After we finished showering for the second time, we went to our separate rooms to get dressed for the day, it was Saturday. Mom put on a new sundress that was quite short in length showing her beautiful legs and had a plunging neckline that revealed lots of wonderful delicious cleavage. When I walked into the kitchen she was preparing breakfast for us, she turned facing me and smiled saying, “Like my dress, stud?” She then wiggled her shoulders making her tits wiggle under the thin material that clearly revealed her erect nipples. I think she was letting me know that she was not wearing a bra.

I responded, “Love it! No bra, right?”

“You’re right sweetie. I figured you would appreciate me not wearing a bra around the house plus I want to keep you stimulated for any instantaneous hot sex. Can you see my nipples?” She winked and then wiggled her shoulders again.

“Yes I can see your wonderful erect and suckable nipples. Are you not wearing panties also?”

“Come over here and check me out if you want to know.” I walked up next to her and reached down to squeeze her buns, I did not feel any sign of panties. To make sure I lowered my hand below the hem of her skirt and ran my hand up her thigh finding that she indeed was not wearing any panties. I continued to rub her ass cheeks running my finger down her crack giving her bung hole a little poke as I pulled her close for some hot kissing.

After a few kisses she said, “You really like my little butthole don’t you?”

“I never thought much about your tight little butthole until after you let me fuck you in the ass. So yes I now like it and find it exciting to think about and now when I see your ass, I know how great it feels to fuck it. Also, I love playing with it, rubbing and fingering it.”

“I’m so glad that you have become very mature in your behavior and actions toward me now that we are sexually engaged. I would never have thought in a million years that this would have ever occurred between you and me. It is so pleasing and exciting to be with you, to experience all the sexual energy that occurs between us, to be intimately involved with you as you sexually mature, to know that you find me to be sexy and wanting to experience all kinds of sex with me, wanting to have intercourse with me including anal sex and also wanting oral sex with me which not includes eating my ass. I love everything you do to me with your fingers, your mouth, your tongue and of course your beautiful big cock. I love being able to totally enjoy your cock, to touch it, stroke it and suck on it, to feel it inside me, whether it be in my cunt or in my ass and to enjoy the sensations and pleasure of seeing and feeling your ejaculations, having you fill me with your semen, and to taste your semen. Peter I love you more than you know.”

“Oh mom, I love you too. Our relationship has become so exciting for me, to know that I can touch you about anytime I want; to be able to see and fondle your great tits, to play with and fuck your pussy and now your tight ass, it is just the greatest. I sometimes look at the pictures I’ve taken of you and marvel at how beautiful and sexy you are. I look at photos of your pussy and think, that’s my mom’s pussy, and she lets me lick it, eat it and fuck it. And now when I look at your ass, I can think the same, that she lets me lick it, eat it and fuck it. Oh mom you are so hot!”

“Thanks sweetie, it is so nice of you to think of me that way, I love having my son as a sex partner, and you have become so good at sex. I especially like it that we have gotten into anal sex, it is something I have never really enjoyed until now. Don’t know why but it is extra exciting to have you fuck me in the ass, to feel your big cock slide inside my tight ass. I guess it’s that I have always felt that anal sex was extremely intimate and haven’t been comfortable doing it. But with you being my son, it seems so okay, in fact I look forward to having you play and fuck my ass like you do my cunt. I hope you feel the same way and treat my asshole the same as you treat my cunt hole. My holes are yours to play with.”

“Oh mom that was greatest in the shower, your ass is so tight; I loved seeing and feeling of my cock slide into your tight little puckered asshole. That was awesome, absolutely awesome, seeing your asshole open up and take my cock like it did. I love fucking your ass, I love fucking your pussy, I love fucking you. I love touching you and to feel you up, to run my hands all over your body, feeling your big tits and your erect nipples, your thighs and your ass cheeks! It is so wonderful and exciting.”

I had one hand on her bottom rubbing back and forth letting my fingers slide along her crack; I placed my other hand on her chest pushing the top of her dress aside so I could feel her bare tits. When I began to pinch her nipples with my index finger and thumb, her nipples seemed to become even more erect and must have extended about ½ inch. I then leaned in and began to suck on one of her tits, using my tongue to play with her nipple. She moaned and groaned as I continued this action with both my hands and mouth.

“Oh baby I love what you are doing to me, canlı bahis şirketleri but we got to eat. So let’s stop for a while, we can continue this wonderful sex play once we have had some nourishment.”

“Okay mom, but I can’t seem to get enough of you right now. I just love feeling you up, squeezing your bare tits, rubbing your ass and fingering your pussy; plus I love seeing you in the nude, totally naked, your body is awesome. And the fact that you are totally open in not only letting me, but wanting me to fondle and play with your tits, ass and pussy, that is mind blowing.”

“Oh thanks honey, I know it is all new to you and must be very exciting. For that matter, it’s new to me too; I still have not got my head totally around the fact that I’m having sex with my son. It has been so exciting for me, especially after finding out you have such a big dick. WOW, do you ever fill me up, something I have not experienced for quite awhile, you have touched me in places that have not been touched in a long time.”

Once I released my mom, she straightened her dress putting her tits back in place. She is so hot looking especially with all her cleavage showing, I wanted to continue squeezing her tits but stopped as she asked me to. My mom put the food on the table and we sat down to eat. We just started to chit chat about mundane things until she asked, “Did you say that the cute girl’s name with the big tits in your class was Gloria?”

“Yea mom, her name is Gloria and she has magnificent big tits, great legs, and cute face and seems like a very nice girl.”

“Do you want to get into her pants?”

“Oh definitely mom, but I have not ever even talked to her. She has smiled at me a few times, but that is all.”

“Well I think you have to become more aggressive and find or make opportunities to speak to her.”

“Like how, mom?”

“Have you ever just greeted her by saying Hi?”


“Well the next time you see her, just say Hi, and smile. Then be prepared to carry on some conversation with her if she responds in any way.”

“Hmmm, like what do I talk about? Like, wow you have nice tits and a great ass?”

“No, no. Tell her she looks nice, or you like the color of whatever she is wearing, or something about an upcoming school activity.”

“I know, I was just kidding. Ummm, sounds simple but I’m so shy and get tongue tied when I get around girls.”

“You will just have to get over it if you want to date any gals and of course, if you want to get in their pants.”

“Speaking of getting into someone pants, I would love to get into yours if you had any on.”

“Uhhh that sounds wonderful. Do you want me to go put some panties on so you can take them off and then fuck me?”

“No, I just want to fuck you right now. Just talking about sex and looking at you with such a low cut dress showing all that cleavage, my cock is hard as a rock.”

“Oh baby, let me see, let me see!” I stood up to show my mom my rock hard cock that was protruding through the fly of my shorts. My mom got up from the table, had me move my chair back and made me sit back down on the chair; she then faced me and straddled my lap while she proceeded to pull up her skirt revealing her bare cunt. I had her hold that position while I absorbed what I was observing. Here is my mom standing right in front of me with her skirt raised above her waist giving me a great view of her bare shaven pussy and knowing that she was going to slide her hot cunt down over my rock hard cock. I released her and watched her as she took a hold of my cock and bending her knees, she slid the head of my dick back and forth and around her pussy lips and then guided it into her snatch as she slowly lowered her ass, letting my cock slowly penetrate her cunt. I not only love the feeling of my cock sliding between her pussy lips, but also to feel the warmth of her twat and to see my cock enter her. She slowly sat down on my lap inching her way down by lowering and raising her ass until she had the entire length of my cock in her cunt.

“Oh baby, how I love having your cock up inside me, you are so big and fill me up so much. I hope you always will want to fuck your mother no matter what happens in your life. I just crave having you inside me like this.” She then began to raise and lower her cunt up and down the full length of my cock, giving both of us some fantastic sensations. She raised her dress up over her head dropping it on the floor exposing her beautiful tits to me and then pushed her chest into my face. I quickly opened my mouth getting a mouthful of tit. I used my tongue to swirl around her nipple as she continued to fuck my cock. I reached around her and fondled her ass cheeks as she raised her ass up and down. I slide my fingers into her crack and when I found her back hole, I began to play with it getting the tip of one finger in her asshole.

“Oh baby, I like that so much. Would you like to fuck me in the ass again?”

“Whatever you want mom; I like having my cock in either hole.”

“OK, let’s just continue with you fucking my pussy but don’t stop playing with my asshole, I love how it feels to have both my canlı kaçak iddaa holes played with.” I did as she said and as she was sliding her pussy up and down my hard cock, I continued to probe her asshole. I was able to get my index finger totally up her ass especially on the down stroke of her cunt on my cock. Her asshole easily accepted my finger so I decided to try two fingers up her ass. As I worked my second finger into her tight ass, she paused long enough for me to fully insert both fingers. She then returned to fucking my cock.

“Sweetie, oh sweetie, that feels sooo so good, your big cock in my cunt and your fingers in my ass and my tit in your mouth. I’m getting so close to cumming, oh yessssss, yessssss, don’t stop what you are doing! Play with me ohhh yes baby, play with my tit and asshole while I fuck you.” I was also beginning to feel the familiar sensation in my balls as my orgasm was getting close.

“Mom oh mom, my balls are starting boil.” We just continued this action until we both came with her riding my cock while I fingered her asshole and sucked on her tit. When we climaxed, I shot my wad deep in my mom’s cunt while at the same time she coated my cock with her juices, it was awesome. My mom immediately collapsed on my lap with my cock fully imbedded in her warm and very wet cunt. I placed both arms around her and held her close while we came down off our sexual high.

She slowly raised her head and kissed me, it was a very long and passionate kiss with our tongues intertwined. She pushed back looking into my eyes saying, “Oh honey, that was another fantastic fuck, you are something else, never have had so many mind blowing orgasms. My legs are so tired, I need to get up.”

“Oh please mom, stay on my lap a little longer, I love feeling my dick deep inside you, your pussy is so warm and the squeezing of my cock with your cunt muscles makes me tingle all over.”

“OK, I’ll sit a little longer.” As she continued to sit on my lap, she would kind of rock back and forth while using her cunt muscles to squeeze my cock. I continued to fondle her tits keeping her nipples erect. All this action was driving me crazy and kept me hard. After about ten minutes I was still hard and wanting more sex. I reached around her bottom and began probing her ass again. I could tell my mother liked it as she quickly began to wiggle her hips rapidly whenever my finger penetrated her ass. She pushed back looking me in the eye saying, “Do you now want to fuck me in the ass?”

“Yes mom, I do. I want to feel my cock inside your tight ass again.”

“OK baby, but you will have to do most the work, my legs are shot and I’m nearly exhausted.”

“That is fine mom; just lean over the table, reach back and spread your buns and I’ll do the rest.” Mom stood up and leaned onto the table with her legs spread wide while she reached around her back side to spread her buns. There before me was a clear view of my mom’s asshole and cunt that was oozing cum. I stood there a few seconds admiring her fully exposed back side and pussy before I got up behind her. My cock was dripping with a mixture of her and my cum making for a good lubricant, but I first slid my cock along her pussy lips letting the cum oozing out of her hole drip onto my cock and then I placed the tip of my cock against her asshole and gently pushed. My mom looked back saying, “Be gentle until you are all the way inside me and then fuck me like there is no tomorrow.” I didn’t want to disappoint my mom so I took it very easy getting my cock fully inserted into her ass, but once I felt my balls bounce off her pussy, I began to pound her. I could tell that she was delighted as she moaned really loud on every down stroke, wanting me to go harder, deeper and faster. It wasn’t long before I felt her body freeze as she experienced yet another mind blowing orgasm. I think she actually past out on the table because she was totally unresponsive for a few moments. I also reached a climax and shoved with all my might to get my cock as deep as I could into my mother’s ass and then held it there for what seemed like ten minutes.

I collapsed on top of her and remained there until she began to stir; I rose up slowly and pulled my cock from her ass along with a large gob of cum that fell onto the floor. She turned her head without raising her body saying, “Oh my god that was yet another fantastic ass fuck. I can’t get over how good you feel inside me, no matter if you fuck my cunt, my mouth or my ass, it feels phenomenal baby. But I can’t take any more for awhile, you have me totally exhausted and I’m totally satisfied.”

“Okay mom, I’m pretty tired myself.” I reached over and helped her stand up and when she was upright, I gave her a big kiss while I fondled her tits followed by running my hand down her belly and cupping her mound slipping my middle finger in her slit.

“Oh baby, you are insatiable! Love what you are doing to me but we got to quit for awhile.”

“I know mom, I just can’t keep my hands off of you. You are so sexy and hot.”

“Thanks babe, you are definitely learning how to treat a woman and you have nothing to be shy about. Once the girls find out how canlı kaçak bahis good you are in bed and how big your cock is, you may have to beat them off with a baseball bat.”

“Yea right mom. That will be the day.” Mom gave me a quick kiss and walked toward her bedroom still totally nude, love seeing her ass and tits wiggle as she walks.

This was Saturday morning and just the beginning of our weekend. For the remaining time in our weekend, we must have fucked a dozen times, each time mom giving me a few pointers and what she liked and said that other women would probably like too. She had me work on more foreplay having me gently touch her by rubbing various parts of her body always working my way toward getting my hands on her tits or between her legs. She also taught me how to use the head of my dick to rub her pussy before I totally penetrated her cunt. She had me fuck her real hard and fast then slow down when I sensed she was approaching an orgasm and them going at it again fast and furious until she came.

On Monday morning I was awakened having some strange feelings to discover it was my mom sucking my cock. Once I realized what was happening I greeted her with a “Good Morning cocksucker”. She winked at me as she continued sucking my hard dick and then crawled up on the bed straddling my body so that her cunt was just above my dick. She said, “Can’t waste your morning woody now can we?” She then proceeded to lower her body guiding my cock into her already wet cunt. Once she had the first couple inches inside her, she just dropped down totally taking my entire cock up into her snatch. She let out a loud groan and began bouncing up and down on my cock. I just lay back enjoying the sensation of her sliding her pussy up and down my hard cock and watching her beautiful big tits bounce. I reached up and fondled her tits and played with her erect nipples which I know she likes. After a few minutes she said, “It’s your turn to fuck me, let’s turn over.” We did and once I was on top, I began to fuck her like before, ramming my dick in her to the hilt, giving her the great sensations she so much enjoys.

“Yes baby, yes yes, oh god fuck me good Peter! Yes, ram that big beautiful cock of yours deep inside me, YES, YES, OMG fuck your mama deep and hard. Ohhhh Peter, Peter, Peter I’m about to cum baby, ohhh yes, oh yes, I’m almost there baby, almost there, yessssss, oh yesssss, oh shoot your load, fill me up, oh god I’m cumming so hard, OHHHHH fuck me, fuck me.” Her eyes closed and her body froze as another fantastic orgasm washed through her body. I wasn’t ready yet but was getting close so I continued ramming my cock into her pussy using fast and hard strokes. As she began to relax coming down off her sexual high she gripped my arms saying, “Oh baby, yes cum in me, yes I want to have your baby making juice inside me all day. Yes, yes do me, fuck me hard, fuck your mama, cum in me, yes cum deep inside my pussy.” I was getting closer and closer and finally I shot my wad deep in her cunt, she acknowledged my cumming inside of her by smiling and hugging me and saying, “Oh yes, I love having your sperm inside me baby.” I immediately collapsed on top of her. After a few minutes I rose up and got off my mom but remained on the bed. My mom reached over and played with my balls and cock with a big smile on her face saying, “You know dear, I will not see you again for at least 7 or 8 hours and we have been together all weekend screwing one another at least every 3 or 4 hours. Think you can last for 8 hours without having my body to play with and to fuck?”

“Can you be without my big cock for 8 hours?”

“Yea, but it’s going to be tough. I will probably want to fuck you the moment I see you this evening.”

“I’ll be ready mom, have hard cock, will fuck!”

I jumped in the shower feeling like I had finally reached manhood, I was no longer a virgin and even had had anal sex which I know many of my buddies have never had. I was brimming with self confidence and felt that I was as good as any of the guys in my school.

When I arrived at my school the first person I saw that I knew was Gloria. When I passed her in the hall I waved and said, “Hi Gloria!” She looked surprised but smiled and said “Hi” back to me. I then said, “I like the dress you are wearing.”

She responded, “Well thanks.” and walked on with a great big smile on her face. I watched her walk away and noticed that she not only had great tits, but also a very shapely rear end. I was walking on a cloud. When third period arrived which is the class that Gloria and I are in, I was a bundle of nerves. I arrived first and sat in my seat that is two rolls from hers. When she walked through the doorway, it appeared that she was looking for me because she immediately waved, smiled and said, “Hi again.” I dam near came in my pants. I waved and said “Hi”. I had a very difficult time that whole period to keep my mind on the class work; I kept visualizing what Gloria looked like in the nude, big tits, nice ass and legs. I made sure I stayed seated because I had one hell of boner in my pants. When class was over she seemed to hesitate getting her books and stuff together and so as I was walking past her roll of desks, she joined me saying, “I appreciate your comment this morning about my dress. I didn’t think you boys ever notice what we girls wear, you just notice what our chest, ass and legs look like.”



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