I hadn’t wanted to go to the sleepover.

It had all been Vicki’s idea, and really – when I think about it – everything that happened afterwards was her fault. The idea of sitting around in sleeping bags, gossiping with her shallow new college friends was totally unbearable to me. But Vicki’s my best friend. How could I refuse?

We hadn’t seen much of each other since we left to different colleges after graduation. I went off to a state school and Vicki, ever the over-achiever, went off to private school in New England. You’d think those schools only let in really smart people, but her new friends were all morons with wealthy, well-connected parents. This fact seemed to elude Vicki, laughed at all their jokes, suddenly held all of the same interests, and even began dressing just like them.

Me, I hadn’t changed much since high school. Still the loner with her nose buried in a book most days. No real clue what I was going to do after college; I was still undeclared going into the spring semester. That didn’t bother me much. I was sure some soul-sucking job would present itself shortly enough, and I was in no rush to meet it. I was – still am – fairly average looking, with no real distinguishing features. I sort of disappeared in a crowd, and I guess that’s how I like it.

Spring break meant returning home, and home was a seaside town in the Gulf. If you’re wondering why I’m being vague about everything, take a look what website you’re on and take a wild guess as to why I’d keep the clues to my identity as vague as possible. I’m not ashamed or anything, but I’ll be damned if this confession makes its way into inner circle.

Vicki had convinced her friends to come down with her for spring break, much to my dismay. There were already enough sex-starved college students on the prowl in our hometown during the break, why did she have to invite more? The truth was, I was a little jealous. I hadn’t made many new friends in college, and I had been hoping to spend a quiet week with my family and Vicki. Like how things were in high school.

But Vicki banished any of thought of that the moment I saw her. We had bonded in high school over our mutual shyness, disguised as a cynical distrust of society. I had kept my side of that partnership. But the Vicki I had once known had since evaporated.

“Ash!” she screamed when I answered the door, in a high voice that I didn’t recognize. She hugged me while jumping up and down in excitement – I was too bewildered to return it.Were those highlights in her hair? Since when did she was such tiny, tight shorts and colorful revealing tops? When did she get over her hatred of her own body? Why the fuck was she screaming?

If she had noticed my complete lack of enthusiasm, she seemed intent on ignoring it. In my dining room, she mostly rambled on about how beautiful New England was compared to our grimy seaside town, how lovely the school was, her new romantic flings (“But nothing too serious, you know? I’m keeping my mind on my studies.”) and on and on. I mostly stared at her and wondered where my best friend had gone.

As she got up to leave, she sprung the sleepover idea on me. I almost immediately said no, as a reflex and on general principle, but there was something in her eyes as she asked me that made me pause.

It was fear.

Not like, life or death fear, this isn’t that kind of story. It was more like pleading, I guess. It occurred to me that despite her self-described love for her new friends, she seemed terrified of making a bad impression. She wanted someone familiar there.

Like I said, how could I say no?


So enough boring setup, that I’m sure all you horny fucks totally skipped. Let’s get to why I’m writing this confession.

Of course, I’d been to Vicki’s house before, and of course I’d met her older sister Valerie before, (yeah, she has those kind of parents, the kind that needs all their kids’ names to start with the same letter. Their mother’s name? Vanessa.) but I had never really talked to Val in all the years that I’d known her. She was a little older than us, 23 to our 19, and she seemed… well, aloof. She was lean and athletic, with hard eyes that made her seem really butch, except for her really long black hair that I always thought was beautiful and feminine. She was always excelled in sports and attended a California school on a track scholarship. For all the time she spent outside, her skin was remarkably pale.

She’d never shown much interest in myself or Vicki for that matter, always off doing something else whenever we arrived. And when we all showed up for the sleepover, she seemed no different. She was in a tank top and baggy sweatpants, and only nodded at us as we filed in. She grabbed something from the kitchen and was gone after a few quick introductions.

I totally thought it was my imagination when her eyes seemed to linger on mine as she walked out.

Look, before we go any further, I hate to disappoint any lesbians reading güvenilir bahis this story, but despite what’s about to happen, I’m not a lesbian. I’m totally not averse to it happening again (and again, and again) but I definitely like guys. I’ll admit, I had no idea I was bisexual before this experience, but she didn’t do the full conversion. I will admit, she came pretty damn close, and for days, all I could think about was women – but that’s another story.

Vicki’s friends were all gorgeous, well-dressed morons with names like Lori and Felicity and Tiffany and I said very little to any of them. Not because I’m rude; very little of the conversation was directed towards me. It seemed that Vicki’s fears were unfounded, her sleepover was going wonderfully, and I was an unneeded accessory.

We all threw down our sleeping bags in Vicki’s spacious living room and settled in to watch a movie. I had thrown my sleeping bag in the back of the room, behind everyone else, so I could scroll through my phone without disturbing anyone. We were watching a horror movie called You’re Next. I hear it’s great. Despite the fact that I was present for the whole movie, I didn’t see much of it. Vicki’s parents weren’t home, so the volume was blasted very loud.

About half an hour in, all hell breaks loose in the movie with a bunch of screaming and glass shattering. That’s when I felt it.

I was lying on my stomach on my sleeping bag when I felt a warm body slither up my backside. I was about yell out, startled – maybe it was Vicki’s younger brother, Victor – but a finger went to my lips. I half turned, and saw it was Val, casually lying on top of me, facing the TV screen.

I didn’t know what to do. She had done it casually, so confidently, it made me doubt my initial reaction. She watched the movie for a moment, then looked at me – still awkwardly half-turned to look at her – her face inches from mine.

“How’s the movie?” she asked.

“Um…” It took me a full ten seconds to realize what she had said. That doesn’t sound like a long time, but wait ten seconds the next time someone asks you a question and see how long it is. “It’s cool.”

“Mm.” She went back to watching the movie, lying on me like it was the most natural thing in the world. I slowly turned back to the movie myself – I wasn’t totally uncomfortable, obviously, I wasn’t about to call for help. I was just totally surprised by this, and unsure what it meant. I had heard rumors about Val’s sexuality, of course. But I never really paid any attention to them. And even if she was gay, that didn’t mean she was into me, right?

Side-tangent: This is why I totally hate political correctness. I couldn’t just ask Val, “Are you trying to fuck me right now?” because what if this how all girls bond in California? Then I’m a homophobe, and my life is over with before it’s even begun.

When I turned back to the movie, she took it as an invitation to wrap her arms around mine and nestle her chin in between my neck and shoulder. Ok, it’s very hard to misread that. It felt good, comforting even. And definitely erotic. To paint an image, Val is like an Amazon compared to me. She’s 5’11 to my 5’3, so her body totally encompasses mine.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m pretty sexually inexperienced. I had only kissed two boys, and had been terrified to go pass fingering in the backseat of a car. The boys were nice, respectful of my space, and just as inexperienced as I was. I guess I needed someone to take charge, otherwise my shyness and nervousness paralyzed me. (Note: To any men reading, I’m certainly not in any way suggesting that all women need this – all women are different and I definitely wouldn’t have wanted someone forcing themselves on me. But taking the lead, sure.)

Val’s hands started to creep away from my arms and slide along my sides to the hem of my baggy t-shirt. A sharp intake of breath as her fingers slipped under my shirt and touched my hips.

“You ok?” she whispered.

I didn’t trust myself to speak. I nodded. I was ok. I was very ok with this, which stunned me. I had had flashes of lesbian thoughts every now and then, but I had never ever considered acting on it, or that it really meant anything. Of course, I had always thought of Val as gorgeous, but up until this very moment I had always figured that was strictly in a plutonic way.

“Good,” she murmured, and her fingers tickled their way up my midriff, past my ribs, and up to the underside of my bra.

She wasn’t about to –

She did. Her fingers pressed up against my bra, gripping the underside of it and yanking it up over my breasts. I gasped loudly, which luckily coincided with someone getting killed in the movie so no one heard. My breasts swung free. They’re not huge, porn star boobs, (I think I’d have a lot more friends if they were) but they’re ample.

And sensitive.

She was kissing my neck now, working her way up from the nook of my shoulder up to my earlobe, while her hands softly türkçe bahis gripped the underside of my breasts. My nipples stiffened instantly, even though she hadn’t touched them, just from the anticipation her touching them.She didn’t seem in any hurry though. Just softly caressing my breasts while breathing into my neck. She wasn’t rough like the boys had been, she was extremely patient. Working me up.

She was squeezing my breasts, gently, massaging them, as if she knew how much I wanted to her to go after my nipples and staying away from them. I realized her breathing had quickened and she was pressing herself against my butt. Not humping, but grinding. I liked it. I liked her thrusting against me.

It was a war on all fronts; her nibbling at my neck, massaging my breasts, steadily grinding her clit against my backside.

I was breathing hard now. I looked over at the other girls, remembering their presence. They were talking and laughing with one another, yelping at certain scares in the movie. They didn’t seem to notice what was going on just a few feet behind them. When I had first laid down, they seemed so far away. Now I seemed ridiculously close to them. This had to stop.

And I was just about to say so when Val’s fingers flicked both my stiff nipples at the same time. I almost moaned out loud; my nipples are ridiculously sensitive. I wonder if it’s because they’re pretty thick, brown nipples. Or maybe it’s because I play with them all the time, that they’re always primed for action. I worked them hard by myself, pinching and rolling them for half an hour, teasing myself relentlessly before allowing myself to cum.

Give me credit though, I tried to stay the course. I turned to Val, which was hard because she was sucking my earlobe.

“We should stop,” I half-whispered, half-moaned.

She responded by gripping my breasts harder, enveloping them in her hands, then pinching my nipples, pulling them out. Getting rough with them just the way I love it. I bit my lip to stop from yelling out.

“You want me to stop? Really?” She breathed in my ear. “I can walk away.”

“No,” I whispered quickly, hating how needy I sounded. The way she was working me, it was tough to say anything normally. “I mean, can’t we go to your room?”

She was rolling my nipples, dragging her fingers up and down across the stiff tips. I was beyond turned on. My panties were soaked clean through. It usually took me much longer to get this worked up by myself, but she was doing it so easily. And I had to admit, most of it was because of the brazen way she was doing it.

“No,” she said quietly. “Victor’s in my room studying. It’s here or nothing.”

I was about to argue further – maybe the bathroom? – when she pinched my nipples hard, twisting them, then flicking them gently, making them stand at attention. I forgot my argument, eyes closed with pleasure, and just reached behind me and put my hand through her beautiful black hair.

She kissed me then, taking one hand out from under my shirt, to grab me by the neck forcing me closer to her face. Her tongue wrestled with mine. I had never made out with anyone like this. It was a sloppy, intimate kiss, her other hand still working my poor nipple, driving me crazy.

“Oh my god!” yelled one of the girl’s loudly. We broke our kiss, and my heart dropped like a stone.

But no one was looking at us. On screen, someone was getting hacked to death with a machete. I breathed easier – but only for a second. Val’s hands went right back under my shirt.

Christ, this was just unfair, how did she know how sensitive my nipples were? Just dumb luck? She bit my neck hard, and kept the same tempo of roughly working my nipples, pinching them so they stayed stiff, flicking them up and down relentlessly. She seemed to love feeling me squirm beneath her, struggling to keep my voice down. Sweat was forming on my forehead, I was breathing out deeply from my nose. It was the sweetest torture I’d ever had.

I wondered how we looked. Probably like a lion draped over its prey, holding it down with nowhere to go.

“Lift your butt up.”

“What?” I gasped out.

One of her hands left my shirt again, grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked my head back. Fuck, I liked that. I really liked that. Have I been submissive my whole life and not known?

Val repeated herself, her voice dangerously louder than before. “Lift. Your. Butt. Up. Now.”

“Ok, ok!”

I lifted my ass up into her midriff, totally unsure of what she was about to do.

“Good girl,” she said. Her hand left my hair, and sank into the waistband of my pants. Her fingers glided over my soaked panties. “You’re so wet!” she said with a giggle, like I was a toy she was playing with. And she was right, these panties were ruined. I could almost picture the massive wet spot I’d created – or I suppose, Val had created.

“You must really like getting your nipples tugged. And right behind all your friends, too.”

She was güvenilir bahis siteleri stroking my pussy lips through the fabric of my panties while she spoke, gently at first, just priming me up. I was going crazy. I loved her dirty talk, I loved how she was playing with me, but I was terrified that at any second one of the girls would turn around and expose us.

“You want them to catch us, don’t you? That’s why you’re breathing so hard, isn’t it? You want them to join in? Look at all those cute asses.”

It’s true. From where we were, we had a great view of all the other girls’ butts. They were all laying down like me, on their stomachs. I’d never noticed how sexy they looked before, and suddenly had a deep appreciation for their tight shorts.

“You’re so wet for me. I think I’m just going to drive you crazy for the whole movie. How does that sound?” She spoke directly into my ear, tickling me.

She pressed two fingers against my clit suddenly, through the sodden fabric of my panties, rubbing it in a circle. I couldn’t help it anymore. I moaned out loud.

“Oh come on, Ash, it’s not that scary,” said Vicki without turning around.

Val’s other hand left my breast and clamped over my mouth. Her other hand roughly pulled my panties aside. For a brief second, I panicked. I didn’t shave down there – what if that grossed her out? Some guys didn’t like it.

It quickly became apparent that this was no concern whatsoever to Val, who sank two fingers into my cunt like a knife through butter. She pressed her pelvis into my backside again, forcing my clit into her palm, and from here she began to really work on me.

Her hand clasped tight over my mouth as I hyperventilated through her fingers. She pressed her fingers in my pussy against my g-spot and began grinding against me. Hard. I was leaking all over her fingers… her hand… oh god, it had to be sliding down her arm at this point.

Her fingers are going to get pruny, The thought flashed through my head and I almost laughed. I swear, I think the stupidest shit at the worst times.

Her fingers worked in and out of my wet cunt, testing my g-spot, forcing an orgasm out of me. I was squirming like crazy now, not to get away, but because the sensation was driving me wild. It didn’t matter anyway, Val’s dominant position over me held me still.

“Look at you, getting all worked up. You trying to get away from me?” She has this teasing voice, totally feminine in contrast to just how toned and tough the rest of her body is. Suddenly, her fingers over my mouth worked themselves in between my lips. I began sucking her fingers, eagerly, instinctively.

“You little slut.” She pulled her fingers out of my cunt and began to work on my clit, rolling it in between her fingers. “I can tell you’re close.”

She was right. I was really close to having an eye-rolling, screaming her name at the top of my lungs, ripping the carpet right off the floor, orgasm. My first lesbian experience didn’t even allow me the chance to rationalize it as experimenting. She just took me and I loved it.

Her fingers began to suddenly slow, just as I was about to tip over the edge. I tried to look at her pleadingly, tried force my aching clit against her fingers. I was about to beg.

The hand working my pussy left entirely. Before I could protest, those fingers quickly replaced the ones already in my mouth, forcing me to taste my own juices. The other hand, wet with my saliva went right back to teasing my clit. I didn’t balk at tasting myself, I did it all the time. But the fact that she was making me taste myself, whether I liked it or not, that turned me on even more.

“Good girl, tasting your wet pussy.” She was flicking my clit while she teased me, her fingers, coated in my juices, fucking my mouth. “You wanna cum for me?”

I nodded, gasping through her fingers. I was hers. I’d do anything she’d tell me right now.

“You gonna cum all over my fingers?”

Yes, yes, please! I wanted to scream. I think I nodded, but I don’t think she was really waiting for an answer.

She worked her fingers into a quick tempo. “Do it, slut. Soak these fingers.”

It didn’t take long before it hit. My eyes literally rolled back into my head, swear on my life. I let out a guttural moan which I wasn’t sure her muffling could contain. I didn’t care if the whole house heard me. I writhed, my fingers clenching the carpet as the orgasm tore through me.

Val held me through like a rider breaking down a horse. I was grunting like an animal. There was nowhere I could go. And she just wouldn’t stop. Another orgasm just shattered straight through me, right after the last one, and I could literally see flashes before my eyes. She was merciless, still working my clit even through the second one, thrusting herself into me, grinding into me, making me meet her fingers again and again. I came again, and somewhere in my mind I resolved to marry this woman.

I was shaking all over when her fingers left my cunt. Her fingers left my mouth, and I collapsed to the floor. I felt her body leave mine, and I wondered dimly if it was all over. My lust was totally sated, in a way I had never before thought possible.



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