Work was work. I was working by myself entering account information into the computer. Twenty minutes before quitting time Shelly walked by my desk, nodded toward the stairs to the basement and kept walking. I waited a couple of minutes and then I got up and followed her downstairs. She was already on the table with her skirt up and her panties off.

“Hurry up honey. Get it out.”

“Not this time” I said and then I went down on her. I worked at it until I got her off and as she was pulling up her panties she asked:

“Why didn’t you let me suck it?”

“I haven’t seen my girlfriend since last Wednesday and tonight she is going to want all I can give her. I’m only good for so many tines and I would feel guilty if I shorted her.”

“Next time then. Do you have to rush away when you get off work? Not tonight, but usually?”

“No. Why do you ask?”

“Marv bought a conversion van to use for camping when he goes hunting or fishing on the weekends. It has an air mattress in it and I’m going to start driving it to work.” She giggled and then said, “We can use it to get off when we get off.”

I laughed, gave her a hug and a kiss and a five minute head start before I went upstairs and punched out and headed home.


I walked into the house and found mom in the kitchen. She was wearing only an apron and high heels.

“Can mommy’s motherfucker tell that mommy has been anxiously waiting for him?”

I unzipped and took out my cock and said, “Mommy’s motherfucker hasn’t thought of anything all day but getting home to baby’s cocksucker.”

She turned off the burner under the pot she was stirring and dropped the spoon into the sink, the apron onto the floor and then she went to her knees in front of me. She spent maybe a minute on me and then she stood up and sat down on the table.

“Mommy has been waiting for this since you walked out the door this morning. Mommy doesn’t even want to wait the few minutes that it would take us to get to the bedroom. Fuck mommy baby. Fuck mommy right now.”

I stepped forward, dropped my pants to my ankles and pushed into her. She moaned and her hands went to my ass and she pulled me to her.

“That’s it baby” she moaned, “Fuck mommy; make mommy cum.”

The table, not being anchored to the floor, moved a couple of inches every time I drove into mom’s pussy and it was up against the refrigerator by the time I came. It would have been comical to anyone looking in the kitchen window. The table moving and me shuffling along trying to keep up with it. Shuffling because my pants were still around my ankles. When I pulled out mom said:

“Shame shame on baby for messing up mommy’s kitchen. You put everything back where it belongs while mommy turns down the covers on the bed.”

I kicked off my pants, put the table back where it belonged and then headed up to my room. I stripped and went across the hall to mom’s bedroom where I found her lying on the bed waiting with her legs spread wide. I knew what she wanted so I moved into a sixty-nine with her and when she had me hard again she said:

“Mommy wants to play cowgirl.”

I rolled over on my back and she moved over me and guided me up into her. She rode me until I needed to get off so I rolled her over onto her back and then I fucked her hard and fast until I came. She got off just before I did and I held myself in her until I was soft. As I pulled out she said:

“I think mommy needs to feed her motherfucker now if she expects him to have the energy to fuck her all night.”

It wasn’t all night, but it was enough of a hard night that I slept like a log until mom woke me up with her mouth and then started my day with a session of doggie.


Nancy joined me in the cafeteria and we talked about the classes we were taking and talked some about our upcoming date until she needed to head for class.

When I pulled into the parking lot at work I saw a Chevy van in the lot and I expected that Shelly was planning on some after work activity.

I assumed that since Shelly brought up what had happened with Tina and Gloria that the girls talked about what was going on. The question on my mind was did Shelly tell them about what we had done. On the one hand she had asked me (actually made me promise) to make sure that no one would ever know, but on the other hand Tina and Gloria no longer teased me and their attitude seemed to be one of ‘keeping their hands off of Shelly’s man’ and that could only be because Shelly had told them what we had been doing. I was, however, smart enough not to say a word about it.

I’d been at work about an hour when Shelly came up to me. She asked:

“Did you see it?”

“I did.”

“We can’t do it here in the parking lot so when we get off I’ll go over to Wal-Mart and park where the camper rigs park okay?”

“Works for me.”

After I punched out and was headed for the door I passed by Marge’s desk and she shook her head at me and said:

“I hope you know what you are doing.”

I smiled at her and said; casino şirketleri “Somebody thinks I do” and I left the building. How could she know I asked myself as I got in my car. As I turned the key to start the car I thought of what I’d said to her. A nineteen year old kid isn’t supposed to have that much self confidence in dealing with older women. Especially in sexual matters. Was my association with my mom, Mary, Mrs. Evans and yes, even Shelly having that much of an effect on me and my behavior? If so it all appeared to be to the good.

Shelly’s van was comfortable and we had a good time in it. She wouldn’t let me go down on her until after she had sucked me off. After I’d gotten her off and she was putting on her thong and slacks she told that I could go first next time, “Which will be tomorrow okay?”

What could I say to that except “Of course.”


Mom was waiting for me again in nothing but an apron and her ‘come fuck me’ pumps only this time she wanted to get dinner out of the way first. When we finished eating she stood up, said that the dishes could wait and then said:

“Dessert will be served in the bedroom.”

Dessert was exhausting and again I slept like a log. The morning was a repeat of the previous morning and I was off to school in a pretty damned good mood.

At lunch Nancy asked why we had to wait until Saturday to go out and I told her that with my job after school and homework assignments I didn’t have much time during the week and then I said:

“Also, before you sat down with me the other day I’d already made a date with Gail for Friday.”

“You take this babysitting thing that seriously?”

“Absolutely. A promise made to a friend is a promise that you have to keep.”

“Even if it comes between you having a relationship of your own?”

“Don’t know. Haven’t had to face that set of circumstances yet.”

That got me a ‘searching’ sort of look and then she was up and off to class.

That evening I again got the “I hope you know what you are doing’ look from Marge as I left the building. I met Shelly at the Wal-Mart parking lot and I took care of her first and then she took care of me. I asked her if she ever had a weekend alone and she told me that when hubby went hunting or fishing she usually stayed home. I told her that she didn’t necessarily have to spend the weekend alone and I made sure that she had my cell phone number.

When I got home mom was dressed to go out for dinner. “Tonight is feed and then fuck mommy night. Also mommy gets to embarrass baby tonight.”

“Embarrass me how?”

“Mommy wants to go dancing and since baby isn’t old enough to take mommy to where she usually goes to dance baby will have to take mommy to the new teen club.”

“And that will embarrass me how?”

“You being there with an older woman and your mommy at that.”

“I won’t be embarrassed; I’ll be fighting for my life.”

“What does that mean?”

“You trying to tell me that you don’t know how you look right now? Tight dress, sexy heels, a mile of leg showing and showing enough cleavage to hide your purse in? I’ll be fighting hard to keep guys away from you and if I don’t do a good enough job you just might find yourself out in the parking lot getting that gangbang you say you don’t want.”

“You think so? You think mommy is that hot?”

“You know you are.”

“A parking lot gangbang huh? Oh my goodness.”

We had dinner at The Oklahoma Roadhouse and then drove to the teen club. Being a week night it wasn’t all that crowded and I quickly noted that there weren’t any kids there that I knew.

Mom and I danced several numbers and then I had to use the bathroom. When I got back to the table mom was gone and I looked around and saw her out on the dance floor with some guy. It was a slow number and they were dancing close together. I saw his hand slip down and cup her ass and she didn’t push it away. He was also grinding his cock into her leg and she didn’t object. The tune finished, but mom and the guy stood there and waited for the next number and when it started it was a repeat of the first one.

When the song ended instead of coming back to our table he led mom over to a table where there were two other girls and four other guys. I watched as he introduced mom to the others at the table and then she surprised me sat down with them. A minute later the guy who had been dancing with her got up and led her back out onto the floor and there was more hands on the ass and cock grinding into the leg. The song ended and the guy led mom back to his table and she again sat down.

Mommy’s motherfucker was just a tad pissed at baby’s cocksucker and I got up and walked over to the table. The guy mom had been dancing with gave me a shit eating grin as I walked up and glanced around the table and then back to me. The inference was that ‘there are more of us than there are of you so bug off.’ I looked him right in the eye and said:

“You got fifteen dollars on you?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“That’s what I paid to get her in the door. casino firmaları You want the cunt give me fifteen bucks or get your ass out of that chair and meet me outside.”

He laughed, took out his wallet and handed me a ten and a five. I put the money in my pocket and turned to go.

“Where are you going” mom asked.

“You seem to have forgotten who you came with. You’re his now” and I walked away. As I walked away I heard:

“Whoa up there little lady. Yo…..” and I didn’t hear the rest because I was out the door and on the way to my car. I pulled out of the lot and I had just turned right when my cell rang. I expected it to be mom, but it wasn’t. The screen said the call was from Mrs. Evans. I wondered what Natasha’s mom wanted with me at eight in the evening. I answered and she asked:

“Are you doing anything right now?”


“I just put hubby on the ‘red eye’ to New York. Want to stop by?”

I had intended to drive around the block a couple of times and then go back to the club parking lot and wait for mom to come out, but Pam’s call changed that. Mom was on her own. Maybe next time she would think twice before pulling the stunt she pulled.

“I’m on the way” I said and I turned off my cell and pointed the Impala toward her house.

Mrs. Evans answered the door naked, took my hand and led me straight to her bedroom. As I undressed she said:

“I’ve missed you sweetie. The last three times Mark went out of town it was over the weekend and I couldn’t call you because Natasha came home from school.”

As soon as I was stripped she reached out, took hold of my cock and put it in her mouth. I gave her a couple of minutes and then I pushed her down on the bed and got into a sixty-nine with her. I got her off and she got me off, but she kept working until I was up again. I moved over her, put her legs up on my shoulders and started fucking her.

Her hands clutched me and pulled me to her as I drove into her hard and fast. She cried out as she had one orgasm after another and still I fucked her hard and fast. Finally I reached the point where I had to release and I pushed hard into her and held myself in place as I emptied into her. I stayed there until I was soft and then I pulled out and laid down beside her.

“What time do I have to be gone by?”

“Mark won’t be home until Sunday, but I expect that Natasha will be here around five on Friday. It would probably be good if you were gone by then.”

I laughed and said, “I meant tonight?”

“You don’t want to wake up with me in the morning?”

“I’d love to.”

“That’s settled then. Why don’t I see what I can do to get your soldier standing at attention again.”

She went down on me and worked on me until she had the desired result and then she got up, went to her dresser and came back with a tube of KY.

“You know what I want. You got me started liking it and you are the only one I can do it with. Please?”

“How can I refuse a beautiful lady?”

I took the KY and used it with my thumb and fingers to get her ass ready and then I slowly pushed my cock into the tight hole. I brought her off and when I’d unloaded I expected that I was done for the night, but she proved me wrong. She washed and dried my cock and then went to work to try and get me up again. It took her quite a while, but she did get it done and she had me do her doggie.

She snuggled in to me and asked, “What time is your first class tomorrow?”

“Seven forty-five.”

“So if I get you up at six I can get one more out of you?”

“I’ll damned sure try.”

As I faded off to sleep I wondered what my home coming was going to be like when I did go home.

Pam did get me up at six and she did get one more out of me and then she fed me breakfast. I was right on the edge of asking her if she would like me back that evening when I remembered that I had already promised Gail Thursday. Just that quick I went from ‘asking mode’ to trying to think of a polite way to say no if she asked me back. She took me off the hook.

“I have some things that I have to do today that might run into the evening. If you aren’t doing anything this evening give me a call around eight and maybe we can get together, but don’t count on it. I mean if you have something going don’t cancel on my account because I may not even get home until real late.”


Nancy didn’t show up at lunch time, but I didn’t think anything of it. When I got to work I found that Shelly had called in sick so I was going to be fairly fresh when I got with Gail that evening.

Gail and I ate at the Burger Barn and then I asked her what she would like to do. I expected her to tell me to take her to the Starlight, but she surprised me and said she would like to go to Skate City. We were there about an hour before she said:

“I hope you weren’t expecting to get laid tonight Bobby. It is my time of the month.”

“It isn’t a requirement that we have sex every time we go out. We can date with out having sex any time you want to. I took my arrangement with güvenilir casino you and Tom to mean that I would keep you company, not jump your bones all the time.”

“Thanks Bobby. That is nice to know, but right now I have a problem. I’m cramping and I don’t feel well. Can you take me home?”

After I got Gail home I checked my watch and saw that it was eight-fifteen and so on a whim I called Pam. She was at home and told me to come right on over. It was a repeat of the previous evening and our morning session was anal.

“Because I don’t know when I’ll see you again and I love it, but I can only do it with you.”

She fed me breakfast and then I gave her a hug, kissed her and told her that I would be anxiously awaiting her next call and headed off for school.


I talked with Nancy on lunch break and we finalized the details for our Saturday date.

I saw Shelly’s van in the parking lot when I got to work and I knew what that meant. She wouldn’t have driven the van unless she expected to put it to use.

Stella put me to work on entering stuff into the computer. All three of the Terrible Trio were in the office with me and while Shelly kept looking at me with a knowing grin on her face Tina and Gloria ignored me. At quitting time Shelly walked past my desk and dropped a piece of paper on it. I glanced at it and saw one word. Wal-Mart.

She was parked and waiting when I got there. When I got in the van she already had her skirt and panties off.

“You go first” she said and I went down on her, got her off and then she said, “I have something different for you today sweetie. You know that I’m only doing this because my hubby won’t do it right?”

I nodded a yes and said, “You made that clear up front.”

“Well sweetie; there is something else that I love that hubby won’t do.”

She handed me a tube of KY and got on her hands and knees.

“Go easy sweetie; it has been years for me.”

Damn, but was she tight! It took twenty minutes of thumb and finger action before I thought she was ready. I entered her while she moaned, “Slow and easy baby; slow and easy.”

Once I was all the way in I went slow until I felt her start pushing back at me and saying “just a little faster baby” and then I picked up the pace. In minutes she was slamming back at me and asking me to fuck her ass harder and faster. She had an orgasm and cried out:

“Pound it baby; fuck it hard!”

I did and she had another orgasm just before I got mine. I pulled out and she pulled me down and gave me one hell of a passionate kiss and then said:

“Thank you sweetie; I really really needed that.”

She handed me a roll of paper towels so I could clean my cock as she said:

“I need to hurry home and get hubby’s dinner on. See you Monday?”

“You bet.”

When I got into my car I used my cell to call Gail and see if she wanted me to stop by. She told me that she still didn’t feel up to going out and told me to give her a call Monday. Natasha would be home so going to see Pam was out. I had to face up to the fact that it was time to go home and face the music.

I didn’t expect that I would hear anything about abandoning mom on Wednesday because dad would be home, but I knew I would be in for it in the morning when he went into the plant. I could put it off for a while if I set my alarm to get me up when dad got up and then leave the house when dad did, but why bother putting it off? It was going to happen sooner or later.

Mom and dad were both there when I got home. Mom sarcastically said:

“Decided to come back and see if we were still here?”

Dad laughed and said, “Who is she?”

“Her name is Pam.”

“She another one who might turn out to be a daughter in law?”

“I don’t think so. We have something going, but no real spark if you know what I mean.”

“Wash up” mom said, “Dinner is almost ready.”

Over dinner dad talked about the new contracts he had picked up and said:

“We are about at the point where we might have to expand.”

“Why do that” I asked and then said, “It would mean pouring money into a new building or an extension and then stocking it with new equipment. You could save all that expense by just going to a second shift and if we keep growing we can add a midnight shift.”

“There is that. It is something to think about.”

Mom kept quiet during the meal, but she did throw a few nasty glances my way. After dinner I went up to my room and worked on a paper that was due to be handed in on Tuesday. Around nine-thirty I stripped, brushed my teeth and went to bed. As I slipped off to sleep I was wondering what the morning had in store for me.


Mom woke me up as soon as dad was out of the house and she did not do it with a blow job. She poured a glass of water on my head! I got up sputtering and she said:

Get your butt out of bed asshole and get down to the kitchen.”

I got up and went into the bathroom and dried myself with a towel. When I got to the kitchen mom was sitting at the table and the look she gave me when I walked into the room was murderous. I went to the sink, got a glass of water and then turned and tossed it in mom’s face. I tossed her a dish towel to dry off with and then I sat down at the table and said:



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