Nolan strolled out of the house and made his way down to his car. He was in a good mood considering it was Monday and he was off to work. As he opened the door and climbed in he heard his phone beep. He started the car to let it warm up a bit, and casually pulled out his phone to see what was going on. It was a message from Amelia. The two hadn’t seen each other since their encounter at the movie theatre some months ago, but they’ve been sending messages back and forth with playful banter.

Nolan read the message aloud. “You’re a scum sucking toad.”. He laughed and looked at her profile picture. She was cuddling with her daughter. Her daughters head laying on her chest. She was wearing a blue shirt, which was pulled down revealing the top of her bra, and deep cleavage, her long blond hair curling down around her face.

“It’s so wrong that picture turns me on.” He muttered to himself.

He typed his message back to her and hit send. “Suck my chode you bucket mouthed skank biscuit. I should slap the shit out of you.” He stared at the picture a little bit longer and tucked his phone away and backed the car up and headed down the road to work.

As he pulled up to the on ramp he muttered to himself. “Fucking red lights, I swear to Christ.” He heard his phone again and dug it out and looked at the message. “Bring it.” He looked at her picture again, then tucked his phone away and glanced up at the traffic sign. Amelia was 2 hours away and to the left, or work was 15 minutes away and to the right. “I’ll fucking bring it” he muttered to himself as he flipped his signal light and turned left.

Amelia was busy. She had just started a new job as a logistics agent at a courier depot. She was busy getting a load ready for a truck driver as she glanced at the clock. “Wow.” She thought to herself. “It’s lunch time already.” She smiled at the trucker, who winked at her and made a pass.

“You should let me put you in my pocket and take you home.” He said with a grin.

Amelia smiled back and said “Maybe after lunch.”

The trucker laughed as he took his papers and headed out the door. Amelia went back to the lunch room. She really did enjoy her job and she loved how busy she was, but she really enjoyed the break.

Nolan knew Amelia had started a new job, and with luck his GPS had taken him to where he figured she must work. A long dispatch building, with dozens of loading docks where truck trailers were being loaded and unloaded. As he drove by he noticed at the end was an entrance with half a dozen cars parked outside. “This must be the place.” he thought to himself as he pulled in. He felt his stomach take a nervous flip as he pulled into an empty parking spot and climbed out of the car and headed inside.

Amelia’s heart raced as she looked up and saw Nolan climbing out of his car. “Oh my fuck.” she though to herself. She was excited and scared all at the same time. She stuffed the rest of her lunch away and headed out to the main office to meet him. As Nolan opened the door and strolled in he saw Amelia. She was wearing a grey turtle-neck sweater and black slacks. Her long blond hair flowing down the sides of her face. “Christ she’s hot.” he thought to himself as he made eye contact with her and grinned.

Amelia looked around and saw one trucker standing talking to another, but no sign of her boss. She looked at Nolan and headed right towards the copy room and disappeared inside. Nolan casino siteleri looked over at the truckers who didn’t seem to notice him come in and followed after her. As he entered the room he saw Amelia over by the photocopier, busily scanning documents. Amelia heard the door shut behind him, and the lock click. She felt herself getting excited as she knew what was going to follow, what she hoped was going to follow.

Nolan closed the blind on the narrow window in the door and looked around. The room was mostly bare except for giant boxes of paper all piled in one corner. There were no other windows. “Smart girl picking this place.” He thought to himself as he headed over to her. She had the cover of copier pulled up and was placing another document on it as he pressed up against her and pulled her hair back.

“I’m about to bring it you little whore.” He whispered into her ear as he bit her lobe and sucked on it gently.

He ran his hand up her side and slid it under her sweater, slowly caressing up her side. He slid his hand over her stomach as he kissed her neck and slowly slid it up over her bra, forcing his hand inside the cup and squeezing her breast hard. He could feel her nipple stiffen in his hand as her palms opened up and she braced herself on the photocopier. Amelia leaned her head to one side exposing more of her neck. She felt Nolan’s warm lips softly kissing her neck, and winced as she felt his teeth bite her softly. She could feel herself getting wet as his hard cock pressed into her ass.

Nolan grabbed her by the arm and swung her around to face him. Grabbing her ass tightly and kissing her on the lips. She felt tingles shoot down her body. She glanced at the door to make sure no one could see, as Nolan grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted her into the air and sat her down on the photocopier. He stood looking into her blue eyes as she bit her lip staring back. He reached down and unbuttoned her pants and began to slide them off. She lifted herself up off the photocopier and let him pull her pants down. He bent over and slid her shoes off and flung them to the side as he pulled her legs out of her pants. He stood looking at her sitting there in her panties, staring back at him longingly. He reached in and grabbed her face with his hand and kissed her again, softly, gently biting her lips as he ran his hand up the inside of her leg. She felt his finger tips brush over her now soaked panties and shivered as tingles shot through her whole body. Nolan leaned back holding her face in his hand, and grinned at her.

“I want that pussy, and you’re going to give it to me.” He said staring at her bare legs.

Amelia nodded at him. “Take it then you wussy.” She quipped back.

Nolan grinned as he slapped her hard across the face, and grabbed her panties, ripping them off. Amelia winced as she felt the blood rush to her cheek. She let Nolan pull her towards him as he buried his face in her pussy. She felt his tongue dance across her clit and leaned back spreading her legs wider and grabbing his hair pulling hard.

“Fuck.” Amelia whispered as Nolan sucked on her clit and dug his fingers hard into her leg.

Nolan took his hand and spread her pussy lips as he rubbed his tongue back and forth sideways on her clit hard. Amelia ran her hand up and squeezed her tits through her sweater as she pulled Nolan hair hard toward her and drove her pussy onto his face. Nolan took her clit slot oyna into his mouth and sucked on it as he flicked his tongue over it wildly.

“Oh fuck.” Amelia moaned as she looked down at his face buried in her.

She felt herself getting close to cumming as he slid his fingers inside her and began to fuck her, pushing upwards toward her stomach. Nolan softly nibbled on her clit as she let herself go and moaned loudly.

Nolan stood up with a grin. “Looks like you’ve needed this.” He said as he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down off the copier.

“We aren’t done yet you little slut.” He said as he unbuttoned his pants with his free hand and pulled out his cock.

Nolan let go of her hair and grabbed her sweater, pulling it hard over her head and flinging it to a corner. He stood there looking at her wearing only her bra as he massaged his cock.

“You’re such a hot fucking slut.” He said. “Show me them fucking tits.”

“You want these?” Amelia grinned back at him as she reached behind her back and unbuttoned her bra, letting the straps slowly slide off her shoulders, as she held it up against her in her hands.

“Show me those tits you little whore.” Nolan demanded, as he jerked his cock harder.

Amelia let the bra slip to the floor and stood there staring at Nolan jerking his dick. She loved the way he stared at her wanting.

“Suck this dick.” Nolan commanded.

“Make me.” Amelia grinned back at him.

Nolan reached forward and grabbed her hair and forced her to her knees and ran his dick across her cheeks. He grabbed her face and slapped her hard on the cheek. She winced as the pain shot through her face. He squeezed her mouth open as he slid his dick inside her mouth and shoved it deep into the back of her throat. He felt her warmth cover his cock and felt a release come over him. He had wanted this for months. He grabbed her head with both hands and began to shove his dick into her mouth faster and faster. He looked down at her face and loved the look of her blue eyes looking up at him and her lips wrapped around his dick. He slapped her hard on the face again as he tightened his grip on her hair.

“You fucking love sucking my cock don’t you, you little whore.” He moaned as he shoved his cock all the way into her mouth and slapped her face again.

He pulled his dick out as spit dripped down Amelia’s chin. He pulled his shirt over his head and kicked off his shoes, pulling his pants off.

“Now I’m going to fuck you, hard, and you’re going to cum all over my cock like a good little whore.” He said as he got onto his knees and shoved her back onto the boxes of paper.

Amelia felt the cold cardboard under her and winced at the shock. Nolan stood over her on his knees and grabbed her ankles, pulling her legs up to his side. He leaned forward, rubbing his dick over her wet pussy. Amelia felt a rush as he drove his cock deep inside her. Nolan loved the feel of her on his cock, and thrust deep and hard into her again. Amelia braced herself on her elbows as Nolan grabbed her neck and kissed her hard.

“You feel so good on my cock you little slut.” He whispered as he held her head close to his. “I’m going to fuck this like I own it.”

“Fuck me you fuck.” Amelia snarled back, and Nolan grinned.

He slapped her face hard as he dug his fingers into her thighs and began driving himself into her. Amelia strained to brace herself up canlı casino siteleri as Nolan slammed into her harder and harder. Nolan looked down and watched her breasts bounce with every thrust. He pushed outward against her legs as he pushed harder. Amelia’s tits bounced wildly as Nolan gritted his teeth and pummelled her over and over again. She flipped her head trying to get her hair out of her eyes, when finally she couldn’t hold herself up any longer and fell back against the boxes. Nolan didn’t let up, he leaned forward over top of her and continued to drive himself into her. Amelia could feel the boxes beneath her starting to cave in, but she didn’t care.

“Oh fuck.” She screamed.

“You… little… whore… ” Nolan moaned between thrusts.

Nolan reached around and grabbed her thigh and pulled it up against his side as he laid down on top of her, pulling her into him as he drove faster. The sound of skin on skin contact rung out in the room as a rapid beat, as Amelia felt herself getting close to climax. She leaned to her side to try to avoid falling off the boxes, but Nolan was pounding to fast and they collapsed onto the cold floor. The shock shot straight up her body, but was quickly set aside by Nolan’s cock ramming deep inside her.

“Fuuuuuckkk.” Amelia screamed as her pussy tightened around his cock and she began to cum.

“Yes you little bitch, cum on my dick.” Nolan whispered into her ear, not letting up.

Amelia’s whole body tensed up as she felt the release spread all over her body, she bit her lip hard, and still Nolan pounded into her. She felt herself welling up again, and another jolt shot through her body, her pussy contracting even harder against his dick.

“Ohhhhh fuuuuuccckkkk, again!” She screamed as she came again.

Nolan looked down at her breasts rocking back and forth hard as he felt himself getting close to cumming.

“I’m going to cum inside your little pussy.” Nolan exclaimed as he looked down at her.

“Do it you fucker.” Amelia screamed, trying to catch her breath.

Nolan stopped deep inside her as he moaned loudly.

“God fucking dammit.” He exclaimed as he felt himself let go.

He thrust into her slowly several more times before collapsing next to her on the floor.

“You are one amazing fuck.” He said trying to catch his breath.

As Amelia lay on the floor she glanced up at the clock.

“Fuck” She exclaimed. “My lunch was over 15 minutes ago.”

She stumbled to her feet wearily and grabbed her panties, rushing to get dressed. Nolan lay on his back, enjoying watching her bend over.

“So did I bring it?” He said gingerly.

“Not really, you need to try harder next time.” Amelia grinned back down at him.

Nolan jumped to his feet and slapped her hard on the ass as she reached for her pants.

“Next time I’m going to fuck you so hard you can’t walk.” He said, as he reached for his pants.

“Yes please.” Amelia grinned as she pulled on her sweater.

Amelia headed over to the door and peeked out around the blind. A sense of relief came over her as she realized no one was out there. Nolan strolled up behind her and grabbed her ass. Amelia unlocked the door and headed out to her counter, as Nolan stayed back. Amelia looked around and saw no one, and nodded back at him. Nolan quickly headed toward the door, stopping to turn around at her, and pulling a sheet of paper out from under his shirt. Amelia squinted to see what it was, then waved her arms wildly for him to put it away. Nolan tucked the coloured scan of her bare ass with his face pressed firmly into her pussy under his shirt and disappeared out the door.



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