God it hurt, that deep, pulsating throbbing that reminded me how much I’d drunk the night before, looking around the remains of my bedroom I thought, again, never again. Wandering downstairs I saw the post had arrived, bills, junk and a small brown package.

Okay, try to kick brain into gear, kettle, mug, teabag, right, hows the world today, open blind, wince, close blind, the world can wait. Settle into sofa and open mail, file the majority under “bin” and open package. Oh yeah, I remember now, I ordered a larger ring for my PA, slight twitch of cock as I remembered the pleasure of getting the last ring in.

Now then, I’ve got that horny hungover feeling that you can’t really explain, you know the one, a fuck sounds really good until you’ve cum, then the brain thuds double time after. Can’t shake the feeling, half hard I walk around collecting the debris from the night before, nope, it can’t wait, I run a bath and retire for a long soak.

After 20 minutes or so, I take out the old ring, apply a little Vaseline, and slowly push the new one in, stings a bit, but then……….ooooh, its in, the feeling is intense, my cock throbs to life and twitches at full hardness. I’m out of the bath and admiring my new addition in the mirror. Hey, looking good I think to myself, wonder who’ll be the first to feel it?

Wandering back downstairs, I pull out the mobile, a few texts wouldn’t hurt to try to organise a drink or 5 tonight!

Success, an old friend who I’ve had many a good evening with, slept with, but never fucked is game for a bender.

Twenty six year old Spanish girl, with a body to die for, good for my forty-year-old mind. Happens to be my ex’s best friend as well so always thought about it, but never got round to it.

Later that day, still horny, we meet up for a drink, I know, experience has illegal bahis told me, hair of the dog doesn’t always work but what the hell, I’m sitting with S in a bar talking about this that and the other, 8 hours later, we stagger back to my house to carry on drinking.

Thirty minutes later we are so shitfaced its time for bed.

Being the gentleman I am, I offer S my bed, she is so drunk I do the decent and undress here down to her thong, getting a very unfocused look at here 36 c’s, and put the quilt over her, a few seconds later, she hands me her thong.

“Aren’t you climbing in?”

Who am I to argue, we’ve slept together a load of times in the past, and never done more than cuddle and fall asleep. I managed to get undressed, with a lot of falling about, and climbed in behind her.

Cuddling like spoons, my cock resting limply by the crack of her cheeks, I start to try to stop the room spinning around, with limited success. All of a sudden, I feel her arse thrusting backwards with a little wiggle, that sought of caught my attention, was it deliberate or was she asleep?

It happens again, this time, firmer. Now I’m awake and my cock is beginning to rise to the challenge, I reach my hand up an inch or two and cup her breast, god, her nipple was like a small cock it was so stiff, stroking her nipple between two fingers, and feeling the head of my now stiff cock reach her pussy lips, I feel in heaven. It’s been 7 years since I fancied her and now its coming true.

The continued thrusting backwards of her ass is moving my cock further up into her pussy, I can now feel her wetness coating the head, and the heat permeating downwards, her lips are either side of my head now and her juices are flowing down her thighs making the juncture feel like one large pussy, arching my back slightly, I thrust illegal bahis siteleri forward tenderly, aah, that’s it, I feel my helmet pass her lips and into the first part of her pussy, god its so warm. She groans with encouragement and pushes back harder, she groans again, murmurs

“ I can feel your ring, its in my cunt, god, yes, its hitting the right spot” I start fucking her now, slowly, withdrawing all the way out and slowly pushing back in, each time she groans as my PA rubs her G-spot. All of a sudden she stops me,

“I want to take control, I’ve wanted to be fucked with a piercing since I saw yours when you had it done, let me decide how I want it” at that, she pushes me half way in, and grips my cock tightly with her pussy muscles, and rubs back and fore ever so slightly, moving the ball on my ring over and over her G-spot.

I feel her muscles contracting around my cock as if I’m being milked, god this is good. She pulls away from me, flips me on my back and straddles me, slides her sopping wet pussy the length of my torso and straddles my face. “

Eat my cunt, T always said you were a good pussy eater” so that’s what they talk about down the pub! Who am I to argue with a challenge like that, I thrust my tongue deep into her shaven pussy, tasting my own pre cum, and drinking down her juices. Flattening my tongue out, I lick slowly from above her clit, past her lips and back to her tight puckered asshole, stiffening my tongue; I probe her ass gently before returning back to some serious clitty lashing.

Tracing the alphabet with the tip of my tongue on her clit, I can feel her hips twitching, rubbing her nubbin over my tongue, at this point, I slowly push my tongue as far inside her as I can, whilst using the tip of my nose on her clit, rubbing it up and down as gently as I can. I can canlı bahis siteleri feel her impending orgasm building, I reach behind her and slide my finger into her ass.

That does it, she’s cumming, her juices are running out of her faster than I can swallow, running down the side of my face and onto the bed beneath. She’s coming down from her almighty cum, twitching every time I lick her clit, sharp but nice, moaning quietly to herself.

Back down my body she draws that heavenly pussy, gently licking her cum off my face and kissing me softly.

“Don’t move”, that’s the last thing on my mind, I’m enjoying this too much, she manages to get the ball on my ring onto her clit and starts wanking herself off with the head of my cock, this is good I think to myself, I can feel her pussy lips either side of me, and this feels like the best wank ever to me, perfect position.

I grip her nipples with my lips and suck them into my mouth feeling them get harder each time. Her pace picks up, faster and faster she slides up and down my cock when she arches her back and engulfs me deep into her into her sweet pussy, that does it for me, I feel my cum rushing up my cock and explode deep into her pussy as I feel her grip me with the tightness of her second cum, we come down from our highs slowly, her twitching muscles seem unwilling to leave go of my softening cock and before I get too soft, she sits up, turns over into spoons again and puts me back in.

In this position we fell asleep, the dawn chorus long over with sunlight streaming in over our sated bodies.

I wake first, my cock still trapped between her cheeks of her ass, dried cum everywhere and the smell of sex through the room, I feel her stir, she turns round, I kiss her gently whilst teasing her nipple.

“We shouldn’t have done that” she says,

“I know” I reply, “what will T say?”

“She’ll never know”. I told T last week, didn’t go down too well, until S turned up in the pub to meet us and we went back to my house, both of them vowing revenge on me, but that’s another story……



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