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Christy was almost bouncing up and down she was so excited. As soon as she arrived home she vanished into her room, eager to get changed before Paul arrived. Quickly she donned her brand new cheer-leader uniform and stood, admiring herself in the mirror.

Christy was blonde and eighteen and now a cheer-leader. All was right with her world. She danced down to the kitchen for her mother’s approval.

“Oh, well done, Christy,” carolled her mother, Helen. “You look fantastic. Much the same as I did at that age, especially in that uniform.”

“Ha,” snorted Christy with a laugh. “You don’t look that much older than me. This uniform would probably fit you just as easily as it fits me.”

“Now there’s an idea,” said her mother, also laughing. “I’ve still got my old cheer-leader costume and it’s substantially the same as the current one. I think the only real difference is that we wore skirt and you wear shorts. I saw it the other day. Wait here while I go and see if it still fits.”

Helen headed off to her bedroom to check if the costume was where she remembered seeing it. It was and she quickly donned it, pleased to see that it still fitted. She returned to the kitchen, smiling.

“Oh my god,” squealed Christy with excitement. “It fits you like a glove. You look so much younger with that on. Anyone would think we were sisters, not mother and daughter.”

“Yes, it’s not bad,” agreed Helen with satisfaction. “I’d thought I might have put on a bit of weight but, if I have, it’s not enough to affect the fit.”

The door bell rang and Christy stuck her head out the door and looked down the hall. As expected, Paul had arrived.

“Come in, Paul,” she yelled. “We’re in the kitchen.”

Paul came sauntering down the hall and into the kitchen. He straightened up his stance a little at seeing the two cheer-leaders, impressed.

“Not bad,” he said approvingly. “Not bad at all.”

Puzzled, he looked a little harder at Christy’s mother and realisation came.

“Right, Helen,” he said in satisfaction. “I knew Christy didn’t have a sister. For a moment I thought you were possibly a cousin I hadn’t met. Damn, but that outfit makes you look younger.”

Christy and Helen smiled, pleased at his reaction.

“So, are you coming out like that are you going to take the time to get changed first?” he asked Christy, smiling.

Christy laughed. “I’ll go and change,” she said. “Don’t worry. I’ll only be five minutes.”

“You lie,” said Paul causally. “You’ll be a minimum of fifteen minutes. More likely half an hour. Don’t bother trying to rush. I’m quite happy to wait.”

Christy pulled a face and giggled. He was right and they both knew it. She scurried off to her bedroom to change.

“Where will you be going?” Helen asked.

“Out to dinner and then probably to a nightclub for a while,” Paul said.

He looked at Helen thoughtfully.

“I assume that was what the cheer-leader outfits used to look like,” he suggested. “Pretty much the same as the current one. The only real difference that I can see is that you’re wearing a skirt rather than shorts. Hm, I wonder. . .”

He reached over and to Helen’s surprise lifted the front of her skirt.

“That’s what I thought,” he said as Helen blushed and pushed her skirt back down into place. “You didn’t bother with the modesty shorts.”

“You had no right to do that,” Helen snapped, glaring at him.

“I was just considering my bucket list,” Paul explained. “One of the items on it is to make love to a cheer-leader in uniform. To be honest, I was going to try to persuade Christy to bring her uniform along with us once she’d got it. Changing into it with me there would warm her up nicely and I might finally get her to bed.”

“Don’t you dare. . .” Helen started to say, but Paul interrupted her.

“Don’t worry. I have a better idea. You’re already in uniform and you don’t have shorts that I’d have to remove. Hell, with those panties that I saw you wouldn’t even need to take them off. Just move them to the side where they’ll be out of my way. That way I can chalk an item off my bucket list and you can make sure I’m not trying to tempt Christy into bed this evening.”

“Of all the gall,” snapped Helen. “Stop that,” she added with a hiss as Paul lifted the front of her skirt again.

Paul just grinned, a finger hooking the crotch of her panties, pulling then out and to the side, so that when he release them they snapped back bunched to one side. He started rubbing the exposed pussy.

“Come on, I dare you. Give your all to protect Christy. We’ve got time.”

He withdrew his hand and unzipped. Before Helen’s horrified gaze he calmly brought out his erection. Quite a respectable erection, too.

“All I have to do is call out and Christy will come,” she pointed out.

“And I’ll be in hot water and Christy will blame you and I’ll probably get some remorse sex in the next day or so. Possibly even in uniform.”

He lifted Helens skirt for a third time, this time tucking it into her waistband, leaving her exposed. Reaching anadolu yakası escort down he started rubbing her again. He sighed.

“Changed my mind,” he murmured. “I think I want these right off.”

With that he calmly pulled down Helen’s panties and she found herself stepping out of them. Looking down she could see that she was effectively naked from the waist down with Paul’s cock very much in evidence.

“You can’t get away with this,” she protested.

“Get away with what?” asked Paul. “You can stop me just by saying no. Are you going to say no?”

Helen didn’t say anything, just moving back as Paul moved closer. Then she was leaning back against the table and he was right there, his erection brushing against her.

“Touch it,” he said softly. “Move it into position.”

Muttering to herself Helen did as she was told, taking his cock and steering it between her legs, bringing it to the point where the head was pressing against that sweet spot that demanded attention. She couldn’t believe she was letting him do this.

Then he was surging into her, driving in hard, and Helen decided that, yes, she did believe he was doing it to her, and doing it hard.

“You will,” he said, still speaking softly, “have to forgive me for the rush, but I do realise that we’re short on time.”

With that he started thrusting in hard and fast, not particularly worrying about what Helen thought. He was just going for broke and as far as he was concerned she was old enough to do her part without coaxing. He was pleased to find that this was true, with Helen thrusting urgently to meet him, apparently deciding to make the best of things.

Paul kept going the same way he started, full steam ahead and who cares what lies in wait. As far as he was concerned things were building up nicely. An idle glance at Helen showed that she seemed to be doing alright, her eyes closed as she moved energetically, trying to keep up with his youthful ardour.

He gave a gasp, knowing what about to happen, then plunged in with wild abandon, releasing himself into his willing playmate. Or was that unwilling playmate, he idly wondered, as he jerked frantically, spending his seed. At least, from her response she seemed to have climaxed when he ejaculated. Either that or she knew how to fake it with amazing style.

“Don’t worry,” he said as he tidied his clothes. “You have my word that I won’t try to coax Christy into or out of her cheer-leader uniform. I will just treat her as my best friend.”

Helen glared at him and left him in the kitchen, heading to her own bedroom to tidy up and get out of that uniform. She smiled to herself. Though she’d never admit it to Paul it was nice to know she still had what it took to attract a stud. It might have been fast but he’d made her climax, even if only in a small way.

Paul hung around the kitchen, waiting for Christy. True to his estimate it was close to half an hour before she finally showed.

“Shut up,” she snapped with a smile as he smiled knowingly.

“Didn’t say a word,” he protested.

“Maybe not, but you were thinking it,” she pointed out and he laughed.

Paul had made allowances for Christy not being ready on time and booked their table at the restaurant accordingly. They arrived at almost the exact moment he had forecast. They had a pleasant dinner, exchanging small talk and flirting.

Leaving the restaurant Paul waited until they were in his car before broaching their plans for the evening.

“We can either go to The Grande for a while, and possibly meet up with some others, or we can go and park somewhere I can kiss you without interference.”

“Well, I suppose it won’t hurt to park somewhere for a short while,” said Christy with a giggle, “as long as you understand that only kissing will be allowed.”

“Understood and agreed,” said Paul, driving off.

He took them to a park where there were tall trees along one side. He parked between a couple, effectively hiding them from the road.

“Shall we adjourn to the back seat for a while?” he suggested, unsurprised to find Christy agreeing.

“You know, I was going to suggest that you bring your cheer-leader outfit with you. I was thinking you could change into it and I could make love to a cheer-leader,” he said.

“Oh, yes? And what made you change your mind?”

“When you get right down to it I didn’t want to make love to a uniform or to a girl who was wearing a uniform. I wanted to make love to you and I want you naked when I do it.”

“I said kissing only,” Christy protested.

“I know. I heard you and I agreed,” said Paul with a smile. “But I thought it only fair to warn you of my future intentions which are you naked, watching my cock approaching. Maybe not tonight, but you have been warned.”

Christy blushed but didn’t say anything. She felt a little flushed, heat pooling deep inside her. OK, she’d probably have to use a stick to beat him off sometime in the future but for this evening she was safe. Kissing ataşehir escort only.

OK. Kissing and some petting, but that was through her clothes, not trying to remove them. That she could put up with.

Paul straightened up slightly, smiling down at Christy who was effectively lying down on the back seat.

“Kissing only,” he said in a musing voice. “I assume a little tongue is permitted when I’m kissing your lips?”

“I guess,” said Christy, giggling.

“Hey, what are you doing?” were her next words.

Paul had lifted up her dress and his face was buried against her panties. No, it wasn’t. He’d hooked her panties to one side. He was kissing her mound. He couldn’t do that.

“Kissing your lips, as agreed,” he told her. “If you’ll excuse me I’m about to add a little tongue, as agreed.”

With that his head was between her legs again, his mouth on her mound. She could feel his teeth scraping lightly against her lips and his tongue, oh god, his tongue. It had slipped between her lips and was touching her internally. She tried to twist away but he was holding her in place. She clutched at his hair, pulling it, trying to pull him away, but afraid to pull to hard in case she hurt him. She gave a startled scream when his tongue found what appeared to be a very sensitive spot.

“Stop that,” she wailed, starting to feel a little desperate.

“Can I kiss your breasts instead?” he asked.

“Yes. Just stop what you’re doing.”

She was breathing hard, watching as he undid her blouse. What had she just agreed to? Didn’t matter. She’d had no choice.

Paul parted her blouse and a hand slipped behind her to undo her bra. Pushing it out of the way he gently stroked her breasts. Finding her nipples responsive to his touch he bent down and suckled on one. Christy was breathing hard and moving restlessly. She became even more restless when a hand slipped inside her panties, pushing them down a little so that Paul had free access, something he was quick to take advantage of, rubbing and squeezing her mound.

“Enough,” she shouted, trying hard to pull away from him, relieved to find him letting her.

She glanced down at herself. Her blouse gaped open and her bra was pushed up and off her breasts, leaving the fully exposed. Her dress was rucked up around her waist and her panties were halfway down to her knees. She might as well be naked and she said so.

“God, I might as well be naked with what I’m showing. How could you do this?”

“Um, quite happily,” Paul told her. He took her hand and pressed it against himself and her eyes went a little wider to find herself holding a hot, hard, erection.

“Damn you,” she said, snatching her hand away. “I said kissing only and you agreed.”

“Well, yes, but you didn’t think I meant it, did you?”

“Silly of me, but yes.”

“Very silly of you,” agreed Paul. “Now you have to decide what to do.”

“Straighten my clothes and have you drive me home, of course,” she told him firmly.

“No ‘of course’ about it,” Paul said. “You could always finish taking off your clothes so you’re naked. Alternatively, you could let me finish taking off your clothes so you’re naked. Both options are far better than you putting your clothes back on. You can always do that afterwards.”

“Ha! If I did that you’d be climbing all over me, trying to fuck me.”

“Oh, yes,” agreed Paul with great sincerity. “That you can count on.”

To demonstrate his earnestness he brought her hand into contact with his erection again, trying not to show any triumph when her hand closed over it and continued holding it.

“You do realise that I’m still a virgin,” she muttered, surprising him. He hadn’t realised any such thing. She must have seen his surprise and glared at him.

“Effectively,” she snapped, looking as though she wanted to cry.

“Care to explain?” he asked. “I’m quite willing to listen.”

She looked away from him. He hooked a hand behind her neck, rubbing it soothingly. He didn’t try to grab anything she didn’t want touched at that moment. He did notice that she was still holding his erection.

“You know Bobby, from school?” she asked. At his nod she continued. “He tried to jump me once. He didn’t get to actually rape me but he did hurt me down there. I was bleeding.”

“I suspect he broke your hymen,” he told her, “but if he didn’t get far that would be all and you may consider yourself virgin in truth,” he assured her. “To make it up to you I’ll arrange for him to break something. Probably his nose.”

“Don’t bother,” she grumped, and he laughed. “It’ll be no bother, I assure you. Where Bobby is concerned it will be a distinct pleasure.”

She didn’t try to dissuade him, just dropping the subject, not looking at him.

“Back to what we were discussing,” he said. “I believe we were trying to decide which one of us would undress you.”

“No, we weren’t. We were discussing whether you were going to let me tidy up my clothes,” she retorted.

“But of course I’ll let you,” he ümraniye escort said. “It’s just a case of when. I just think it would be a lot easier if they were removed first and then put on properly instead of trying to get them unbunched while you’re wearing them.”

His hand wandered over and started running over her mound again.

“Just take your time and consider my suggestion,” he told her. “I’m quite willing to help you get them off.”

“I’ll bet,” she muttered, but she didn’t try to stop him from stroking her. There again, he guessed that seeing what she was holding it wouldn’t have felt right for her to complain.

“Alright, alright, enough already. Stop going on about it. I’ll take them off but I’m not agreeing to anything else.”

Stop going on about it? He hadn’t been saying anything. Maybe she’d been arguing with herself and transferred the blame to him. Girls did that, he’d found.

He now found the problem with her undressing herself. She had to let go of him to do it. Pity. He’d been enjoying her warm touch. Now that she’d decided she moved along quite smartly. For someone who took half an hour to dress a single minute sufficed to become naked.

While his baser instincts said to jump her and start humping as though it was going out of style he managed to restrain them. Instead he leaned over her and started kissing her. Once she started to respond again he adjusted his position slightly so his erection was pressing against her side. It didn’t take long for her to reach down to push it away. Once she’d accomplished that she just found it easier to hold it so it couldn’t return.

With her now holding his erection, Paul allowed his hands to start wandering. Initially he was stroking her breasts, returning them to the state of excitement they’d reached before the talking. Then his mouth moved down to entertain her breasts, tasting and kissing, his tongue sampling her nipples.

While his mouth was on her breasts his hand was free to go elsewhere, settling on her mons and then gliding further down, stroking her pudenda, fingers slipping between her lips and lightly exploring inside. He kept an eye on her, noting the way her breathing deepened, finally feeling her pushing her mound against his hand, wanting a firmer contact.

He freed his erection from her grasp, moving to kneel between her legs. He pushed them further apart, encouraging her to bend her knees, giving him room. He let his cock settle down onto her tummy, just rubbing it lightly back and forth.

“Don’t worry,” he soothed her. “I’ll just put it in a little. That way you can call stop and I’ll back out. It’ll feel strange at first. Try to think how it actually feels rather than how you fear it will feel.”

A deft touch moved her lips apart, letting him place the head of his cock inside her. Releasing her lips they closed over him, holding his head in place.

“There, you see,” he murmured. “You’ve already captured me. From now on it’s just a bit of gentle rubbing.”

Christy was looking down, nervously regarding how this shaft of his terminated against her pussy. Well, not terminated, she supposed, as it continued on inside her. It seemed to her she could feel it moving, going deeper. Her passage was resisting, but not stopping him. His shaft seemed smaller than she’d initially thought, then it registered that it wasn’t smaller as such, but deeper inside her. She continued watching, feeling unable to do anything else, the creeping menace going deeper, vanishing from her sight as it buried itself within her body.

It wasn’t hurting. It was with a good deal of relief that she came to that conclusion. It might feel strange, totally unfamiliar, but not painful. She was starting to feel a lot easier of mind as she watched him sink his shaft, filling her. Then his groin was pressing against her. She could feel his pubic hairs tickling against her.

She finally shifted her eyes to look directly at him. Paul seemed amused, smiling down at her.

“Not too bad, now was it?” he said. “In a few moments I’ll start moving. There’re two things you need to do when I start. First, consider how it feels. Second, try to move with me. I’ll start off nice and slow for you.”

He waited for a moment longer while Christy found herself contemplating this cock inside her. The longer it was there the more aware she was of it. It seemed to be filling her. Was it getting larger inside her, she wondered? No, they didn’t do that, she was sure. It was just feeling larger because she seemed more aware of it. Why was she so aware of it?

She found out when Paul pulled slowly back and returned, causing funny feelings to ripple through her. She gasped, unsure what to do. He was pushing back in again when she remembered she was supposed to move with him. She gave a little push against the oncoming cock, finding that made it slip into position a little faster, a little easier.

Paul kept moving and Christy tried to move with him. After a few false starts she found herself matching his movements, with those odd feelings growing stronger with each slow thrust.

Satisfied that Christy was able to handle herself Paul slowly picked up the pace. Christy responded nicely but he found himself amused by the sounds of surprised excitement she was making. She’d gone from wary, to surprised, to approving, and was now heading toward excited cooperation.



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