I visited Switzerland just after my 20th birthday. I had taken several mature men’s cocks in my mouth and ass but what I was going to experience in Nyon never crossed my mind.

I was seated at my table at a café eating breakfast on a beautiful morning. I noticed the guy that sat at a table across me looking at me over the newspaper he was reading and smiling at me. I smiled back and waved at him.

Jon was in his late sixties with silver hair and beard and tall and of big build. He got up from his table walked up to me. My heart started to pick up pace. Was he trying to pick me up? I wouldn’t mind at all if he did.

“Good morning. I’m Jon, may I sit with you?” he asked.

“Hi Jon.” I said. “Of course you may. I’m Carl.”

Jon and his partner had lived in this town for over 30 years. They owned a bed and breakfast chalet. We talked about our travels, the town etc.

“Come and visit us at our home this afternoon.” Jon invited me. “If you like the room you’re welcome to stay with us but it’ll cost you.” He laughed.

I went to Jon’s place that afternoon. It was a beautiful chalet with an even beautiful view. He partner Ruth was a podgy but pretty lady with big boobs. She was in her mid sixties.

We sat at the kitchen table chatting drinking fine wine and kirsch and eating fondue and cheese. Jon kept topping up my glass and we were all getting a little drunk.

The conversation changed to sex, our sexual preferences, and dirty jokes. Jon kept laughing and touching my knee then slowly feeling my thigh each time going a little higher than before. Ruth didn’t seem to mind. “He wants to fuck me”, I thought.

“Let’s show him the room Jon.” Ruth said. Ruth led the way, I followed her and Jon walked behind me.

The room was very nice and had a large window with great view. Ruth said that Jon and her had created many wonderful memories in this room.

“Yes we have.” Jon said and winked at me. He walked canlı bahis şirketleri up to me put his big arms around me and tried to kiss me. Shit he’s fucking drunk. I tried to push him away.

“It’s OK you little slut.” Ruth said. “I saw you enjoying his hand feeling your thigh.”

I was spit roasted by three men in the same room, and fucked in the sling room and sauna at gay club while other men watch or joined in. But I’ve need been fucked by a man in front of his female partner – that’s not until now.

“We want to create another nice memory in this room with you.” Jon said as he put his hands on my bubble butt cheeks squeezing them and pulling me to him. “

“And I know you like it. I saw it in your eyes this morning at the café and the way you parted your legs when my hand was on your thigh and the way you laughed at the dirty jokes.” He said.

My cock was so hard by this time and my boy hole was lusting for his cock.

“I’m yours. Use me as you wish,” I said as I gave in into Jon’s embrace and kissing.

Ruth came up from behind and hugged me pressing her big boobs into me. She removed my polo shirt and commanded me to take off my jeans and briefs.

“Mmmm nice ass” she said giving it a spank. “Get up on the end of bed – on you hand and knees” she ordered. I obeyed lifting my ass high up in the air.

Jon had taken his clothes off. He had a nice hard cock about 7 ½ inches and thick. He got on to the bed on his back and asked me to suck his cock. Yummy!

Spank! Spank! Ruth had taken out a paddle and spanked my ass. “You deserve to be spanked you naughty little slut.” “Spank the bitch,” Jon growled as he put his hands behind my head pushed his cock deep into my mouth.

Ruth kept spanking me calling me a cocksucker and asking me if I like the taste of her partner’s cock and pre cum.

I felt her tongue lick my shaved hole and penetrating it. “Oh fuck your boy pussy tastes canlı kaçak iddaa good” she said and went back to rimming me.

I couldn’t say a word because Jon’s cock was sliding in and out of my mouth his hands holding the back of my head.

Ruth spat into my hole and inserted her finger into me, then another and another and finger fucked me. Oh shit I nearly came all over.

“Have you ever been fucked in your ass by a woman boy?” Jon released his grip on my head so that I could respond. “No I have not and…” “Shut the fuck up boy and suck his cock.”

I heard her open a drawer and take something out while she continued to call me a cock hungry slut and bitch and that she was going to be the first woman to own my ass.

She came back to me and lubed my boy hole inserting her fingers in me. “Are you read to take cock from a woman you cunt?” she asked me. Oh fuck she had a strapon and was going to use it. Spank! Spank! My ass cheeks smarted with that.

I felt her strapon enter me with force as she drove into my ass. She put her arms around my waist and pounded me like there was no tomorrow.

I have never been fuck by a woman with a stropon before but oh fuck it felt so good.

Jon fucked my mouth gaging me several times all the while his hands holding my head so that he was in control.

Ruth continued to call me dirty names while she used my ass and Jon asked my how I felt having a woman’s cock in me.”

“I’m cumming” Jon moaned. “Yes cum in the boys mouth make him swallow your cum.” Ruth panted as she fucked my ass.

Jon shouted something in French and exploded in my mouth. I felt his cum hit the back of my throat and slide down. He kept fucking my mouth filling it with his cum.

“Swallow it boy,” he ordered me. I obeyed with pleasure.

“Fuck the boys mouth with your pussy, ride his face while I breed him.” said Jon.

Ruth took Jon position on the bed and spread canlı kaçak bahis her legs. She had shaved pubes. She beckoned me with her finger. “Lick my pussy boy.” Jon pushed my head into her crotch holding it there for a few seconds.

I licked her pussy lips and put my tongue into her cunt pushing it in and out. I swear I tasted Jon’s cum in her. I should know what it tasted like.

Ruth locked her thighs around my face. She was in control.

Jon stood behind me spanking my bottom with his cock and hands. “I’m going to breed you bitch.” He pushed two of his fingers into me.

I felt his cock rubbing against my boy hole. “Fuck the little bitch boy breed him.” Ruth laughed. “He likes being fucked by a man cock also.”

With that Jon drove his thick cock into my waiting hole – with one thrust right in up to his balls. I tried to scream in pain but I couldn’t because Ruth’s thighs were still locked around my face.

I was in slut heaven with Ruth fucking my face and Jon my boy pussy.

I lapped up Ruth’s cunt juices. She tasted good. Both their sex juices tasted so good.

Without warning Jon came in my boy hole thrusting harder and harder as he emptied himself in my ass. I felt my ass filling up with his hot cum.

I squeezed his cock with my boy pussy taking every last drop of his cum in me. When he pulled out of me I felt his cock juice ooze out of my ass hole dripping on my thighs.

“Now lay on you back.” Ruth ordered me. I did. She mounted my face and rubbed her pussy on my mouth and face smothering me. I felt Jon’s lips engulf my cock. He sucked my cock while she rubbed her pussy on me.

I exploded in his mouth I couldn’t hold back. We stood kissing each other deeply tasting cock and cunt juices, hands groping feeling squeezing, and spanking.

“You like?” Ruth asked me smiling. “Fuck yes I love it especially your woman cock in me.” I laughed. “Good boy” she said.

“Stay with us and we’ll show you more.” Jon said squeezing my bum check. “It’ll cost you your ass, mouth, cock, body that we’ll use for our pleasure.” he said.

So I did and paid for my stay by being their sex toy. Fuck I loved it and been back several times.



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