A Watchful EyeIt all started on the beach. During mid summer Shawn worked part time as a lifeguard; he loved the beach and the flocks of attractive women arriving in their bikinis, catching some rays. One young lady did caught his eye only because she needed rescuing. Through his binoculars Shawn spotted that one young lady, with long blonde hair, sporting a red bikini, having trouble swimming her way back to shore.Shawn grabbed his life buoy, climbed over the railing of his assigned tower and jumped right off, running immediately onto the warm sand like he was trying out for track and field. He dived right into the blue waves, scooped up the young lady, taking her back safely to shore. The danger wasn’t as serious as the onlookers thought; just a simple leg cramp that slowed the young lady down.As he laid her down the young lady had a closer look at her savior with his chiseled chest, hard abs, thin mustache, and cocoa brown skin. He looked more like a statue made of granite come to life. Shawn stood by her side, gazing into her sparkling blue eyes and bright smile; from then on they never lost sight of each other.”My hero,” she said.”You’ll be fine,” said Shawn.”I know. I’m Shelly.””Shawn.”Shelly felt safe around Shawn and he took a liking to her right away. They saw each other nonstop; growing closer each and every day. When they first had sex they decided to make it into a game like who would be turned on first. They started off sending erotic texts to one another and nude pictures of themselves. Shawn took a selfie in the shower and Shelly took one taking a bubble bath with her legs spread apart. One day Shelly introduced Shawn to her mother, Irene, who then told her she didn’t like him and that she could do better. Shelly felt hurt and insulted but continued to see Shaw at his place, never to bring him over to mom ever again. Tonight they decided to go someplace more cozy, far enough away from Irene and the rest of the neighborhood. It wasn’t the Ritz, but the motel downtown was close enough and affordable.Their alone time had gotten off to a slow start. They started off being intimate, but deep inside Shelly wasn’t feeling it. Even when Shawn tried his best in pleasing her she clearly was not in the mood for any sexual activity.”Stop,” she said, “please stop; I’m serious.”Shawn rolled himself off her in frustration. From all the time he had been with her he had never seen her act this way before.”All right,” he asked, “what’s the problem? What have I done wrong?”Shelly sat on the edge of the bed without even looking at him until finally saying, “I’m sorry, it’s not you. I have a lot on my mind right now.””Like what? Come on, you can tell me.””It’s my mom, driving me crazy from days on end. She keeps warning me on how you’re a bad influence in my life, and that you’re too big and rough around the edges.””She actually said that?””Yeah, and that really hurts.””Rough around the edges? I like that.””It’s not a joke; it broke my heart when she said that. I don’t know, maybe she’s very protective of me after dad left.””Maybe she’s lonely.””No, she has plenty of friends and goes out a lot; I mean a whole lot.””No, I mean she’s lonely; without a man around.”Shelly almost felt sick to her stomach, thinking another man other than her father would keep Irene company both physically and emotionally.”I really don’t want to get into that,” said Shelly. “That part of her life I don’t need to know.””Aren’t you the least bit curious?” Shawn asked.”No, and why are we talking about this?””You brought it up.””I did not.””Yeah, you did. Why don’t we hook her up? Are any of the neighbors single? Or we can go online and find someone just for her to play with.”Shelly laughed, realizing what he was attempting to do; lighten things up to put her back in the mood. It did help ease the building tension in her and felt somewhat better once Shawn gave her shoulder a little rubdown.”Feel better now?” He asked.”No,” said Shelly, giggling.”Let’s not talk about your mom, all right? She’s not here; remember that. It’s just you…and me…in our little room, lying on this nice soft bed.”Shawn got behind Shelly, planting kisses on both her shoulders and neck. pendik escort Slowly she grew aroused by the feel of his lips and tongue, tasting her soft, creamy white flesh.”You like that?” He whispered in her ear, nibbling her earlobe.”Mm-hmm,” she answered softly.Shawn proceeded massaging her tits, feeling her fully erect nipples between his fingers. He asked her the same question, getting the same response. His one hand slipped down her belly once again asking that very same question. Shelly’s response was a soft moan and probably didn’t have the right words in her mind to tell him. But once his hand massaged that one part between her legs, Shelly’s attitude changed for the better.”How about that?” Shawn asked.The response he got was soft breathing and a bit of a smile. Shelly was easily turned on whenever he touched her in the right places. Once their lips locked Shelly laid back down, allowing Shawn to climb back on top of her. The kissing grew passionately and nonstop; this time there was no stopping them. Her arms wrapped around his neck, keeping him exactly where she wanted him to be. The warmth of his hands all over her delicate flesh left her anxious to feel every bit of him. Shelly’s body was his and only his to conquer.”Do me a favor,” she asked, quietly, “when you hear me cry out, don’t stop. No matter what don’t stop.”Shawn had no problem with that, especially when it came to listening to Shelly’s cries of pleasure. The kissing grew hotter and soon wetter once their tongues came out to play. Shawn’s wet lips kissed her cheek and neck, getting an earful of the warm and pleasant sounds of her sweet moaning.As things heated up they were unaware of the peeping tom watching through the window. The curtains were partly closed; more than enough for the stranger to get a glimpse of the action. But this was no ordinary stranger; it was Shelly’s mom, Irene. From time to time she looked out for anyone catching her in the act or passing by before proceeding watching the performance taking place before her.Shelly’s mom was in fact lonely, but she was also horny. Irene did have friends, only to all go out and pick up young men. Despite being in her mid fifties she could attract any man much younger than her; she was a cougar on the prowl. Once she had that taste of young meat there was no going back. She felt desirable and needed and loved every minute of it.In reality the first time Irene saw Shawn she thought he was a beautiful fine specimen of a man, with an impressive physique. All that talk of him being a bad influence on her daughter was all a sham. As it turns out she wanted the young man all for herself and her plan all along was to break the happy couple up. Irene had no intention in sharing him or getting into a menage a trois with her own flesh and blood. She was an old fashioned gal and intended to keep it that way.Irene’s pulse raced and her heart beating in her ears, kept a close eye on the young man’s performance, seeing how pleased her daughter was. Shawn licked Shelly’s throat straight up to her chin, and into her mouth allowing their tongues to dance with one another. Irene looked around for any passersby and proceeded to slip her hand down her slacks and undies, ready to rub herself in sheer satisfaction.Irene’s only regret was not hearing the conversation inside. She could only imagine what came out of Shelly’s mouth once Shawn’s tongue began sucking the life out of her sweet pussy. Irene kept rubbing herself until finally feeling some wetness in her hand.”Hmm, that’s so good,” said Shelly, enjoying the feel of his tongue inside her. “Oh, shit. Oh, that’s so nice. Right there, right there. That’s the spot.”Irene wished she could read lips; she wanted to hear every word Shelly had to say about Shawn’s tongue licking and exploring her sweet pink piece of flesh. Shawn opened up her pussy lips, spreading them wide apart, shoving his warm tongue further deeper, leaving her in complete ecstacy. Shelly begged him to keep doing what he did; it was one orgy attack she didn’t want to end. “Oh, shit,” she said, breathing heavily and grabbing handfuls of the bed sheet. “Oh, you eat çekmeköy escort good pussy. Ah, that feels so good. Hmm, yes. So nice and wet. Oh, shit.”Irene imagined what his tongue would feel like in her own vaginal area. The poor woman grew so hot and bothered she had to rush right over to the nearest vending machine, purchasing one bottle of water she needed to consume right away. She drank half the bottle and sprinkled a few drops on her hand to rub her face and neck. When she returned to the window she caught Shelly in the middle of a cock sucking. What Irene saw was nothing short of amazing; seeing her daughter handling that large piece of meat in her mouth. Irene wanted a taste of that herself; feel every drop of his cum all over her.Irene used her fingers as the next best thing, pretending Shawn’s cock was inside her mouth. What Shelly did she did the same. Back and forth, sucking and licking every part of him from top to bottom. Irene’s chin dripped of saliva; not bothering to clean herself up right away.The couple practically used every sexual position known to man, leaving Irene amazed at how flexible her daughter was. Shelly got into cowgirl mode, riding Shawn hard and fast. Irene imagined herself being on top of him, giving him the ride of his life like she did to one young man she became friendly with. Hands on perfect tits, sucking on fully erect nipples; Irene desired to be in that position, saying exactly whatever her daughter was saying.”You like that?” Shelly asked.”Oh, yeah,” said Shawn, “fuck me, baby.””I’m not gonna fuck you; I’m gonna hurt you. Hurt you until you scream.””Help. Someone help me please. I’m being tortured by a nymphomaniac.””That’s right, you’re my bitch now.”The two always enjoyed showing appreciation towards the others performance. Irene had to drop the bottled water to cover her mouth so no one can hear her cries of pleasure. Her orgasm had already gone on high alert and her fantasy was far from over. Shawn turned Shelly over, ready to give her her own well earned ride. Irene awaited patiently for what came next.”You manhandling me?” Shelly giggled.”Did you forget?”Shawn asked. “I’m rough around the edges.””You certainly are.””You ready for me?””I’m always ready for you, baby.””What do you want me to do?””Go slow. Nice…and slow. Please.”Shawn did as requested; anything just to keep her happy. Gently his big cock entered her pussy nice and slow, and back and forth, stretching every nerve inside her. Shawn looked into her eyes, brushing aside her golden locks from her pretty face, asking her if he was doing his job right.”Like that?” He asked. “Is that good?””Oh, yes,” said Shelly; her body shivered from that massive feeling between her legs. “Just like that. So nice…and so deep. I want to feel every inch of you. Every layer of flesh in me. Stretch my pussy only you can. Yeah, like that. Just like that. Fuck me. That’s it, fuck me. Shove that dick all the way inside me. Oh, yes deep inside me. Oh, shit.””Oh, yes give it to me,” said Irene, imagining his large, black cock inside her with every hard thrust.Irene pulled the zipper down of her black slacks, digging her fingers into her own pussy, with Shawn in mind fucking her brains out. She had not had the pleasure of black cock before; tonight she saw the power it had in her daughter’s body. Shawn went slow, then fast and faster to the point where Irene could hear a bit of Shelly’s pleasure cries through the window.Shelly grabbed hold of his buttocks, pushing him even further and deeper inside her. Her eyes closed tight and toes curling up was enough to let Irene know that this young man had the right equipment on him. It made her want to have her own toes curl up.”Oh, shit!” Shelly yelled. “Oh, fuck! Fuck! Yes, fuck me. Fuck me. Aah, yes. I love that massive cock inside me. So deep inside me. Oh, yes.””Yes, fuck me,” said Irene, picturing his hairy ball sack slapping right between her legs from every intense thrust of his cock.Shelly’s cries of intense pleasure grew louder and louder, soon turning to groans and grunts. Her smooth shaven legs wound tight around Shawn’s waist, waiting for his maltepe escort seed to spread all over her. Irene waited for that moment herself.”Oh, yes,” said Shelly, “fuck me harder. Fuck me. Shove that big dick all the way in. Oh, shit I love how it feels inside me. Oh, fuck. Oh, it’s so fucking good inside me. Aah. Aah. Oh, shit. Son of a bitch. Ooh! Ooh! Fuck! Fuck!””Please, give it to me,” said Irene.”Oh, shit. Oh, fuck you’re gonna make me cum. Ah, shit give it to me. Fucking give it to me. Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes.””Faster. Go faster,” said Irene, ready to cum herself.Shawn went faster and even further with every heart pounding thrust, causing the bed now to creak. Irene wanted that large hunk of meat so bad she wanted to barge right in and grab it herself. By the time Shawn spread his sperm on Shelly’s chest Irene was already soaking wet, dropping to her knees, letting it all out like a running faucet. She grabbed the bottled water, but to her disappointment she finished it without even realizing it. Her problem was she didn’t have enough change to buy another one.Shelly’s body wrapped around Shawn’s, refusing to even let him go or give him time to breathe. She enjoyed having his hard body close to hers, feeling his heart beat in her hand. With her giggling, smiling, and whispering sweet nothings in his ear Shawn knew she was happy and in great spirits than before.”Hmm, that was great,” said Shelly, “I so needed that.””At least you’re happy,” said Shawn.”I’m always happy around you. I love it when you take charge of my body and, baby right now I can’t feel my legs. What you do to me is beyond incredible.””Well, I can’t take all the credit.”With his eyes Shawn pointed towards his big cock. Shelly burst into laughter, forgetting all about his partner in crime.”Oh, how could I forget my little puppy?” Shelly said.”Little?””My bad. Let me kiss him and make him all better.””Girl, you’re too much.”Shelly grabbed his cock about ready to do what she promised, that is until voices from outside caught both their attention.”What the hell?” Shelly wondered, rushing right towards the window to see what the commotion was about.”What’s going on?” Shawn asked.One man was helping some lady who looked as if she needed some medical attention. The woman assured him she was all right, taking his leave. Once Shelly recognized the woman outside she was in complete disbelief of her presence. Not caring she was naked or not she opened up the door, anxious to find out why her own mother was out there to begin with.”Mom?” She asked.”Oh, hi honey,” said Irene, cleaning herself up.”What are you doing here?””Oh, I was just taking a stroll.””A stroll, ten miles from home?””Has it been ten miles? I must have lost track.””Lost track? Have you been following me?””Me? No, dear why would you think that?”Shelly noticed the zipper on Irene’s pants wide open for all to see, standing right next to a wet stain below the window.”Mom,” she asked, “why is your fly open?””What?” Irene said, forgetting what she had to do after her little peep show ended. “Oh, I was in such a hurry I completely forgot.”Irene was having even bigger problems; her zipper was now stuck. She struggled with it, trying desperately to fix the problem but to no avail.”Mom, what are you really doing here?” Shelly asked, hoping to get a straight answer.”Damn zipper,” said Irene, “I needed a new pair anyway; these are all wet. I mean these are all set.””What?””Everything all right?” Shawn asked.Right in front of Irene Shawn stood in all his nakedness, giving her a much better view of his cock dangling back and forth. The mere sight of it this close made her want to buy a whole box of bottled water.”Oh, hello Shawn,” said Irene. “I’ve seen my daughter taken care of. I mean pleased. I mean…oh, dear.””Mom,” said Shelly, “you’re acting really weird.””Is that my phone buzzing? I better go answer it and it’s getting late. Sorry to disturb the three of you, I mean the two of you. Uh, good night.”Her phone was actually in her car, parked two blocks from the motel. Irene took off without looking back, feeling that she embarrassed herself long enough. It didn’t take long for Shelly to realize the reason why her mother was outside and didn’t buy the fact she was taking an evening stroll. Zipper all the way down and Irene admitting her pants were wet set off alarms.”Oh, mom,” she said, feeling horrible just thinking about it. The fact that her own mother was a pervert ruined her perfect evening. “Moooooooooooooooom!”



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