I sat there on the plane waiting for it to take off from California back to my home in New York. I had been college in San Diego but the semester just ended so it was back home to live with my mother in NY. She found my father cheating on her when I was just a kid and divorced him shortly after, she had full custody of me and I rarely ever saw my father since he moved out of the country to live in the UK for work. Mom was very lonely at our big house all by herself and called me all the time to catch up. She was eagerly waiting for my arrival.

Let me tell you a little bit about my mother. She is 42 years old, long blonde hair, a perfect body and usually prances around in the house in just her underwear or some type of skimpy clothing. I made sure I never had any friends over or else I would have gotten a ton of shit for having a “MILF”

Since I’m the only child and we’ve lived alone together for most my childhood, she’s always treated my like a baby even though I am 19 years old now. I don’t think she knows that I’m a horny teenager now and that she can’t wear just her underwear around the house now and act like it won’t have an affect on me.

I started to doze off on the plane with the image of her wearing just her underwear around the house like she’s done on so many occasions.

I suddenly awakened to the voice of a stewardess waking me up to let me know that we’ve landed in New York.

I got off the plan, waited for my luggage to arrive and headed towards the exit to find my mother standing there waiting for me.

“BABE!” She screamed

She ran over to me and jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around me, kissing me on the cheek.

“I’ve missed you so much honey, I can’t believe you’re finally here.”

“I’ve missed you too mom, it feels good to be home.”

I couldn’t help but notice how sexy she looked. She was dressed in a low cut white tank top with her cleave spilling out, and short jean shorts that made her long legs look incredible.

Our home was about an hour away from the airport so we had a pretty long car ride to talk about things.

First thing my mom did as we pulled away was reach over with one hand and feel my arm.

“Hon, you’ve been working out haven’t you!”

I had been, once I got to California I decided to start lifting weights since all of the guys over there were in such great shape.

“Yeah, I figured I needed to with all the time I was spending on the beach.”

She reached her hand under my shirt and rubbed my chest and abs.

“Oh my gosh babe, who’s this man with a big hard chest and abs and what did he do with my little boy!” she exclaimed

She started to tickle my abs with her finger nails and I couldn’t help but squirm and laugh.

“Oh there’s my little ticklish boy!”

“Mom, please stop you know how ticklish I am.” I pleaded

“Okay okay, have you been working out your lower body too? I know how you men always neglect your legs.

She reached down with her free hand and ran it up and down my leg, eventually getting up to my thigh and making her way up my mesh shorts.

“Feels like someone has been neglecting one of the most important parts of their body mister!”

Her hand was still placed on my upper thigh underneath my shorts, dangerously close to my manhood that was beginning to grow due to her touch.

“I um, yeah, guess I’ve been lazy when it comes to legs.”

I was really flustered, praying in my head that she’d remove her hand since my cock was now almost coming in contact with it.

“I can’t believe you finally started working out, I’ve been trying to get you to workout with me for years hon.”

Mom always pleaded with me to workout with her in the basement, we had a fully equipped gym installed but I just never had the motivation. My mother however worked out religiously.

“Yeah, I’m pretty dedicated now too, I go 6 times a week usually.”

“Wow, well it’s definitely been paying off, I’m so excited that we get to workout together now over this summer!”

She playfully squeezed my thigh and put her free hand back on the wheel.

I let out a sigh of relief that she finally removed her hand, had she left it 10 seconds later she would have felt canlı bahis şirketleri my now throbbing cock up against it.

I quickly positioned my cock up against the waistband of my shorts and covered it with my shirt when she wasn’t looking.

For the rest of the ride we made usual small talk and I tried to get my cock to go down, but couldn’t stop looking over at her cleavage spilling out of her top.

We finally arrived home and I quickly brought my luggage up to my room and got ready for bed since it was already 11:30 PM by the time we got home and I was dead tired from all the traveling. I made some more small talk with my mom before we both went to bed.

I had just taken off my clothes and gotten into bed naked when I heard a knock on the door.

“Hon, can I come in for a minute?”

I covered myself with the thin sheet on the bed, my manhood still rock hard since I hadn’t gotten to take care of it yet.

“Sure, come right in mom.”

In walked my mother wearing a small white shirt that went down to her belly button, and sexy white cotton panties.

“So babe, I usually workout pretty early in the morning, around 8 or so, would you want to workout with me tomorrow morning?”

I really didn’t feel like waking up that early, but my mom really seemed to want me to and how could I say no to working out with the woman of my dreams.

“Sure mom, I’d love to.”

“Oh yay, I’m so excited to have a workout buddy!”

She playfully clapped and jumped up and down, her perky tits noticeably poking through her white shirt.

“Goodnight hon”

“Goodnight mom”

She turned around and made her way through my door, but first stopped to pick up my dirty socks laying on the floor.

Her tiny white panties didn’t leave much to the imagination and I just laid their in disbelief.

She slowly turned around before opening the door

“Already dirty clothes laying around, boys will be boys I guess!” She said as she walked out the door.

I immediately threw back the covers, grabbed a pair of briefs nearby and jerked my cock right into them and disposed of the underwear under my bed. It had to have been the quickest I ever cummed in my life. I fell asleep instantly after.

I awoke to the feeling of a hand caressing my shoulder and a woman’s voice.

“Time to hit the weights babe”

I had fallen asleep on my stomach and turned my head to see my beautiful mother sitting by my side in the same shirt and panties she had gone to sleep in.

I let out a yawn and stretched out my arms and legs. As I stretched, I accidentally moved the thin sheet that was just barely covering me and could feel that my bare ass was now exposed.

“Oh my babe, I didn’t know you slept in the nude now.” She giggled

I suddenly felt her fingernails tickling my bare ass cheeks.

“Is my little baby boy ticklish here too?”

“Mom! Stop this is embarrassing” I demanded as I pulled the cover back over.

“Oh big deal, do you know how many times I’ve washed that cute little butt of yours?”

“I know mom..but it’s different now, I’m not a little kid anymore.”

“Hehe, whatever you say big boy.”

I felt like turning over and showing her my morning wood to show her just how much I’ve changed so she would stop, but I didn’t have the balls.

“Get changed and meet me downstairs for breakfast”

I waited until I heard her go downstairs, and then I rushed to the bathroom to jerk off again. I got changed into my gym clothes and came downstairs for breakfast. My bagel and eggs were on the table, but mom must have already gone to the basement. I downed my food and walked downstairs.

Mom was over in the squat rack waiting for me. She was wearing the sexiest workout clothes I had ever seen, and I worked out at my school gym filled with 19 year old sluts. She had on a low cut sports bra with tiny black yoga shorts that didn’t even cover most of her ass.

“Since you neglect your lower body, I figured we could workout legs today.”

“Okay, sounds good, but you’ll have to show me the form and everything since I don’t know it.”

“Of course babe, just watch me first.”

She got under the bar in the squat rack and began to canlı kaçak iddaa thrust her knees up and down. I watched from the side as her tits stood to attention in the front, and her ass was in the air in the back.

“See how I’m doing it? You’ve got to make sure to stick your bum out and go down all the way, and then thrust yourself back with all your strength.”

I had only been down their for a minute, and already I was starting to get hard.

“Now you try big boy.”

I positioned myself under the bar and began to squat the weight. It felt light but I wasn’t sure if I had the form down right.

“Does this look okay mom?”

“It’s okay form, but let me help you out a bit.”

Mom walked over in front of me and rubbed her back up against me

“Here, I’m going to go down with you and then you make sure you are up against me and going down the same length.”

She stuck her ass out right into my crotch and said okay, let’s go on 3.

“1,2,3 Squat!”

We were in a perfect rhythm with each other.

My cock was rubbing up and down her ass as we squatted together. It had grown half erect and it took all of my power to stop from getting a full blown erection that my mom would surely feel against her.

This went on for 15 repetitions before we took a rest.

I had the form down now and did a few more sets before my mom decided we should move on to the next workout.

She walked me over to some machine that I never used before.

“This bad boy will really help with your quad and calfs, I’ll demonstrate it first”

I watched as mom laid down face first on the machine and began to lift the weights up and down with her leg.

Since I was behind her and she couldn’t see me, I was in the clear to just stand there and oogle at her perfect ass. Her yoga shorts were now wedged in and it looked more like a thong than shorts.

“Your turn hon”

I laid on the machine and began doing some repetitions.

I then felt my mothers hand down around my leg.

“You should be able to feel it right around here, can you feel a burning sensation here babe?”

“Definitely, wow that really does burn.”

I finished my reps and laid there for a few seconds.

I felt her hands rubbing up and down my legs.

“You’re lower body is really tight, you should really stretch more hon”

I knew if she kept massaging that my cock would keep growing, so I got off the machine and asked what was next.

“How about we mix in something else, let’s go over to the bench press.” she suggested

“You know how to bench press I am guessing, right babe?”

“Yeah, it’s my favorite workout, me and the guys do it all the time.”

“All right then, could you stand behind me then and give me a spot? I’m just going to do the bar.”

“Sure thing mom?”

I stood over her as she wrapped her tiny hands around the thick bar and brought it down to her chest, bouncing it lightly off her tits each repetition. The view was causing my cock to stir in my shorts again.

“I might need help on this last one so be ready to help hon.”

She brought the bar down to her tits for one last rep, but failed to bring it back up.

I quickly grabbed the bar off her chest and accidentally brushed my hands against her breasts as I grabbed the bar.

“You’re up now big guy.”

I put a lot of weight on the bar and laid down to start my set.

“Hey hon.”

“Yeah mom?”

“Could you take off your shirt while you do this, I just love seeing the muscle in action and how it reacts when working out.”

I thought it might be a little weird working out shirtless in front of my mom, but I figured it was hot as hell anyways down here so I threw it off.

“Oh wow babe, look at that big hard chest of yours, maybe you aren’t my little boy anymore after all” she giggled

I just smiled to myself, hoping maybe she finally was seeing that I was a grown man now.

I finished my set and laid their exhausted and trying to catch my breath. My mom knelt down behind me and began massaging my chest, positioning her boobs right up against my head.

I hadn’t had many interactions with girls, and this was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt.

As canlı kaçak bahis her hands ran up and down my chest, her boobs rubbed back and forth the back of my head.

“Does this feel good hon?”

“Amazing mom”

She continued this for about a minute before suggesting that we go stretch.

I walked over to the stretching area with her and she told me to mimic her.

As I was doing the one leg stretch, I suddenly felt an excruciating pain in my left quad.

“Ahh, oh shit mom I think I pulled something.”

She rushed over to me.

“Where hon?”

I motioned towards my upper left thigh.

“You probably just pulled a muscle, I’ll go get some ice.”

She rushed back with a bag of ice and placed it in the area.

“Babe, your shorts are in the way, I’m gonna have to take them off.”

I just nodded in pain as she wrapped her hands under the waistband and yanked them down my legs.

I had completely forgotten that I still had a half hard cock straining against my boxer briefs.

She placed the bag of ice on my thigh and I let out a little scream due to the coldness.

“Holy shit that’s cold!”

“It will feel less cold after awhile”

“Here hon, you’re leg should be elevated too, throw it over my shoulder.”

So there I was, laying there in nothing but my boxer briefs with my left leg thrown over my kneeling mother’s shoulder while she held an ice bag close to my crotch.

She was massaging my thigh while icing it, and my cock started to respond.

“Uh hey mom, I think you should maybe stop massaging.”

“What do you mean hon? It will help it heal.

“Yeah I know, but look” I said, pointing down to my growing cock

“Babe! What’s going on down there? It looks like you’ve stuffed a sausage in your briefs.” She giggled and squeezed my cock with her hand.

“Mom! That’s really not helping.”

“I just needed to make sure I wasn’t imagining things and my little boy really was a big boy now.”

“Mom, you’re still massaging my thigh..”

“Ooops, I’m sorry hon.”

She stopped massaging my thigh and just held the ice bag in place.

I was hoping my cock would go down, but watching my mom sitting there staring at my cock made it impossible to stop growing.

“hon, it’s still getting bigger.”

“I know mom, I can’t help it.”

I was now fully erect and my cock was fighting to get out of my tight boxer briefs.

“It looks painful all stuffed in there, does it hurt hon?”

She reached out with her hand and ran her hand over the length of it and squeezed again.

“Jesus mom, what the hell are you doing?”

“I’m just trying to help my baby boy, if you’re in pain then it’s my job to help you.”

She let go of the bag of ice and tucked both hands in my briefs and gently pulled them off, my throbbing cock slapped against my abs.

“Oh babe, that probably feels much better.”

Embarrassed,I rushed to cover my hard cock with both hands.

“It really does mom, I think I’m good enough now to go upstairs.”

“Oh no you’re not, you’re staying right where you are baby boy” She said, pushing me back down as I tried to get up.

Suddenly, I felt her tiny hand wrap around my thick cock.

“Oh God, what are you doing mom?”

“I’m helping out my little boy..erm, big boy, that’s in pain.”

She slid her hand up and down the length of my cock.

“I’ve fantasized about this for so long.” I blurted out

“Oh have you now?” She stopped

“Yes, I’ve jerked off to you more times than I can remember mom.”

She continued her motion up and down my cock.

“When was the last time you jerked off to your mommy?”

“Just this morning, you had on that little shirt with white panties and I couldn’t control myself.”

“I see hon, what was I doing in these fantasies?”

“You came in my room in the morning topless and sucked my cock dry.”

She stopped jerking my cock to remove her sports bra.

“Are they just as you imagined?”

“Oh God, better mom.”

She then bent down and I felt her warm mouth wrap around my cock.

She took almost my entire length in her mouth.

“Oh Jesus mom, please don’t stop.”

She bobbed her head up and down my cock for several minutes, going faster and faster as the time went by.

“Oh fuck, mom, I’m about to cum.”

She didn’t change a thing and just kept on sucking until I bursted in her mouth.



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