A Not So Sneaky Fuck. FFM Afloat.My wife Sue, her sister Annie and I have been a threesome for some while. We live together in a lovely house near Salcombe in Devon. We are all in our forties. Sue and I work from home, she is an interpreter and I’m a writer. Annie is a part time uni lecturer. We have a great time, in and out of the bedroom and life is good. With two gorgeous and intelligent women how could it not be!This story is about an incredible erotic session we had on our 40 foot sailing yacht in Greece where Annie and I bent the rules a bit…………In keeping with our normal routine we anchor for lunch and a swim in a bay at the top end of the island of Meganisi. Being October the bay is quiet so we skinny dip, splashing each other and shouting like teenies, before climbing back on board to shower on the stern prior to eating. As is our normal routine the shower involves soaping all crevices, just in case we get frisky later!!A bottle or so of Pinot is soon quaffed and Sue, unusually, knocks back a lot getting decidedly squiffy. After a little post-lunch doze we up anchor and set sail for bursa escort Kalamos, our destination for the evening.We have a gentle breeze and the boat is bumbling along at a steady 5 knots (6 mph). I’m at the helm, Sue is lying along the starboard bench, asleep and Annie is sat next to me. Both girls are topless, Sue’s firm tits pointing skywards, gently rising and falling with her nipples erect, caressed by the breeze. Glancing at Annie her nipples are stiff too but, I suspect for a different reason, she is reading a sexy novel and getting decidedly turned on.”Good book, Annie?” I venture.”bloody hell Mark you’re not k**ding! Totally knicker wetting!!””So I can see” I smile looking pointedly looking at the damp patch on her bikini bottoms. “How about reading to me?””Mmm OK.” She says thumbing back a couple of pages. “I love this bit!”With a deep, husky and slightly trembly voice she starts…………………………………………………………………………………..’Now she is naked before me. Down on the grass doggy fashion, her beautiful, firm cheeks in the air, face down with her head bursa escort bayan on her folded blouse and her tits and nipples being grazed by the gently swaying grass. Her cunt, excited by our foreplay, is dribbling fuck juices down her creamy inner thighs, spread apart awaiting my pleasure. My cock is throbbing, rigid and slick with pre-cum and my balls aching as I move forward on my knees until I’m nudging her slick shaven entrance.I move it up and down her slot from clitty to rosebud. stroking, probing, caressing her sex. She groans.”Put it in James. Please now! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt, my arse. Just fuck me. Now!!”She pushes back as I lunge forward. My cock slipping in to her hot, steamy cunt and I groan in sheer ecstacy as her tight fuck hole engulfs me.As my balls hit her clitty and my cock bottoms out she yells out. “Fuck yes!!” And then I begin to pound her. Hard. It’s just sheer a****l lust. She calls out, over and over. “Ooh fuck my slutty cunt! Fuck it hard you fucking bastard. Ooh yes, ooh fucking hell!”My hands are on her hips pulling her back hard until I reach out and grabbing her escort bursa hair with one hand, slip my thumb of the other into her tight arse. She yelps then groans and reaching back starts to frig her clitty.Her body shakes as she nears her orgasm and I feel my cum rising. “Oh shit, oh fuck, oh yes I’m fucking cumming. Fuck don’t stop! Harder, harder!!” She yells out.Her cunt walls pulse around my rigid cock and as we both cum squeeze it tight almost pushing it out. I feel her cum shooting down over it and then the surge of my own orgasm as I shoot my white hot load deep into her.I pull out a little as we both continue to cum allowing our juices to stream out and down our thighs.Finally we’re spent and collapse alongside each other. Looking into each other’s eyes we smile, then giggle, then laugh………..’…………………………………………………I look at Annie. Whilst reading the last bit I’m sure she orgasmed. Her breath is short, her face flushed and her pussy is drenching her bikini. In turn my cock is hard and thrusting against the fabric of my loose swim wear. That was so erotic.”I need a fuck Mark!! Now!!!” She gasps.I glance across at Sue. “The rules?” I ask………………………….Tbc? Copyright protected.Please comment or give a thumbs up if deserved. Then I’ll continue with part 2.



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