a night in pudding~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B leaning in latching onto one of sara’s nipples..licking and sucking it cleanpurrs as i latch on to the other sucking her breasts in to my mouth a lil as i tease and flick my tongue across her nipple~sara~ gasping I grab each of your heads and hold them against me as your both ravage my breasts~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B giggling I slide my hands over her bodypurrs as i suck harder cuping her cute bum in my hands~sara~ panting hard letting out soft little moans my body arching agaisnt bunnymoans a lil as i feel sara arching a lil~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B slipping my fingers between sara’s thighs I press in between her slit and find her clit rubbing on it gentlywhispers on her breast whos are sexy lil sara squeezeing her bum a lil more~sara~ gasping at the endearment and blushing…whispering softly… I .. am..~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B giggling softly I tease and pinch sara’s clit sucking harder on her nipplewhispers mmm yes teddy get her nice and worked up sucking harder at her breast~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B purring against her nipple I work my fingers a little faster~sara~ moaning and whimpering my hips rock into phoes hand my back pressing into bunnygrins and massages saras bum a lil harder as i work my way to the same breast my teddy is working on working my tonuge in her mouth and haveing a bttle wit teddys over saras nipple~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B moaning I slip my tongue over yours as we tease sara’s nipple together…I slow down on her clit when I feel her start to tense up~sara~ panting hard watching you both tease at my nipple .. phoes fingers teasing me nearly to orgasmslideing one hand down my naughty teddys back and between her cheeks pushing my finger right in to her bums nice hole and whispering as i kiss harder see sara teddy loves it~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B moaning and arching into your finger … mmm oh yes I do… I love it~sara~ chewing on my lips I roll my hips back against bunny…closing my eyes relaxing and trusting in you both(well looks like Lady won’t be around to ghost herself.. but might be able to have hubby hit her if he is strong enoughtwisting my finger a lil and giggleing slightly you know baby if you go get a nice rubber toy i can do your butt as i take good care of are lil sara sucking your tongue and saras nipple~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B grinning I slide away just enough grab the back behind me and pull out the toy you are talking about.. holding it up in front of sara’s mouth … mmm will you get this nice and wet for me sara?~sara~ gasping softly nodding I open my mouth and take the dildo in sucking on itslideing a second finger in to my teddys cute bum and rocking them slowly as i carress my finger tip agianst saras whispering mmm i thinki its about time~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B gasping I purr as I watch sara get the dildo nice and wet for my bum..~sara~ moaning my body shudders as I nod to bunnyslowly pulling my fingers from tedddys bum and puting them near saras mouth whispering to teddy might wanna get something for you two to lean against~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B whimpering when you pull your fingers from me I look around and spot the outdoor foot rest and pull it over pushing it against the edge of the little pool so sara can lean against it…~sara~ pulling the dildo from my mouth I turn and take bunny’s fingers into my mouth sucking and licking them clean before leaning over the foot restleaning forward i kiss her cheeks before licking through them to get the pudding out and teaseing the tip of my tongue very slowly in to her bum makeing sure its nice and clean to spiting a lil in to it~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B grinning as I watch I take the dildo from sara and slide my tongue up and down its length… mmm so pretty baby~sara~ gasping I bury my face agaisnt the foot rest and press lightly back agianst bunny’s tonguecontuneing my assault as i work more and more of my tongue in pooling more of my saliva in her tight hole to get it nice and wet before pulling away and bring my self close teaseing the head agianst her hole as i look at teddy and grin mmm now get that jiggly butt i love so much in the air~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B giggling I turn around with my bottom facing you and do as you ask.. sticking my hand out behind me handing you the dildo~sara~ turning to watch phoe I blush when I see the position she gets into …useing my free hand i pull sara’s cheeks apart a lil seeing the head pushing agianst her hole i let out a soft groan as i tease the dildo between your cheeks an agianst your hole as well~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B moaning softly.. pushing back against the dildo.. mmm give it to me baby~sara~ gasping softly as I feel the cock sliding against my hole.. trying to stay relaxed for bunnygrins and pushes the full length steadly in to my teddy so sara can see her face as i teaase the very very tip of it in to her hole~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B my eyes close and I let out a loud groan of pleasure as you fill me up… ooooooo god… yea baby….~sara~ chewing on my lip watching phoes face seeing the pure bliss wash over her.. I slowly push back against bunny’s teasing cockteaseing at that sweet sensative spot just above her bum but below her back as i arch a lil more in a inch of the dildo now resting in her as i start to rock the dildo in and out of my teddy in a nice slow pace~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B moaning softly I rock back and forth matching your rythm~sara~ closing my eyes biting my lip letting out soft moans as bunny teases and presses into my tight bumleaning forward i bite sara’s back softly as i push inches in leting the inchs rest in her so she can adjust picking up the pace with my teddy a lil and muttering on saras back keep watchin teddy so we can deside how fast you want it when your ready~sara~ whimpering and nodding I watch teddy in her bliss, my fingers digging into the edges of the foot canlı bahis rest~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B moaning louder as I rock back and forth… oh yea.. mmm baby… more.. give me morestarting to rock it even faster loveing your dirty talk as i bite down on saras back to keep her still and push the full length the rest of the way in filling her bum to the brim~sara~ gasping and moaning as bunny stretches and fills me up….. ooohhh … gripping the foot rest hard as I tense up for a moment from the intrusion..~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B watching you press into sara has my body shuddering nearly letting go right then… reaching over between sara’s legs I find her sweet pussy and gently tease at her clit.. bringing her more pleasure as she gets used to the cockhannah s contunein to work the dildo a lil faster in to my teddys bum watching her cheeks jiggle as i ram my hand agianst them each time jaring my hips just slightly to shift the dildo thats buried all the way in saras cute lil bum~sara~ moaning in pure bliss, Phoes teasing fingers and Bunny’s strapless cock driving me crazy in a good way~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B my body tenses my walls clamping around the dildo leaving me crying out for more… Oh …god yes baby.. make me cum.. I am right therecontunes to rock the dildo even harder in to my sweet teddys bum as i mutter tell me when to move sara~sara~ moaning pressing back into bunny..nodding I whisper softly…. now.. move now please….~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B screaming out my release my body rocks and shudders my orgasm ripping through my bodycontunes to tease my teddy with the dildo as i start to slowly thrust my hips in to sara~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B moaning and whimpering writhing back and forth against the dildo…. oh god yes. baby.. make me cum againgiggles a lil at my teddy contuneing to pound the dildo in to her as i work my pace up even more in to are lil sara~sara~ gripping the foot rest hard whimpering and moaning getting turned on even more by Phoe as bunny works the cock in my tight bum(huggles back… my brain is working in slow motion.. so am not at my responsesbiteing down on sara’s shoulder and moans on it as i work even faster in to her feeling my hips slap agianst her cheeks with each thrust~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B shuddering I cry out as another orgasm washes over me and I begin to collapse onto the ground, my fingers still teasing at sara’s clit~sara~ moaning and whimpering my body tightening up from the sheer pleasure of my ass getting drilled and my clit being pinched… Oh ..GOD… don’t stop…bites down on her shoulder as i contune to rock even harder in to her and slide my hands around her cuping her small lil breasts letign the dildo rest in teddys bum~sara~ crying our bunny’s name my walls clamping around the cock phoes pinching fingers and bunny biting into my shoulder setting me off into a wild and intense orgasmpurrs and mutterse mmm yes thats are lil sara rocking my hips a lil more to tease her~sara~ whimpering and shuddering agaisnt bunny , reaching down grabbing phoes hand to stop her fingers from teasing me…~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B giggling when sara grabs my hand knowing how she feels…sighing happily watching you with her in her blisssucking up to her ear whispering dos sara like the cock in her lil bum jaring right up int o her~sara~ crying out and moaning . whispering ….mmm yes bunny.. very muchsucking a lil harder and purring are you glad i toook you winking at teddy as i ask~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B giggling softly looking from you down to my hand where sara still has a tight grip on me~sara~ whimpering softly and nodding as I slowly come downwhispering and how sensative is are sara pulling back so just the head rests in her bum~sara~ digging my nails into phoes arm crying out as bunny pulls back… my body overly sensitive …..ooooo god…~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B squealing when sara’s nails dig in… my eyes popping wide open looking up at you… mouthing… OOWWWgasps and giggles a lil sucking on saras ear as i slide my hands down pulling her hand off yours and holding both them as i fill her bum up again nice and tight~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B giggling ….mouthing…thank you…winking at you~sara~ moaning I feel my body shuddering as another wave builds almost immediately….oh…my .. god… bunny…mutters on her ear what is it oo sweet lil sara pulling all the way back again~sara~ letting out a long slow moan…. oh god… it feels… so.. goodgiggles and sucks at her ear whispering to teddy come her and kiss me as i rock all the way back in to sara~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B grinning I sit up and crawl over to you sliding my hand up cupping your cheek kissing you hard and deep..moaning softly in to my teddys mouth as i kiss her back~sara~crying out pressing back into bunny rocking my hips back and forth…~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B nibbling and sucking at your bottom lipwhispering on teddys lips i think sara likes it as i pull back again and let her rock abck and forth on the head~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B giggling softly and nodding before capturing your sexy lips with mine again…rubbing my free hand gently across sara’s back and bottom~sara~ pressing myself up with my hands leaning back rocking harder back and forth against bunny fucking myself on the cockksising and sucking at my teddys tongue and her lips as i rock my hips hard in to sara filling her up again and cuping my teddys breasts moaning~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B moaning softly into your mouth sliding my hand around cupping sara’s cute little breast mimicking your hands on mine~sara~ moaning and whimpering as I rock back harder into you.. my body tensing again hovering on the edge….Oh god.. yes.. i am going to cum againpurring and breakign my kiss with teddy biteing at her neck as i moan squeezeing the knob in me a lil as i get close to pulling back and bahis siteleri raming back in to her~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B grinning I feel your body responding and nuzzle my way down to your creamy breasts cupping one and latching on to one very tight perky nipple sucking and biting gentlygroans out as you bite my nipple rocking a lil harder and faster in to sara ( hmm did we fill it up with are special mango cum (chuckle)(lol of course.. we always make sure to do that…)~sara~ grabbing hold of Phoes arm again squeezing tight as I scream out my body slammed with another orgasm~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B growling when I hear sara let go I attack your breast and nipple sucking and nibbling harderrocking in to her more as i groan and moan from the sensations your nibbleing sending me over the edge as i start to cum hard leaking down my thighs a lil and filling saras lil bum up with load after load of are yummy mango cream~sara~ my body shaking and shuddering with the intensity of my orgasm(sorry on the phone.. give me a few please)hannah s: (tay~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B grinning as I listen to the sweet music of both your orgasms I nibble my way up your neck sliding my hand up into your hair cupping your head kissing along your jaw..(brb)moans and lets out soft lil purrs as you kiss at my jaw~sara~ panting and whimpering leaning back into bunny my body humming with pleasure~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B smiling kissing your jaw just below your ear before whispering… mmmm so did my bunny like fucking our sara’s cute little assgiggles a lil at your question and mutters of course i did and am gonna need your help eating all that mango cream out~sara~ blushing as I listen to your conversation shuddering lightly when bunny talks about eating the mango cream from me~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B grinning when I feel sara shudder… mmmm I would be upset if you didn’t share my lovegiggles and sticks my tongue out oo is that a promise~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B giggling and winking… mmmmm you know it baby~sara~ closing my eyes smiling at your banterbites my lip and giggles and what kiinda punishment am i looking at if i dont share~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B opening my eyes wide biting my lip and thinking…. hmmm maybe I will cut you off.. no sex for a week… giggling I pull back away from you.. could you go that long without me baby?~sara~ giggling softly and shaking my headgasping and giggleing um no wiggles my bum a lil and bites your bottom lip i was hopeing for a gentle spanking~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B giggling kissing you…. mmm baby.. I will give you that anytime you want.. giving your cute ass a soft smack…thrusts forward in to sara as i let a low groan and giggles maybe you should let me pull the dildo from sara first tho we are mixing in the mango this way~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B giggles and leans back.. yes.. I think she needs a break anyway..~sara~ gasping and whimpering when bunny slams into me…pulls back slowly and bends over wiggleing my pudding covered bum at my teddy as i place a small plug in saras bum so that the mango dosent leak out and whisper you should lay down an rest in the pudding sara dear~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B giggling I lean over and give your cute ass a nice long lick ….mmmm yummyshudders a lil and looks back at you~sara~ moaning as bunny pulls out and then replaces the cock with a plug, I slowly roll over and lay back in the pudding~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B grinning and wiggling my eyebrows at youwhispers mmm tilting my head as i wiggle my bum at my teddy~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B chewing on my lip.. looking at your cute ass wiggling then looking down at sara then back up at you… leaning in I whisper.. hmmm maybe I will just feast on your hot ass and let you feast on sara.. and I can just get my share from your sweet lipsgroans and giggles so your telling me you want me to clean her cute mango bum~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B grinning and biting my lip.. mmm yup.. while I clean the pudding from yours.. then we can swap what lingers on our tongues~sara~ blushing as I watch and listen to you bothgiggles and blushes a lil and ill still get my soft lil spankings~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B grinning and wiggling my eyes at you… mmm of course.. I love spanking that hot little ass of yours babywiggles it agiand and pull sara’s legs up over my shoulders and pushes my tongue agianst hte knob for a sec to see how jumpy she is~sara~ gasping sliding down into the pudding.. oh .. god.. mmmmmm~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B giggling I climb behind you and push you down a little into sara so I can lift your bottom up enough that I can spread your cheeks and burying my face and tongue between themgroans as i yank the knob from saras bum and push my tongue right in to her sensative hole~sara~ crying out chewing on my lip.. watching my legs tensing up~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B growling I lick and suck on your tight hole nibbling around the edges as I swallow up the yummy puddingwhispers to sara go ahead and wrap them around me if you need to raming my tongue deeper as i get a nice taste of the pudding and mango mixed up cause she layed down moanign in to her as you tease me~sara~ nodding I wrap my legs around bunnys shoulders hooking my ankles together gripping the side of the little pool panting and moaning~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B scr****g my teeth across your tight hole then shoving my tongue against itgroans pushing back agianst my teddy as i feast harder at sara before i know i can~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B digging my fingers in I pull your cheeks wider~sara~ whimpering and writhing beneath bunnys attentionsmoans a lil and pulls a nice tongue full out and savors it as i push agianst teddy~sara~ moaning grabbing my breasts giving them a nice squeeze as bunny cleans me upgroans as i see sara playing with her breasts whispering teddy i need your tongue in me~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B stabbing my tongue at your tight hole güvenilir bahis grinning when I hear you using my fingers to open it up enough to shove my tongue in deepscreams out a lil as you push your tongue all the way in to my bum~sara~ moaning and whimpering.. oh fuck…. not again…lifting my hips up shoving my ass hard into your mouthtwisting my tongue deep in to saras bum as i reach around and carress her slit so that she pushes the mango cum with her tightenign walls~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B shaking my face as my tongue shoves deeper into your tight hole, vibrations rolling through you as I moan loud savoring your sweet ass~sara~ crying out my whole body locking up as I cum again my clamping down squeezing every drop into your mouth .. my juices gushing from my pussy and dribbling down to mix into the mango as your tongue tortures my holegroans in pleasure as i get my first taste raming my self in to my teddy as i start to get closer slideing a hand down i rub at my clit~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B digging my nails into the soft flesh of your ass cheeks I devour your hole my teeth scr****g as my tongue rams in and out… mmmm cum for me baby..~sara~ my hips buck up and down into your face as bunnys groans of pleasure vibrate through my bumwhimpering in to saras bum as i pinch my clit sending me over the edge cuming hard~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B growling as I feel your hole pucker and squeeze around my tongue…~sara~ panting hard I slip down farther into the pudding whimepringleaveing my tongue in saras hole as i bounce back agiasnt teddys mouth whimpering in pleasure as i cum more~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B purring I start licking at you reaching all the way down to your pussy as your cum leaks out around the knobmoaning more and whispers mmm yes teddy get it all shoveing my tongue in to sara’s soaked folds and sucking hard~sara~ screaming out writhing against bunny’s mouth my nails scrapping across the side of the little pool as I try to hold on~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B sliding down farther so I can burying my face deeper I reach up and pull the knob from your pussy letting out a gush of your sweet nectar for me to drink upscreaming in to sara as you pull the knob out raming back in to your mouth and whimpering a lil~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B growling I shove my face harder sucking and licking at your sweet pussy nibbling on your lipsmoaning and whimpering i let sara go as i cry out and whimper o god yes teddy dont stop~sara~ panting I squirm out of the pool and collapse on the ground~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B growling louder I grab your hips and quickly turn you over putting you in the same positioin sara was just in lifting your hips up wrapping your legs around my shoulders and burying my tongue deep into your pussy licking and sucking at your walls stabbing at your g-spotwatching sara and giggles a lil before you shift me around and i fill the air with a loud groan~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B scr****g my lips and teeth against your clit my tongue dancing in and out of your sweet pussywhimpering and moaning rubing my self up in to your mouth as you bring my closer and closer to another explosive orgasm~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B locking my eyes onto yours I work my hand down around to your bum and gently slide my finger into your tight hole wirking it in and out matching the movements of my tongue on your pussy.. mumbling… mmm oh yeea baby.. cum for me againgasping and shuddering agaisnt you as your finger sends me over the edge wave after wave hiting your mouth~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B moaning letting out a triumphant growl as your sweet cum gushing into my mouth …looking over at sara stirring where she lays I lean back and ask her if she would like to have somegroaning a lil as you ask her slideing my hands in to the pudding and griping the bottom of the pool~sara~ crawling over next to Phoe as she makes room for me.. looking down into bunny’s face before smiling and burying my face in her pussy(brb.. need to restart.. frikin freezing up againscreaming out in surpise and closeing my eyes as i shake and shudder a lilhannah s: ( k~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B grinning licking my lips I crawl around next to you so I can capture your lips in a deep kiss licking and sucking the mango from your tongue~sara~ gripping bunnys hips I shove my tongue deep into her licking her walls cleanmoans in to your mouth as i press my self in to saras face and pull on the bottom of the pool~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B purring I bite and suck on your lips and tongue… mmmmm I love youwhimpering a lil and whispering love you to teddy~sara~ pulling back a little I begin to slowly licking up and through bunny’s slit over and over againshudders and squirms moaning a lil~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B sliding my finger over your breasts making circles in the pudding around your nipples…mmmm is sara doing a good job of cleaning you up baby?nods my head as i arch a lil more in to her and whimper with my eyes closed~sara~ leaning down a little more I find bunny’s tight hole and circle the tight rose bud before slowly licking back up through her folds until reaching her clit giving it a quick flick before letting her goshudders and looks at sara through half closed eyes~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B smiling up at sara.. mmm you did a very good job sarawraps my legs around saras waist and my hands around teddys tummy and giggles am not movein~sara~ giggles and slides my hands up and down bunny’s thighs~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B nuzzling my face into your neck.. mmmm fine with memoans a lil as you both touch me relaxing in to you guys and sighing happily licking my pudding covered fingers~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B smiling licking my own fingers… come lay with us sara~sara~ smiling I slide my body on top of bunnys and lay my head on her shouldergiggles and cuddles my face in to saras cheek since teddy is inmy neck~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B sighing happily.. I could so sleep right here..~sara~ giggles and rubs some pudding across phoes lipstilts my head and kisses teddy licking her lips clean and purring~Phoenix~ aka Wendy B purring flicking my tongue out across your lips



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