Authors Note: This is my first exclusively Mother/son story so I’m interested in getting feedback from readers to whether or not I’m on the right track. All characters engaged in sexual activity are 18 or older. Your votes and comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for reading my work.


The cab ride to the hotel had me anxious and excited to see my son Jason. It had been months since he visited me at Thanksgiving with his girlfriend Margo but now I was feeling those familiar yet forbidden urges I’ve been having on account of this obsession with my son. And to think it was only four years ago that I began wanting my son, sexually that is. I can remember it like it had happened just moments ago; the first time I saw his cock fully erect.


It had been a long, trying day at work and I just wanted to get outta there. Fortunately for me, some documents needed to be dropped off with one of our clients whose office just happened to be near my house, so I volunteered to play courier if it meant I could leave early. I delivered the paperwork and went home with visions of me in my bathtub, with a glass of wine and the mellow tunes of Rod Stewart soothing away my tensions. What I discovered at home was anything but peaceful.

I opened the door and found my son Jason standing behind his girlfriend Christy. She was kneeling on my couch with Jason’s cock sliding in and out of her. They were both naked as would be expected from two teenagers engaged in a sexual act and for a split second neither of them noticed me. I guess the door closing or my gasp got Jason’s attention. His eye bugged out and he jumped back from Christy, leaving her pretty little ass up in the air and all alone. It was then I got my first good look at my son’s gorgeous erect cock. It curved upward with a thick meaty shaft; veins protruding along its length. The head was bulbous and purple, oozing at the tip. The whole thing glistened with Christy’s juices and I was captivated.

Time stood still at that moment as the images, sounds and smells I was experiencing were burned into my memory. It was all so detailed. The look of shock on Jason’s face, the look of pleasure and disappointment on Christy’s face, the smell of sex in the air, the wet slurp Jason’s cock made as it left his girlfriends sopping pussy; all of it registered at that one moment and was saved. I couldn’t look away; I wanted to see and yet didn’t want to see.

“Mom, I…” Jason stammered and it yanked me back to reality.

My hand shot out haltingly and I went upstairs, locking myself in my room. I was panting but I knew it wasn’t from dashing up the stairs. I’m in decent shape so that brief exertion wasn’t making me short of breath. It suddenly became stifling in my room and I removed my blouse then my skirt. I stripped off my bra making my large breasts sway angrily. I was about to remove my panties and nylons when I saw my reflection in the mirrored closet doors. I didn’t recognize the woman staring back at me. Her face and neck were flushed, her nipples looked as hard as a pair of marbles and there was a huge wet spot between her legs. She looked aroused…No, she looked desperately horny to be honest. The images from downstairs appeared again in my mind as I looked into the mirror and was bombarded with emotions.

The shock and embarrassment was to be expected, walking in on my son and Christy as they did what any healthy young people would be doing with hormones raging in their youthful bodies. I was a little angry but I couldn’t be too mad at them. They were both eighteen and I did the same thing at their age too. I think I was a bit mad because they were doing it on my couch instead of my son’s bed. I just hope there wasn’t too big of a mess.

It was the jealousy that caught me off guard. I figure it’s natural to feel jealousy as a woman when you see another getting something that you want from someone you care about like a boyfriend, a husband or a lover but Jason is my son. I shouldn’t be jealous of his girlfriend, at least not when it comes to sex but it had been a long time since I felt the touch of a man.

I divorced my husband when Jason was only ten years old. The shame and inadequacy I felt from him leaving me for a younger woman sent me into self imposed celibacy; I didn’t want to be with a man. That was eight years ago. Had it really been that long? I masturbated but that was the extent of my sexual life up to this point. However, now I wanted more. I wanted to be in Christy’s place. I wanted to be kneeling on my couch with my round ass in the air and my big tits smashed into the cushions. I wanted to feel the sting of being stretched around a thick hard cock as it entered my neglected pussy, filling me like only a stiff throbbing cock can fill a woman. And I wanted my son to be the owner of that cock.

‘WHOA! GET A GRIP ON YOURSELF CANDICE!’ a disembodied voice shouted inside my head.

What I wanted halkalı escort was wrong. It was also illegal and socially unacceptable but I couldn’t help what I was feeling. Shame and disgust kicked in and I stripped off my underwear and hose and bolted for the bathroom. I turned on the shower and jumped right into the icy flow, hoping to wash away the filth. I stood there trembling as the water warmed but I don’t think the temperature of the water was the cause of my shivering. My skin felt hot and my pussy was on fire and no amount of scrubbing was going to cleanse me of these urges. It took a while before I realized my water bill could hit six figures and nothing would change. This was scary, unfamiliar territory for me. I’d NEVER had inappropriate thoughts toward Jason before and I didn’t understand where they were coming from. I shut off the water to dry myself; so much for a relaxing afternoon.


I paid the cab driver and got checked in. I was about to go up to my room to freshen up when Jason texted me where and when to meet him before the ceremony; I was running late! He suggested taking an Uber rather than driving myself but I hadn’t even had time to rent a car at the airport do to the flight delays I had. I figured I could get to the hotel, clean up and take a cab to the school. I had my bags taken to my room and heeded my son’s suggestion. Fortunately the Uber driver that picked me up (I think his name was Todd) was a student at the University and knew exactly where Jason wanted to meet. He got me there with some time to spare, thank God.

I scanned the sea of caps and gowns and exuberant parents and friends and family but I didn’t see Jason. I did see Margo in her cap and gown but my son wasn’t with her. Had they broken up? Seeing her brought back memories of their visit at Thanksgiving. Over the years since Jason left for school, we’d kept in contact by phone, email and texting. He’d sent me pictures of the different girls he was ‘dating’ at school (Diane, Josie, Beth and a couple others) but Margo was the first he brought home.


They had flown from Portland, Oregon to Sacramento to see her parents and family on Thanksgiving itself. They drove down to Long Beach to stay with me for the weekend before heading back to Sacramento then flying back for school. I was happy to have my son home even if it was just a brief visit. I’d missed him but not the unhealthy urges his visit would revive.

When they arrived at my door I hugged them both, not wanting to linger over long in my son’s arms and cause suspicion. Margo was about my height with a curvy figure and long dark hair. I invited them in and Jason took their bags to his room while Margo and I got acquainted. She was my son’s age and shared a few classes with him. That’s how they met. Jason returned and we moved to the kitchen so that I could cook and continue our conversation.

We had dinner and shared some wine. Jason and Margo took turns telling embarrassing stories about one another as we talked late into the evening. Jason was going to take Margo and me site seeing in the morning since Margo had never been farther south in California than Bakersfield so they called it a night and went to bed. I stayed up for a while to clean some dishes before retiring. I think I was just stalling. I wanted to give them time to get to bed and have whatever sex they were going to have before I got to my room and had to listen to it. I was thoroughly aroused by this time and was feeling very jealous of Margo too. I liked her, I really did but she was in bed with my son; where I wanted to be but couldn’t. Once I’d cleaned everything that could be cleaned and then some, I trudged off to my room.

I listened at Jason’s door briefly as I passed. I didn’t hear anything and was relieved. I got undressed and climbed into bed, vowing not to touch myself while thinking of my son. ‘The best laid plans of mice and men,’ I think the saying goes. I heard a soft moan or at least I thought I did. Maybe I imagined it but then I heard it again. My room shared a wall with Jason’s so I knew it was him and Margo possibly getting fired up for another round. The moans got louder and I could tell they were Jason’s. Was Margo riding his cock or still stroking him back to life? Maybe she was sucking him. I felt a shiver run through me. I wanted to suck Jason’s cock. I wanted to make him hard so I could slide his cock into my tight pussy and ride him…SHIT!

I sat up and opened my nightstand drawer. There it was, my son’s cock. Well it was the best facsimile I could come up with from memory inasmuch as I couldn’t have the real thing. I removed the dildo from its hiding place and reached for the bottle of lube next to it. Hearing more moans and feeling the amount of juices flowing from my pussy I decided lube wasn’t needed tonight. I kicked off the covers and removed my panties and tank taksim escort top. I laid back and spread my legs wide preparing to plunge Jason Jr. into my hungry pussy. I’d spent a lot of time online and in a few adult stores before deciding on this particular toy. It was the most accurate copy of my son’s cock that I could find and it had brought me MANY orgasms over the last few years.

The moaning stopped and I hoped they hadn’t heard me. There were some hushed voices and a giggle then I heard the bed in my son’s room creak. It wasn’t continuous squeaking like they were fucking, more like shifting positions. Was he going down on her? Had they called it quits? God I hope not…I can’t believe I just thought that. I heard more creaking then Margo gasped and let out a soft groan. I felt myself shudder. I had the head of my dildo gliding along my wet cleft and it hit my inflamed clit. I bit my lower lip to keep from crying out.

The creaking took on a rhythm and I knew they were fucking. There were more hushed words as the tempo increased. I obviously couldn’t tell what position they were in so my mind recalled that original image of Jason and Christy but Christy was replaced by Margo. I suppressed a groan as I teased the entrance of my pussy with the head of my toy. And as I did the image changed again, now Margo disappeared and I was her replacement. This time I did groan but it must have gone unnoticed by Jason and Margo because they didn’t stop or even slow down.

I quickly turned over, getting my knees under me and my ass in the air, just like I remembered Christy. I flung my long black hair over my shoulder and pushed the dildo into my needy pussy. I pumped it in and out, keeping time with my son’s squeaking bed while trying to remain quiet. Margo’s soft cries were coming quicker and higher in pitch; she was getting close and so was I. I squeezed the silicone cock with my vaginal muscles, making believe it was Jason and I was trying to make him cum. I was so close now, just a little more and I’d be there. I heard Jason grunt and Margo cried out despite her efforts to remain quiet. I knew Jason was cumming and he’d made her cum too. What he didn’t know is that he made me cum as well. I bit my pillow to keep from screaming as the orgasm raged through my body. It was so intense. I’d never cum like that even when fantasizing about Jason fucking me. It had to be the added stimulus of him and Margo fucking in the next room that made it so powerful. By the time I came down from that earth shattering orgasm, I was a sweaty, trembling mess.

Quiet returned next door and I now lay on my back panting. It was then shame and guilt came calling. I was such a mess and I don’t mean just physically. I managed to get to my feet and staggered to the ensuite. I soaked a washcloth and ran it over my body, helping me cool down. I relieved myself then returned to my sweat soaked sheets; staring at the ceiling for what must have been an hour before falling into a fitful sleep.

In the morning I woke with a start; images of incestuous sex lingering in my mind. It was still early but I knew I wouldn’t be able to fall back to sleep. If I stayed in bed, I’d have my toy back in action and I didn’t want to wake my son or Margo with the sounds of me fucking myself silly. So I got up, put on my panties, tank top and my favorite robe and decided to get some coffee in my system.

As I left my room, I met Margo in the hall on her way to the bathroom. Her hair was a mess, probably like mine, and she was wearing the robe I’d bought Jason that was similar to the one I had on. She looked at me with heavily lidded eyes and gave me a weak smile. We could have passed as sisters, with me being the much older one of course.

“Morning Margo,” I whispered, not knowing if Jason was awake yet.

“Morning,” she yawned as she entered the bathroom.

Once she closed the door I looked at the door to my son’s room. It was open just a crack. I peered in, I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t know what I was hoping to see but what I did see lit the fire in my loins once more. Jason was on his back still sleeping. When Margo had gotten up, she must have shifted the covers leaving them just above my son’s waist. The head of his cock was barely concealed beneath the tented sheet. My heart was racing and my mind was trying to will that sheet back so I could see Jason’s impressive morning wood.

I was assaulted by conflicting thoughts. Some begging me to go in and take a look while others screamed for me to get the coffee started like a good mother would. I began to listen to the voices urging me to enter his room. I saw his cock twitch and I gasped. Fortunately he didn’t hear me. Scenarios unfolded in my head as my panties grew damp. I could still smell the lingering aroma of sex coming from his room and that didn’t help my current condition. What if I snuck in there and pulled the sheet back for a quick şişli escort look? Maybe I could straddle him while covering his eyes so if he woke up, he’d think I was Margo in a playful mood. I could slide his cock inside me before…I heard the toilet flush and it snapped out of my fantasy world. I hastily made my way down stairs and started breakfast.


Jason’s hand on my shoulder made me jump.

“Sorry Mom, I didn’t mean to scare you,” he said hugging me.

“That’s okay baby, I’m just glad you found me.”

“Yeah it’s crazy out here,” he commented, looking around.

“I saw Margo over there and was surprised you weren’t with her.”

“Well…we’re not exactly seeing each other anymore,” he replied, casting his eyes downward.

“That’s too bad. I thought she was a nice girl. What happened?”

“Mom…,” he shuffled nervously, “I don’t really want to get into that right now okay?”

I nodded and gave him another hug. He gave me a program for the ceremony and told me where I should sit for the best view as he walked on stage. We were going to meet back up at this same spot afterward and I was going to take him out for a nice dinner to celebrate. He had to get seated himself so he gave me another quick hug before dashing off.

The ceremony was long and kind of boring except for the part when Jason walked on stage to get his diploma. I screamed my head off. We met back up and he drove me to my hotel so I could clean up and get changed. He was such a gentleman; telling me I looked beautiful and that I didn’t need to change but I had plans. He patiently sat by the window in my suite as I took a quick shower and got ready. I pulled out all the stops. I had a new dress, new heels and even new hosiery for the occasion. This was a special night for Jason and if things went right, it could be very special for both of us! Once I was dressed and had my makeup on, I stepped into my new heels and went out to show my son.

Jason’s jaw dropped when he saw me; just the reaction I was hoping for. My dress was a form fitting number that was strapless but had a sheer top that came up my neck and had matching long sleeves. It hugged my curves down to the middle of my thighs, that’s where my expensive hosiery took over, encasing me from waist to toe. Speaking of my toes, they were freshly painted and could be seen peeking out of my five inch platform pumps veiled in gossamer nylon. My long black hair fell in waves down my back. I’d been letting it grow. I held my arms out from my sides and made a slow turn.

“Well…What do ya think?”

Jason swallowed hard before trying to speak, “Holy shit Mom! You look incredible!”

“Oh honey, that’s so sweet of you to say,” I hugged him. Even in my towering heels I had to look up to him but as I held Jason I felt a bulge in his pants. I think my heart skipped a beat.

On the ride down in the elevator I suggested we leave his car at the hotel and take an Uber to dinner. That way we wouldn’t have to worry about drinking and driving. Jason agreed. We didn’t have to wait long for the driver to arrive. I gave him the address of the restaurant and we were off.

I think Jason was a bit shocked at the place I’d picked for dinner. The Ringside Steakhouse was known for its incredible food and high prices but money wasn’t an issue tonight, we were celebrating. We had cocktails while we waited for our table, champagne with our starters and I fine wine with dinner. I made sure to sit close to Jason in the booth. I’d graze his leg with mine or put my hand on his thigh when he made me laugh and of course gave him plenty of motherly kisses. I was so happy to be with him and was looking forward to him coming home soon so that he’d be close again, even if I had to be a traditional mother and curb my lustful urges. I ordered us some port to go with our dessert and it was phenomenal but that’s when he dropped the bomb on me.

“Texas! What’s in Texas?” I nearly started to cry.

“I got recruited by a big company out there. Besides it’s cheaper for me to live and I can get my own place sooner,” he replied trying to appeal to my logical side.

That part of me had been pushed aside by the wanton urges I was having for him so I shouldn’t be surprised that I didn’t see the logic in his words. I didn’t want to see it but I had to put on a show of excitement so as to keep from breaking down in tears. My evening had been dashed on the rocks. He described the wonderful opportunity he was getting and all I could think is ‘My son isn’t coming home.’ I ordered a second glass of port to help drown my sorrow.

As I paid the bill, Jason got a text from one of his friends. They were having a ‘going away’ gathering at a nearby pub and wanted him there so they could all have one last drink before going their separate ways. He had a concerned look on his face when he asked if I minded if he went. Of course I minded. I wanted him for myself that evening, especially since he would be leaving for Texas in a week or so and wanted me to ship his stuff to him from home. He wasn’t even coming back to pick it up himself. I wanted him to take me back to my hotel and fuck my brains out but that didn’t seem like it would materialize either. But what he asked next helped lift my spirits.



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