A night at the bowling ally I will never forget.Well I had come into contact with an old fling I had when I was much younger, before I was married the first time, but anyways we’ve been talking again and it’s been couple of weeks now and believe me the conversations got more sexual in content every day leading up to tonite. We first started talking about our family’s, our jobs and stuff like that. I changed that pretty quick because I remember how crazy this girl was back in the day, oh yeah I took her vaginity and they say u never forget your first. But anyways we we’re talking one day and out of the blue she says , do you remember the bowling ally time? I said do I, he’ll yeah I remember. Lol she said that was probably the hottest sex she ever had. I said yeah it was pretty hot wasn’t it. That nite us and a few friends were going bowling about 10 to do that galactic bowling where they shut off all the lights except where the pins are. Anyways we started kissing that night down in the bowling circle and remember it’s pretty dark and she whispers in my ear, I’m so wet and I want you to fuck me right now. Now as she telling me this my dick is getting rock hard and she’s unbuttons and unzips tuzla escort my pants and pulls my dick out and begins to stroke it. I’m looking around making sure no one can see us and when I seen the coast was clear I raised her little sundress she was wearing and pulled her underwear to the side and began rubbing her pussy. This goes on for prob 5 mins and I whispered in her ear, babe your getting fucked at this bowling ally I hope your ok with that, she let out a big gasp of air and said I can’t wait to feel you inside me again and I’m on the pill now so this time you can cum inside me. I got so damn hard and ready to fuck her I grabbed her by the waist and sat her right on my lap. She knew what was going on and reached between her legs grabbed my cock and guided it in that tight pussy. She had lined it up and began sliding down my shaft and I could feel her juices running down my cock till she had it all the way inside her. I’m nervous about someone seeing us and just about that time my buddy jason comes over and said you guys bowling the next game? I said naw my ankle hurting and I winked at him. He leaned over and said, dude are u fucking right now, I gave him a wink and smiled and he says to tuzla escort bayan her, you lil slut and laughed. Well I really wasn’t able to fuck her the way I wanted so I pick her up my cock still up inside her and carry her outside. Soon as we get outside she starts going up and down on my shaft and I’m trying to fig out were I’m fucking her at and made it to the side of the bowling ally and put her against the wall and started giving it to her. She cums first and when she cums it’s so exciting that I tell her I’m fixing to cum girl you better fuck good right now and she did. She knew I liked it when she would fuck the entire length of my shaft and she did. I pulled her tight against me and said here it comes baby and she was in perfect stride with me and when she felt me cumming she shoved it all the way inside and her pussy tightens up because she was cumming again which made it feel better yet. I was literally wore out from holding her the whole time and she said leave it in me babe, so I did and I spun here around very slowly laid her in the grass with me on top of her. She looks me in the eye and said I love you and I hope that we can be together forever, I said that would be nice. My escort tuzla dick finally went limp and I went to the truck to grab a shirt so we could half ass get cleaned up. She went in the bathroom as I went to tell my boys I was taken her home and jay asked me, dude that girl is hot as fuck when did you get with her. I said couple of weeks but don’t know how long it’s gonna last. I mean I like her a lot but I don’t know. Jays girl at the time is a hoe and comes over with jealousy in her voice and says, that girl u brought won’t ever fuck u like I will if u give a chance. I laughed and said I guess we won’t ever know now will we. Lol we left the bowling ally that night and took her home. I really like her and she was hot like my boy said but with me I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get back into a relationship again. When she gets out of the truck she walks over to my side and I spin around and asked , am I doing ok sex wise and does it feel good for u like it does for me. I said yes babe the sex is great and it was only 4th time but still great babe. She smiled and say I owe you one more and unzipped my pants and got me off one more time. And just to let you know I have a few more of these story’s which are all true and I try to get as detailed as possible so comment please and let me know what u think because I’m new at this and love sharing some of the greatest moments of my life with you guys. Thank you



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