A safari in Namibia.Too many people think safaris are done by crazy guys or girls mostly uneducated and with doubtful mental health. And, indeed, those who think so usually are the ones who “free” a****ls from zoos that have to be shot before they become a serious troubles for people, fauna and the environment in general.Generally speaking, those who take part in a safari are people who like both discovering new places, watching a****ls in their environment and meet distant cultures. Obviously you can also hunt and, if you like shooting and hunting, it adds fun and thrilling.Namibia is a weird place, but weird in a positive way. Many Namibians can speak German and, while I’m not very good at it, it’s easier to learn something in German than in the variety of languages you have there. Obviously if you go on an organized safari, you’ll find guides who can speak English and, if you go in the most remote places you won’t likely find a German speaking…Why they can speak German? Because until one century ago, Namibia was a German colony. The architecture of the city of Swakopmund is largely German colonial and there you can still drink Reinheitsgebot beer. Reinheitsgebot means more or less “Law on the purity of beer” it’s 5 centuries old (in Germany) and it has a long fight with EU regulations lolNot too far from Swokpmund, you have some of the most hearthbreaking natural scenarios: Walvis Bay, where you can find Whales, dolphins… and The Skeletons Coast, home of thousands of shipwrecks, with a completely untouched environment. And towards the interior there’s Twyfelfontein, with its ancient rock paintings (about 5000 BC).In the North, at the borders with Angola, you also find the Himba people, a relatively large tribe whose women are probably the most beautiful in Africa (unless you consider African the blondish Berbers of Morocco) and, going towards the interior you also have two of best places for a hunting safari: the Caprivi Strip (there’s always a bit of turmoil, but it’s not Namibian’s fault) and the Okavango delta, which is actually in Botswana, but very near to the border. From the Himba tribes’ area and the Caprivi Strip/Okavango delta there’s the Etosha National Park, where you can hunt all Big Fives.This was my holidays a few years ago. Why Namibia? Because you don’t have malaria thanks to the driest climate on the Earth and there’s no jet lag. The best moment to go is from May to September because the warmth don’t get to its peak and it’s not bakırköy escort rainy season.A safari means you have to wake up early, in order to go hunting when it’s still not too hot and can also find some felines. Anyway, most of the time you are driven around looking for some preys. If you shoot, try and hit your prey without making it suffer.Being this a pornsite and not an hunting or tourist site, I’m not going to talk about the safari itself but about Himba women. As said, they’re the most beautiful women in Africa and for sure one of the prettiest in the world. They use to protest their skin from the sunlight with otjize that gives them a reddish appearance. They have wonderful hairstyles and wear traditional jewelry. I have to admit I really fell in love with them, although I can’t speak nor understand anything they say in their own language.Anyway, when I arrived in one of their villages I met a young girl in her early 20s who had attended school in a city and so could speak English.Typically Himba, she is relatively tall, slender and very beautiful. One thing that would make any Western man excited is that they usually don’t cover their boobs although it’s not forbidden, they just don’t.And they usually have big boobs!She had a Himba name, which means I could never learn, so I just called her “Jane”.When you’re stuck in the desert, far from civilization as we commonly know it, and not too far from predators you become friend very easily. Sit down around the fire talking of things you’re not used to anymore is always something that touches your heart. I was like… stranded in the desert and even if I couldn’t really get anything, I appreciated her will to talk to me.I think everyone in the group, both the Himbas and the Western hunters, realized that I had fallen in love with Jane. Yet I didn’t invite her to my “house” to have sex. I was too much captured by the desert, the moon and the solitary tribe that I couldn’t think about sex. I guess it was the second time it happened to me after the age of 16 lolThe following day we would leave for hunting, a thing that Himba men usually don’t do, because Himba women do almost anything. Himbas, indeed, don’t eat too much meat but a sort of “porridge”.With much to everyone’s surprise I did not screw Jane before leaving. I just gave her a kiss on her cheeks after having asked her permission and let her repeat with loud voice my question in her own language. I mean, beşiktaş escort Himbas are friendly but I didn’t want her to go through some troubles for a kiss on a cheek (try kissing a Saudi girl in Riyad)Anyway a few days later we were back to Jane’s village and this time, we – I – had brought a lot of meat. Sorry, buffalo from Etosha. And we (me, Jane and a few other women) prepared a meat dinner for the village.Be it the meat eating, the hunting, the too many boobs on display or the fact I hadn’t had sex for days, Jane looked to me much more…fuckable than she used to be a few days before.When everyone went sleeping, Jane and me were still awake and I invited her into my house.I had no condom and I knew Africa – and Namibia too – is not a place where you can have bareback sex so I just wanted her to suck my cock.And after some sweet and long kisses, she got totally naked in front of me (she didn’t take too much, being topless…).”I have no condom” I said.”I’m virgin”. I couldn’t believe it.”Are you really a virgin?”.”Yes I moved to (I won’t say) when I was young and spent my time there until 18, then I went working at the airport as a hostess but I have never been interested in the guys that were near me. I like the whitemen lol””Why? Because we’re exotic to you?””No, just more beautiful but nobody seemed interested to me””Not possible””Thank you” meanwhille I was stripped from my mimetic uniform little by little by Jane.”Jane, are you sure?””I must have a white dick once, and if I get married I’ll never have””I see your points”.My cock grew big and I prayed Priapus to give the required strenght and stamina to guarantee Jane the best night of her life.We took a shower together to remove dirt and otjize and then I started kissing her long skinny legs from the knee upwards, then I went back down to her knee and so on, swapping legs from time to time. I then kissed her stomach, and finally got to her big boobs. Her nipples became firmer and firmer and to lick and suck them was a must.As my lips touched her soft skin, her body got a thrill and she couldn’t but gently moan. Then I was near the tightest African pussy and the only thing I could do was to gently lick. I used my hands to touch her clit and slowly give her the pleasure she was looking for.Her pussy twitched. I knew my job.”It’s your turn now””mmm finally”She started touching my balls with her hands gently caressing and kissing my belly, her lips went beylikdüzü escort down on my cock and she gave three kiss on its length. My cock was throbbing and she kneeled under it to kiss it from below.I sit on the throne of pleasure.”Time to suck that white jewel” she said.While touching her breast and with her eyes closed she slowly put my cock deeper in her mouth. Her head moved back and forth as my hands were on her hair. The slow speed doubled the excitement, not just the action in itself but the the wait for the climax.”It’s not the first time you suck a cock””It isn’t”She sped up and I felt the head of my cock touching the back of her palate once, twice and again. She pulled it off her mouth with saliva dripping from her lips. “I tried” she said laughing.I kissed her forehead before she licked my cock clean: “Time to take my virginity away”Her tight pussy was a pleasure to look at, and I felt both lucky and guilty, but you know: someone must be the first man of a girl.I gently caressed her pussy trying to stretch it a bit with my fingers and she bit her lips, embracing me like she was to fall from the eight floor.”Spread your legs, Jane”.I was between her legs staring into her eyes as my cock started drilling. Slow rythm, slow climax. A quarter of inch is inside, the all cock is out, half an inch of the cock gets in, the all cock gets out and so on until a good half of my…hunting rifle was inside my prey. I kissed her romantically on her meaty lips.As time passed by her pussy got stretched and the entrance was easier. The rythm increased and my pleasure was climbing up. I pulled my cock out of her and started kissing her boobs again, while gently touching her hips.”Why did you stop?””I want it to last longer”She kissed my upper lips, with a gentle suck.No, I couldn’t but pound her.”I’m cumming in a minute, where do you want my sperm?””Give me creampie””Really””Let me feel the warmth of your cum”.14 days without sex, then a virgin?I shot a thick load of cum on her pussy. On not inside.”MMM that’s very warm. Look my pussy is whited now. Finally.””ahaha you’re a weird girl, Jane””Kiss me, David”Could I deny her my kisses?After a small talk, she asked me if she could suck my cock again.Could I deny her my cock?This time the load landed on her tongue and she swallowed it.”Top3 of the cum I’ve swallowed.””You rank cum flavours?””I do. I’ve sucked at least 25 guys, I lost my count a few months ago””But I am the first to have fucked your pussy””And I could not hope for better”.Another day shone on the Kunene Region, and I had to say goodbye to Jane with a tear and a last kiss.In photos you have some Himba girls with their jewelry, hairstyles and “clothes”, Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, the Skeleton Coast, Twyfelfontejn paintings and the Okavango delta.



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