The sensation of relief gushing through my cock was exquisite. My fingers could feel the hard flow desperate to escape pulse through my semi erect shaft as I watched the steady jet play up the stone wall in front of me, proximity sufficient for hot splash backs to pepper my ankles and sandaled feet.

The feelings accompanying the immediate release of my desperation had caused me to groan out loud with heart thumping pleasure, If the nozzle on a fire hose had nerve endings it would know exactly what I mean. The first desperate blasts of pee from me settled to allow enjoyment of the rattling steady flow out of my cock head as it drained my aching bladder, stretching my urethra and dick hole wide to accommodate the volume , and then finally, it dribbled to an end.

I had wanted to pee ever since pulling off in the car for the drive to my favourite woodland walk. By the time I arrived the desire to pee had become a desperation , a sweet torment that I have grown to love and enjoy as often as I can, the relief had been exquisite and I still felt a flutter of excitement in my chest, however, I was here for my walk so I set off on the path with the slight uphill gradient that I knew would eventually lead to a bench on the wooded summit where I would stop for a flask of tea. These days I always add a couple of bags of dandelion root to my tea, it’s a natural diuretic and usually guarantees a few voluminous pee stops on my walk to add a little extra pleasure.

There were few people out today but I had noticed a walker on my path some way ahead , other than that the woods were empty of all but the plentiful wild life.

As I rounded a bend in the path I noticed the walker ahead had stopped at the little wooden bridge that spanned a dried up small stream bed. I wasn’t too eager for company today so I stopped to maintain the distance between us,sitting on a log that kept me out of sight but where güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I could see up the path.

The walker ahead looked up and down the path and started to undo the top of their shorts.

Some guys just have to be dramatic and make statements, rather than finding a tree to pee behind this one was going to pee off the top of the bridge!

Surprisingly the shorts were dropped completely, the walker stood against the wooden rail ,angled their body slightly back and the greatest arc of pee I have ever seen issued from this person making a crescent through the air that continued in a single uninterrupted stream for a good 40 seconds.

Well I thought, the guys got it so why not flaunt it. That was an impressive piss it must be said.

I got up to continue with my walk up the path.

I eventually achieved the summit of the hill to find the walker who did the piss off the bridge was sat on the bench admiring the view.

‘Hello, lovely day isn’t it?’ I said to acknowledge them. The walker turned around to reply but the look of astonishment on my face must have read like a book, the walker was a woman!

‘whats the matter?’ she said, ‘you look like you have been pole axed’.

‘Oh, ..Err, I’m sorry’ I stumbled for words, .. ‘Do you mind if I sit down? , I have a flask of tea if you would like some.’

I took the flask from my rucksack and poured us each a large mug of hot tea.

‘look, I don’t mean to embarrass you, but I was behind you when you stopped at the bridge, I couldn’t help but see, it’s just that I assumed you were, well, a guy’

To my surprise she was not at all abashed.

She laughed, ‘you saw me? But kept out of sight?, how sweet, but how disappointing,’ she giggled.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but the butterflies of excitement were building in my stomach.

‘I just love peeing, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri she explained, it excites me and I tend to pee forward so I can do it standing up, I like to watch it gush out of me and dribble down my legs.’

‘Well, what I saw was pretty bloody amazing,’ I confessed to her , and told her of the pee I had enjoyed before I started my walk. We were opening up to each other now, and realising we both shared the same pee fetish.

‘Peeing outdoors is part of the enjoyment of walking for me.’ I explained, ‘it’s always solo as I have never found anyone who also appreciates it.’

‘Same for me’, she replied. ‘Until now!.’ A wicked glint appeared in her eyes.

‘Would you like to see me pee? Right here, right now?’ She asked confidently looking me in the eye fully expecting my affirmation that I would.

‘Oh yes, in fact, I would like to see and taste you!’

She stood up , drained the last drops of tea from her mug and stood directly in front of me on a little tuffet of grass that brought her hips level with my head as I sat on the bench. She unbuttoned the band of her shorts and they fell easily to the floor around her ankles, she kicked them away and nuzzled her hairy mound to my face.

I quickly pulled off my shirt, and dropped my own shorts kicking them out of the way. She leaned back slightly and parted her labia with her fingers, revealing a glistening vagina and a pee hole already starting to leak.

‘Are you ready?’ she asked, but before I could reply I was hit in the face by a water cannon.

Her hot piss filled my face with gushing force, cascaded down my chest, forming a river that forked to flow either side of my cock and down my legs. Her flow was unrelenting. She constantly shifted her hips to play the jet across my face and down my body, the searing hot sensations of her piss hitting my skin bringing every güvenilir bahis şirketleri nerve electrically alive.

I needed to taste her now so grabbed her by the buttocks and pulled her peehole onto my mouth in one urgent movement. Her pee had not abated but was now filling my mouth and gushing down my throat as I swallowed hard to drink every drop. Eventually the flow waned to a stop and I licked her pussy clean.

I was soaked in her pee from head to toe, and my belly was full of her too, the taste of her sweet pee filled my mouth and nostrils. Wow!! I had never known anything like that.

She was panting, it had been a thrill for her too, to have a real willing body to experience her pee.

She sat down beside me on the bench and wrapped her fingers around my piss soaked cock. She pulled my foreskin back to reveal my wet cock head, then rolled it back again. She repeated this several times, giggling,

‘I love watching that happen’ she said, ‘but now I want you to piss on me.’

She lay back completely naked along the length of the bench and I pointed my cock at her clitoris and labia. My pee came in a hard jet, my retracted foreskin increasing the pressure it hit her clitoral hood and splashed back , my steaming pee welling in her vagina.

She moaned in pleasure and I guided my cock to spray my hot pee in a line up over her stomach, into her belly button and all over her breasts. I stepped back a little and played my stream of pee over her face, she licked her lips as it ran in rivulets over her cheeks and chin. I could feel the urgency start to diminish so I stepped closer, bent over her and pushed my pissing cock into her open mouth. Her lips closed about it and she gulped down every drop of my remaining pee until I was spent.

‘I need to fuck, NOW!’ she demanded.

I had sat up on the corner of the bench so she straddled me, wasting no time at all in burying my cock in her piss filled cunt. Her arms flung around me, she pushed her lips against mine in a hard open mouthed demanding kiss that did not break as her hips fiercely bucked and pounded in my lap. She screamed out her orgasm as her cunt clamped me like a vice as I also shot my hot sperm deep inside her.



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