Pissing in Claire’s mouth was so much fun. It was like living a filthy little dream. The whole night was amazing, including Claire herself. I was going to have to savor the memory, because it was never going to happen again. (Read My Sweet Clairette for the full story.)

If there was any solace that I could take from things, it was that even though Claire was out of the picture, there was another woman from the dating line that I spoke to about drinking piss. I’d actually spoken to her about a week before I met Claire. Suddenly I was anointed with abundance.

This woman was in her late thirties, she was originally from Brunei and I think the only person that I’ve ever met to come from there. The conversation points that I remember were that she spent some time as a support worker on an offshore oil rig and that some of the men on the rig would fuck her. She said she didn’t mind fucking them, but that they weren’t very nice to her.

Noting her ongoing acquiescence in the face of objectionable treatment I thought I would ask her how she would like it if pissed in her mouth while she sucked my cock?

She laughed and said I was very cruel, which I thought was a corny way to describe it.

She was coy about her willingness, but I promised her that if she sucked my cock that I would piss in her mouth and that I would expect her to swallow. She couldn’t have been too adverse to the idea, because she still gave me her number.

Since my hook-up with Claire, my thoughts were still very much fixating on her. All through the Christmas holidays and even after getting back to hear the concluding voice mail she left, I was spending a lot of free time thinking about her.

A few weeks after getting back from the Christmas break, I ended up going out for drinks with a bunch of people from work. Near the end of the night a few of us ended up going to a strip bar. Some of the guys ended up getting lap dances, but I had another idea. Thinking of Claire, I decided to drunk dial the next best thing. From a pay phone in the back of the bar I called the woman from Brunei (I can’t remember her name). When she picked up I told her I wanted to come over and piss in her mouth.

She laughed like it was a joke and gave me her address. She even asked how long it would take me to get her place.

When I got there and saw her I was really kind of questioning if I should go through with it. She answered the door in this dowdy nighty and even with my beer goggles on she really didn’t seem even slightly attractive to me. These last minute second thoughts though were really no match for the momentum that existed. Between my extreme drunkenness, the rarity of the opportunity and especially istanbul escort because I badly needed to piss, I pulled my cock out right there in the doorway. With Claire’s words, “A mouth is a mouth,” ringing in my ears I told the woman, “Quick, suck my cock. I’m gonna piss.” Happily enough she dropped to her knees and I splashed her face with piss before she had time to take my cock in her mouth.

At first she made a good effort to drink some of my piss, but the more I kept driving my cock to the back her throat the more she was choking and drooling everything out. Not that it feels bad to just come or piss in someone’s mouth, but I think swallowing shows a cock sucker’s real depth of devotion and enjoyment. So the fact that she wasn’t swallowing all that much of my piss had a dampening effect, not just on her nighty and carpet, but most importantly of the fullness of my enjoyment.

As long as I had my cock in her mouth I couldn’t resist cramming it down her throat and making her choke on it. As much as I liked fucking her mouth though, I really wanted to see her drink my piss. She seemed compliant enough, so I took a break and told her to get a glass. I suspected that if I let her drink at her own pace, without my cock plunging in and out of her mouth, that she might be able manage a satisfying piss drinking demonstration.

She asked if I would fuck her after and recognizing an opportunity to employ it as an incentive I told her I would if she drank the full glass of piss. She tried, but disappointingly she kept letting too much dribble out. Since she couldn’t drink it, I told her she’d have to try again later.

After that she brought me a beer and I took off my clothes. I sat on the couch watching TV and smoking while she continued to suck and play with my cock and balls. If there’s one thing I miss about smoking, having quit long ago, was what a turn on it was to sit back with a cigarette and enjoy having my cock sucked. So often a blow job is just a component of a broader sexual experience, but sitting back on a big chair or a couch with a girl between your legs sucking your cock and balls while puffing on a butt really seems to set a blow job apart. It’s pure cock service without the rush.

I pissed in her mouth a couple more times that night and she took more convincing each time. The last time she was really resisting, so I just started pissing on her while she sat on her couch until she took my cock in her mouth to save her furniture.

Afterwards I asked for a massage and we moved over to her bed. She gave me a really good massage that combine hands and mouth. I ended up falling asleep with her giving avcılar escort me a great rim job. A tongue probing my ass had never felt so soothing.

I woke up just a few hours later, already with a massive hangover. I was just going to quietly leave, but she woke up too when I started getting out of bed.

Headache or not, I still hadn’t come, so I asked her if she’d like me to come in her mouth before I went. She wanted to fuck, but I reminded her that she didn’t drink all my piss, so this would be all she would get.

She sucked my cock for a while, but I was still too desensitized from all the previous night’s drinking to cum. I tried jerking off into her mouth, but the effort was making my head throb.

Deal or no deal I told her that if she wanted to be fucked I would fuck her, but only in her ass.

She was still wearing the flannel nighty that she met me with at the door and once she took it off she didn’t look half bad. She had a really well proportioned body and suddenly a face that looked tired and plain began to look more interesting. I don’t know if it was just her body that made the difference, so much as removing that frumpy grandmotherly nighty.

I asked her if she had any KY or Vaseline to help fuck her ass. She went and checked her washroom returning with some baby oil. I had her grease up my cock and her own puckered asshole.

My plan was to let her ride me until I came, but first I wanted to drive my cock into her ass. I got her on all fours and kneeling behind her, I drove my cock into to her ass. My cock went in nice and easy without any resistance, but when the pain registered her ass tightened like a vice around me. With my cock suddenly deep in her ass, she briefly cried out in her native language, in what must have been her sharpest commentary of the night. Her body collapsed flat on the bed and she buried her face in a pillow. Propped up on my arms for leverage, my weight was fully on my hips and centered on my cock to keep it buried as deep as possible in her ass. Maybe she was right, I can be cruel.

As she relaxed, I rolled her on her side and drew her bottom leg between mine with her other leg curled up in front to allow my cock the deepest possible access to her ass. I love to fuck an ass as hard as a pussy and the only thing holding me back from giving her ass the maximum pounding was my throbbing head.

Eventually, my head needed a break, and I got her on top, riding my cock. With my cock in her ass, she slowly writhed and rotated her hips as she rode me. She would have been a good cock rider for a long fuck, but I needed to come. The blood surging around to fill my cock was also contributing şirinevler escort to my pulsing headache. My cock felt so good, but the pain kept ebbing with blinding interruptions.

I needed a fuck break and told her I wanted her to suck my cock. She smiled and raised her asshole off my cock, then slid down the bed engulfing my cock with her mouth. After she sucked my cock for a while my head started to feel incrementally better, but I was still no closer to the orgasm that I needed. I did like the way she sucked my cock though. It was a really sloppy blow job. Her saliva was drooling out her mouth, all over my cock and it looked pretty hot.

I was ready to try fucking her again, so I brought her over to her couch. I bent her over her the armrest and re-entered her ass. Every time I felt I was getting farther away from an orgasm I’d take a break and let her suck my cock.

Her sucking my cock from her ass was turning me on too. A girl who’ll suck a cock from her ass is about as rare as a girl who’ll drink piss. Normally I think I’d be ready to involuntarily unload in her mouth as an act of appreciation just at the sight, but the pain in my temples and behind my eyes was just too impairing.

Finally the only way I could finish was to jerk off into her mouth. I leaned back with my butt against the arm of the couch and she got on her knees in front of me to try and catch my cum. She continued to contribute by licking my balls or trying to suck on the tip of my cock. I was madly stroking myself so close to her face that she was in effect on the receiving end of a series of abbreviated cock filled punches. With my pain peaking, I filled her mouth with a load that was doubly relieving. She clearly liked having cum in her mouth much more than piss.

I’ve had longer fucks, but I don’t think I’ve ever worked that hard for an orgasm, either for mine or for anyone else’s. Then again I suppose the effort is usually going more towards prolonging sex.

After using the actual washroom to piss, I cleaned up, got dressed and headed home.

I had a real sense of regret for having fucked her. I was also feeling kind of guilty for so obnoxiously pissing on her couch. I went home vowing never to do either again. Despite how I felt the day after though, I still managed to pay her a few more drunken visits. After a few drinks and having nothing better to do, her place often seemed to be just along the way home. On occasions that I’d call before showing up, I’d tell her to make sure she was naked when I arrived. It excited us both, and it offered the added benefit of not having to see her in one of her nighties.

Each time I saw her I pissed in her mouth and usually I fuck her ass too. She never became a good piss drinker, but she did give great massages and long luxurious rim jobs. Then one night after another drunken night out, I called her and found that the number had been disconnected. I still swung by her place and when I peeked through the front window I could see that her apartment was empty.



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