, “Mom, it is me. Just relax, and close your eyes again. I’m gonna sponge you off with some cool water; it’ll make you feel better. Her beautiful eyes closed and she relaxed back onto the bed.

I spent several minutes just laving the cool cloth over her forehead, face, and neck and upper shoulders. I dropped the towel back in the bucket and reached up and brought her nightgown straps down over her shoulders exposing the tops of her large breasts. I lovingly continued sponging her off. Mom just lay there making soft little contended murmurs.

I moved down to the other end of the bed and began to sponge off her long legs and feet. I flipped up the hem of her nightie until I could pretty much reach all of her thighs. She murmured and opened her legs a little wider. All of the sudden I realized that I could see her dense black pubic hair at the junction between her legs. Mom wasn’t wearing panties!

As I slowly continued rubbing up and down her legs and thighs with the cool toweling Mom softly said, “Oh, Honey, this feels so good. Just let me sit up for a minute and take my nightie off. I want you to do this to all of me. If that’s okay with you, Baby?”

I looked at her for a moment and quietly replied, “God, yes, that’s fine, Mom, I casino oyna love doing this for you. I really just wanted to make you feel better tonight.”

“Oh, Baby, you have no idea of just how good you are making me feel tonight.”

She smiled as she sat up and pulled nightgown over her head and then slowly lay back down on the bed. I looked at her laying there. My nude mother – her arms and legs tanned from the sun, her large milky white breasts and large dark nipples, her smooth curves and belly led my eyes to her thick black patch of dense curly pubic hair that started just below her naval – she was simply the goddess of beauty in my eyes.

I dipped the towel and began to sponge her off all over. I carefully and lovingly moved over her chest and breasts and saw her beautiful nipples erect and darken even more. I ran the moist towel down her belly and ribcage. Then I dipped the towel and gently laid it on her pubic patch; letting the cool wetness rest on her warm crotch. I repeated this several times. With each time, mother moaned softly and spread her legs wider.

I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. I looked up at mom’s face for a moment – her eyes were closed – I dropped the towel down into the bucket and moved my face over her crotch. I could smell her femaleness, the scent of my mother’s vagina. I lowered my face and gently placed my lips on the lips of her pussy and softly kissed her. Mom just moaned softly and said, “Oh yes, Baby, oh yes…”

I kissed her pussy lips again and then slowly slid my tongue into her tangy, and slightly salty, folds. Mother opened her legs even wider and reached her hand down and began to caress my head and side of my face as I licked and tongued her cunt.

Her pussy began to run with moisture and her belly rippled against my forehead. I moved my tongue up and down and in and out of her hairy slit. ‘God,’ I thought, ‘I love the taste of this woman – my mother! I love this woman!’

I reached my hands up caressing her sides and belly, moving up until I encountered her large fleshy breast. I kneaded and squeezed each in my hands, finding her hard, erect nipples. I pulled and pinched her nipples, twisting them in my fingertips. Mom was writhing underneath me as I continued my oral assault on her pussy with my lips and tongue. She was moaning and groaning and softly crying, “Oh, Baby, Oh, Chris, my darling, yes, don’t stop…don’t stop, please don’t stop,” as she grabbed my hair and pulled my face deeper into her crotch.

All of the sudden she grabbed my head with both hands and arched her belly and crotch up off of the bed and began to shudder and quake. I knew that mother was coming. I was giving my mother an orgasm. I fleetingly wondered how long it had been since mother has had sex with a man and had had an orgasm? She pressed my mouth firmly against her cunt and moved her sex organ back and forth against my tongue and lips.

“Oh, God, yes, Baby! I’m coming! I’m coming! Don’t stop, baby! Oh, God, don’t stop, Honey…Mmmm…Yes, yes, yes, Baby…Mmmm…feels so good, Honey…Mmmm…”

I reached down with one and skinned my boxer shorts down my hips and legs and kicked them off with a foot onto the floor next to mother’s bed. I moved up onto the bed, never taking my mouth from my mom’s slick, wet, hairy cunt. I rotated my body so that my hard cock was next to her torso, and I pressed it into her heaving breasts as I cuddled up to her and continued to gently kiss her wet labia and flick my tongue back and forth in her slit.

I felt her hand encircle my dick and she ran her hand up and down its hard length. She felt further down and found my large hair-covered balls and squeezed and felt each one in her hand. She moaned, “Oh, Baby, you have such a beautiful cock and balls! Your dick is so damned big! God, I don’t know that I have felt a dick this big before, Honey!”

I have to say that I don’t think I have a ‘huge’ cock, by any means. When I am stone-hard, my dick is probably about seven inches long, but it is pretty thick. I am uncut, and have a fair amount of loose foreskin that covers the head of my cock even when I am fully erect. I love the feel of my loose skin sliding over the head when I jack off, or when a woman plays with my dick.

“Kneel up here on my bed, Baby,” she said softly.

I moved up next to her and knelt on the bed. She sat up and scooted over by me, her beautiful, sexy, nude body, shining with sweat; and then she leaned in and kissed me on the mouth. Whispering to me, she said, “Christopher, I love you! I never imagined that you and I could share this kind of love with one another, but it feels so right. Does it feel okay to you, Baby? Are you okay with this?”

I took her in my arms, our nude sweaty bodies melded together in love, and I whispered in her ear, “Mother, I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful I feel – how wonderful that this feels – somehow it just seems like it was fate – it was bound to happen. Mother, you are my life. You have always been my life.” I leaned in and kissed slot oyna her on the mouth. Our tongues came together, swirling and probing as we held and caressed each other’s faces.

Mom put her arms on my shoulders and leaned down and began to kiss my hairy chest. She ran her fingers through my dense chest hair and found my nipples. She pinched and pulled on them. I leaned back on my haunches and groaned. “God, Mom, that feels so goddamned good!”

She moved her mouth over my nipple and sucked and licked me vigorously; nipping and biting, and tugging at my chest hair with her lips. I leaned back on my hands, my buttocks resting on my heels. She lazily ran a hand down my hard chest and belly and into the forest of thick, curly pubic hair. She combed the thick patch of hair with her long fingers and then encircled and squeezed the base of my incredibly hard cock. She jacked the skin of my cock slowly up and down as she continued sucking on my nipples. I caressed her long black hair and the side of her beautiful face as she pressed herself to my chest.

Slowly she made her way, licking, tonguing, and kissing down my chest and belly until she got to my crotch. She buried her nose and mouth in my sweaty pubic hair, and breathed deeply and groaned, “I love your dick, Baby!” All I could do was moan and run my fingers through her hair, telling her that I loved her so much.

While I was still kneeling, with my legs spread, and leaning back, she lay down on her side and opened her mouth and took my sweaty ballsack into her mouth. Her tongue moved around as she licked and sucked my balls. First, she sucked one ball into her mouth and then she took the other hairy ball in. With both of my balls in her mouth, she pulled back and tugged on my scrotum. I don’t think I have ever been as sexually aroused as I was at that moment. Looking down and seeing the vision of my nude mother with both of my balls inside her mouth, and her cheeks moving as she laved them with her tongue and lips. Her sexy hand moving slowly up and down the shaft of my rock-hard shaft, her fingers toying with the loose foreskin as it moved over the plum-shaped purple head of my cock.

Slowly my mom let my balls fall from her mouth and looking up at me, her lips glistening wetly, softly said, “Honey, I want to suck your cock. Will you let your mother suck your big cock? I want to feel your big dick in my mouth, Baby.”

She knelt up in front of me and I leaned forward, her hand never leaving my cock, we kissed deeply. She whispered huskily, “Baby, can Mama suck her baby’s big dick?”

I kissed her, and then whispered, “Mama, please suck my cock – Suck your son’s cock. Please suck my cock – Suck me off, Mom.”

She leaned down, looked closely at my hard dick, kissed and licked the purple head, and then in one fell swoop engulfed my cock to its hairy root. I could feel her lips working tightly around the thick base of my dick in my pubic hair.

She pulled back and her mouth slid up the shaft until she was just kissing and licking and sucking the head of my dick again; and then she fell back forward, swallowing my entire cock deep into her throat. I was groaning with each of her wet strokes, it was an awesome and completely amazing experience. Made even more surreal by looking down and seeing my cock sliding wetly in and out of my mother’s mouth and throat, and her hands kneading and tugging on my balls and scrotum.

For the next ten minutes – it seemed an eternity – my mother fellated me. The only sounds in the moonlit bedroom were the sounds of my mother’s cock-sucking and my deep-throated moans. We were completely consumed in our animal-like lust for one another, tinged with our deep and abiding love for one another. All I can say, in retrospect, is that it just felt right; and I still believe that in my heart-of-hearts.

I felt like I was near to coming. I took my mother’s head in my large hands and lifted her face off of my throbbing cock. Looking down at her flushed and wet face, I said softly, “Mom, if you keep up this up I’m gonna come!”

She knelt up and kissed me. I tasted my cock juice and her saliva as her tongue swirled through my mouth. Her large breasts were squashed against my hairy chest as our nude bodies writhed against one another. My hands ran up and down her smooth sweaty back and buttocks as her hands moved up and down mine. She then ran her hand down between our bodies and clasped my dick and balls, massaging them and whispering, “Will you let Mama fuck her baby boy? Does my baby wanna fuck his Mama?”

I could hardly croak out, “Oh my God, yes, Mom, I want to fuck you so badly too. God, I wanna fuck you, Mom…”

“Lean back on your heels again, Baby,” she whispered, pushing my chest back with her hand.

She stood up on the bed and moved over my bent body. She squatted down, her hairy pelt and open ruby-red wet cunt lips hovering above my steel-hard glistening dick. She reached down and took my dick in her hands and began to slowly rub the exposed purple head of my cock back canlı casino siteleri and forth in the wet groove of her sex. I watched as she rubbed my dick head against her fat button of a clit. Her eyes were closed as she rubbed my cock head back and forth, and then she just slowly sank down onto her knees as her hairy cunt swallowed my cock to its root. She just groaned and slumped forward onto my chest, her boobs and nipples rubbing back and forth against my chest hair.

Mother began to slowly move her pelvis up and down and forward and back as she fucked my cock in and out of her pussy. She began to pant and moan, pant, and moan, and pant and moan as she moved up and down and back and forth. She clutched my torso to her and began biting and sucking my neck, shoulders, and chin. She breathed into my ear, “My baby boy is back inside his mama…My baby is back inside his mama…My son has his cock buried deep inside his mama’s pussy…Mmmm…Mama’s baby feels so good inside her!”

I kissed her again as we rocked back and forth, our bodies welded together in sweat, lust, and love. I ran my tongue over her face, her eyes, her nose, and moved my lips to her ear, and softly whispered, “Mama, I love you! Mama, I’ll never leave you; I love you so much. Mama, I love the feel of my dick inside of your cunt…your wet cunt feels so goddamned good!”

I slid both my hands down from her shoulders and fondled and caressed her large swinging breasts. I found both nipples in my fingers and began pinching and pulling them as we rocked back and forth and up and down. Mom just shuddered and hissed, “Yes, Baby, pull ’em…pinch ’em hard! Pull my nipples!”

Ohhh, yes, baby, your cock feels so good. Fuck me, Chris! Fuck me, Christopher! Fuck your mother with that big dick, Baby!” she groaned.

I began to drive my pelvis up from the bed, driving my dick up deep inside my mother’s wet pussy. Our pubic hairs were a sodden mess of pussy juice and precum grinding against each other’s crotches. Mom reached down under our joined crotches and took my wet hairy balls in her hand and squeezed and pulled on them as I drove my cock deeply into her womb.

I groaned that I was close to coming, “Mother, should I come inside of you? I could make you pregnant, Mom…”

“Baby, I don’t care, just fuck me! Don’t you dare stop fucking me, Baby! Just fuck me! Fuck me harder, Honey! Fuck me harder! Come inside me, Baby! Come inside your Mama, Honey! Come in me! Come in me! Fuck me, Baby!” she screamed.

I fucked up and down, in and out, and back and forth; clutching my mother’s naked, sweaty body to mine as we fucked on her bed in the moonlight that sweltering hot night.

All of the sudden my mother’s body just went rigid in my arms as she began to orgasm. She began to moan, groan, and scream all at the same time. Her shining body bounced up and down, my cock sliding in and out of her at a torrid pace. I looked down and watched as her hairy crotch merged with mine and then nearly the entire wet shaft glistened in the soft pale light as she raised up again, and then she jack-hammered back down on me again, swallowing my dick whole!

Like a ton of bricks, it hit me just at the moment that I exploded inside of her womb that I was fucking my mother – I was squirting my sperm and semen inside of the very womb that bore me for nine long months. I was ejaculating inside of my mother’s cunt! I was coming inside of my mother! I was incestuously fucking my mother! I loved my mother from that moment forward more deeply than I ever loved any other living thing. This was an unbreakable bond that joined us in a way that could never be undone – and would never be undone.

I realized that I was screaming and moaning as loudly as she was. We were both completely and utterly consumed with our orgasms. I felt the strong jets of sperm and semen as it rocketed the length of my cock, spurting into her wet depths. It was a completely overwhelming emotion, and I found myself sobbing as I fucked up into her, pulling her wet body into mine, kissing her face and neck. I was crying, she was crying, we were crying together. They were tears of joy, tears of love.

I fucked up into her, and she fucked her body back down onto mine. We moved together, our juices mingling together creating a creamy, sweaty and frothy joining of our sex organs.

Finally, both of us began to slow and slumped down onto the bed, her knees outside of mine, our chests glued together with sweat. My mother’s black hair was plastered wetly to her face, her shoulders, and the front of her chest. We kissed deeply, whispering ‘I love you’ as we kissed and slowly rocked back and forth.

Holding one another tightly, we slowly rolled over to one side and fell back onto the bed. I didn’t want my dick to ever come out of my mother’s body. I wanted to stay inside her forever and I told her so.

“Mama, I want to be inside you forever! I want to stay just like this forever.”

“Baby, me too! We will, I just know it! I love you so much too! This is just for us, and no one can ever take this from us. I love you, Christopher, my baby boy. God, I am so damned glad that you are here with me, and not in that damned war anymore…This is where you belong, Honey-Bear. You belong with your Mama!”



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