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a weekend away with my bitchMy wife Kelly and I first met back when we were in varsity. She was 19 and in her first year and I was 20 in my second year. Soon after meeting we went on a few dinners and parties and soon we were dating. The first 6th months of knowing each other had past and it was nearing our exams, when we decided to go for a weekend away together after a long year of studying. I booked us into a quiet 2 bedroom farm house which was a near 2 hour drive away for the weekend after our last exam. Her last exam was on the thursday and mine on the Friday morning. Already the Thursday night Kelly and I had packed our bags so as I finished my exam we were both ready to leave. I picked her up from her parents house just after 1pm, it was a boiling hot day but off we went on the 2hr drive to our weekend destination. Once we reached the last town before the farm we popped into the local supermarket to buy supplies for the weekend, food, drinks, alcohol, whipped cream and a box of condoms. With all our supplies we headed off on the short 5 minute drive before turning off onto a gravel road, where we were surrounded by the beauty of the farm, tall trees, birds chirping, a****ls grazing in the fields. We arrived at the farms main house where the owners stayed. They were an old couple in the late 60s, we met and completed the payment. The farm had 3 other houses on the property for guess to stay all with adequate space between them.  The owners then showed us to the beautiful place where we were going to spend the weekend. It was about 150 metres from the main house, and about 60 metres from the other houses, it was fenced off with a lil garden, a splash pool and surrounded by plants and trees for privacy.We unpacked to car putting our foods and drinks into the fridge and then got changed into our swimming gear to have a cooling swim. In no time I was in the pool the water was warm due to the small size of the pool. Kelly soon walked out in her black and blue bikini, she was a tall brunette, gorgeous face, slim toned body with a tight ass, and super sexy thighs and legs and decent sized boobs, carrying a drink for each of us. She got in the pool handed me a drink and the sat down on the step and we both then chatted looking and enjoying the nature. After finishing our drink in the pool, we dried off and went inside realising it was already 17 30. I decided to go have a quick shower while Kelly started to prep dinner, pealing the potatoes etc. Once I was done I walk out in my jocks and a T shirt back to the kitchen, and quickly made dinner. Once dinner was ready we ate and there after Kelly went to shower, I poured myself a drink and went and sat outside in the peace and quiet. Not to long after Kelly walked out wearing a new see through lace nightie which she had bought for the trip, Seeing her sexy body in this and knowing what was soon to happen made my cock semi hard, And came and sat on my lap. We chatted a lil but I couldn’t keep my lips off hers giving a few long passionately kisses. And I’m sure she could feel my cock growing to full hardness. She stood up and took my hand, leading me inside. She took my shirt off and then place me on the dinning room chair. She’d brought with too scaffs and tied my hands to the chair. She then got the bottle of shooters we bought out the fridge, cracking it open and pouring a decent amount down my mouth before taking a sip herself. She then sat down on top of my lap, and started kissing me passionately, grinding back and forth, making me extremely horny.She then turned around and lowering herself down that her pussy and ass was around the base of my cock and she slowly moved her ass up and down my cock. She then moved away crawling on the floor on her hands and knees towards the couch, all I could do is stare at her ass as she moved. I felt wetness on my cock and when I looked down I could see her pussy juices on my black jocks.   Once she got to the couch she sat down facing me with her legs open. As I look on at her beautiful shaven tight pussy, she licked her middle finger and then started to rub her puss. Up and down she rubbed her clit moaning from pleasure, I tried to get my hands loose but the knots were done well and I was dying to get to her to eat her out but couldn’t.  Soon her finger went inside and she started fingering herself, then she inserted a 2nd finger as I looked on, she was moaning and soon soft screams as she orgasmed. My mind was going crazy by now.She soon stood up after orgasmning and got the shooter bottle again. Taking another sip and pour some in my mouth again. There after collected the whipped cream placing it on my nipples and down my chest and tummy to my jocks, she licked it from my jocks up and when getting to my nipples she sucked it off hard and biting them making me moan. She place a lot then on my lips and soon kissed me passionately before moving down and removing my jocks, my rock hard cock finally exposed. She soon covered kağıthane escort it from the tip of my head down to the base with the cream and then teasingly licked it off. Then placing some on my balls which she sucked off. I was really so horny now, I just wanted to fuck her brains out. Eventually while she was still kneeling down after licking all the cream off my dick and balls, her warm mouth wrapped around the head of my throbbing cock, very slowly she made her way down my shaft eventually stopping just before my base. She did this several times and eventually manged all the way down, where she held it for a few seconds before gagging. She then stood up and sat on my thighs gripping my cock and moving it up and down her wet pussy lips and clit. I looked down and saw how my cock was opening her pussy lips, it felt good and I was real horny wishing to be in her. As I looked back up, making eye contact with Kelly while she was moaning from the up and down rub with my cock on her pussy and clit. She soon stood up to fetch a condom from the kitchen counter, returning with the shooter bottle as well giving us each another sip. She then put the condom on my hard cock, and slowly sat down onto it, facing away from me. She started off slow and gradually speeded up, fucking me in reverse cowgirl position. I could feel my cock hitting her inner walls of her pussy each time she hit down onto my lap. I was groaning from the amazing fuck and her moans became soft screams. She soon turned around to mount my cock now in normal cowgirl, placing her arms around my neck, grinding back and forth, she slowly moved her face towards mind and her soft lips eventually touched mine.Our jaws locked to each others, our tounges exchanging saliva, kissing extremely deep and passionate as my cock was being ridden deep and slow. As she moved back and our mouths separating, Kelly started ridding me hard and fast back and forth. I started to feel her legs tensing, soon her whole body, I could feel her pussy tense and tighten and soon she was screaming from an orgasm. This feeling of warmth and tension, while being deep inside my girls puss as she orgasmed, got me right on the edge of cumming. Once she had just finished her orgasm my cock started squirt cum into the condom, she road me slow but hard back and forth as I groaned from pleasure during each squirt of my cum out my cock.Kelly then got off me and untied my hands, we kissed once more before I went to remove the condom. We poured one more drink and sat outside while planning the next day. After the last drink we headed to bed for a peaceful sleep. The next morning I woke up after 7, Kelly was still sound asleep. I got up and went to the bathroom. Once walking out the bathroom door, Kelly was laying on her back with her legs close. I looked at her hot thighs and up to her shaven pelvic area, as her nighty had moved up in her sleep. I moved onto the bottom of the bed, placing my hands on her inner side of her knees, slowly opening her legs. As I was able to start seeing her pussy lips, Kelly started to awake and spread her legs slightly more. I moved to kiss her inner thighs making my way to her sweet pussy. I started licking her lips up and down and then twirling my tongue round her clit, I soon felt her hands on the back of my head, holding me there and moaning as I muffed her pussy. She started moaning louder the more she woke up, and soon she pulled me by the hair up, to kiss her. While kissing passionately we pushed my jocks down to release my cock. I shoved my bare cock into her wet tight puss, and we made slow passionate love in the missionary position. Kissing deep and passionately as I slowly thrusted in and out her pussy. As I neared cumming I put a condom on and reentered my hot babe. I continued with the slow in and out thrusting, as we started kissing again. Kelly’s hand gripped onto my ass and she pulled me deep into her as I started cumming, we both moaned from all the pleasure and soon I had finished squirting my load.We then slowly started getting out of bed and went to make breakfast. After breakfast we decided to go for a walk around the farm. The owners told us there is a 7km trail we were able to walk which lead us  past a dam, the area where the sheep and cattle are etc. We packed in a few drinks and some ice into a packet to keep cold which we then put into our backpacks and started on our walk. The start of the trail led through a forest where we heard the sounds of the birds chirping away. As we walked we held hands, happily chatting away. Kelly wore sexy short tight jeans, which were just long enough to cover her ass but making it look as sexy as ever, and a casual vest as it was hot again. She was walking slightly in front of me and I jus couldn’t resist to spank her bum. She turned around and gripped my balls in her hand saying I’d better careful or they’d turn blue. I laughed and gave her a peck bakırköy escort on the lips and we continued on our walk. We had passed the cattle and sheep and finally reached the dam which was the half way point. It was a decent sized dam with big willow trees provide shade along the waters edge. There were a few ppl fishing so we decided to sit under one of the trees and watch for a while. As we watched Kelly sat between my legs while we sipped on our first drink. We spoke for about an hour and planned to do role play sex tonight after dinner. Which had made me hard thinking about it. Soon we had finished our 2nd drink and opening the 3rd, we got half way through when we decide to start the next part of out trip back to the farm house.We crossed over the river inlet to the dam and then followed the path along the river. Which was very seenic with birds on the over hanging trees and a few small fish in the little quiet pools of the river. We were still about 30mins away from the farm house when Kelly told me she really needed to pee. There wasn’t much I could do to help her but tell her to go down to the edge of the river where no one could see, even tho we were far from anyone and pee there. She first said no that idea saying I’m crazy but a soon few steps  later she couldn’t last any longer and she ask me to help her down the bank of the river. She pulled down her pants and G string and squatted down. And her sweet little pussy starter releasing urine like a horse. She told me to look away but I couldn’t help it, I had to have a look, and buy doing so, suddenly I had to go to. Being semi hard from watching my babe pee I pulled my cock out my shorts and started to pee myself.   We went back up the bank of the river and continued on the path back to the house. Once we got back around 2pm we were hot and sweaty from the walk, we immediately changed into our swimming clothing got a drink and headed into the pool. We cooled off and chilled in the pool for a good hour. We decided to make a early dinner so we could have plenty time to act out our role play idea. So we were done eating by 5 and pour a drink and some shooters before starting. I was going to be a naughty school boy, I went to get dressed first not that we had packed any clothing for this idea. So I through on a shirt and a pair of shorts, and headed back. As I poured us another drink Kelly went to get dressed. She also didn’t have clothing to fit her role as the strict sluty school teacher but she had put on 3/4 long yoga pants and a top. And her tackies. As funny as it looked she looked so fucking hot. We finished our drinks and then I headed out the door and closed it. And we then started. Here’s how it played out.I knocked on the door.Come in.As I walked in, Kelly (Miss smith) said to me John, what are you doing here John. Miss Smith I’m here for bunking class.Really John you now have to waste my time after school. Sit down at the desk and keep quiet, as I’m marking tests and don’t want to be distracted.Ok mam.Miss Smith? What John? Has anyone ever told you that you have a beautiful face mam? John I’m busy, I don’t have time for your games.I’m sorry mam, but you also have nice tits.Thank you John but if you don’t stop now I’ll put you on another detention next week.As long as it is with you then it’s on Miss Smith. I really think you have a sexy body.What are you implying John?I would really like to feel your body mam.John you know I can suspend you with the way you talking? Would you like that?Please no mam, but you always tell me that I should be honest and not lie.That is correct John but there are limits to your honesty.Yes I understand mam but I just can’t help it.What can’t you help John?Well Miss Smith, when I see you and your hot beautiful body, I get horny and hard.John do you want me to punish you?Depends in what way mam?Go lock the door John and then come here.Yes miss Smith.Now bend over and put ur hands on the desk.Kelly stands up, I was bent over with my hands on the dinning room table, she walked up behind me and spanked my ass. Ouch mam that hurt.Good I’m glad John.  Now turn around.I turned around and she placed her hand on my hard cock. And then tapped my balls a lil so it slightly hurt.OuchWell John you asked how I was going to punish you, so now I’m going to show you.Ok mam. She then slapped me in the face while looking me in the eyes. There after gripping my hair and telling me to drop to my knees. Pushing my face into her thighs Stand up John. As I did, Kelly placed her hands on my ass and pulled me hard into her. She turn us around so she could lean against the table.Now take my pants off.Yes miss Smith as I took it off. And your G string mam. No just my pants now kneel down, she put her one leg over my shoulder, now jus pull my G string aside and lick my vigina. I started licking her soaking wet pussy in and out and up and down her pussy lips and her clit. She then şişli escort pull me up.Are you enjoying this John?Yes miss Smith you have such a beautiful pussy. Take ur shirt off so I can see your body.Yes mam. Nice abs do you work out John. No mam it’s just from playing rugby.Nice. Now take my top off.She lifted her arms and I took her top off, leaving her in her bra and panties. She then swapped us around again placing me on the table. She kissed me from the neck down to my belly and back up. Then looked me in the face.Sit on the chair John. She walked up to me and took her bra off,  sitting on top of me and placing her boobs in my face. Her wet pussy on my lap. She then sat back and looked at me.Mam you have such lovely tits pls can I suck them. She pulled my head to them and I sucked her nipples nibbling at them.Happy John.  She then moved down and whipped my cock out.Are you still a Virgin John? No mam I’m not a Virgin I slept with my gf a few times already.So you cheating on you gf with me!!! Why didn’t you tell me you had a gf? And she slapped me in the face. I’m sorry mam, but she won’t find out.Stand up John. And she pulled my pants down. She slapped my balls that I fell to the chair, Stand up I said, as I got up she slapped them again. I tried not to fall down, she then started sucking my balls while they were still aching. Soon she stopped.Are you going to be at another detention John? She ask as she slapped my balls once more. I collapse to the chair.No mam. I’ll try my best to stay out of trouble. She sat on the table, come here John, as I got to her with one hand she took my dick with the other she moved her G string away, placing my cock head between her pussy lips.How does it feel John? It’s wet and warm mam. Pls may I enter you? She place her hands around my back and slowly pulled me into her, now I want you to fuck me John. Yes miss Smith. Her legs wrapped around my waist, I was so turned on and horny that I started pounding hard into her pussy she fell backwards onto the desk screaming from pleasure, I fucked her deep and hard almost as if I was punishing her for being a naughty teacher. The more she screamed from the pleasure the harder I fucked her and soon I pulled out, just in time cause as I pulled out I started to cum. I blew my hole load over Kelly’s belly. How dare you cum on me John?  She laughed as she said it and that was the end of our role play. I was really turned on during the idea.Kelly went to clean herself as I poured us a well needed drink, she came out totally naked took the drink I had poured her and off to the pool she went to cool off. I followed and hopped in as well.We both sat naked in the pool on the step. And relaxed for a lil. Soon we needed a refill and I went to pour. While pouring I saw it was only 8pm. Still early in the night. I got back in the pool and sat behind Kelly putting our drinks on the edge. I started massaging her private areas. Soon when I moved my hands to her boobs I noticed her nipples were hard.  She suddenly turned around and hopped onto my thighs, my cock was only semi hard but after she whispered into my ear that she was now gonna fuck me, it grew to full hardness very quickly.My cock entered her pussy once again. I could feel I was a bit tender from all the sex so far. Shagging gently in the cowgirl position, we sipped our drinks and chatted at the same time. Eventually all movement stopped, my cock was deep in Kelly’s puss, as we continued chatting, we  then finished our drinks and Kelly stood up to go pour us another. When she came back she brought with her two drinks each the last condom and the half a bottle of shooters that were left.I put the condom on. And then Kelly mounted my cock again. We sipped on our drinks and chatted and every now and then having a sip of the shooters as well, as she very slowly grinded back and forth on my cock. She then whispered in my ear I want you to make me cum in this position. I gripped her ass and started helping her to grind back and forth on my cock. Once again we were fucking hard my hands on her sexy ass, she pulled my head down to suck her nipples, and soon she was screaming as she orgasmed while riding my cock. After she came she continued to ride me, but it was taking me forever to cum.  She soon got off me and told me to sit on the edge of the pool, she took off the condom and started blowing me. She suck my cock up and down fast for a while, then slowed down taking most of my cock in her mouth. She then went very slowly from my head down the shaft of my cock, reaching to the base, where she tried to suck but started gagging. This brought me nearer and she moved down again. On this occasion I decide to hold her down there as she gagged on my cock. This brought me to the verge of cumming and she started deep throating me up and down until I started to cum, my load squirted to the back of her throat. And she swallowed every drop. Afterwards we kissed passionately and finished our drinks, then head off inside to  the room after drying off. Not long later we were both fast asleep. We woke up in the morning a bit upset as our amazing weekend has come to an end. We made breakfast ate, packed the car and soon we were on our way back. It was a wonderful relaxing weekend with amazing sex with my sexy girl. One I won’t forget.



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