I woke up with the hardest morning wood I’ve had since I was a teenager. It was so stiff and hard I could barely get it pushed down enough to pee without spraying all over the bathroom. When I finally finished and headed back to bed, Beth was just waking up.

“Morning babe, how ya doing this morning?”

“Slept like a baby. All these orgasms you’ve been giving me have relaxed me more than I’ve felt in a long time.”

I slid up beside her and pressed my erection against her hip. “Maybe I could get in on some of that relaxation, what do you say?”

“I have every intention of draining those balls bone dry in a few minutes. But first, I wanted to chat just a bit. Then we can take our shower, pack, and head for home.”

“Sure babe, what would you like to chat about?”

“I love that you came to me with your fantasy about being teased. I hope you’ve had a fun weekend?”

“It’s been awesome,” I said. “But I really would like to cum really soon.”

“I know. And you will. I promise. But I wanted you to know how much I’ve enjoyed this weekend, too.”

“I’m glad. I’m really glad. I don’t want to be all selfish and just make it all about my fantasy.”

“That’s exactly it,” said Beth. “It started out being about casino oyna your fantasy but it turned out to be awesome for both of us. I haven’t felt this sexually charged in a long time. And it’s been years since you’ve been so attentive and affectionate. And honestly, I don’t know if you’ve ever been so eager to eat my pussy as you’ve been this weekend.”

I blushed a bit. “Well, being teased without any release certainly has made me eager. And I guess I thought if I served you well enough you would return the favor. But then, I started to realize how lucky I am to be with you and, well, I just wanted to make you feel good.”

“Perfect.” said Beth. “So how about we continue?

“Sure. We’ve got a couple of hours before we head home.”

“I don’t mean that,” Beth explained. “I want to continue after this weekend. I want to take control of teasing you and managing your orgasms permanently. I think this can be just what we need to really add a huge spark to our marriage.”

As I paused to think about this, Beth’s fingers began slowly sliding up and down my hard cock. Damn, the slightest touch was incredible. Could she make it always feel this good?

“Come on, stud, what do you say?” she said, as she wrapped her fingers slot oyna around my cock and squeezed. “Let me be in charge of this thing.”

I nodded. “Okay, we can give it a try. Let’s see how it goes.”

“Great!”, Beth shouted, as she jumped up from the bed. “Now let’s go shower.”

I stared at her ass as she headed into the bathroom. I eagerly jumped up and followed.

We both climbed into the hot shower and without even thinking, I grabbed the washcloth and shower gel and began to bathe Beth once again. She just smiled and relaxed as I washed her entire body.

When I was done, she grabbed the cloth. “My turn. Let’s see if you’re a dirty boy.”

Beth took her time washing my body. The slippery soap and hot water made it all very sensual and very arousing. In a few minutes, she finally made it to washing my cock. Her hand working the washcloth and all the slippery soap was very quickly pushing me toward the edge.

“You gotta stop, babe. I can’t hold back much longer and I wanna be able to fuck you.”

Her hand continued to work my cock with the slippery washcloth. “Shhh. Just let me make you feel good, baby.”

“But…” I gasped. “I gotta hold back so I can fuck you.”

Beth smiled. “We’re canlı casino siteleri not gonna fuck, sweetie. Entering my tight, wet pussy will be a very special treat that will take some time to earn. For now, just let me make you feel good this way.”

“But you promised!”, I protested, as I struggled for control. “You said you were gonna finally drain my balls!”

“And I am. Right now. In the washcloth. You can’t hold back any longer. I’m gonna take all the cum you’ve got. So go ahead, sweetie, just let me have it.”

“Beth!, I gasped. “Come on. Can’t we…”. I caught my breath and fought for control.

“Let me have it, sweetie. Give me all your cum. Right now.”

As she said that, she gave a tighter squeeze with her hand and that was it. My orgasm hit with an intensity that I had never felt. As my cock exploded in her hands, I grabbed on to her body as my knees buckled just a bit.

“Good boy. Give it all up, sweetie. That’s a good boy.”

I closed my eyes and tried to catch my breath as her hands milked out every drop of cum. I couldn’t remember ever cumming so hard or so much. As she finally released my cock and rinsed all the cum and soap off, she smiled.

“That’s how good I can make it for you, sweetie. Now let’s go pack. This was a great weekend. But it’s not over yet. By the time we get home, I’ll be ready for a long session of you eating my pussy. Now be a good boy and get a towel so you can dry me off and let’s get ready to head home.”



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