Big Dick

To look at me or know me socially, one would never guess what an exceptional lover I can be. I am the “big brother” to most women whom would never consider a night of sexual playtime with me. One such friend decided to be different one night and this is that story.

Stacey and I had been close friends for years and often shared personal stories with one another. After many failed relationships with men over those years, she decided to experiment with a woman. Ultimately she has now become gay and has sworn off all men.

We met up one night at our local hangout and began discussing my latest hook up and how much she was enjoying me. Her curiosity got the best of her and she wanted to know the details of what made me think I was so good. She asked If I had a huge cock or If I had hours of stamina. My reply to both was a simple “no”. She pushed further until I admitted it is all in the foreplay. It’s what you do before hand that makes you transform yourself from a good lover to a great one.

After a few drinks, I think her pondering got the best of her and she asked me if I would perform my tactics on her and let her be the judge. She said we would not actually fuck unless illegal bahis I was all what I had claimed to be. I had wanted her for years and jumped at the chance. We drove to her apartment, and I had told her that we were going to do this my way. She agreed and asked me what I wanted to do to start. I told her to undress and lie on her belly on the bed and just enjoy herself.

After we both undressed, she lied down as instructed and I went over to her beautiful naked body. I started by caressing her shoulders and gently kissing her ears and neck. She giggled lightly as it tickled her for me to kiss her earlobes. I began light kisses with lighter tongue flicks slowly left and right and down her back until reaching her ass. I kissed and licked each cheek all over, and then running my tongue ever so slowly up and down the crack of her ass being very careful not to part her cheeks exposing her asshole. I continued down one leg pausing and paying close attention to that soft spot behind the knee. Licking that spot started to get a rise out of her as she gasped lightly. Working my way down the back of her calf I came to her foot which I rubbed as I sucked on her ankle and heel.

After illegal bahis siteleri repeating myself in reverse, coming up the other leg, I reached that beautiful ass once again. I lifted her ass high in the air up on her knees and could see her wetness from almost 2 feet away. I had completed stage one successfully by getting her nice and hot. It was time for stage two. Most women have never experienced what I was about to do, and when they do for the first time, they usually cum right away. This was going to be the case here.

I started massaging her clit with my thumb and kissing her ass cheeks at the same time. Stacey responded by moaning and whispering to me that I was indeed pretty good. I told her she hadn’t seen anything yet. The kisses to her ass turned to licking. Without warning I placed my tongue right on her tiny pink asshole and began licking up then down the entire length of her ass crack. She gasped and whispered my name in total ecstasy. I inserted my thumb into her pussy and worked it slowly in and out as I licked her ass. In one thrust I buried my tongue into her anus as deep as I could while working her pussy with my thumb.

After about canlı bahis siteleri 20 minutes of this I instructed her to roll over onto her back. Instantly I pushed her legs back and began making total love to her pussy and asshole using only my tongue and my nose…that’s what I said, my nose, my secret weapon.

As I slide up and down her crack, I make sure the tip of my nose grazes the clit while my tongue is in her asshole. She reached down and grabbed my head and began rocking her hips back and forth rubbing her hot wetness all over my face. I kept licking and plunging her holes with my tongue and asked her if she was ready to cum now.

I put my index finger into her pussy and curled it up like you do when motioning someone to come closer, while licking her asshole furiously. The fingering motion was stimulating the G-spot and I felt her starting to cum. She arched her back and yelled out loudly pronouncing her orgasms beginning and I cupped her clit in my mouth, sucking and licking it. She bucked and bucked up and down as I held on to both of her thighs and kept on sucking until her explosion was over. I lapped up the rest of her wetness, swallowing every drop.

Stacey has invited me many times to join her and her lover after that night. She let me fuck her by the way and it was great for me too. I just get off by licking a woman’s body, and I must be pretty good at it if a lesbian couple invites me for fun.



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