A night ill never forget part 1So I was sitting in my car thinking about how im going to pay our rent my girlfriend was between jobs and i wasn’t exactly rolling in money. So i walked into work and asked my boss for an advance he turned me down then i asked a girlfriend of ours she said she had a way for me to get the money and extra so i agreed. She told me to dress sexy and meet her at a dance club, so i went home showered and put of my best black and white lace lingerie a black leather mini, and pink and black tube top i put on dark eyeliner and a light touch of eye shadow i wore my best 4 inch stiletto spike heels since im 6’2 i dont really need heels but they still look sexy, im 26 years old with long black hair and a pretty pale look a 36 dd and 120 pounds im very in shape i looked in the mirror i looked sexy i felt bad i didnt even dress like this for my girlfriend. canlı bahis She was sitting on the couch watch tv like she always does and when i walked infront of her it was like she didn’t even notice she just asked if she should save me some pizza for later. i kissed her bye and told her i would be back in a bit and left.I got to the club and met my friend she looked really good she then leads me to a booth and tells me what we were doing basically we were prostitutes and we were our own pimps as she put it id get to pick the guys or girls and keep all my money at first i wanted to walk out and go home but i stayed thought about my girlfriend and our life then told my friend ok she gave me advice guys pay more than girls and then stuffs a pack of condoms in my bra and sends me to the bar. SO im standing there and im not feeling great but i made up my mind and bahis siteleri this guy walks up we start talking hes 6’3 really well built and black he had a refined feel of coarse he was in his late 30’s and my friend joins us hes 1 of her regulars and soon we are in a booth and im telling him my situation he then offers me a proposal spend the entire night with him and let him use me anyway he wants and he’ll pay my rent and give me money to spend if i let him use me anyway he wants.I agreed thinking it was for the best he puts my hand on his cock and massages it i swear it felt like he had a log in his pants he tells me suck his cock right there i asked if we could find somewhere private then he slaps me and told me im his white slut for the night and im going to do as im told.He forces my head down and shoves his huge 12 inch cock in my mouth at first it was rough güvenilir bahis i gagged then i relaxed getting into a good rythm running my tongue along the length of his big black cock softlt blowing on it after i got it nice and wet i have to admit it got me really wet sucking his big black cock right there for anyone to see i bobbed my head up and down taking him slowly and passionately i really started getting into it and deepthroated him i held his cock all the way in my throat for a minute then let it out thank god i have no gag reflex. As i was sucking his big black cock my girlfriends calling my mobile i let it ring as i was totally hooked on his cock he pulls my head up slaps me harder than before he starts leading me to the bathroom by my hair. As we walk i see my friend smiling and giving me a really devilish look as if she knew what was instore for me.This is going to be a 3 part series and if you’d like to read other pieces of my work i have just finished my 1st complete story from lesbian to bisexual awakening part 1 through 5 and as always critiques are welcome so enjoy ; )



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