I had seen Bill for massages several times. On each of those occasions we had ended with me sucking him while he brought me off with his hands. I called him one day for an appointment and he said that he had a possible opening in the evening but only if I did not mind another man being there at the same time. I asked him what he had in mind but all he would say was that he felt I would enjoy it and that the other participant would certainly be happy with the idea. Knowing him as I did I agreed to the proposal and spent the next hour or so getting myself ready. I shaved myself so that my balls and cock were completely bare and had a long hot shower. It was summer time so I merely put on a pair of shorts and a t shirt and drove over to Bill’s place for the appointment.

Every time I had been there before he had wanted the money for the massage up front but when I offered it to him this time he said to keep it for now and we would decide after the session if I had enjoyed it enough to warrant paying for it. The other participant was not there yet but Bill instructed me to get ready and so I shed my cloths and lay on the futon mattress he used on the floor for his sessions. As usual the room was quite dark lit only by a few candles and there was quiet music playing. Bill was wearing only a pair of nylon running shorts. He started as he usually did working on my back as I lay on my stomach when the doorbell rang. He left for a moment and I heard him talking to someone else then he returned with the other man. His name was Kevin and we made a quick introduction. Bill went back to his usual spot kneeling by my head and Kevin removed his clothes and then sat in a chair a few feet away and watched what was going on.

As I said I had been to see Bill several times and the same process began. He knelt with his knees beside my head so I could not see what Kevin was doing but I didn’t mind as Bill started working on my back. While moving around he leaned forward often and I could feel his crotch rub against the illegal bahis top of my head as he reached down my back to my ass and back again up to my neck.

He moved to my feet and started working up my legs, first one then the other and all the time kneeling between my legs so that my ass was open to him as he worked the oil he used into every part of my body. Several times he ran his hand down the crack of my ass and over my balls and cock. Several times he slowly rubbed a finger over my anus or ran his hands up my legs using his thumbs in the inside of my thighs till he reached my ass and he even penetrated me a couple of times but only for a moment each time. His ministrations however gave me a hard on which he squeezed and stroked from time to time.

Bill then told me to roll over and so I turned onto my back releasing my cock that had been trapped beneath me and was now lying on my stomach completely hard. I could also now see Kevin and saw that he had been stroking his cock which was also fully erect. Bill was a slender man not very large but as I knew already he was well hung. His cock was like him quite slender but it was about 8 inches long easily bigger than my own. When I had rolled over Bill had removed his shorts and now his half hard cock was open to my view.

Kevin was much more the same size as me both of us were built more like football players. Quite muscular and athletic and about 6 ft tall. Kevin like Bill had a long cock, even longer than Bill’s but also a lot thicker like my own. He was also circumcised and had a large mushroom head. The shaft of his cock was roped with thick veins and he sat in the chair with his legs spread and slowly stroked his cock as Bill started working on me again.

As we had done in the past when Bill leaned close to me doing his massage I reached for and sometimes caught his cock with my mouth. Sometimes I would only get to lick at it and on other occasions he would let me suck it in for a moment before pulling back out and going about illegal bahis siteleri his work. After he had massaged my chest and stomach from above he moved down between my legs and worked up the front of my legs towards my cock and balls. ON seeing that Kevin moved down by my feet too and knelt down beside Bill still stroking his cock and watching what he was doing. Bill had always used his hands all over my crotch and ass and this time was no exception. What was a little different however was that he bent my legs at the knee and spread them farther apart than usual. He also spent more time on my asshole than he usually did and started fingering me regularly with one hand while he played with my cock with his other. As I got used to that I felt him put more oil on me and then felt a further stretch as he pushed 2 and then 3 fingers slowly into my ass. In a few minutes I had relaxed and stretched enough that what had at first been painful eased into pleasure and my cock was as hard as I could ever remember it being.

Bill then moved out from between my legs and Kevin moved into position where he had been. I had been fucked in the ass a few times before this but those times had been out in the woods and done hurriedly and without much preparation. Now Kevin took my legs and lifted them up onto his shoulders. I felt him finger my hole and saw Bill oil up his cock. I then felt Kevin press the head of his cock against my ass and felt the pressure as he tried to penetrate me with his thick hard dick. I pushed back against him as best I could and tried to relax and then suddenly felt the head of his cock pop inside me which caused me to gasp. He held still then and Bill moved up by my head telling me to relax and hold still till my ass accommodated to the stretching it was getting. As I lay there Bill started putting his cock in my mouth again and I turned my head to the side so he could gain access to it and soon I felt Kevin sliding farther and farther into my ass as Bill filled my mouth. My ass still burned canlı bahis siteleri a bit but it did in fact adjust to the size of Kevin’s cock and soon I felt him bottom out against my ass cheeks with his thighs.

As I got more comfortable the two of them started using me more and more vigorously. Kevin held my hips in an iron grip and started thrusting his big cock in and out of my ass till I could feel his balls slapping up against my ass with each plunge into me. Bill meanwhile moved above my head and as I tilted my head back he started drilling his cock all the way down my throat. I was getting fucked hard from both ends and I loved it. The room was full now of the sounds of those two big cocks sawing in and out of my ass and mouth and my own cock was hard as a rock. I could just see that the 2 men were pinching each other’s nipples and kissing as the fucked me and both were starting to pant and gasp as they worked me over.

Bill was the first to reach orgasm. He pulled out of my mouth for a minute and told me to get some air while he stroked his cock just above my face. He asked if I was ready and when I said yes he shoved his cock into my mouth and right down my throat. He held it there for a few seconds and then I felt his cock stiffen and swell and felt the first pulses of his orgasm begin. He pulled back and shot his cum into my mouth and that was enough to trigger my own orgasm as well. While my cock throbbed shooting cumm out onto my chest and stomach the spasms that brought to my ass took Kevin over the edge as well and I felt his cock spurting into my ass as he shot a huge load inside me.

After a few moments Kevin pulled out of my ass and I could feel the cumm leaking out of my stretched asshole and running down the crack of my ass. I was licking Bill’s cock clean and he finally pulled out of my mouth as Kevin placed my legs back on the mattress. Bill got up and then returned with some wash cloths which we could use to clean ourselves up with. Kevin and I got dressed and he left then Bill told me Kevin had paid for the evening’s entertainment so I also went out into the now much cooler night air and after getting into my car drove home with the taste of cumm still in my mouth and my ass tingling from the pounding it had taken.



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