A Mother’s JourneySo I met an insatiable lady during my travels and as we increasingly became comfortable with each other we started sharing our personal kinks. One of our mutual fantasies was taboo family play. And she started confessing her feelings and attraction to her son. Below is her emails to me regarding what happened after months of talking about this. This is posted with her permission, and she’s looking forward to the feedback. If this doesn’t interest you, please move along to something that does.Email #1The other night my husband was out again and so I told my son I was staying in for the night. He told me he didn’t feel like going out either so we planned to eat popcorn and have a movie night (which are becoming more of a regular thing, most of the time very innocent). So that night I went to the couch and he was there in nothing but his boxers and white basketball shorts. I was wearing my little gray short shorts and a pink tank top with no bra or underwear. When I walked in the room the sight of him just made me giddy and I practically pranced to him. My son chose a scary movie for us to watch which I was not thrilled about but I sat down and huddled up next to him and said “you better protect me! I’m gonna get scared of this one!” And he laughed and put his arm around me and replied “I always got you” which the mom in me is just touched by. So anyways, I had the popcorn ready and the movie was started. We were watching it and laughing with each other and talking equally and my son started teasing me about being scared of the movie so I throw a piece of popcorn at him. He threw one back and I’m not sure if he did it on purpose but it went straight down my shirt. My cleavage caught and and I just gave him a playful “dirty look” as a joke so he apologized and reached down my shirt and took the piece and put it right into his mouth! I told him my chest was all greasy now thanks to him and he apologized again and started wiping at where it landed with his hand ever so gently. I pulled my shirt down so my nipples were barely covered and at this point neither of us were watching the movie because he just was staring at my tits. I told him to clean it off good and he just started pressing his illegal bahis hands over the parts of my breasts that were exposed. He had a straight face and seemed sort of unsure of what I wanted from him but I just leaned into his hands until they were completely cupping my bare chest. My shirt was fully exposing my breasts and my son was sitting there with his hands on my tits staring in awe. I am so wet talking about it, it’s hard to even type oh my god I felt like I was going to explode in that moment!!!!! I looked down and saw my sons erection standing tall and rock hard through his basketball shorts!!!! Ok I literally need to take a break typing to make myself cum thinking about all the events of this night I will be back later Email #2So there we were on the couch with my son feeling up my completely exposed tits and me staring at his erection through his shorts. I was so turned on but I had to keep my composure. I started stroking my hand on his thigh and I think it startled him because he took his hands off me and apologized and kind of tried to cover his erection. At that point I was so caught in the moment that I took my shirt completely off and put his hands back on my tits. I told him it was natural for this to happen and t was completely fine. I told him we were just playing so it was okay. I started rubbing his thigh again and I slowly moved my hand over his boner and stroked it through his shorts. It was the most amazing feeling. It was so rock hard and stiff and felt bigger than I expected. I stroked it through his shorts for about a minute while telling him he was a good boy so that he would feel comfortable. He continued to feel my breasts more aggressively now and I could tell he was really getting into it. He seemed a little inexperienced with breasts because of just how crazy he went on mine! He was leaning into them and playing with my nipples it was amazing! He was moaning and squirming and It didn’t last long before he squeezed my tits hard and buried his face into them as he came through his shorts. The cum soaked right through and I could feel it soaking onto my hand. My son and I sat there for a second, him still rubbing my nipples (a little less aggressively now lol) and my illegal bahis siteleri hand resting on his cock. He popped his head off my chest once he had realized what happened and started apologizing. I just kept reassuring him how natural it was and that he was my good boy and I loved him. We took our hands off each other and I left my shirt off. I had to go make myself cum because I could feel that I was so wet my shorts were soaked! We both stood up and I told him we could talk about this soon if he would like and he just sort of awkwardly said “okay”. We both said we were tired and I told him how much I loved him and had a great time with him. I turned off the movie that was still playing and with my shirt still off and breasts still out, I hugged my son tight and kissed him hard. This was the best kiss I ever had oh my god it was long and hard. Not exactly making out but it was surely not a close mouthed motherly kiss and I could feel his still pretty hard cock press against me. We parted ways and went to our bedrooms. I made myself cum 4 times extra loud knowing he could hear me. This night was the most erotic experience of my life. I AM STILL IN SUCH AWE OMG! I have been dreaming of this for so long and making myself cum over these thoughts I can’t believe we got this far. This is the best thing to happen and I don’t know how to properly portray how good I all felt. I still do need to talk about it with him just to know how he felt and see if it could ever happen again (because I sure want it to). So I will give updates on when I talk to him and maybe elaborate more on this night because it still seems so surreal to me. But anyways I am so happy and nothing is better than a real mother and son loving each other as much as my son and I. Updates to come later!! Email #3So I told him how we needed to talk and we ended up doing so 2 days after it happened. The day after, I woke up and thought I dreamt the whole thing! He went to his friends house for the day which he had already planned to do so I didn’t get to see him until the day after. So when I saw him I was waiting in the front room of our house for him to walk in. I dressed in jeans and a blouse just to try and keep things stress canlı bahis siteleri free (saying this because I know you want me to wait naked for him to walk in!) and when he walked in I got up to greet him. I kissed him and he kissed me back a very small peck. He seemed a little shy so I asked him if we could talk about the other night. He said okay and we sat on the couch next to each other. I put my hand on his thigh to keep the closeness between us. I told him that everything that happened was natural and that it was okay. I told him that he always makes me feel good and I was only delighted that I made him feel good too. He looked at me and confessed he was a little embarrassed by the event because his own mother turns him on and he thought it wasn’t normal. I let him know that I understood why he would feel that way but there was nothing wrong with anything. Being his mother or not it was normal to be attracted to a woman’s body. I have to admit the whole conversation we were having Had me so nervous yet excited. I didn’t know how it was all going to go and I desperately wanted to know how he felt about it. I asked him if he was attracted to me and he told me he had been for a while. He told me he had been trying to build the courage to tell me!!!!!! He has thought about us doing that for some time. He seemed very nervous and unsure telling me all this as if I were trying to pull a prank so I finally told him that it turned me on seeing him like that and that I thoroughly enjoyed it. We talked about our attraction a little more and he told me how good it felt yet it was still a little strange. I agreed but then I told him that we have a special bond and that I love him more than anyone and that making him feel good and have an orgasm for me was one of the many best experiences I have had as his mother. OMG you don’t even know how good this all was to get out. I am trying to keep this short by editing out all the “wow it was so hot” and “we were both shaking” and all those comments that took up so much writing. But anyways, after we talked for a while I let him know he could still talk to me and I am still his mother and I would love to make him feel good any time. He has no plans for tomorrow and he said he wanted us to have a day spent at home together so OMG we will see where that takes us!!!!!So that’s where we are, she’s a bit busy now so waiting for some updates. I do know that she’s sucked him off and tasted is cum at this point.



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