My name is Jim and my sister name is Becky. This story starts out when I was 19 and she was 18 years old. We lived in an out of the way town with a small population which made finding a mate nearly impossible, especially when you are young and horny and looking for that perfect person. We lived in a modest house next to a farm owned by our uncle and aunt and our three cousins. As teens, our parents had us work on the farm to keep us out of trouble. Boy, if they only knew! Mom and Dad both worked all day down at the feed store, so we had a lot of time to our own.

Now my sister and I got along pretty well for the most part. We had our tough times but we really loved each other. And when we got into our late teens we really loved each other. We were both told by our uncle to go down to the stream and clear away some of the brush on the banks so he could put in a small bridge to connect a couple of fields. He gave us some rudimentary tools and set us to work. We went begrudgingly but made a good day out of it. Becky started on one side and I on the other. At first we did the work, but as the day wore on and the heat picked up we need a break. So I decided to have some fun. I took a big stick and threw it in the water near her and splashed her. She was pissed! She grabbed a nearby rock and threw it back getting me all soaked. I took of my shirt and rung it out and while doing so she had grabbed a log and threw that. Now my pants were soaked. I said, “that’s it sis, you have had it.” She was giggling up a storm when I jumped into the shallow creek and grabbed her ankles.

“You better not,” she screamed.

“Oh yea…you are going in!” And with that pulled her right in. She slid right down the bank getting mud all in her short shorts and fell smack into the creek. I just bent over laughing so hard.

“You little shit! Look at my clothes. Mom is gonna kill me. She just bought them.” As she was about to start crying I leaned over and grabbed her hand to start to pull her up. She had a different thought. There I was, trying to be thoughtful and sensitive, instead I got pulled right in next to her. She had yanked on my arm and I went face first into the water right next to her. I came up laughing and heard her laughing just as hard. But then we shortly realized that Mom was now going to kill us both for getting so damn dirty.

“We better clean these off as best we can before we go in.” I started to take off my boots and then my pants and socks. “Well come on, get your dirty rags off,” I said.

“These are not rags!”

“Just do it,” I said.

“What if Uncle Bill sees us?”

“Who cares, and anyway he is busy in the barn fixing the blades on the old tractor,” I reassured her.

Now we were not used to seeing each other naked in this stage of our lives. We took baths together as small kids, but since we both hit puberty we kept our privacy. I was down to my tighty whities and she was slowly starting to take her shirt off. As I was putting my shirt on some branches and peered back to see her in her bra. She is a skinny girl, about 5′ 5″ and maybe 105lbs with shoulder length blond hair and small breasts. She is a bit shy and definitely self-conscious about canlı bahis şirketleri her appearance. But she looked just fine to me. I found myself gazing at her as she bent down to take off her shorts. “Hey what are you looking at?” She caught me.

“…mmm nothing,” I mumbled.

“Nothing? Then why are you staring?”

“Umm..just curious…I …I never seen a girl naked before, well except for the ones in those magazines Dad has hidden under the bed,” I responded.

“Well I am not one of those supermodel types, so stop staring!” She was getting upset and about to cry again. I hate to see girls cry, so I just minded my own business and went about hanging my clothes. But my instincts were in control. I peered back again, this time more sneakily and caught a look at her as she was hanging her bra on a bush. She only had her little white cotton panties on, which were soaked through and revealed her bush. The way the light hit her as I saw her profile was something I have never seen before. She looked like a little teen princess. Her nipples were hard and her breasts, though small, were firm and tight to her chest, not sagging. Her hair was wet and stretched down her back. Her tan glistened with moisture. I had totally lost track of time as I stared at this beauty before me. I did not even realize that my cock had swollen and stiffen, almost ripping out of my underwear.

“Ugh hummm!” My sister cleared her throat. “Why don’t you take a picture, it will last longer?” she asked in a smarty pants way.

“Oh shit…uumm sorry Bec,” I tried to apologize.

Then she began to giggle. I was puzzled. I thought she would be so pissed. Why is she laughing I thought to myself. “What?” I asked.

She just pointed. “Ah shit!” I had totally forgotten about my hard-on.

“Do I turn you on?” she asked.

Now I was at a real loss for words. This is my sister. I never talked about sex to her, let alone my turn-ons. What do I say? How do I get out of this? Will she tell all of her friends about my hard-on?

“Well…?” she inquired.

“Yea…but…you know…in a kind of…” I muttered.

“In a kind of what?” She was looking at me different now. She had this smile on her face that confused the hell out of me. She slowly started walking toward me across the creek. “Well?”

“You know,” is all I could get out. I was frozen. I was still staring at her small perky breasts as she shuffled toward me.

“OK, fine. If you do not want to tell me then I will have to tell some of my friends about your thing,” she threatened.

“No, No, No, please don’t. I am sorry,” I begged.

Suddenly she was directly in front of me. “Well you have seen mine…let me see yours then.” She was asking me to show her my cock. I could not believe this. My sweet innocent little sister, which I have had the occasional fantasy about, is asking to look at my dick.

“That’s like incest,” I said, “isn’t it?”

“Who will know?” She asked back.

A gathered up some courage and thought fair is fair. I pulled down the elastic waistband and let my cock, now half hard, big still big, fall out. I looked back up at her and saw a slight smile. Then she canlı kaçak iddaa licked her lips. Her nipples puffed out and hardened. Seeing this turned me on even more. So I grabbed my cock with one hand and slowly stroked it. It started to get fully hard again. Her mouth was open and her eyes gazing at its length. Now she was speechless. I decided to take my underwear off completely. There I was, on a creek bank, totally naked with my little sister in just her wet panties standing in front of me. “Now what?” I asked. I kind of had a sheepish smile on my face as I said it.

“Umm…I don’t know.”

“You want to touch it don’t you?” I asked her, knowing what her response would be.

“No…no…not really…well…” She said confused, not taking her eyes off of it.

“Go ahead, I don’t care. I touch it all the time.”

She slowly reached out and as if it might bite she just touched to tip of it with her finger. “It’s kind of soft.” She then touched it again, this time with her whole hand. Finally grabbing the entire length in her hand. Her cold hands felt good on it, because I was getting very hot. “Wow, it is not what I expected,” she said.

“You want to see it cum?”

“How long does it take,” she asked.

“I have a feeling it won’t take long,” I answered.

I grabbed her hand and rapped it around the base of my cock. Slowly I started to work her hand up and down the shaft. She just smiled and giggled, but I was horny as hell. Before she even touched it I thought I would cum, so I knew it would not take much. I began to quicken the pace working her hand over my cock feverishly. I know she was getting hornier too, because she was squeezing her thighs together so tight and licking her lips. “Oh god…Oh …I think I am gonna…” and before I could finish a gush of cum shot out all over our hands and onto her belly. I just quivered and squeezed my cock for every drop. Our hands were still gripping my cock firmly and she was still looking down at it. I did not know what to do for a moment.

“Can you do it again?” she asked.

Knowing that I could do it again being so young and virile I said yes. “But I want to see yours.”

“OK,” she quickly said.

She shot out of her panties and lay on a fallen tree. We were both so worked up we had forgotten everything around us. She spread her legs revealing the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen, even though the only ones I ever saw were in magazines. “Have you ever cum before,” I asked.

“No, I don’t think so. How do I know? I mean I know I don’t cum like you and I have played with myself before and it feels good, but I don’t know if I have ever cum.”

I reached out and gently stroked the outside of her folds and spread them with my fingers. She was very moist. I knew she was a virgin, as I am myself, and did not want to hurt her. I didn’t know what I was doing, and just did what came natural. While I was attentively looking at her pussy, she noticed my cum on her belly. I had not even noticed but she dipped her finger in it and put it to her lips. “Umm salty.” I heard.

“What?” I asked, thinking she was referring to her pussy.

“Your cum,” she said. She scooped up what canlı kaçak bahis was left and stuck her fingers in her mouth savoring the flavor. That gave me an idea. Not having been told much about sex by our parents and in our conservative schools, I did not really know what was done during sex and what wasn’t. Since she had tasted my cum and liked it, I thought I would taste hers. I put my hands on her knees and spread her legs apart and put my face towards her pussy. I first noticed the sweet smell. Then I stuck out my tongue and just touched her lips with it. “Hey that tickles,” she said. And it tasted good too. I began to lick it like an ice cream cone, up and down the folds. I noticed as I did this it got even more wet. I also notice she closed her eyes and started to moan. I had her mom and dad moan in their room before and figured I was doing something right. I kept licking it and found a small hard nub at the top. I thought to myself, this must be the clit that they talk about in the mags. I started to lick her clit and sucked on it. It tasted really good and I noticed I was getting very hard again. My sister noticed it as well.

“Can I taste yours again?” she asked. “But I don’t want you to stop. I feels so good.”

I got up and looked around for a second and noticed a spot that we cleared. I grabbed her hand and led her to it. I told her to lie on her side and I lay on my side facing my feet. She quickly grabbed hold of my cock and started to stroke the shaft. She then started to kiss the head of it, which was turning purple from all of the blood rushing to it. I then put one of her legs over my head and started to lick at her pussy again. She started to lick the head and shaft and then suddenly put it into her mouth. It felt so warm and wet. I told her not to stop and that I liked it a lot. She kind of mumbled something, since she still had my cock in her mouth and I went back to licking her clit. I parted her lips with my fingers and licked it up and down. By this time she was soaked with sweat and her hot juices. I stuck my tongue into her hole and noticed she bucked at that. I asked her if it hurt and she said no, that it felt great. I kept doing that and then inserted one of my fingers.

She was so hot and tight inside and I could not even get my whole finger inside. Her sucking on my cock had me very close to cumming again. As I licked her clit and wiggled my finger inside her, her legs became a vice on my head and she was moaning loudly with my cock in her mouth. She suddenly began to shake and shudder. And her moans almost became screams. I was kind of scared but thought that she must be cumming. The whole time she was shaking she never stopped sucking on my cock. I was not even paying attention when I came and forgot to warn her. I just blew my load right into her mouth. At first she gagged, not expected it, then kept sucking on it taking every last drop of cum into her mouth. We were both exhausted and just lied there for a few moments.

About five minutes had pasted and we had not said a word. I rolled over and faced her and looked into her big beautiful green eyes. “That was great,” I said. “I never felt anything like that.”

“Me neither.” She said. “I guess I can say I have cum now.”

I reached over and gave her a hug and then kissed her. It was the most passionate kiss I ever had. Our tongues entwined and we could taste each other on our lips and tongues.

To Be Continued…if you like?



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